Top political donors: The raw data

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. See the correction below.

Here’s a look at the raw data that went into our Power Players analysis. Click here to return to the main article or here to return to the list of short profiles of the top 10 political donors in New Mexico from 2011 to 2014.

Correction: The total amount of campaign contributions for New Mexico’s top 10 political contributors was incorrectly reported originally because of a data analysis error by the Investigative News Network. The totals below more accurately reflect the amount of campaign contributions by these donors in the last two election cycles. What do we mean by saying “more accurately” reflect? Why can’t we say “accurately” reflect? Our nation’s campaign finance system is complicated. The analysis originally included contributions to fundraisers held for multiple candidates and committees as well as contributions those who held the joint fundraisers passed on to candidates and committees. That means the original analysis sometimes double-counted contributions from these 10 donors. We’ve made our best effort to be accurate by removing the bulk contributions to joint fundraisers to eliminate that duplication. 

1) TOAN, BARRETT A  — $759,546

2) BOWERS, GUY M — $474,966

3) JURY, VICTOR R JR — $291,750

4) SMALL, MARTIN J — $197,155

5) SCHMIDT, ELISE W — $182,400

6) RIGSBY, DAVID — $167,998

7) BINGHAM, SALLIE — $158,485

8) VETETO, MARK — $150,359

9) CHASE, ROBERT C — $139,176

10) SCHMIDT, PAUL B — $133,800

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