Same audit, different sections, contradictory charts

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Two charts of the Public Consulting Group audit that illustrate the severity of the findings against The Counseling Center in Alamogordo contradict each other.

The reason for the discrepancy isn’t clear.

The portion of the audit released Wednesday – which details the specific findings against The Counseling Center – gave the health organization a compliance rate of about 80 percent and listed it as much closer to “compliant” (the green section on the right) than “significant non-compliance” (the red section) on this chart:


But a portion of the audit released last year – the executive summary – appears to say the opposite. Though the summary didn’t name the providers, the overbilling and other numbers for “Provider H” match those for The Counseling Center in the newly released portion of the audit.

In the executive summary’s chart, “Provider H” is nearly in the red:


One page after that graphic, however, the audit details a scorecard system it uses to assess each of the 15 providers it audited, and how they fall into risk tiers.

Risk Tier 1 represents the least risk and 4 represents the most.

The audit grouped The Counseling Center in Tier 2, a category for which auditors recommended the state provide training and clinical assistance as needed and, potentially, embed clinical management to improve processes.

Tier 4 required a mandatory change in management, according to that summary.

Is the placement of Provider H, aka The Counseling  Center of Alamogordo, in one of the charts a mistake? Or was the compliance rating of The Counseling Center changed from an early version of the audit to a later version? Which one, if either, is correct?

Matt Kennicott, the spokesman for the Human Services Department, which hired PCG to conduct the audit, did not respond to a request for comment.

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