Data table: 2015 NM lobbyists’ detailed expenses

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Below are details for New Mexico lobbyists’ expenses for the first four months of 2015 based on reports filed May 1.

The information comes from a New Mexico In Depth analysis of pages from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website. We downloaded the pages, then used programming to get the data from the pages.

Unlike our past analysis, none of the information has been standardized. Instead, it has been left as filed by lobbyists and as it appears on the Secretary of State’s site.

Search by lobbyist or lawmakers, or sort by dates, amounts, etc. A copy of the data in a Google spreadsheet is available here.

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Sellers, Thomas1/1/15Sec. and Mrs. Tom Clifford2015 Inaugural$200
Sellers, Thomas1/1/15Sec. Hanna Skandera2015 Inaugural$100
Jones, La Vanda1/2/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$28
Gaspers, Mark1/6/15Larry LarranagaDiscuss New Mexico tax structure$15
Trujillo, Antonio1/7/15Senator Joe Cervantes & 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$105
Cravens, Kent1/7/15Zia Pueblo LeadershipDiscuss Upcoming Session$99
Jones, La Vanda1/13/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$15
Leach, Carol1/18/15Senators Cotter and Woods and one otherIssues for the session$90
Arnold, Michelle1/18/15Senator John SapienBusiness Dinner to Discuss the AP Program, PSAT & SAT$66
Gonzales, Ricardo1/19/15NM Democratic Party Legislative Dinner$2,000
Mallery, Peter1/19/15Dinner$398
Scanland, Scott1/19/15Dinner$398
Horan, Thomas1/19/15Dinner$398
Cravens, Kent1/19/15Senate Rep. Caucus Dinner$398
Horan, Lawrence1/19/15Senate Republican CaucusDinner$395
Trujillo, Antonio1/19/15Senator Richard Martinez & 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$76
Arnold, Michelle1/19/15Senator John SapienBusiness Dinner to Discuss the AP Program, PSAT & SAT$69
Walker , Jerry1/19/15Sen. Phil GriegoDiscuss Banking Issues$16
Sanchez, Raymond1/20/15Democratic Party of NM2015 Legislative Dinner$668
Groenewold, Keven1/20/15Republican Party Dinner$500
Thompson, Joseph M.1/20/15Republican Party of NMIn Kind Event$250
Puelle, Michael1/20/15Republican Party of NM Legislative Dinner$250
Cravens, Kent1/20/15Zia Pueblo LeadershipDiscuss Legis. Session$100
Smart, Scott1/21/15Eastern New Mexico UniversityMeet and greet with legislators and staff$7,285
Thompson, Joseph M.1/21/15Republican Party of NMIn Kind Event$450
Kopelman, Steve1/21/15Reps.Dodge,Herrell,McQueen,Sens.Burt,Morales,Sapien,Sharer,SoulesTo discuss pending legislation with county members$200
Kopelman, Steve1/22/15Reps.Brown,Gomez,JESmith,Tripp,JTrujillo,Wooley,Sens.Griggs,Ivey-Soto,Leavell,Munoz,Padilla,CSanchezTo discuss pending legislation with county members$300
Horan, Lawrence1/22/15House Republican CaucusLunch$145
Baca, Leo1/22/15Senator Michael Padilla and staffSponsorship of lunch$93
Cravens, Kent1/24/15Concealed Carry Class for Legislative members$491
Trujillo, Antonio1/25/15Representative Andy Nunez & 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$91
Moore, Brian1/25/15HAFC and SFCSnacks for the office$36
Moore, Brian1/25/15NM Governor's officeSnacks for the office$36
Christopher, John1/26/15Dinner$10,010
Traynor, Randy 1/27/15NM Autodealers Reception$6,962
Cravens, Kent1/27/15Dinner with Speaker and some House Energy Committee MembersDinner with Yates Petroleum$798
Reyes , Victor1/27/15House Democratic Caucus2015 Legislative Dinner$490
Mallery, Peter1/27/15Dinner$475
Horan, Lawrence1/27/15House Democrat CaucusDinner$400
Thompson, Joseph M.1/27/15House of Democrats CaucusIn Kind Event$300
Trujillo, Antonio1/27/15Senators Stu Ingle, John Arthur Smith, Phil Griego; Representative Andy Nunez & 28 GuestsGovernment Relations$282
Sanchez, Raymond1/27/15House Democrats and staffDinner$250
Koob, Julianna1/27/15house legislatorshouse member dinner$250
Trujillo, Antonio1/27/15Lunch Sponsorship$129
Scanland, Scott1/28/15Dinner$362
Donaldson, Robert1/28/15Dinner$354
King, Nancy M.1/28/15Rep. & Mrs. Zach CookDinner to discuss legislative issues$178
Baca, Leo1/28/15Senator Richard Martinez and GuestDiscuss legislation$105
Johnson, Matthew1/28/15New Mexico senators and representatives. No expenditure over $75 per legislator.Dinner$101
Vargas , Vincente1/28/15Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Joseph Cervantes, 1 NMSU personnelBusiness meeting$100
Leach, Carol1/28/15Reps Townsend and Strickler and three othersDiscuss pending memorial$96
Stratton, Harold1/28/15VariousDiscussion of Pending Administrative and Legislative Issues$47
Fletcher, Shelby1/28/15Public OfficialN/A$22
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per perseonMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less than $75.00 per personMeal$16
Lewis , Jesse1/28/15Less then $75.00 per personMeal$16
Donaldson, Robert1/28/15Under $75, itemization not requiredDinner$8
Vargas , Vincente1/29/15Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Joseph Cervantes, Rep. John Zimmerman, Rep. Doreen Gallegos, Richard CheeneyBusiness meeting$476
Trujillo, Antonio1/29/15Representatives Andy Nunez, James Smith, Kelly Fajardo, Monica Youngblood and Sarah Barnes Maestas & 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$465
Johnson, Matthew1/29/15Senator Richard MartinezDinner$110
King, Nancy M.1/29/15Reception$100
Johnson, Matthew1/29/15New Mexico senator. No expenditure over $75 per legislator.Drinks$41
Moore, Brian1/29/15HAFC and SFCSnacks for the office$32
Fletcher, Shelby1/29/15State LegislatorN/A$29
Rel, Ricardo1/30/15NMSU ALUMNI FUNCTION$3,100
Hull II, Arthur1/31/15Various: None over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$2,507
Jaramillo, Matthew1/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,043
Lucero, Carlos1/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$404
Yamada, Sayuri1/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$246
Lopez, Daniel2/1/15Rep Andy Nunez & 2 guestsHigher Education Funding$78
Menapace, Joseph2/2/15All LegislatorsComplimentary electric toothbrushes$5,168
Apodaca, Robert2/2/15VariousProvide Water and snacks for various legislators$325
Trujillo, Antonio2/2/15Senators Joe Cervantes, John Arthur Smith, Clemente Sanchez; Representatives Andy Nunez, Paul Bandy, Candy Ezzell, Don Tripp, Yvette Herrell & 39 GuesGovernment Relations$201
Jones, La Vanda2/2/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$169
Lopez, Daniel2/2/15Rep Andy Nunez & 3 guestssupport staff for SFC$117
Balok, Aron2/2/15House Majority StaffWater issues$74
Baca, Leo2/3/15NM Legislators and their guestsCo-sponsor of Friends of the Legislature dinner$4,615
Brandt, Varney2/3/15Various Legislators & GuestsCo-sponsor Friends of the Legislature Dinner$4,615
Maes, Paula2/3/15Dinner$4,615
Espinoza, Jason2/3/15Breakfast for LFC Orientation$132
Vargas , Vincente2/3/15Sen. McSorley, 1 NMSU personnelBusiness meeting$127
Donaldson, Robert2/3/15Mrs. Jane GriegoDinner$103
Donaldson, Robert2/3/15Representative Doreen GallegosDinner$103
Donaldson, Robert2/3/15Senator Phil GriegoDinner$103
Trujillo, Antonio2/3/15Representative Andy Nunez & 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$86
Abbey, Clayton2/4/15House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeCUP Thank you dinner$268
Manzano, David2/4/15Senate Finance CommitteeDiscuss New Mexico Tech Issues$268
Fries, James2/4/15Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$268
Rutherford, Jeremy2/4/15Senate Finance committee members and staffgoodwill$268
King, Nancy M.2/4/15Dinner$268
Underwood, H. John2/4/15Dinner$268
Trujillo, Antonio2/4/15Dinner Sponsorship$268
Puelle, Michael2/4/15Senate Finance Committee Dinner$268
Cravens, Kent2/4/15Senate Finance Committee Dinner$268
King, Nancy M.2/5/15Sen. Ingle, Griggs, Kernan, Leavell & guest, Reps Tripp & guest, Brown, Gallegos, Ezell & guest, Townsend & guest, Wooley & guest, Secty Martindinner sponsored by LES$2,442
Merchant , Berkeley2/5/15NM Senate and House MembersReception with beverages and food$1,975
Roddy, David2/5/15Legislators and Capitol StaffTeddy Bears for New Mexico Primary Care Day$1,744
Horan, Thomas2/5/15lunch$371
Rel, Ricardo2/5/15Senate Finance Committee dinner$268
Walker , Jerry2/5/15Sen. Michael PadillaDiscuss Banking Issues$79
Bowen, Michael2/8/15Dinner (Partial Sponsorship)$416
Trujillo, Antonio2/8/15Senators Ron Griggs, Lee Cotter, Clemente Sanchez; Representative Andy Nunez & 1 GuestGovernment Relations$302
Thompson, John Lee2/8/15Dinner, portion$263
Moore, Brian2/8/15HAFC and SFCSnacks for the office$105
Moore, Brian2/8/15NM Governor's officeSnacks for the office$30
Harden, Clinton2/9/15100 bill party$495
Groenewold, Keven2/9/15100 Bill Party$400
Brandt, Varney2/9/15100 Bill Party$250
Trujillo, Antonio2/9/15Senators Ron Griggs, William Burt, Clemente Sanchez & 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$239
Vargas , Vincente2/9/152 Senate Education Comm. staff members, 1 UNM Staff, 1 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$112
Trujillo, Ty2/10/15NMACC Legislative Dinner.$4,915
Hoffman, Sarah2/10/15All LegislatorsBishop's Legislative Luncheon$3,153
Cowan, Caren2/10/15House and Senate Members & Staff100th Bill Party$495
Trujillo, Antonio2/10/15Senators Cervantes/Martinez/Smith/Munoz/Leavell/Sharer/O'Neill/Cisneros/Pinto/But/Sanchez/Griggs/Moores/Pirtle & 34 GuestsGovernment Relations$461
Horan, Lawrence2/10/15Various LegislatorsEntertainment$375
Rel, Ricardo2/10/15Representative Larranaga, 1 guest, 2 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$368
Lopez, Daniel2/10/15Rep Andy Nunez, Sen Stu Ingle, Sen John Pinto, Tim Keller, Sen Strictler, Sen Phil Griego, Sen George Munoz Rep Don Tripp, Rep Candy Ezzlesponsorship in recognition of community colleges$253
Marquez, Charlie2/10/15Committee DinnerRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$200
Trujillo, Antonio2/10/15Senators Richard Martinez, Phil Griego & 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$145
Cravens, Kent2/10/15Business & Industry CommitteeCommittee Meeting$65
Walker , Jerry2/10/15Sen.'s Steve Neville & Bill SharerDiscuss Banking Issues$31
Bowen, Michael2/11/15NM Mining Association Legisltive Reception & Dinne$17,146
Rosen, Joshua 2/11/15NM Film Industry Reception$5,259
Rosen, Joshua 2/11/15ABQ Studios' Legislative Dinner$3,115
Thompson, John Lee2/11/15Various House & Senate MembersPistachios for snacking$324
Thompson, John Lee2/11/15Various House & Senate MembersDiscussion of pending legislation$301
Young, Tasia2/11/15Senator Mimi StewartTo discuss pending legislation$75
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer2/11/15Lobbying$11
Loubet, Susan2/12/15Legislative Reception$1,300
Traynor, Randy 2/12/15Dinner$890
Alarid, Vanessa2/12/15several legislators and friendsdinner event$781
Trujillo, Antonio2/12/15Dinner Sponsorship$490
Baca, Leo2/12/15Senator Phil Griego and Guest, Senator Richard Martinez and Guest, Rep. Carl TrujilloDiscuss legislation$288
Puelle, Michael2/12/152015 100th Bill Party$250
Abbey, Clayton2/12/15Senate Finance CommitteeCUP Thank you dinner$228
Manzano, David2/12/15House Appropriations & FinanceDiscuss New Mexico Tech Issues$228
Fries, James2/12/15Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$228
King, Nancy M.2/12/15Dinner$228
Underwood, H. John2/12/15Dinner$228
Trujillo, Antonio2/12/15Dinner Sponsorship$228
Vargas , Vincente2/12/15House and Finance Committee luncheon$228
Rel, Ricardo2/12/15House and Finance Committee dinner$228
Thompson, John Lee2/12/15Dinner, portion$228
Puelle, Michael2/12/15House Appropriations & Finance Committee Dinner$228
Cravens, Kent2/12/15HAFC Committee Dinner$228
Idsinga, Beverly2/12/15Dinner$228
Rutherford, Jeremy2/12/15House Appropriations & Finance Committee and staffgoodwill$150
Thompson, Jr. , John2/12/15HBEC$149
Lopez, Daniel2/12/15Legislative StaffersStaff review of legislative matters$124
Laca, Gaspar2/12/15Senator Daniel Ivey-SotoVarious$86
Laca, Gaspar2/12/15Senator Joseph CervantesVarious$86
Laca, Gaspar2/12/15Senator Richard MartinezVarious$86
Walker , Jerry2/12/15Sen. Clemente SanchezDiscuss Banking Issues$46
Fletcher, Shelby2/12/15Public OfficialN/A$19
Thompson, Jr. , John2/13/15SRC Breakfast$104
Vargas , Vincente2/14/15Legislative Finance Committee luncheon$117
Lopez, Daniel2/15/15Reps. Don Tripp, Bob Wooley, LeeCotter, Sen Ron GriggsHB2 and other related Higher Ed matters$154
Lopez, Daniel2/15/15Rep Carl Trujillo and Rep Andy NunezPending legislation$85
Trujillo, Antonio2/16/15Senators George Munoz, Mary Kay Papen, Cliff Pirtle; Representative Andy Nunez & 1 GuestGovernment Relations$212
Horan, Lawrence2/16/15Senate Rules Committee and StaffDinner$201
Walker , Jerry2/16/15Rep. Donna IrwinDiscuss Banking Issues$28
Young, Tasia2/16/15Babette SaenzTo discuss pending legislation$27
Young, Tasia2/16/15Representative Jason HarperTo discuss pending legislation$10
Henke, Steven2/17/15NM Oil & Gas Assocation Board of Directors Dinner$22,182
Koob, Julianna2/17/15SPAC committee members and stafffeed committee and staff$294
Vargas , Vincente2/17/15Senate Education Conservation Committee luncheon$104
Young, Tasia2/18/15Legislative Finance Committee (for 58 people)Lunch$494
Koob, Julianna2/18/15Chasey, Armstrong, Roybal Caballero, D Gallegoa, D Johnson, C. Trujillo, Louis and 2 other people who were not legislatorsmeal$450
Scanland, Scott2/18/15Dinner$287
Horan, Lawrence2/18/15Senate Corporations Committee and StaffDinner$226
Horan, Lawrence2/18/15All LegislatorsLunch$200
Underwood, H. John2/18/15Dinner$169
Lopez, Daniel2/18/15Senate Judiciary CommitteeSponsorship of dinner$141
Walker , Jerry2/18/15Senate Corporations Committee & StaffCo-Sponsorship of Committee Dinner$141
King, Nancy M.2/18/15Dinner$141
Trujillo, Antonio2/18/15Dinner Sponsorship$141
Thompson, John Lee2/18/15Dinner, Portion$141
Thompson, Jr. , John2/18/15Committee Dinner / Portion$141
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/18/15Senate Corps Reception Sponsorship$141
McGonagle, Minda2/18/15Committee Dinner$141
Lopez, Daniel2/18/15Sen Finance Committee members and staffRecognition of work and also review of HAFC report on HB 2$111
Marquez, Charlie2/18/15Representative Jane Powdrell-CulbertRelationship building, various legislative initiatives discussed$81
Alarid, Vanessa2/19/15West Side Day$1,000
Mallery, Peter2/19/15Lunch$490
Horan, Thomas2/19/15lunch$490
Trujillo, Antonio2/19/15Senators Cliff Pirtle, Richard Martinez, Stu Ingle, John Arthur Smith, Howie Morales; Representative Andy Nunez & 17 GuestsGovernment Relations$446
McGonagle, Minda2/19/15Committee Dinner$292
Horan, Lawrence2/19/15House Freshmen Legislators and LeadershipDinner$291
Moore, Brent2/19/15Dinner$291
Cravens, Kent2/19/15Freshman Dinner$291
Mcclure, Beverlee2/19/15Freshman Legislator's Dinner$291
Espinoza, Jason2/19/15Freshman Legislative Dinner$291
Scanland, Scott2/19/15Dinner$267
Traynor, Randy 2/19/15Committee Dinner$267
Mallery, Peter2/19/15Dinner$267
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/19/152015 Freshman Mid-Point Dinner Sponsorship$250
Mallery, Peter2/19/15Dinner$200
Thompson, John Lee2/19/15Lunch, portion$200
Marquez, Charlie2/19/15Senate Conservation Committee and support staffRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$161
Marquez, Charlie2/19/15All House of Representative membersHouse Freshman Dinner$146
Marquez, Charlie2/19/15Senate Public Affairs CommitteeRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$146
Puelle, Michael2/19/15House Business & Employment Committee Dinner$146
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/19/15Business & Employment Comm Dinner Sponsorship$146
Sanchez, Raymond2/19/15House Business and Employment Committee members and staffDinner$146
King, Nancy M.2/19/15Dinner$146
Underwood, H. John2/19/15Dinner$146
Sanchez, Raymond2/19/15Legislators and Staff100 Bill Party$100
Walker , Jerry2/19/15Sen. Michael PadillaDiscuss Banking Issues$58
Kopelman, Steve2/19/15Representative Jim SmithTo discuss pending legislation$12
Duran, Adela2/20/15VariousAggregate expenses for various New Mexico Legislators and staff$1,479
Traynor, Randy 2/20/15Lunch for Legislative Council Staff$470
Traynor, Randy 2/20/15Committee Staff Meal$170
Scanland, Scott2/20/15Breakfast$101
Vargas , Vincente2/20/15House of Rep. speakers staff and Dept. of Culture affairs staffBusiness meeting$94
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer2/20/15Lobbying$50
Duran, Mark2/21/15VariousAggregate expenses for various New Mexico Legislators and Staff$3,549
Leach, Carol2/22/15Reps Crowder, Cook and Senaots Griggs, Woods, Burt, Cotter and one otherDiscuss prior week issues$326
Wurzel, Georffrey2/22/15Apple Inc.National Governors Association Reception$111
Trujillo, Antonio2/23/15Senators George Munoz, John Arthur Smith, Joe Cervantes, Phil Griego; Representative Andy Nunez & 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$406
Scanland, Scott2/23/15Albuquerque Bio Park SocietyGoodwill. Otter key chain and Otter pops gift$305
Scanland, Scott2/23/15Dinner$236
Abbey, Clayton2/23/15Senate Education CommitteeThank you dinner$226
Horan, Lawrence2/23/15Senate Education Committee & StaffDinner$226
Harden, Clinton2/23/15committee Dinner$226
Rutherford, Jeremy2/23/15New Mexico Legislative Sportsman's CaucusReception$220
Trujillo, Antonio2/23/15Representatives Kelly Fajardo, Paul Pacheco, James Strickler, Jason Harper, Rod Montoya, David Gallegos & 1 GuestGovernment Relations$135
Hobson, Mary2/23/15Kent Cravens100 bill party$50
Fulginiti, William2/24/15100 Bill Party on 2/26/15$1,000
Templeman, William2/24/15House Business & Employment Committeelegislative committee dinner$442
Jones, La Vanda2/24/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$400
Cravens, Kent2/24/15Combined Committee Dinner$276
Bradley, Walter2/24/15House & Senate Ag & Energy CommitteeCommittee Dinner$275
Cowan, Caren2/24/15House Ag & Energy Committees and Senate Converstion CommitteeCommittee Dinner$275
Rel, Ricardo2/24/15Committee dinner$275
Brandt, Varney2/24/15Co-Sponsor legislative dinner$275
Idsinga, Beverly2/24/15Dinner$275
Jones, La Vanda2/24/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$275
Marquez, Charlie2/24/15House Agriculture, water & Wildlife and Regulatory & Public Affairs CommitteesRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$275
Balok, Aron2/24/15Senate Conservation Committee MembersWater issues$268
Seligman, Deborah 2/24/15Committee Dinner$268
Melendres, Arthur2/24/15Senate Education Committee - none aggregate over $50discuss legislative issues$226
Freeman, Katherine2/25/15NMECDP Legislative Reception$2,115
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/25/15100 Bill Party Sponsorship$495
McGonagle, Minda2/25/15Powdrell's BBQ Luncheon$400
Mallery, Peter2/25/15100 Bill Party$250
Reilly-Mica, Tara2/25/15100 Bill Party Sponsorship$250
Moore, Brent2/25/15Lunch$200
Gonzales, Ricardo2/25/15Legislature BBQ Sponsorship$200
Marquez, Charlie2/25/15Powdrell's BBQ Luncheon$200
Trujillo, Antonio2/25/15Senator Joe Cervantes; Representatives Andy Nunez, Nate Gentry & 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$181
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/25/15House Freshman Dinner Sponsorship$114
Gonzales, Marco2/25/15House MembersDinner for House Members$100
Marquez, Charlie2/25/15All House Representatives and StaffRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$100
Puelle, Michael2/25/15House Floor debate catered dinner (shared)$100
Trujillo, Antonio2/25/15Representatives David Adkins, Carl Trujillo, George Dodge, Monica Youngblood, Kelly Fajardo, Candy Ezzell & 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$76
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/26/15Sponsor for 100 Bill Party (on behalf of Oxy)$2,500
Seligman, Deborah 2/26/15100 Bill Party$2,000
Seligman, Deborah 2/26/15100 Bill Party$1,000
Cravens, Kent2/26/15100 Bill Party$1,000
Chase, Claire2/26/15100 Bill Party$1,000
King, Nancy M.2/26/15Dinner$500
Moore, Brent2/26/15Dinner$500
McGonagle, Minda2/26/15100th Bill Party$495
Idsinga, Beverly2/26/15100 Bill Party$300
Gonzales, Marco2/26/15Sportsman's CaucusSportsman's Caucus Reception$250
Thompson, Joseph M.2/26/15100 Bill Party/Kent CravensIn Kind Event$250
Trujillo, Antonio2/26/15Dinner Sponsorship$250
Vargas , Vincente2/26/15100th bill party$250
Thompson, John Lee2/26/15100 Bill Party$250
Marquez, Charlie2/26/15100th Bill Party$250
McGonagle, Minda2/26/15100th Bill Party$250
Marquez, Charlie2/26/15All House Representatives and StaffSportman's Caucus reception$200
Marquez, Charlie2/26/15Senate Rules Committee DinnerRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$200
Scanland, Scott2/26/15Dinner$200
Thompson, Jr. , John2/26/15SRC Dinner / Portion$200
Moore, Brent2/26/15Dinner$150
Rutherford, Jeremy2/26/15100th Bill Party$150
Gerholt, Gabrielle Anne2/26/15Sarah Maestas BarnesDiscuss legislative issues$25
Horan, Lawrence2/27/15House Ways and Means Committee and Staffdinner$242
Marquez, Charlie2/27/15House Ways & Means Committee DinneRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$242
Moore, Brent2/27/15Dinner$242
Thompson, John Lee2/27/15Dinner, Portion$242
Thompson, Jr. , John2/27/15HWMC Dinner / Portion$242
Cravens, Kent2/27/15House Ways and Means COmmittee Dinner$242
Menapace, Joseph2/27/15Legislative Committee Dinner$242
McGonagle, Minda2/27/15Committee Dinner$242
Scanland, Scott2/27/15Dinner$242
Sanchez, Raymond2/27/15House Ways and Means Committe members and staffDinner$241
Trujillo, Antonio2/27/15Senators Stu Ingle, William Burt, William Sharer, Lee Cotter & 1 GuestGovernment Relations$210
Trujillo, Antonio2/27/15Lunch Sponsorship$200
Brandt, Varney2/27/15Co-sponsorLegislative Dinner$200
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/27/15Legislature BBQ Sponsorship$200
Trujillo, Antonio2/27/15Representatives Jim Smith, Kelly Fajardo & 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$133
Melendres, Arthur2/27/15House Education Committee - none aggregate over $50discuss legislative issues$100
Rel, Ricardo2/27/15Legislators Luncheon in Santa Fe, NM$100
Thompson, Jason2/27/15HWMC Dinner$77
Hull II, Arthur2/28/15Various: None over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$3,003
Harden, Clinton2/28/15variousaggregate$2,873
Yamada, Sayuri2/28/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$1,472
Jaramillo, Matthew2/28/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$1,268
Lucero, Carlos2/28/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$1,103
Marquez, Charlie2/28/15Senate Corporations and Transportation members and support staffRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$242
Leach, Carol3/1/15Senatos Pirtle, Moores, Griggs and Represnative Crowder and Speaker Tripp and three othersReview events of prior week$275
Horan, Lawrence3/1/15All Legislators and StaffEntertainment$250
Mcclure, Beverlee3/1/15Legislator Brunch$136
Menapace, Joseph3/2/15Legislative Committee Dinner$287
Bowen, Michael3/2/15Dinner (Partial Sponsorship)$287
Mahr, Edwin3/2/15House Safety Comm.Discuss proposed legislation$287
Horan, Lawrence3/2/15House Safety and Civil Affairs Committee and StaffLunch$287
Gonzales, Marco3/2/15House Judiciary Committee DinnerDinner for House Judiciary and Staff$250
Koob, Julianna3/2/15House Judiciary Committee legislators, their guests and staffmeal$250
Horan, Lawrence3/2/15House Judiciary Committee and StaffDinner$250
Marquez, Charlie3/2/15House Judiciary CommitteeAll legislative members and support staff for House Judiciary Committee$250
Marquez, Charlie3/2/15House Judiciary CommitteeRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$250
Mallery, Peter3/2/15Dinner$250
Moore, Brent3/2/15Dinner$250
Brandt, Varney3/2/15LegislativeDinner$250
Traynor, Randy 3/2/15Committee Dinner$250
Mallery, Peter3/2/15Dinner$145
Arnold, Michelle3/2/15Senator John SapienBusiness Dinner to Discuss the AP Program, PSAT & SAT$69
Kimble, David3/3/15VariousDiscussing Legislation (Aggregate)$950
Marquez, Charlie3/3/15House Sargent-at-Arms & Chief Clerk & staffRelationship building$250
Traynor, Randy 3/3/15Committee Dinner$209
Trujillo, Antonio3/3/15Representatives Candy Ezzell, Andy Nunez & 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$130
Trujillo, Antonio3/3/15Representatives Larry Larranaga, Jimmie Hall & 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$112
Rel, Ricardo3/3/15Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. Mary Kay Papen, 7 NMSU staff/studentsLegislative briefing for NMSU students$80
Jones, La Vanda3/3/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$65
Baca, Max3/4/15Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$304
Hobson, Mary3/4/15Representative Zach Cook & Mrs. Cook and guestpublic relation$273
Lopez, Daniel3/4/15Rep Candy Ezell and guestlegislative review and discussion on capital outlay requests$123
Rel, Ricardo3/4/154 NMSU personnel and Chief of Staff/Senate Pro TemporeBusiness meeting$115
Kimble, David3/4/15House-Senate Basketball Game$100
Rel, Ricardo3/4/15Senator John Arthur Smith, 4 NMSU personnnel, 1 LFC staff memberBusiness meeting$89
Laca, Gaspar3/4/15Senator Richard MartinezVarious$82
Young, Tasia3/4/15Senator John PintoTo discuss pending legislation$23
Kopelman, Steve3/4/15Representative Jim TrujilloTo discuss pending legislation$11
Mallery, Peter3/5/15Lunch$371
Horan, Lawrence3/5/15LFC staffLunch$371
Horan, Lawrence3/5/15House Republican CaucusDinner$250
Jones, La Vanda3/5/15Various LegislatorsDiscussion of Legislation$70
Moore, Brent3/6/15Lunch$3,975
Rendon, Gloria3/6/15House Ed and Senate EdProvide Breakfast$250
Walker , Jerry3/6/15100 Bill Party$250
Marquez, Charlie3/6/15Senate Judiciary CommitteeRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$185
Marquez, Charlie3/6/15Senate Judiciary CommitteeRelationship building$182
McGonagle, Minda3/6/15Committee Dinner$182
Leach, Carol3/6/15Senators Dotter, Griggs and Woods and six othersDiscuss pending issues$91
Young, Tasia3/7/15House Health Committee (for 18 people)Breakfast$335
Trujillo, Antonio3/7/15Dinner Sponsorship$300
Espinoza, Jason3/7/15Sponsorship of Senator R. Martinez Birthday Dinner$290
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie3/7/15House HealthCommittee Lunch$54
Espinoza, Jason3/7/15Breakfast$54
McGonagle, Minda3/7/15Committee Luncheon$54
Koob, Julianna3/7/15House Health committee members, their guests, and staffmeal$50
Thompson, Jason3/7/15Various Legislators & StaffSnacks$48
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie3/8/15Senate Public AffairsCommittee Dinner$278
Koob, Julianna3/8/15SPAC committee members and staffmeal$278
Moore, Brent3/8/15Dinner$278
McGonagle, Minda3/8/15Committee Dinner$278
Horan, Lawrence3/8/15Senate Public Affairs Committee and StaffDinner$277
Trujillo, Antonio3/8/15Representatives Don Tripp, Andy Nunez & 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$87
Walker , Jerry3/8/15Sen's. Bill Sharer, Steve Neville & Rep. James StricklerDiscuss Banking Issues$64
Moore, Brian3/8/15NM Governor's officeSnacks for the office$33
Koob, Julianna3/9/15house legislators and staffmeal$401
Trujillo, Antonio3/9/15Representatives Andy Nunez, Rod Montoya, Dona Irwin & 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$187
Mahooty, Pamela3/9/15House and Senate Legislators2 luncheons$170
Trujillo, Antonio3/9/15Senators Mark Moores, William Burt & 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$109
Rel, Ricardo3/9/15House Education Committee members breakfast$106
Bowen, Michael3/9/15Lunch$99
Walker , Jerry3/9/15Sen.'s Lee Cotter & Bill SharerDiscuss Banking Issues$43
Horan, Lawrence3/10/15House Business Employment Committee and StaffBreakfast$221
Christopher, John3/10/15(Aggregate) Various LegislatorsDiscussing Legislative Issues$171
Lopez, Daniel3/10/15Sen Richard Martinez and 2 guestsReview of final SFC HB2 proposal for Tech$135
Vargas , Vincente3/10/15Senate Rules Committee luncheon$115
Moore, Brian3/10/15100th Bill PartyTo discuss pending legislation$100
Baca, Leo3/10/15Rep. Bobby Gonzales, Rep. Debbie Rodella, Rep. Stephanie Garcia-Richard, Rep. Gail Chasey, Rep. Georgene Louis, legislative office staffSponsorship of lunch for Representatives and staff$91
Bradley, Walter3/10/15House membersDinner$33
Cowan, Caren3/10/15House Of Representatives MembersDinner$33
Moore, Brian3/10/15Representative Jason HarperTo discuss pending legislation$20
Cowan, Caren3/11/15Senate Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$486
Walker , Jerry3/11/15HOUSE GOVERNMENT, ELECTIONS & INDIAN AFFAIRSCo-sponsorship of Committee Dinner$241
Lopez, Daniel3/11/15Sentate Finance StaffStatus of legislation$140
Trujillo, Antonio3/11/15Senator Craig Brandt & 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$97
Scanland, Scott3/12/15Dinner$386
McGonagle, Minda3/12/15Committee Luncheon$241
Young, Tasia3/12/15House Ways & Means Committee (23)Lunch$223
Lopez, Daniel3/12/15Sen Richard Martinez and 2 guestsCapital request for Tech's planning and design of Old Jones Bldg.$115
Thompson, John Lee3/12/15Sargent of Arms Charity Golf Tournament$100
Trujillo, Antonio3/12/15Representative Andy Nunez & 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$90
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie3/12/15Rep C. Trujillo & Rep Y. HerrellDiscuss client concerns$27
Young, Tasia3/13/15Legislative Council Service (73 people)Lunch$1,010
Perry, Stephen3/13/15New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per legislatorfood and beverage$301
Lopez, Daniel3/13/15Senators Stu Ingle, William Burt, Ryan Flynn, Richard Sanchez and 6 guestsreview of status related to Higher Ed funding, capital projects and other legislation.$196
Cravens, Kent3/13/15Rules Committee Breakfast$110
McGonagle, Minda3/14/15VariousAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$725
Leach, Carol3/14/15Senaots Stu Ingle, Bill Payne, Lee Cotter and Bill Burt and one otherDiscuss issues raised in prior week$162
Trujillo, Antonio3/14/15Senators Stu Ingle, Willim Burt; Rep. B. Wooley, L. Larranaga, A. Nunez, C. Ezzell, K. Fajardo, David Gallegos, Z. Cook, J. Zimmerman & 30 GuestsGovernment Relations$96
Perry, Stephen3/14/15New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per legislatorfood and beverage$73
Scanland, Scott3/14/15Lunch Lota Burgers$72
Leach, Carol3/15/15Senaotrs Kernan, Brandt, Sharer, Woods and Cotter and four othersDiscuss pending issues$456
Trujillo, Antonio3/15/15Senators Ron Griggs, Lee Cotter; Represenatives Andy Nunez, Rod Montoya & 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$265
Leach, Carol3/15/15Senaotrs Ron Griggs and Lee Cotter, Reps James Strickler, Andy Nunez and Rod Montoya and six otherspending issues$239
Mallery, Peter3/15/15Dinner$200
Marquez, Charlie3/15/15Senate Public Affairs CommitteeRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$72
Walker , Jerry3/15/15Rep's. Paul Bandy, Sharon Claughschilliage, James StricklerDiscuss Banking Issues$67
Kopelman, Steve3/15/15Representative Jim SmithTo discuss pending legislation$23
Young, Tasia3/16/15House Gov't, Elections, & Indian Affairs Committee (20)Breakfast$343
Thompson, Jason3/16/15Sen. Corps & Transp. Committee Dinner$87
Koob, Julianna3/16/15committeemeal$72
Horan, Thomas3/17/15lunch$437
Horan, Lawrence3/17/15Seante Republican CaucusDinner$266
Scanland, Scott3/17/15Dinner$266
Cravens, Kent3/17/15Rep. Senate Caucus Dinner$266
Lopez, Daniel3/17/15Secy Hanna Skandara and 4 guestsPublic School role as it relates to Higher Ed.$222
Young, Tasia3/17/15House Safety & Civil Affairs Committee (22 people)Lunch$152
Freeman, Katherine3/17/15Senator Sue Wilson BeffortThank you flowers for her work in Early Childhood$108
Idsinga, Beverly3/17/15Legislative Gift Bags$87
Freeman, Katherine3/17/15John SapienGift Card, thank you for his work in early childhood.$55
Ly, Stephanie3/18/15NM House of Representatives & StaffAppreciation Dinner$1,862
Trujillo, Antonio3/18/15Senators Joe Cervantes, Clemente Sanchez, Cliff Pirtle, Benny Shendo; Representatives Rod Montoya, James Strickler, Candy Ezzell & 13 GuestsGovernment Relations$332
Horan, Thomas3/18/15Dinner$266
Mallery, Peter3/18/15Dinner$266
Lopez, Daniel3/18/15Rep Andy Nunez & 3 guestsLegislative review and funding concerns$121
King, Nancy M.3/18/15Lunch$100
Baca, Leo3/18/15Senator Michael Padilla and Sen. Seargent of ArmsCo-sponsor of lunch for Sen. Seargent of Arms staff$75
Bradley, Walter3/19/15All House & Senate members and staffRoundhouse Feed$492
Cowan, Caren3/19/15House and Senate Members & StaffRound House Feed and Dinner$492
Horan, Lawrence3/19/15Legislative Council ServiceLunch$490
Balok, Aron3/19/15All members, guests and staff at the CapitolAg Feed$388
Idsinga, Beverly3/19/15Roundhouse Feed$317
Mallery, Peter3/19/15Lunch$308
Scanland, Scott3/19/15Lunch$220
Vargas , Vincente3/19/15Sisto Abeyta, Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Cliff Pirtle, Sen. George Munoz, Isaac PadillaBusiness meeting$180
Roy, Pamela3/19/15LegislatorsSmall thank you gifts$148
Cravens, Kent3/19/15Gov. D Pino, Lt Gov. E. Ruiz R Medina Zia LeadershipDiscuss Leg. Session$43
Horan, Thomas3/20/15nonemeetings and meals during session$290
Brandt, Varney3/20/15Various legilslatorsDiscuss legislation$129
Bundy, Carter3/20/157 legislatorsDiscuss status of end of legislative session$98
Park, Alfred3/21/15All Legislators & StaffDiscussing legislation$1,734
Groenewold, Keven3/21/15LegislatorsLobbying (Form B Bundled)$1,631
Marquez, Charlie3/21/15Various legislators and support staffAggregate total for the reporting period$967
Leith, Leanne3/21/15Various legislators and legislative staff (cumulative)Government relations$532
Horan, Lawrence3/21/15Speaker's staff and legislatorsLunch$134
Marquez, Charlie3/21/15Speaker's LuncheonRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$134
Cravens, Kent3/21/15Closing Day Lunch honor Speaker Tripp$134
Menapace, Joseph3/21/15Legislative Staff Appreciation Lunch$134
Freeman, Katherine3/23/15Larry LarranagaThank you restaurant gift certificate, for his work in Early Childhood$100
Freeman, Katherine3/23/15Larry LarranagaThank you flowers for his work in Early Childhood$91
Koob, Julianna3/25/15Senate Judiciary committeemeal$370
Kopelman, Steve3/27/15Senator Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$22
Hull II, Arthur3/31/15Various: None over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$3,320
Yamada, Sayuri3/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$1,024
Jaramillo, Matthew3/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$1,015
Lucero, Carlos3/31/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected official on PNM issues$643
Kopelman, Steve4/1/15Representative Jim TrujilloTo discuss pending legislation$21
Brandt, Varney4/7/15Chaves Co. Republican Party Dinner$800
Weaks, Dan4/9/15VariousAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$6,239
Shoats , Marla4/9/15VariousAggregate expenditure of less than $75.00 per person$4,533
Bundy, Carter4/10/152 reps (aggregate)Special session issues$16
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie4/15/15Sen M. StewartHOA$15
Conway, Ann4/16/15Albuquerque Legislators, County Commissioners and Mayor's OfficeLegislative Reception$2,397
Conway, Ann4/16/15Albuquerque Legislators, County Commissioners and Mayor's OfficeLegislative Reception$1,500
Gerholt, Gabrielle Anne4/16/15William SharerDiscussion of Legislative Issues$69
Mcspadden, James4/17/15N/AAggregate of Non Itemized Expenses$92
Young, Tasia4/17/15Senator Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$52
Rel, Ricardo4/20/15noneNMSU basketball jerseys individually provided to legislators for the House/Senate charity basketball game$1,568
Vargas , Vincente4/20/15meetings$778
Leach, Carol4/20/15VariousDiscuss issues$418
Vargas , Vincente4/20/151NMSU bobblehead provided to legislators individually$412
Vargas , Vincente4/20/15NMSU provided 1 basketball to 10 legislators individually$320
Rel, Ricardo4/20/15noneBusiness meetings$143
Yamada, Sayuri4/21/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$236
Lucero, Carlos4/21/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$232
Jaramillo, Matthew4/21/15Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryTo inform elected officials on PNM issues$42
Trujillo, Antonio4/22/15VariousGovernment Relations$1,030
Baca, Leo4/22/15Rep. Jim Smith and GuestDiscuss upcoming 2015 legislative interim$133
Young, Tasia4/22/15Sen. C. Sanchez, G. Munoz,Ivey-Soto, Rep. AlconLegislative district meetings with counties$60
Thompson, John Lee4/23/15Lunch$109
Young, Tasia4/23/15Reps. C Trujillo, J. Trujillo,Sens.N.Rodriguez,C.Cisneros,R.MartinezLegislative district meetings with counties$75
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)4/24/15Various (accumulated expenses)Government Relations$3,796
Thompson, Joseph M.4/24/15Various under $75.00Legislative luncheons/Meetings$3,272
Gonzales, Ricardo4/24/15Various (accumulated expenses)Government Relations$1,569
Baca, Leo4/24/15VariousLobbying legislation or other issues$954
Moore, Julie4/24/15Various (accumulated expenses)Government Relations$771
Moellenberg, Dalva4/24/15Various (accumulated expenses)Government Relations$384
Reyes , Victor4/24/15Various under $75.00Legislative Discussions (Aggregate 1/2015 - 4/2015)$247
Fulginiti, William4/25/15various legislators and guestsdiscuss legislative issues$13,147
Ning, Natasha4/25/15various elected officials & staffentertainment$3,529
Hull II, Arthur4/25/15Various: None over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$951
Gould, Leland4/25/15N/AAggregate Total$532
Sellers, Thomas4/25/15Various public officials and state employeesDiscuss various legislative issues$244
King, Nancy M.4/25/15N/AAggregate amount$224
Kelley, Casey4/25/15No expenditures exceeding $75.Meals and beverages$63
Moore, Brent4/25/15N/AAggregate amount$57
Romero, Regina4/25/15N/AN/A$-
Miller, Michael4/26/15LegislatorsLobbying$8,910
Setter, Drew4/26/15Various IndividualsVarious Meetings$3,987
Najjar, Daniel A.4/26/15Various LegislatorsDiscussing Legislation$3,959
Scanland, Scott4/26/15NM Legislators and Legislative staffIssues education, dialouge and questions$3,856
Mitchell, Rhonda4/26/15LegislatureLobbying$3,074
Romero, Richard4/26/15VariousNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary.$2,876
Barberousse, Bob4/26/15Various LegislatorsDiscussing Legislation$1,489
Espinoza, Jason4/26/15Various legislatorsAggregate Meal Expenses$1,352
Griffith, Sue4/26/15VariousNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary.$1,211
Reilly-Mica, Tara4/26/15Various LegislatorsGoodwill - This is an aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$664
Laca, Gaspar4/26/15VariousVarious$523
Puelle, Michael4/26/15Various elected & public officialsDiscuss legislative & policy issues$67
Barnett, Mickey4/24/15Lobbying$4,477
Riley , Zachary2/28/15VariousInformed and discussed concerns with elected officials$525
Riley , Zachary3/31/15VariousInformed and discussed concerns with elected officials$803


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