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Democracy in the United States often seems like a football game, a frenzied contest between two teams — Democrats and Republicans — with political ads, hand-shaking and stump speeches that are mostly devoid of real information. Whoever wins the game usually gets to control how important decisions are made while the rest of us are relegated to the sidelines.

We think this ought to change. A key way to invigorate our democracy is to make it possible for more ordinary folks to access the halls of power, equipped with good information that allows them to effectively weigh in on important issues.

At New Mexico In Depth, we’re endeavoring to provide such information.  We recently launched a year-long “money in politics” project to look more deeply at how money influences our democracy.

And we’re publishing a 2015 legislative guide that will critique some ways those in power keep New Mexicans from knowing the rules of the game or how it’s even played.  For example:

  • New Mexicans should be able to view archived video online of legislative committee debates that aired while they were at work.
  • They should be able to go to a website and easily find, for instance, government contracts, permit filings, meeting minutes, reports, and agendas.
  • They should be able to talk to their legislators as easily as the paid lobbyists whose full-time jobs are to influence legislation.
  • They should know what issues and what legislation lobbyists are paid to influence.
  • They should be able to easily understand the rules of the state legislature, and to count on those rules being honored.
  • They should be able to know as much information as possible about who contributes to political campaigns.

We invite you to become a Transparency Champion

Take a stand — join us in making our democracy more open and responsible by sponsoring our 2015 legislative guide.

All sponsors will be featured in our legislative guide, which will reach over 100,000 New Mexicans statewide in news print publications, and even more through our website and social media sites.

The guide will be published by news outlets including The Santa Fe New Mexican and Las Cruces Sun-News. We will also share the articles and sponsors through our website and social media during the 2015 legislative session, and distribute copies of the guide at the Roundhouse.

To become a sponsor, fill out the sponsorship form, and then make your sponsorship donation at the online link provided.

*New Mexico In Depth is a nonpartisan organization. We will not publish partisan content in sponsorship designs. In order to be included in the guide, we must receive full payment and finalize artwork for your space in the guide by Dec. 15, 2014. We are happy to create the sponsorship art for you, including incorporating camera ready art/photography you provide.

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