Children killed in Southern New Mexico from 2001-2013

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New Mexico In Depth and the Sun-News reviewed the abuse and neglect deaths of 14 children in Doña Ana, Grant and Luna counties.

  • Rodrigo Bravo, 4, died in Las Cruces in 2001 after his mother, Elisa Bravo, slammed his head against a wall. Bravo was sentenced to 16 years in prison.
  • Ameil Valverde, 13 months, died in Hatch in 2002 after his father, Omar Valverde, threw him into a wall. Valverde was sentenced to 18 years.
  • Brianna Lopez, 5 months, died after her father, Andrew Walters, and uncle, Steven Lopez, threw, dropped, raped and bit her in Las Cruces in 2002. The two men and Brianna’s mother, Stephanie Lopez, were sentenced to 27 to 51 years in prison for her death.
  • Devon Booth: Age 4, died in 2002 in Las Cruces after his sister beat him on his stepfather’s orders. His stepfather and mother, Louie and Natasha Guerrero, were sentenced to 36 and 27 years, respectively. Natasha Guerrero died in prison in 2011, according to a New Mexico Corrections Department spokeswoman.
  • Marco Cuhen, 5 months, was fatally burned in 2003 in Santa Clara. His parents, Marco Cuhen and Kimberly Chavez, were each sentenced to 10 years and are now out of prison.
  • Sierra Browning, 5 months, died in 2004 in Las Cruces after her father, Michail Browning, apparently shook her. He was sentenced to 18 years.
  • Uriah Vasquez Ordoñez, 15 months, died in Las Cruces in 2004 after his father, Freddy Ordoñez, hit and threw him. Ordoñez and Uriah’s mother, Cecilia Vasquez, were convicted in the boy’s death.
  • Alondra Zizumbo, 2, was fatally beaten in Deming in 2004. Her mother, Angelica Armijo, was sentenced to 10 years in her death.
  • Diana Urrutia Quiñones, 5 weeks, died in 2005 in Las Cruces after her father, Eliasar Urrutia Quiñones, apparently shook or squeezed her. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison.
  • Kalynne Flores, 4 months, suffocated to death in a laundry basket in Las Cruces in 2007. Her father, Robert Flores, is appealing his conviction in her death.
  • Daniel Medina, 6 months, died in Anthony in 2009. His step-grandfather, Alfredo Luis Davila, was charged in Daniel’s death but fled before he could be tried. He remains a wanted fugitive.
  • Isaiah Lawrence Jimenez, 4 months, died in 2009 in Tortugas after his aunt’s boyfriend, Reynaldo Daniel Holguin, tossed, spanked and suffocated him. Holguin was sentenced to nine years in prison.
  • Angel Lorraine Jimenez, 5, was fatally beaten in Anthony in 2010. Her mother, Jessica Barron, was sentenced to 23 years in her death.
  • Alizandra Jasso, 3, died after her mother’s boyfriend, Nicolas Grijalva, slammed her into the toilet, shower and floor in Mimbres in 2013. Grijalva was sentenced to life in prison, which in New Mexico is 30 years without the possibility of parole.

Sources: LCPD, DASO, OMI, Las Cruces Sun-News, Silver City Sun-News

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  1. What is wrong with the system how can anyone be willing to give these sick monster’s a second chance at life they do some time behind bars get released living their life well these poor innocent kids have lost their life’s buried at young ages. How in anyone’s right mind is this Ok. I wish the system would do what their suppose to protect the innocent stop giving these sick monsters a slap on the hand. Then people wonder why the world is so messed up the system releases sick monsters back into the world to harm some more.

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