Data table: NM lobbyists’ detailed expenses

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Below are details for New Mexico lobbyists’ expenses through Jan. 15, 2014, reports.

Not all details are available on the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website, particularly those in early 2011.

The recipients column is based on a similar column in the data filed with the Secretary of State, but various entries have been standardized. That standardization includes committee names, full names of lawmakers and other elected officials when possible to discern them, and the category “No Detail” for a variety of entries in which no details about the recipients of spending could be identified.

Search by lobbyist or lawmakers, or sort by dates, amounts, etc. A copy of the data in a Google spreadsheet is available here.

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Brooks, George1/24/12All lawmakersSki NM VIP card--get legislators acquainted with ski industry$28,000.00
Brooks, George1/28/14111 of the New Mexico LegislatorsProvide an opportunity for legislators to become more familiar with the ski industry and tourism.$27,750.00
Brooks, George1/29/13111 of the New Mexico LegislatorsGet NM legislators aquatinted with NM ski industry$27,750.00
Bowen, Michael2/6/13No detailNM Mining Association Reception & Dinner$20,954.70
Bowen, Michael2/1/12No detailLegislative Reception and Dinner$17,845.40
Henke, Steven2/7/13No detailNM Oil & Gas Association Legislative Dinner$17,638.00
Bowen, Michael2/5/14No detailLegislative Reception & Dinner$15,751.10
Cravens, Kent3/7/13100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$15,000.00
Christopher, John2/3/14No detailDinner$10,232.20
Christopher, John1/28/13No detailLegislative Dinner$10,227.00
Bullington, James2/17/12100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$10,000.00
Thompson, Joseph M.4/26/14No detailLegislative Luncheon/Meetings$9,795.92
Fulginiti, William4/25/14No detaildiscuss legislative issues$9,177.77
Melendres, Arthur1/22/13No detailFriends of the Legislature - NMBA$8,654.00
Conway, Ann3/20/14Albuquerque legislators, County Commissioners and Mayor's officeappreciation reception$7,920.20
Miller, Michael2/20/14No detailLobby for Clients$7,917.00
Christopher, John1/23/12No detailLegislative Dinner$7,850.23
Smart, Scott1/22/14No detailmeet and greet, discuss legislation$7,707.01
Thompson, Joseph M.4/25/13No detailLegislative Luncheon/Meetings (1/2013-4/2013)$7,704.40
Henson, Charles1/28/14No detailLegislative Reception$7,688.36
Turbett, Thom1/30/13No detailLegislative Mixer$7,687.36
Scanland, Scott4/26/13No detailIssue education$7,309.32
Smart, Scott1/16/13No detaildiscuss pending legislation$7,115.02
Seligman, Deborah 1/30/14No detailLegislative Dinner$7,002.04
Miller, Michael3/16/13No detailLobbying$6,881.03
Fulginiti, William4/25/12No detailDiscuss legislative issues$6,593.71
Scanland, Scott12/31/11No detailGeneral budget and policy matters.$6,533.45
Smart, Scott1/18/12No detailMeet and greet with various legislators$6,051.78
Conway, Ann3/20/14Albuquerque legislators, County Commissioners and Mayor's officeappreciation reception$6,000.00
Rosen, Joshua 12/13/12No detailFilm Industry Reception for NM Legislature$5,899.36
Leach, Carol11/19/14Legislative Finance Committeehost committee dinner$5,790.64
Romero, Richard1/13/15No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$5,716.27
Najjar, Daniel A.4/25/12No detailDiscussing Legislation$5,599.18
Weaks, Dan4/26/13No detailAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$5,589.05
Fulginiti, William4/25/13No detailDiscuss legislative issues$5,560.34
Romero, Richard12/31/13No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$5,412.58
Torza, Deborah2/26/13No detailDinner$5,367.74
Setter, Drew2/1/13No detailVarious Meetings$5,353.32
Trujillo, Ty1/29/14No detailNMACC Legislative Dinner$5,142.84
Henson, Charles1/22/13No detailCOCKTAIL RECEPTION$5,100.00
Rakes, Daniel 6/30/14Martinez for Governor campaignFundraiser/Dinner - Martinez for Governor$5,000.00
Trujillo, Antonio6/13/13Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Legislative Finance Committee$5,000.00
Mitchell, Rhonda12/31/12Democratic Legislative DinnerDemocratic Legislative Dinner$5,000.00
Miller, Michael12/31/13No detailLobbying$4,890.70
Ning, Natasha4/26/13No detailmeals$4,769.48
Henson, Charles1/23/12No detailreception$4,715.41
Weaks, Dan12/31/14No detailAggregate expenditures of less than 75.00 per person$4,627.12
Buffett, Sandy1/31/12No detailreception$4,560.00
Scanland, Scott12/31/13No detailIssue education, questions and dialouge$4,558.01
Rel, Ricardo1/27/12NMSU Alumni EventNMSU Alumni Event$4,481.37
Trujillo, Ty2/19/13No detailNMACC Legislative Dinner$4,454.63
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/13/15No detailMeal expenses$4,429.61
Miller, Michael2/16/12No detailLobbying$4,392.86
Duran, Mark2/22/13No detailLegislative Dinner$4,363.78
Baca, Leo1/22/13No detailCo-sponsor of Friends of the Legislature Dinner$4,327.44
Brandt, Varney1/22/13No detailCo-sponsor Legislative Dinner$4,327.44
Hull II, Arthur2/29/12No detailInform and Discuss Business Concerns with Elected Officials$4,327.24
Shoats , Marla12/31/12No detailMiscellaneous Meals & Beverages$4,326.31
Weaks, Dan12/31/12No detailMeals and Beverages$4,326.31
Shoats , Marla12/31/11No detailMiscellaneous Meals & Beverages$4,257.00
Weaks, Dan12/31/11No detailMiscellaneous Meals & Beverages$4,257.00
Barberousse, Bob1/16/12No detailmeals for committees,lunches ,dinners and beverages$4,234.34
Rel, Ricardo1/31/14NMSU Alumni EventNMSU ALUMNI FUNCTION$4,141.09
Melendres, Arthur1/26/11No detailFriends of the Legislature 2011$4,136.89
Hull II, Arthur3/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$4,082.27
Baca, Leo1/27/14No detailCo-sponsor of Friends of the Legislature dinner$4,006.16
Brandt, Varney1/27/14No detailCo-sponsor Legislative Dinner$4,006.16
Melendres, Arthur1/27/14No detailFriends of the Legislature$4,006.12
Trujillo, Ty1/31/12No detailNMACC Legislative Dinner$4,000.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/19/11No detailAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00$3,972.51
Najjar, Daniel A.4/25/13No detailDiscussing Legislation$3,964.70
Fulginiti, William12/31/11No detaildiscuss legislative issues$3,947.57
Laubacher, Cynthia 2/5/14No detailLunch$3,932.81
Horan, Thomas12/7/11No detailReception$3,891.37
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/11No detailMeals$3,881.14
Scanland, Scott12/31/12No detailIssue education,$3,819.56
Shoats , Marla12/31/14No detailAggregrate expenditures of less than 75.00 per person$3,798.45
Miller, Michael12/31/14No detailLobby$3,787.56
Shoats , Marla3/16/13No detailAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$3,786.23
Thompson, Joseph M.4/24/12No detailLegislative Luncheons/Meetings$3,735.27
Weaks, Dan2/18/12No detailAggregate expenditures of less than $75 per person$3,709.42
Najjar, Daniel A.4/26/14No detailDiscussing Legislation$3,696.27
Fulginiti, William12/31/12No detailDiscuss legislative issues$3,646.66
Scanland, Scott4/26/12No detailGeneral education, policy, budget and PR$3,617.28
Weaks, Dan12/31/13No detailAggregate expenditures of less than 75.00 per person$3,561.47
Marquez, Charlie2/11/14House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeConsumer & Public Affairs Committee Dinner$3,547.37
Weaks, Dan2/20/14No detailAggregate expenditures of less than 75.00 per person$3,521.52
Barnett, Mickey4/26/13No detailLobbying$3,381.00
Setter, Drew2/20/14No detailVarious Meetings throughout Legislative Session$3,379.72
Romero, Richard12/31/12No detailNo items exeeding $75 per beneficiary$3,377.88
Barnett, Mickey5/30/13No detailLobbying$3,319.07
Ning, Natasha4/26/13No detailmeals$3,276.23
Scanland, Scott12/31/14No detailIssue education, questions and dialouge$3,259.77
Barnett, Mickey12/31/14No detailLobbying$3,259.71
Barberousse, Bob4/16/14No detaildiscuss legislation$3,167.03
Hull II, Arthur12/31/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$3,112.70
Rel, Ricardo6/11/14No detailCommittee hearing$3,056.48
Shoats , Marla2/18/12No detailAggregate expendiutures of less than $75.00$2,970.55
Rel, Ricardo1/25/13NMSU Alumni EventNMSU Alumni Event$2,966.39
Laubacher, Cynthia 2/26/13No detailLunch$2,960.30
Ning, Natasha2/16/12No detaildiscuss various issues$2,957.09
Hull II, Arthur2/28/14No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$2,948.13
Mitchell, Rhonda4/26/13No detailLobbying$2,938.97
Alarid, Vanessa12/31/12No detailEducational meeting$2,912.15
Groenewold, Keven4/26/13No detailLobbying$2,907.00
Setter, Drew2/16/12No detailVarious Meetings$2,866.00
Miller, Michael12/31/12No detailLobby/Social$2,864.00
Barnett, Mickey4/25/14No detailLobbying$2,848.24
Scanland, Scott4/25/14No detailIssue education, questions and dialouge$2,829.10
Baca, Ray 2/12/13No detailDinner$2,806.83
Setter, Drew12/31/14No detailVarious Meetings$2,751.67
Thompson, Joseph M.12/31/12No detailLegislative Luncheons/Meetings$2,710.15
Trujillo, Antonio8/14/12No detailEducational Tour$2,689.41
Ning, Natasha4/26/14No detailmeals$2,686.72
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)4/26/12No detailMeals$2,673.55
Barnett, Mickey12/31/11No detailLobbying$2,661.30
Hull II, Arthur1/31/14No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$2,656.69
Hull II, Arthur2/28/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$2,656.32
Shoats , Marla12/31/13No detailAggregate Expenditures of less than 75.00 Per Person$2,652.13
Hoffman, Sarah1/28/14No detailBishop's Legislative Luncheon$2,623.06
Mitchell, Rhonda12/31/13No detailLobbying$2,616.77
Hoffman, Sarah2/6/13No detailBishop's Legislative Luncheon$2,616.00
Horan, Thomas12/6/11No detailReception$2,595.31
Melendres, Arthur1/26/11No detailFriends of the Legislature 2010$2,574.49
Groenewold, Keven4/26/13No detailLobbying$2,519.00
Harden, Clinton2/16/14No detailaggretate$2,513.70
Muffoletto, Erin2/8/12Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbert, Sen. John Pinto, Rep. Candy EzzellDinner to discuss Pueblo of Laguna priorities.$2,508.81
Barnett, Mickey12/31/12No detailLobbying$2,501.21
Rakes, Daniel6/30/14Martinez for Governor campaignFundraiser/Dinner$2,500.00
Smith, William1/21/14No detailRepublcan Dinner Sponsorship$2,500.00
Smith, William1/21/14No detailLegislative Dinner Sponsorship$2,500.00
Bowen, Michael3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$2,500.00
Miller, Michael3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$2,500.00
Setter, Drew 3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$2,500.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$2,500.00
Winn, Lisa3/7/13100 Bill Party100th Bill Party,$2,500.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/28/13No detailCity of Las Cruces Sponsored.Legislative Lunch$2,500.00
Alarid, Vanessa10/1/12No detailNHCC Mariposa$2,500.00
Bullington, James2/1/12Sen. Cynthia Nava, Rep. Rick Miera, Sen. John Pinto, Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoCharter School Dinner with charter school leaders$2,500.00
Harden, Clinton3/15/13No detailaggregate$2,396.95
Shoats , Marla 2/4/14No detailNM Wine Growers/NM Brewers Guild Reception$2,375.85
Vargas , Vincente10/14/13No detailCommittee hearings$2,371.87
Walker , Jerry1/30/13Senate Judiciary CommitteeSenate Judiciary Committee Dinner$2,359.00
Bullington, James1/27/12Rep. Ken Martinez, Rep. Bobby Gonzales, Rep. Sheryl Stapleton, State Treasurer James Lewisdinner hosted by Laguna Pueblo for Pueblo officials, guests and lawmakers$2,319.34
Archuleta, Floyd3/4/13No detailLegislative Dinner$2,314.56
Hull II, Arthur10/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$2,305.40
Walker , Jerry2/18/13House Judiciary CommitteeHouse Judiciary Committee Dinner$2,290.75
Trujillo, Antonio8/1/13No detailDinner Sponsorship - NM Legis. Night CSG-West$2,289.50
Hull II, Arthur9/30/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$2,265.81
Hull II, Arthur9/25/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$2,263.84
Barberousse, Bob4/25/13No detailDicussing Legislation$2,253.69
Edwards, H. Reese2/7/14No detailBreakfast$2,247.86
King, Nancy M.2/19/13Sen. & Mrs Carroll Leavell, Sen Gay Kernan & guest, Sen Stuart Ingle, Rep & Mrs. Donald Bratton, Rep & Mrs Bill Gray, Rep & Mrs Bob Wooley, Rep D Gallegosdinner sponsored by LES$2,226.48
Thompson, Joseph M.12/31/13No detailLegislative Luncheon/Meetings$2,221.34
Alarid, Vanessa1/31/13No detailjanuary expsnses for leg session$2,209.00
Alarid, Vanessa3/31/13No detaillegislative session meals$2,176.00
Shoats , Marla2/20/14No detailAggregate Expenditures of less than 75.00 per person$2,163.49
Mitchell, Rhonda4/25/14No detailMeals and Beverages$2,130.76
Hendry, Jon1/30/14No detailNMFL Legislative Reception$2,124.27
Conway, Ann1/31/13No detailgift$2,100.00
Conway, Ann1/31/13No detailgift$2,100.00
Alarid, Vanessa9/9/11No detailMaravilla$2,100.00
Hull II, Arthur10/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$2,091.24
Hull II, Arthur6/29/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$2,071.40
Hull II, Arthur12/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$2,058.97
Hull II, Arthur8/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$2,053.39
King, Nancy M.2/5/12Sen. & Mrs. Vernon Asbill, Rep. & Mrs Donald Bratton, Rep. Cathrynn Brown, Rep. & Mrs. Bill Gray, Sen. Stuart Ingle, Sen. Gay Kernan & guest, Rep. Dennis Kintigh, Sen & Mrs Carroll Leavelldinner sponsored by LES$2,039.31
Rel, Ricardo9/3/13No detailCommittee hearings$2,025.10
Hoffman, Sarah2/2/12No detailBishop's Legislative Luncheon$2,023.00
Cravens, Kent2/10/14No detailReception/Dinner$2,000.00
Seligman, Deborah 2/10/14100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$2,000.00
Thompson, R.E.4/26/13No detailDinner$2,000.00
Hull II, Arthur3/31/14No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,987.40
Foster, Karin2/14/14No detailIPANM annual event$1,979.88
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)7/1/13No detailSponsorship of ""NM Night"" at CSG-West$1,979.34
Hull II, Arthur8/31/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$1,975.61
Setter, Drew12/31/11No detailVarious Meetings$1,970.01
Hull II, Arthur12/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,968.09
Hull II, Arthur4/26/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,966.16
Hull II, Arthur6/30/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$1,964.43
Ning, Natasha12/31/11No detailDiscussed various issues.$1,955.07
Alarid, Vanessa2/28/13No detaillegislative ssssion meals$1,954.00
Hull II, Arthur5/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,948.56
Setter, Drew6/1/13No detailVarious Meetings$1,921.25
Romero, Richard4/26/14No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$1,920.01
Henson, Charles12/31/11No detaildiscuss legislation$1,919.99
Fulginiti, William4/25/13No detaildiscuss legislative issues$1,917.57
Arnold, Michelle2/11/14Senate Education CommitteeProvided meal to members/staff$1,900.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)4/25/14No detailMeal expenses.$1,865.88
C'deBaca, Ernest4/15/11No detailLegislative Issues$1,833.13
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/31/12No detailMeals$1,822.98
Harden, Clinton12/1/13No detailaggregate$1,814.70
Hull II, Arthur7/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,810.97
McGonagle, Minda12/14/12No detailBreakfast$1,808.63
Hull II, Arthur1/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Business Concerns with Elected Officials$1,806.87
Hull II, Arthur9/30/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,805.45
Hull II, Arthur1/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,796.99
Menapace, Joseph2/6/14No detailOral Health$1,790.88
Hull II, Arthur5/31/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$1,786.01
Yamada, Sayuri4/15/11No detailLegislative Issues$1,776.32
Foster, Karin2/4/12No detailMovie showig & cocktails$1,765.77
Foster, Karin2/2/12No detailMovie, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres$1,765.77
Leach, Carol9/26/14Legislative Education Study Committeehost interim committee dinner -- shared expense$1,757.95
Loubet, Susan1/29/13No detailPublic Reception Honoring Women$1,750.00
Romero, Richard4/26/13No detailNo items exeeding $75 per beneficiary$1,743.24
Loubet, Susan1/29/14No detailLegislative reception$1,738.52
Foster, Karin1/30/11No detailOn behalf of clients$1,731.16
Weaks, Jason R.2/20/14No detailAggrigate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$1,708.58
Trujillo, Antonio12/31/12No detailGovernment Relations$1,696.98
Hull II, Arthur12/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,695.59
Romero, Richard4/25/12No detailMeal and beverage expenses$1,691.56
D'Antonio , Michael1/31/13No detailLegislative Reception$1,684.28
Rel, Ricardo10/16/13Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeScience, Tech & Tele.Comm. hearings$1,662.28
Barnett, Mickey4/26/12No detailLobbying$1,639.06
King, Nancy M.2/13/14Sen & Mrs Carroll Leavell, Sen Gay Kernan & guest, Sen Stuart Ingle, Sen Cliff Pirtle, Rep Gallegos, Rep & Mrs Donald Bratton, Environment counsel Ryan Flynn, Environment Secty David Martindinner sponsored by LES$1,637.90
D'Antonio , Michael2/28/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,624.99
Mitchell, Rhonda12/30/11No detailLobbying$1,618.00
Hull II, Arthur8/30/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,617.33
Lejuste, Margaret8/18/11No detailReception/Dinner$1,602.52
Groenewold, Keven2/17/14No detailLobbying$1,588.00
Abeita Torres, Deborah2/13/14No detailBreakfast$1,583.90
Hull II, Arthur10/31/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$1,577.66
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)4/26/13No detailMeal$1,570.54
Hull II, Arthur5/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,566.53
Horan, Thomas10/26/11No detailReception$1,542.73
Puelle, Michael 8/30/13No detailNMFA Oversight Interim Committee$1,541.67
Hull II, Arthur6/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,526.49
Hull II, Arthur7/31/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$1,525.79
Mitchell, Rhonda12/31/14No detailLobbying expenses$1,525.47
Scanland, Scott1/10/14No detailDinner$1,522.20
Vargas , Vincente9/4/14No detailCommitte hearing$1,521.81
Thompson, Joseph M.4/20/11No detailLegislative Luncheons/Meetings$1,513.24
Vargas , Vincente9/9/14No detailCommittee hearing$1,508.01
Alarid, Vanessa9/14/14No detailMaravilla$1,500.00
Rel, Ricardo2/27/13No detailJerseys for the house members for the House/Senate basketball game, fundraiser for UNM Cancer Center$1,494.50
Hull II, Arthur11/30/12No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officals$1,492.20
Najjar, Daniel A.12/31/14No detailDiscussing Legislation$1,468.76
Thompson, John Lee4/20/12No detailDiscuss pending legislation$1,454.94
Trujillo, Antonio4/26/13No detailGovernment Relations$1,454.82
Najjar, Daniel A.12/31/13No detailDiscussing Legislation$1,448.32
Ly, Stephanie2/19/14No detailRecognition in Support of Education Legislation$1,421.00
Roddy, David2/4/14No detail300 Teddy Bears for Primary Care Day in New Mexico$1,416.71
Hull II, Arthur4/26/12No detailInform and Discuss Business Concerns with Elected Officials$1,414.46
Harden, Clinton1/26/14No detail1 Aggregate$1,407.70
Rel, Ricardo4/1/14No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan. 1, 2014 - April 25, 2014)$1,406.12
McGonagle, Minda2/20/14No detailAggregate expenditures of less than $75.00 per person$1,402.15
Griffith, Sue1/13/15No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$1,379.86
Sellers, Thomas2/21/13Sens. Gay Kernan, M/M Carroll Leavell, Steven Neville, Stuart Ingle; Reps. James Strickler, Jimmie Hall, M/M Bob Wooley, Sharon Clahchischilliage & guest, Mrs. Bratton, Calder EzzellDinner$1,372.80
Groenewold, Keven12/11/11No detailLobbying$1,356.00
Mitchell, Rhonda4/26/12No detailLobbying$1,354.99
Hull II, Arthur7/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,347.88
Mitchell, Rhonda12/31/12No detailLobbying$1,347.83
Duran, Adela3/30/12No detailAggregate expenses for various legislators and staff$1,341.21
Hull II, Arthur7/31/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,338.46
Griffith, Sue12/31/12No detailNo items exeeding $75 per beneficiary$1,335.13
Miller, Michael12/30/11No detailLobby/Network$1,320.49
Trujillo, Timothy 'Ty'4/26/12No detailMeals$1,318.91
Marquez, Charlie12/31/12No detailrelationship building, discussed initives for 2013 session.$1,318.31
Hull II, Arthur4/25/14No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$1,317.86
Roddy, David1/31/13No detail250 Teddy Bears for Legislators and Staff on Primary Care Day in New Mexcio$1,316.72
Cravens, Kent1/18/12No detailBreakfast$1,297.38
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/31/13No detailAccumlated expenses for meals$1,295.04
Rel, Ricardo1/26/12No detailDinner$1,289.69
Groenewold, Keven2/15/12No detaillobbying$1,279.00
Indall, Jon2/9/11Sen. David Ulibarri/Mrs. Sen. Rod Adair; Rep. Vigl/Legislative Dinner$1,273.55
Yamada, Sayuri12/18/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,260.03
Jaramillo, Matthew12/18/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,250.25
Ray , Sam4/24/14Sen. Phil Griego golf tournamentGolf Tournament-Senator Phil Griego$1,250.00
Traynor, Randy 8/20/12Majority Leader FundMajority Leader Fund$1,250.00
Thompson, R.E.1/18/11Democratic Party dinnerDemocratic Party of New Mexico Dinner$1,250.00
Griffith, Sue12/31/11No detaildiscussion of pending/upcoming legislation$1,244.36
Mahr, Edwin 1/21/14No detailVarious lunches-dinners$1,237.00
Hull II, Arthur10/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,235.94
Ning, Natasha12/31/12No detailmeals$1,233.88
Laca, Gaspar12/31/11No detaildiscuss pending legisaltion (aggregate)$1,232.75
Duran, Adela9/11/13No detailAggregate expenses for various New Mexico Legislators and Staff$1,219.92
Laca, Gaspar4/26/13No detailVarious Legislative Issues$1,218.61
Park, Alfred4/25/14No detailDiscussing legislation, all under $75$1,212.85
Romero, Richard12/31/11No detaildiscussion of pending/upcoming legislation$1,207.50
Laca, Gaspar12/31/12No detaillegislation/campaign/election$1,189.93
Trujillo, Antonio12/31/13No detailGovernment Relations$1,164.30
Hull II, Arthur9/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,155.26
Rutherford, Jeremy1/18/11Hse/Sen Ldrship Staff, Sen Chief Clerk, SpeakerGoodwill/flowers-$142.75 weekly$1,142.89
Puelle, Michael4/26/13No detailPolicy meetings & discussions$1,135.22
Conway, Ann10/14/14State FarmInterim Committee$1,124.23
Laca, Gaspar4/26/12No detaildiscussing legislation$1,124.09
D'Antonio , Michael3/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,119.79
Gould, Leland12/31/14No detailEntertainment and meals$1,117.86
D'Antonio , Michael2/28/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$1,107.64
Bullington, James1/26/12Rep.Antonio Maestas, Rep. Ray Begaye, Sen. John Pinto, Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Cynthia Nava, other guestsDinner to discuss education issues$1,100.00
Vargas , Vincente9/30/13No detailCommittee hearings$1,096.44
Duran, Adela6/30/11No detailMeeting with legislators to discuss legislation (aggregate)$1,091.40
Thompson, John Lee12/31/12No detailVarious$1,077.89
Najjar, Daniel A.12/31/11No detailAggregate$1,058.21
Hull II, Arthur11/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,055.41
Bullington, James2/12/12Sen. Lynda Lovejoy, Sen. John PintoStaff dinner$1,046.47
Horan, Thomas2/5/14No detailLunch$1,040.00
Thompson, John Lee4/26/13No detailVarious$1,035.85
Ning, Natasha12/31/13No detailmeals$1,025.89
Trujillo, Antonio12/31/14No detailGovernment Relations$1,016.83
Duran, Adela2/15/14No detailAggregate expenses for various New Mexico Legislators and staff$1,016.41
Hull II, Arthur8/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$1,010.75
White, Darren2/10/14No detail100 Bill Party Reception$1,000.00
Barboa, Adriann5/1/13No detailpetition signature gathering effort$1,000.00
Weaks, Jason R.3/16/13No detailLobbying$1,000.00
Rosen, Joshua 3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party (ABQ STUDIOS)$1,000.00
Nation, Brenda11/17/11No detailNCOIL Reception$1,000.00
Phillips, Sonia 2/10/11No detailNM Republican 2011 Annual Legislative Reception$1,000.00
Thompson, Joseph M.1/15/15No detailLegislative Luncheons/Meetings$998.72
Rel, Ricardo9/26/12No detailCommittee hearings$992.00
Fulginiti, William12/31/13No detaildiscuss legislative issues$988.26
Menapace, Joseph3/15/13No detailAggregate$981.07
Duran, Adela10/26/12No detailAggregate expenses for various New Mexico legislatures$980.53
Frye, Jamie 1/30/14No detailAlzheimer's Day at the Legislature$974.98
Hull II, Arthur6/30/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$958.66
McBride, Robert4/16/12No detailvarious clients$947.00
Laca, Gaspar4/26/14No detailvarious$946.16
Thompson, John Lee1/24/13No detailDinner$938.15
Roddy, David1/25/12No detail200 Teddy Bears$921.48
D'Antonio , Michael8/29/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$919.00
Kimble, David 7/16/13No detailLegislative Golf Tourism$918.25
Benally, Norman7/8/14Legislative Tax Committees (RSTP & LFC)Relationship Engagement$913.89
Setter, Drew5/22/12No detailVarious Meetings$911.12
Laca, Gaspar12/31/13No detailAggregate$911.01
Vargas , Vincente4/12/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan 1 - April 25, 2012)$907.29
Santillanes, Matejka2/20/14No detailDiscussing Legislation$900.00
C'deBaca, Ernest2/28/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$895.12
Duran, Adela8/20/14No detailAggregate expenses for various New Mexico Legislators and staff$889.46
C'deBaca, Ernest1/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$875.07
Moore, Julie1/13/15No detailAccumulated expenses for meals$872.41
Vargas , Vincente4/8/13No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan 1 - April 25, 2013)$871.48
Vargas , Vincente10/20/14No detailCommittee hearing$859.59
Thompson, John Lee12/31/13No detailDiscuss Legislation (Lobbying)$845.87
Scanland, Scott1/14/11No detailDinner$845.40
Yamada, Sayuri2/29/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$844.42
Baca, Ruben2/12/13No detailNew Mexico Racing Day$836.50
Chavez, Morris2/12/13No detailLegislative Reception$836.50
Park, Alfred2/12/13No detailRacing Industry Reception$836.50
Scanland, Scott2/12/13No detailReception at La Fonda Hotel$836.50
White, Darren2/12/13No detailReception$836.50
Mahr, Edwin4/1/13No detaildiscuss legislation$836.36
Sellers, Thomas2/3/12Sen. & Mrs. Vernon Asbill, Sen. & Mrs. Carroll Leavell, Rep. Cathrynn Brown, Rep. & Mrs. Bill Gray, Rep. & Mrs. Don Bratton,Legislative dinner sponsored by ConocoPhillips$835.74
Sanchez, Raymond1/17/14Democratic Party of New Mexico2014 Legislative Dinner$833.33
Sanchez, Raymond1/15/13Democratic Party of New Mexico2013 Legislative Dinner$833.33
Rivera-Wiest, Roxanne3/19/11No detailNo expenditure or aggregate on an individual in excess of $75.00$832.02
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)6/1/13No detailSponsorship of NMMA Legislative Reception$825.00
Sanchez, Raymond3/19/11No detailLump sum expenditures under $75.00$822.25
Baca, Leo1/12/15No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$805.09
Yamada, Sayuri2/28/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$804.29
Bradley, Walter4/3/13No detailCapitol dinner$801.66
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)7/17/14No detailNMFA Committee Dinner$800.00
Phillips, Sonia 2/21/12No detailChaves County Republican Dinner$800.00
Traynor, Randy12/14/14Republican CaucusMeal and Beverage$797.65
Vargas , Vincente12/16/13No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 20, 2013)$783.00
Anaya, Steven4/15/13Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort, Soto, Tim Keller, Sander Rue, Phil Griego, Steven Neville, Reps. Antonio Maestas ,Sandoval, Mimi Stewart, Nate Gentry, Jim Trujillo, George Dodge, MH Garcia , Jason Harper, Alonzo Baldonado, Roberto GonzalesRecognition and Appreciation$778.95
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)11/20/14No detailNMFA Oversight Committee Lunch$768.24
Baca, Leo12/31/13No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$766.59
Griffith, Sue12/31/13No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$763.25
Heshley, David1/8/12No detailGift to Welcome to Session$758.96
Alarid, Vanessa3/28/14No detailfundraiser$750.00
Kimble, David1/6/13No detailAggregate$750.00
Rel, Ricardo1/30/14No detailDinner, $742.96
Gonzales, Ricardo1/13/15No detailMeal Expenses$739.86
Groenewold, Keven12/31/13No detailLobbying$732.00
Trujillo, Antonio5/2/12Legislative Finance CommitteeLegislative Finance Council Meeting$725.00
Lopez, Daniel2/23/11Sens.tuart Ingle, Jennings, John Sapien & GuestsLegislative Testimony$718.57
Rel, Ricardo4/17/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan 1 - April 25, 2012)$714.30
Marquez, Charlie2/16/12No detailtotal for reporting period$713.58
Sellers, Thomas4/25/13No detailDiscuss various legislative issues$712.93
Groenewold, Keven12/31/14No detailLobbying$711.00
Smith, William12/19/12No detaillunch$708.68
Gillis, John 1/21/14No detailNMML legislative reception$700.00
Trujillo, Antonio11/13/12Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater & Natural Resources Committee Meeting$700.00
Griffith, Sue4/26/14No detailNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary$698.30
Arnold, Michelle10/28/11Sen. John SapienParticipation in the College Board's 2012 National Forum as a panelist$698.00
Rel, Ricardo10/31/14No detailCommittee hearing$695.29
Sellers, Thomas12/31/14No detailDiscuss various legislative issues$690.62
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/1/13No detailSponsorship of Oil & Gas Industry Dinner$689.71
Mahooty, Pamela1/26/14No detailDiscuss pending legislation$685.12
Hull II, Arthur11/30/14No detailInform and discuss concerns with elected officials$682.74
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)6/7/12No detailSponsorship of NMACC Dinner (on behalf of G&K;)$682.57
Kimble, David3/14/13No detailAggregate$675.00
Thompson, John Lee2/5/13No detailDinner$675.00
Rogers, Patrick10/9/14Duran for SOS campaignFundraiser expenses$672.48
Thompson, John Lee12/31/11No detailPending Legislation (Aggregate)$667.79
Scanland, Scott2/7/12Chief of Staff Gardner, Sens. Steven Neville, William Sharer, Reps. Taylor, James Strickler, Paul Bandy, spouse and guestsGeneral budget and policy matters.$664.96
Idsinga, Beverly3/17/11No detailAG Feed$662.44
Marquez, Charlie4/25/14No detailTotal for reporting period$660.74
Bullington, James1/25/12Rep. Begaye, Rep. K. Martinez, other guestsDinner to discuss Native American education issues$655.68
Yamada, Sayuri8/30/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$653.69
Scanland, Scott7/24/12No detailDinner$652.31
Marquez, Charlie1/17/11No detailTotal for Period$652.08
Sellers, Thomas12/31/11No detailDiscuss various legislative issues$651.49
Yamada, Sayuri8/31/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$649.59
Arnold, Michelle8/26/11Rep. Rick MieraParticipation in the creation of the College Completion Agenda Hispanic Edition$648.80
Najjar, Daniel A.12/31/12No detailDiscussing Legislation$645.53
Trujillo, Timothy 'Ty'1/13/15No detailAccumulated expenses for meals$642.85
Sellers, Thomas12/31/13No detailDiscuss various legislative issues.$642.75
Scanland, Scott8/21/13No detailDinner$639.71
Menapace, Carrie Robin7/31/12No detailLegislative Forum$637.50
Hull II, Arthur3/31/12No detailInform and Discuss Business Concerns with Elected Officials$637.47
Menapace, Carrie Robin12/16/14No detailWinter Elected Official Meet and Greet$633.50
Barberousse, Bob12/31/11No detaillunches or dinners$623.00
Baca, Leo12/31/12No detailDiscuss various legislative issues$621.74
Vargas , Vincente12/3/14No detailMeetings$618.94
Menapace, Carrie Robin12/12/12No detailLegislative Dinner$618.20
Baca, Ray 2/21/13No detailBreakfast$612.64
Sellers, Thomas4/26/14No detailDiscuss various legislative issues.$612.63
Seligman, Deborah 9/4/14Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWNR Interim Committee Dinner$607.64
Minzner, Richard3/15/13No detailVarious$604.01
Vargas , Vincente12/16/13No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2013)$600.74
Menapace, Carrie Robin7/31/13No detailSummer Superintendent Legislative Forum$600.00
Scanland, Scott2/17/12No detailAlligator education and PR$600.00
Scanland, Scott7/12/12No detailReception$599.74
Arnold, Michelle10/26/11Sen. John SapienParticipation in the College Board's 2012 National Forum as a panelist$588.80
Trujillo, Antonio4/25/12No detailMeals$588.24
Perry, Stephen9/16/14No detailfood and beverage$585.15
Duran, Adela8/10/11No detailNCSL NM State Night Dinner$583.98
Phillips, Sonia 8/10/11No detailState Night at NCSL -- Dinner and Reception$583.98
Kimble, David 5/3/12No detaillunch$582.52
Puelle, Michael12/31/11No detailCommunication and discussion.$579.80
Thompson, John Lee4/23/14No detailMeals & Beverages,Cumulative, all under $75$579.65
Apodaca, Robert2/23/14Rep. Rick Miera, Rep Moe Maestas, Rep Sandra Jeff, Sen. Benny Shedo, Sen. Carlos Cisneros, Rep Rudy MartinezProvide snacks & Beverage for 2014 Regular Session$576.59
Alarid, Vanessa4/25/12No detailFriendly conversation$575.20
Yamada, Sayuri2/28/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$568.70
Horan, Thomas9/26/12Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner$565.91
Baker, Russell4/25/14No detailagregate amount$564.25
McGonagle, Minda2/16/12No detailLegislation discusions & general information$564.01
Sellers, Thomas8/11/11No detailDinner$563.98
Doyle, Robert8/10/11National Conference of State LegislatorsJoing Sponsor State Night Dinner for NM Delegates Attending$563.98
Gillis, John 8/10/11No detailDinner$563.98
Trujillo, Antonio8/10/11No detailNCSL NM State Night$563.98
Leach, Carol12/31/14No detailpending issues$562.72
Scanland, Scott7/17/13No detailDinner$562.09
Alarid, Vanessa12/31/14No detailconversations$560.00
Conway, Ann10/16/14State FarmInterim Committee$559.13
C'deBaca, Ernest3/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$554.18
Vargas , Vincente12/8/11No detailmeals/beverages- (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2011)$552.90
Griffith, Sue4/25/12No detailMeal and beverage expenses$542.30
Yamada, Sayuri11/24/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$537.07
Baca, Leo3/15/13No detailLobby current legislation during session$533.08
Rel, Ricardo9/29/14No detailCommittee hearing$530.77
Duran, Mark12/16/14Republican Freshman represenativesSponsorship of Lunch$530.63
Sellers, Thomas4/20/12No detailDiscuss various legislative issues$529.80
Scanland, Scott7/12/12No detailLuncheon$528.15
Alarid, Vanessa2/6/14No detailBirthday Party for friend at Rio Chama- some legislators attend. Their amount was less than necessary to report,but total bill exceeded $500.$528.00
Melendres, Arthur2/18/14Sen. Jacob Candelaria, Tim Sen. Keller, Sen. Cisco McSorleyDiscuss legislative priorities$525.95
Trujillo, Timothy 'Ty'12/31/13No detailAccumulated expenses for meals$522.26
Manzano, David2/4/14Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. George K. Munoz, Sen. John Sapien, Ty Trujillo, Bill Fulgineli, Ricardo Gonzales, Bob Barborouese, Morris Chavez.Discussed State of Higher Education, Budget and how it is going to benefit NMT and our RPSP's and Funding.$521.12
West, Cynthia4/25/11No detailMeals/Beverages$518.02
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)8/8/12No detailSponsorship of NCSL Dinner (on behalf of G&K;)$514.88
Armenta, Loretta8/8/12No detail2012 NCSL NM State Night Dinner$514.86
Brandt, Varney8/8/12No detailCo-sponsorship of NM State Dinner at NCSL in Chicago$514.86
Bundy, Carter8/8/12No detailNCSL New Mexico Dinner$514.86
Trujillo, Antonio8/8/12No detailNCSL NM State Night Dinner$514.86
Thompson, Joseph M.12/15/13Rep. Nate GentryIn-Kind Event$512.00
Thompson, John Lee12/31/14No detailMeals & Beverages, Cumulative, all under $75$510.21
Young, Tasia2/26/13Legislative Finance Committee StaffLunch$508.48
Rel, Ricardo12/22/14No detailtotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2014)$505.34
Scanland, Scott7/17/14No detailDinner$500.00
Brandt, Varney4/1/14No detailCo-sponsor dinner$500.00
Smith, William2/13/14Roundhouse FeedRound House Feed$500.00
Fulginiti, William 2/10/14100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$500.00
Ferrell, Charles1/28/14New Mexico Republican PartyLegislative Reception$500.00
Groenewold, Keven 1/20/14Democratic Party DinnerDemocratic Party Dinner$500.00
Brandt, Varney10/31/13No detailLegislative Dinner$500.00
Brandt, Varney8/1/13No detailNM State Night dinner at CSG West$500.00
Brandt, Varney7/10/13No detailLegislative Dinner$500.00
Groenewold, Keven 1/15/13Democratic Party DinnerDem Party Dinner$500.00
Groenewold, Keven 12/31/12Democratic Party DinnerDemocratic Party Dinner$500.00
Setter, Drew 11/27/12No detailNHCSL Summit$500.00
Brandt, Varney11/16/12No detailco-sponsor reception at the Bull Ring$500.00
Rel, Ricardo9/27/12No detailCommittee hearings$500.00
Duran, Adela8/8/12No detailNCSL NM State Night Dinner$500.00
Ray , Sam6/16/12No detailTribute to Speaker Ben Lujan$500.00
Baca, Ruben11/14/11No detailContribution$500.00
Baca, Ruben11/11/11No detailContribution$500.00
Ferrell, Charles3/4/11No detailRepublican Party Reception$500.00
Huertaz, Terry2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$500.00
Huertaz, Terry2/8/11No detailHispanic Cultural Ctr Foundation Legislator Lunch$500.00
Lopez, Daniel2/12/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Sen John Arthur Smith and respective staff membersExplanation & review of HED Sub committee hearing issues related to Higher Ed funding.$499.05
Trujillo, Antonio2/10/14100 Bill PartyDinner Sponsorship - 100th Bill Party$499.00
Scanland, Scott2/7/14100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$499.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/7/14100 Bill PartySponsorship of 100 Bill Party;$499.00
Horan, Thomas2/6/14No detailLunch$499.00
Yamada, Sayuri 2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$499.00
Trujillo, Antonio12/5/14No detailDinner Sponsorship - ALEC NM Night$497.69
Scanland, Scott1/27/12No detailBreakfast$497.56
Roddy, David2/6/13Legislative Finance Committee StaffAppreciation lunch in the Office approx 40 staff members$497.20
Mallery, Peter2/6/14No detailLunch$496.86
Horan, Lawrence 2/1/12Legislative Council StaffLegislative Council Staff Lunch$495.82
Mallery, Peter2/1/12No detailLunch$495.82
Horan, Thomas2/2/12Legislative Council Staff and other staffLunch$495.22
Scanland, Scott2/6/14No detailDinner$495.00
Phillips, Sonia12/1/11No detaildiscuss legislation, special session, upcoming 2012 session$495.00
Gutierrez, Paul 1/19/11No detailNM Assoc. of Counties Legislative Conference$495.00
Bradley, Walter2/14/12No detailAnnual Roundhouse Feed$493.29
Cowan, Caren2/14/12No detailDinner$493.29
Cowan, Caren3/17/11No detailDinner$493.21
Cowan, Caren3/14/13No detailDinner$492.83
Bradley, Walter2/18/14No detailDinner for all$492.34
Balok, Aron3/17/11Roundhouse FeedMeal for all in the Capitol$492.21
Foster, Karin1/28/14Rep. Sandra Jeff, Sen. Bill O'Neil, George, Sen. Jacob CandelariaDinner$491.47
Park, Alfred2/21/13No detail100 Bill Party$490.00
Chavez, Morris1/15/15No detailMeal Expense$488.50
Idsinga, Beverly3/14/13No detailAg Feed$488.08
Marquez, Charlie2/4/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Committee Dinner$488.00
Hull II, Arthur11/30/13No detailInform and Discuss Concerns with Elected Officials$487.67
Sanchez, Raymond3/8/11No detailMeeting with legisaltive members$487.59
Horan, Thomas3/14/12House Democratic LeadershipDinner Meeting$487.56
Young, Tasia12/20/13Health & Human Services Interim CommitteeTo discuss pending legislation$486.84
D'Antonio , Michael8/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$486.49
Horan, Thomas12/15/12Senate Democratic CaucusLunch at Meeting$485.16
Scanland, Scott1/28/14No detailDinner$484.90
Gould, Leland4/25/13No detailAggregate Total$482.89
Gutierrez, Paul1/27/12Legislative Finance CommitteeLegislative Services$482.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/5/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Clinton Harden; Rep. Joseph Cervantes, Andy Nunez, M.H. Garcia, Kiki Saavedra, Candy Spence Ezzell, Dona Irwin, M Maestas, Nate Gentry, Yvette Herrell + 21 GuestsMeal$481.25
Scanland, Scott1/27/11No detailDinner$480.21
Roddy, David2/10/14Legislative Finance Committee StaffCatered Lunch for Staff$480.00
King, Nancy M.2/4/12No detailDinner$480.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/4/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDiscuss NMIADA Issues$480.00
Scanland, Scott2/4/12No detailDinner$480.00
Underwood, H. John2/4/12No detailDinner$480.00
Cowan, Caren2/18/14No detailRound House Feed and Dinner$479.52
Lopez, Daniel12/6/11Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Stuart Ingle,Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. Tim Jennings and 5 non-governmental guests.Visited on LFC budget hearing for 12-6-11 hearing on funding formula and related higher ed issues.$479.01
Traynor, Randy2/4/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$479.00
Barberousse, Bob10/20/14No detailInterim Corporations Committee$478.59
Phillips, Sonia2/14/12No detaildiscuss legislation, discuss session, discuss amendments$478.00
Roddy, David2/7/12All StaffLuncheon - Legislative Finance Committee Staff$477.34
Yamada, Sayuri3/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$475.25
Gonzales, Marco2/17/14No detailSenate Education Committee Dinner/ 100 Bill Party Various Lunches$475.00
Horan, Lawrence2/14/13Legislative Council Service StaffLunch$474.59
Mallery, Peter2/14/13No detaillunch$474.59
Otero, Luke2/28/13Sen. William Payne, Sen Cliff Pirtle, Sen William Sharer, Luke OteroDinner$472.13
Scanland, Scott1/17/11No detailDinner$470.87
Menapace, Joseph10/23/14Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeIntroduction of Proposed Legislation$470.71
Horan, Lawrence 1/17/11Senate RepublicansSenate Republican Dinner$470.07
Horan, Thomas1/17/11Senate Republican CaucusDinner$470.07
Ocheskey, Fred10/5/13Rep. Carl TrujilloGolf Tournament Prizes$470.00
Ocheskey, Fred9/12/13Rep. Nate GentryPrizes for Golf Tournament$470.00
Yamada, Sayuri10/9/13No detailInform elected on PNM issues$468.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/20/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Taxation & Revenue Committee$465.00
Baca, Leo4/25/14No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$464.57
Fanning , Jerry4/25/12No detailTopics pertinent to Oil & Gas Industry$464.30
Ferrell, Charles2/12/14House Business and Industry CommitteeAppreciation Dinner$463.10
Harden, Clinton2/11/14House Business and Industry Committeeappreciation dinner for legislators and staff$463.09
Horan, Lawrence1/16/12Senate Republican CaucusDinner$462.79
Horan, Thomas1/16/12Senate Republican CaucusDinner$462.79
Otero, Luke1/16/12Senate Republican CaucusDinner$462.79
Scanland, Scott2/11/14No detailDinner$462.51
Moore, Julie4/26/13No detailMeals$461.41
Marquez, Charlie1/15/15No detailAggregate total for the reporting period$460.86
Trujillo, Antonio4/25/14No detailGovernment Relations$460.35
Trujillo, Antonio7/23/12Sens. Bernadette Sanchez, David Ulibarri, Reps. Andy Nunez, T. Anderson, Rudy Martinez, Paul Bandy, Eleanor Chavez, William Rehm + 10 GuestsGovernment Relations$458.88
Fulginiti, William12/31/14No detaildiscuss legislative issues$458.66
Cravens, Kent2/2/12No detailMeal$458.00
Phillips, Sonia 2/2/12House Energy CommitteeDinner for House Energy$458.00
Buffett, Sandy3/11/11Rep. Mimi StewartDinner$458.00
Foster, Karin7/12/12Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeInterim presentation in Chama NM$457.00
Kopelman, Steve1/23/14Sens. George Munoz, Steven Neville, Carroll Leavell, Gay Kernan, Ron Griggs, Stuart Ingle, Clemente Sanchez, Reps. Paul Bandy, George Dodge, Candy Spence Ezzell, Nora Espinoza, Yvette Herrell, Kelly Fajardo, Maestas, Perea, Dennis Roch, Trujillo, Don Tripp, Bob WooleyNMAC Legislative Conference 2014$456.00
Trujillo, Antonio1/29/14Sens. Carroll Leavell, Tim Keller, Cliff Pirtle, Martinez, Michael Padilla, Benny Shendo, Mary Kay Papen, Lee Cotter, Sanchez, William Burt, George Munoz, John Sapien, Joseph Cervantez, Daniel Ivey-Soto, William Soules & 53 GuestsGovernment Relations$452.94
Gutierrez, Paul2/13/12Legislative Council Service StaffLunch$452.51
Trujillo, Timothy 'Ty'12/30/11No detailMeals$452.47
Trujillo, Antonio1/31/12No detailNMACC Dinner$450.09
Conway, Ann2/11/14Senate Education CommitteeLegislative staff dinner$450.00
Walker , Jerry2/7/14No detailSocial$450.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/19/13No detailSponsorship of NMACC Dinner$450.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/19/13No detailDinner Sponsorship - NM Assoc. of Comm. Colleges$450.00
Marquez, Charlie3/1/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Dinner$450.00
Minzner, Richard 3/1/11No detailDinner$450.00
Ocheskey, Fred 3/1/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner Senate Corporations Committee$450.00
Scanland, Scott3/1/11No detailDinner$450.00
Ocheskey, Fred 2/21/11Legislators and staffLunch for all Legislator's & Staff$450.00
Silva, Domonic2/6/12Legislative Finance Committee StaffLunch$449.07
Walker , Jerry2/6/12Legislative Finance Committee StaffCo-Sponsorship of Catered Office Lunch$449.07
Bullington, James2/2/12House Energy CommitteeDinner$448.00
Brandt, Varney8/10/14No detailCo-sponsor state night dinner at CSG West$447.10
Trujillo, Antonio8/10/14No detailDinner Sponsorship - CSG-NM State Night$447.10
Scanland, Scott8/9/14No detailDinner$447.10
Gould, Leland12/31/12No detailAggregate Reporting$445.55
Trujillo, Antonio9/12/11Reps. Joseph Cervantes, Andy Nunez, M.H. Garcia, Harry "Kiki" Saavedra, Patricia Lundstrom, Thomas Taylor, Donald Bratton, Dona Irwin, Bill O'Neill, Antonio Maestas, Nate Gentry, and Sens. Mary Kay Papen and John Arthur Smith, plus 6 guestsMeal$445.12
Duran, Mark2/20/14No detailnone$445.00
Smith, William3/14/13No detailRoundhouse Feed$444.72
D'Antonio , Michael7/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$444.56
Marquez, Charlie2/2/12Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Dinner$443.31
Scanland, Scott11/8/14No detailLunch$442.62
Smith, William3/6/13Reps. Sandra Jeff & Sharon ClahchischilliageDinner discuss legislation$442.25
Thompson, John Lee2/15/12No detailDinner$441.41
Jaramillo, Matthew7/24/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$440.10
Horan, Lawrence1/14/13Senate Republican CaucusDinner$439.41
Otero, Luke 1/14/13Senate Republican caucusRepublican Senate Dinner$439.41
Scanland, Scott1/14/13No detailDinner$439.00
Vargas , Vincente12/20/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2012)$437.32
Montoya, Vincent1/14/13Senate Republican CaucusType1$435.00
Montoya, Vincent1/17/11No detailDinner and Drink$435.00
Buffett, Sandy3/2/13Rep. Mimi Stewart and advocatesdinner with Rep. Mimi Stewart and advocates$434.00
Brandt, Varney9/11/13No detailLegislative Lunch$433.60
Gutierrez, Paul2/4/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDiscuss Legislations Affecting Counties$433.33
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/4/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$433.33
Trujillo, Antonio12/10/12No detailRSTP Legislative Committee Dinner$432.75
Manzano, David10/19/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Sen. John Arthur Smith, David Abbey Director of LFC, Ron Forte Chief of Staff for President Pro Tem from SenateTo discuss status of funding formula for NMHED and our project in Playas$432.04
Ferrell, Charles2/27/11House Business and Industry CommitteeDinner$431.31
Templeman, William2/27/11No detailDinner$431.31
Vargas , Vincente2/2/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsDiscussion: HB2 & Legislative Issues$431.24
Vargas , Vincente12/15/14No detailfootball tickets$430.00
Duran, Mark1/21/14House Appropriation and Finance Committeenone$430.00
Horan, Thomas2/16/12No detailDinner and Lunch- all expenditures below reportable limit$429.37
Idsinga, Beverly3/10/13No detailDairy gift bags$429.14
Jaramillo, Matthew9/24/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$429.11
Bundy, Carter1/22/13No detailDinner with pension execs, expert, and legislators$429.11
Paisano, Stuart3/5/11Rep. Zachary CookDinner with President Chino, and 5 ohter non legislators and family to discuss Mescalero Apache Tribe's Agenda$426.67
Montoya, Vincent3/5/13House Business and Industry CommitteeType 1$425.00
Sanchez, Raymond1/31/14Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$422.89
Scanland, Scott2/10/14No detailDinner$422.88
Horan, Thomas1/31/14No detailDinner$422.88
Otero, Luke 1/31/14No detailDinner$422.88
Cravens, Kent7/9/13No detailLunch$422.34
Trujillo, Antonio8/5/14Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Revenue Stabilization & Tax P$421.93
Yamada, Sayuri7/30/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$421.81
Horan, Lawrence 12/14/11No detailSandoval County Legislative Breakfast$420.00
Phillips, Sonia8/8/11No detailLegislators attending NCSL discussed convention$420.00
Duran, Adela8/8/11No detailDinner in conjunction with NCSL Conference$419.76
Shoats , Marla 8/4/11Sen. Bernadette Sanchez fundraiserFundraiser for Senator Bernadette Sanchez$419.17
Weaks, Dan 8/4/11Sen. Bernadette Sanchez fundraiserFundraiser for Senator Bernadette Sanchez$419.17
Rosen, Joshua3/3/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeInformation briefing on film industry issues for MPANM$418.00
Scanland, Scott2/14/11No detailBreakfast$417.76
Leach, Carol9/4/14Water & Natural Resources Interim Committeecommittee dinner in Artesia - shared cost$417.64
Santillanes, Matejka 1/31/14No detailDinner$416.67
Templeman, William2/13/13House Business and Industry Committeelegislative committee dinner$415.92
Ferrell, Charles2/12/13House Business and Industry CommitteeAppreciation Dinner$415.92
Gonzales, Ricardo3/30/14No detailNM EMNR Department Post Session Recap$415.84
Badal, John1/30/12No detailNMECG dinner for general House membership$415.74
Bowen, Michael12/5/14No detailShare of NM State Night Dinner$415.67
Marquez, Charlie11/27/12No detailCommittee Luncheon$415.00
Montoya, Vincent2/17/11No detailDinner and Drink$415.00
Puelle, Michael12/31/13No detailPolicy meetings & discussions$414.27
Ray , Sam2/27/11No detailB&I; Dinner$413.31
Trujillo, Antonio12/31/11No detailMeals$413.07
Barboa, Adriann9/30/13No detailphotography services to promote lobbying effort$412.50
Horan, Lawrence2/9/12House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeCommittee Dinner$412.15
Ocheskey, Fred 2/9/12No detailCommittee Dinner$412.14
Otero, Luke 2/9/12No detailCommittee Dinner$412.14
Scanland, Scott2/9/12No detailDinner$412.14
Thompson, John Lee2/9/12No detailDinner$412.14
Santillanes, Joseph (Jay)2/13/14Various McKinley County Legislators, Spouses, Staff & GuestsDinner$411.48
Santillanes, Matejka 2/13/14No detailDinner$411.48
C'deBaca, Ernest8/29/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$411.16
Trujillo, Antonio8/12/13Sens. Clemente Sanchez, Lee Cotter, Craig Brandt, Benny Shendo; Reps: David Gallegos, Kelly Fajardo, Jane Powdrell-Culbert, Jason Harper + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$409.28
Moore, Julie12/31/12No detailMeal$409.21
Reilly-Mica, Tara12/31/13No detailDiscuss Legislation/Goodwill/Strategy - this is an aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$409.20
Moore, Julie12/31/13No detailAccumulated expenses for meals$408.12
Barboa, Adriann1/31/14No detailcopies to promote lobbying effort$407.46
Scanland, Scott2/3/11No detailDinner$407.03
Scanland, Scott12/10/14No detailLunch$407.00
Montoya, Vincent3/2/13Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeType 1$405.00
Young, Tasia3/7/13Legislative Council Service StaffDinner$404.00
Newby, Cathleen11/30/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$403.17
Puelle, Michael 4/19/12No detailFundraising Luncheon$403.17
Bowen, Michael1/21/14Republican DinnerShare of Dinner Expense$402.89
Cravens, Kent1/21/14No detailDinner$402.89
Trujillo, Antonio1/21/14House and Senate Republican CaucusesDinner Sponsorship - Senate House Republicans$402.89
Walker , Jerry1/21/14House and Senate Republican CaucusesCo-sponsorship of Dinner$402.89
Idsinga, Beverly1/21/14Republican dinnerRepublican Dinner$402.88
King, Nancy M.1/21/14No detailDinner$402.88
Minzner, Richard1/21/14Republican Legislators and SpousesEntertainment$402.88
Underwood, H. John1/21/14No detailDinner$402.88
Reilly-Mica, Tara4/15/13No detailDiscuss Legislation/Goodwill - this is an aggregate total of nonitemized expenses$402.85
Koob, Julianna 2/10/14Senate Public Affairs Committeecommittee dinner - SPAC$401.98
Groenewold, Keven 12/31/14Democratic Party DinnerDemocratic Party Dinner$400.00
Groenewold, Keven 2/10/14100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$400.00
Gillis, John 8/1/13No detailreception at CSG-West conference$400.00
Balok, Aron3/14/13No detailAg. Feed$400.00
Smith, Allison1/30/13Freshman LegislatorsSpeaker/ProTem Freshman Dinner$400.00
Paisano, Stuart1/23/13Rep. Zachary Cook and Rep. Yvette HerrellDiscuss Client Issues$400.00
Scanland, Scott9/26/12No detailLunch$400.00
Cravens, Kent2/13/12No detailMeal$400.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/11/12100 Bill Party100th Bill Party (on behalf of G&K;)$400.00
Gonzales, Ricardo 2/10/12No detailGrant County Dinner$400.00
Scanland, Scott9/19/11No detailDinner$400.00
Fleisher, Mark 2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$400.00
Mallery, Peter1/21/14No detailDinner$399.94
Cravens, Kent1/20/14No detailReception/Dinner$399.94
Harden, Clinton1/20/14Senate Republican CaucusAppreciation dinner for legislators and staff$399.94
Horan, Lawrence1/20/14Senate Republican CaucusDinner$399.94
Horan, Thomas1/20/14No detailDinner$399.94
Otero, Luke 1/20/14No detailDinner$399.94
Scanland, Scott11/19/13No detailLunch$398.65
Traynor, Randy2/4/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$397.99
Scanland, Scott3/10/13No detailDinner$397.18
Brandt, Varney8/11/14No detailDinner Sponsorship$394.51
Mallery, Peter3/8/13No detailDinner$393.70
Lopez, Daniel2/21/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsLegislative Issues re: higher education$392.95
Young, Tasia2/6/13Rep. Mimi Stewart, HHGIAC Analyst Richard Lydahl, Chief Anaylst for Pro Tem Sen. Shirley Baca, Common Cause Lobbyist Diane Wood, NMAC staff Grace PhilLegislative issues including mental health agenda, Rep. Stewart's bills, Public Improvements Districts, & sentencing for parolees.$392.58
Cravens, Kent2/4/12No detailMeal$389.90
Horan, Thomas2/4/14No detailDinner$388.48
Trujillo, Antonio1/21/13Sens. Phil Griego, John Sapien, Clemente Sanchez, Joe Cervantes & William O'Neill + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$387.80
Lopez, Daniel11/21/13Sen. John Arthur Smith, Rep Kiki Saavedra, Education Secy Hanna Skandera, Ron Forte, John Sanchez, Dan Silva, Nicholi Nye, Ty Trujillo, Bill FulgeHigher Education Funding$387.75
Bowen, Michael3/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeShare of Dinner$386.69
Gonzales, Ricardo2/14/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$386.69
Bundy, Carter2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Committee dinner$386.69
Manzano, David2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSponsored Dinner to discuss State Budget.$386.69
Marquez, Charlie2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Committee Dinner$386.69
Otero, Luke 2/13/14No detailDinner$386.69
Sanchez, Raymond2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$386.69
Scanland, Scott2/13/14No detailDinner$386.69
Trujillo, Antonio2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner Sponsorhip - Senate Corporations Committee$386.69
Ray , Sam1/27/14No detailDinner$386.69
Traynor, Randy3/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner for Senate Corporations Committee and Staff$386.68
Donaldson, Robert 2/13/14No detailDinner$386.68
Traynor, Randy3/6/14Legislative Council Service StaffLunch for Legislative Council Staff End of Bill Introduction$385.00
Romero, Regina7/26/11Investments & Pension Leg. Committeelunch$384.65
Foster, Karin2/12/14House RepublicansAnnual lunch$384.50
Thompson, John Lee4/20/12No detailMisc. gifts for Legislators & Staff$384.03
Trujillo, Antonio12/2/11No detailALEC NM State Night$383.67
Menapace, Joseph2/19/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeAppreciation NM Dental Assoc. Host$382.73
Sanchez, Raymond3/16/13House & Senate MembersDinner$381.83
Benally, Norman1/15/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeRelationship Engagement$381.57
Donaldson, Robert 1/15/14No detailDinner$381.57
Scanland, Scott1/15/14No detailDinner$381.57
Trujillo, Antonio9/24/14Sens. John Arthur Smith, George Munoz, Steven Neville, Willaim Burt + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$381.36
McGonagle, Minda7/14/14Legislative Interim Education CommitteeWPX Energy as Committee Dinner Host Participant$380.00
Horan, Lawrence3/17/11Sergeant at ArmsLunch$379.47
Horan, Lawrence 1/30/12Legislative Finance CommitteeLegislative Finance Committee Lunch$379.09
Horan, Thomas1/30/12Legislative Finance Committee StaffLunch$379.09
Mallery, Peter1/30/12No detailLunch$379.09
Horan, Lawrence2/7/12House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeCommittee Dinner$379.00
Puelle, Michael 2/3/12No detailLegislative Committee Dinner$377.17
McGonagle, Minda2/2/12No detailCommittee Dinner$377.17
Bullington, James2/3/12House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$377.13
Mallery, Peter2/3/12No detailDinner$377.13
Traynor, Randy2/3/12House Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$377.13
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/3/12House Judiciary CommitteeIssues related to NMIADA$377.00
Barberousse, Bob8/28/13Rep. Roberto Gonzalesportion of reception$376.48
Koob, Julianna2/27/13House Judiciary Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$376.19
Yamada, Sayuri12/6/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$376.10
Menapace, Joseph2/19/11Senate Public Affairs Committee and staffAppreciation NM Dental Assoc. Host$375.26
Scanland, Scott11/21/11No detailLunch$375.00
Puelle, Michael1/14/15No detailLegislative & policy issue discussions$374.18
Vargas , Vincente4/1/14No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan. 1- April 25, 2014)$373.35
Idsinga, Beverly2/14/12No detailAg Feed$372.42
Jaramillo, Matthew3/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$371.97
Bowen, Michael2/14/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeSenate Judiciary Committee Dinner$371.71
Menapace, Joseph2/9/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeAppreciation and Good Will$371.71
Horan, Lawrence2/7/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$371.71
Horan, Thomas2/7/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$371.71
Mallery, Peter2/7/12No detailDinner$371.71
Phillips, Sonia 2/7/12No detailDinner and Reception$371.71
Romero, Richard10/12/11No detailFundraiser$371.62
Menapace, Carrie Robin11/7/14LESC Subcommittee MeetingLESC Subcommittee Meeting$370.34
Minzner, Richard2/13/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeAppreciation$366.68
Cravens, Kent12/11/13No detailLunch$366.60
Walker , Jerry2/12/12Sens. Tim Jennings, Phil Griego; Reps. Nate Gentry, David Doyle; Bill Fulginiti; Domonic SilvaDiscussion of Bank Related Legislation$366.43
Horan, Lawrence12/30/11No detailDiscuss legislative session/legislation$366.00
Leach, Carol8/28/13Sens. Mary Kay Pappen and Phil Griego and four othersdiscuss pending issues$365.84
Gillis, John 7/20/12No detaildinner$364.28
D'Antonio , Michael1/31/13No detailInform elected officials of PNM issues$362.77
Lopez, Daniel1/31/11Sens. Jennings, Stuart Ingle & GuestsLegislative Issues re: higher education$362.00
Vargas , Vincente1/28/14Sen. George Munoz, 3 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss legislative issues$361.63
Scanland, Scott7/25/12No detailBreakfast$361.35
Traynor, Randy2/11/13Legislative Council Service StaffLunch for Legislative Council Staff End of Bill Introduction$360.00
Vargas , Vincente12/16/13No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2013)$359.88
Bullington, James3/11/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & StaffAppreciation Dinner$359.75
Gutierrez, Paul3/11/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$358.37
Horan, Thomas2/18/14No detailLunch$358.00
Horan, Thomas2/12/14No detailDinner$357.37
Mallery, Peter2/12/14No detailDinner$357.37
Koob, Julianna 2/11/14No detailcommittee dinner - CPAC$357.37
Scanland, Scott2/11/14No detailDinner$357.37
Horan, Thomas2/7/14No detailDinner$357.30
Ocheskey, Fred 2/7/14No detailCommittee Dinner$357.30
King, Nancy M.2/6/14No detailDinner$357.30
Scanland, Scott2/6/14No detailDinner$357.29
Thompson, John Lee2/6/14No detailDinner, portion$357.29
Traynor, Randy 1/31/12Legislative CouncilLunch for Legislative Council Service$356.61
Mallery, Peter2/5/14No detailLunch$356.05
Lopez, Daniel1/22/12Sens. Tim Jennings, John Arthur Smith, Reps. Mary Helen Garcia, Joseph Cervantes and Dona IrwinLegislative Business$355.38
Santillanes, Matejka2/2/13No detailMeetings$355.22
Vargas , Vincente3/8/11Sen. George Munoz, John Sapien & D. ShelegalDiscussed: Regent confirmations$354.99
Ferrell, Charles1/31/13No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$354.98
Bullington, James7/15/12Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeLunch for an interim committee meeting$353.93
Horan, Lawrence2/18/11Legislative Finance Committee StaffLunch$352.63
Mallery, Peter2/18/11No detailDinner$352.63
Underwood, H. John10/1/12No detailDinner$352.44
Horan, Lawrence2/18/14Sergeant at ArmsLunch$352.38
Walker , Jerry3/12/13Legislative Finance Committee StaffSocial$351.78
Menapace, Joseph11/28/11No detailLunch$351.45
Ray , Sam12/18/13Rep. Debbie RodellaReception$351.15
Swingle , Bruce11/11/14Legislative Health & Human Services CommitteeTo discuss pending legislation$350.00
Brandt, Varney9/16/14No detailCo-sponsor reception$350.00
Young, Tasia9/11/14Legislative Health & Human Services CommitteeTo discuss pending legislation$350.00
Ray , Sam2/13/14No detailLunch$350.00
Brandt, Varney10/7/13No detailLegislative Reception$350.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/1/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporation & Transportation Dinner$350.00
Foster, Karin1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee working dinner$350.00
Horan, Thomas1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$350.00
Horan, Lawrence1/30/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$350.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/30/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSponsorship of SCTC (on behalf of G&K;)$350.00
Barrett, John1/25/12No detailALEC Membership Event$350.00
Bowen, Michael1/25/12No detailALEC Dinner$350.00
Cravens, Kent1/25/12No detailMeal$350.00
Johnson, Matthew1/25/12No detailALEC Legislator Membership Drive$350.00
Laca, Gaspar1/25/12No detailALEC Membership Reception/Dinner$350.00
Menapace, Joseph1/25/12No detailCo-Hosted Meet and Greet Opportunity$350.00
Minzner, Richard 1/25/12No detailDinner$350.00
Pearce , Amber1/25/12No detailALEC Dinner$350.00
Trujillo, Antonio1/25/12No detailALEC Reception/Dinner$350.00
Walker , Jerry1/25/12No detailDinner$350.00
Phillips, Sonia 10/13/11No detailReception and light appetizers$350.00
Ray , Sam2/4/11Native American DayLuncheon$350.00
Phillips, Sonia 2/8/12No detailQuay Day Legislative and Community Dinner & Recept$349.31
Balok, Aron3/14/13No detailAg. Feed/ water issues$347.91
Otero, Luke 2/6/13No detailCommittee Dinner$347.16
Park, Alfred2/6/13House Voters and Elections CommitteeHouse Voters & Elections Committee Members & Staff Dinner$347.16
Horan, Lawrence2/6/13House Voters and Elections CommitteeDinner$347.15
Marquez, Charlie2/6/13House Voters and Elections CommitteeVoters and Elections Committee Dinner$347.15
Scanland, Scott2/6/13No detailDinner$347.15
C'deBaca, Ernest9/28/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$346.48
Leach, Carol12/31/13No detaildiscuss pending issues$346.01
Trujillo, Antonio1/30/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, John Sapien, George Munoz & Phil Griego; Rep. Nate Gentry + 11 GuestsGovernment Relations$345.70
Vargas , Vincente7/31/12No detailCommittee hearings$345.44
McGonagle, Minda12/31/14No detailInformation, issues, education and relationship building$342.90
Trujillo, Antonio1/28/14Sens. Howie Morales & John Arthur Smith; Reps. Rudy Martinez & Dona Irwin + 24 GuestsGovernment Relations$342.72
Scanland, Scott1/31/13No detailDinner$342.35
Benally, Norman1/10/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeSponsor$342.17
Pearce , Amber1/10/12No detailDinner$342.17
Scanland, Scott1/10/12No detailDinner$342.17
Walker , Jerry9/30/13NMFA Oversight Committee & StaffCommittee Dinner Co-Sponsor$341.81
Vargas , Vincente2/4/13Sen. Clemente Sanchez, Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Joseph Cervantes, Sisto Abeyta, Sen. George MunozMeeting/lunch to discuss higher education issue and lottery scholarship$341.07
Marquez, Charlie4/25/14No detailTotal for reporting period$340.74
D'Antonio , Michael5/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$340.61
Reilly-Mica, Tara12/31/11No detailTo Discuss Legislation - This total represents the aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$340.11
Lopez, Daniel2/9/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsHAFC Budget for Higher Education$339.24
Lopez, Daniel1/25/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra; Bill Valdez & GuestsHAFC Budget Review$339.24
Sanchez, Raymond2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeDinner$338.58
Traynor, Randy2/3/14Senate Rules CommitteeCommittee Dinner$338.48
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/3/14Senate Rules CommitteeTalk to rules committee members$338.00
Yamada, Sayuri1/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$337.98
D'Antonio , Michael2/9/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$337.92
Thompson, John Lee2/16/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporation & Transportation Dinner$337.52
Barboa, Adriann8/26/13No detailphotography services to promote lobbying effort$337.50
Koob, Julianna2/22/13Senate Judiciary Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$336.79
Koob, Julianna 2/19/13No detailLegislative Committee$336.79
Puelle, Michael4/26/12No detailPolicy meetings & discussions$336.23
Thompson, Joseph M.7/30/14Rep. James SmithIn Kind Event$336.22
Vargas , Vincente10/15/14No detailCommittee hearing$335.57
Puelle, Michael4/26/14No detailLegislative & policy issue discussions$333.54
Lopez, Daniel2/3/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Kathryn Miller & GuestsGeneral Appropriation Review$332.10
Scanland, Scott8/29/14No detailLunch$330.26
Menapace, Carrie Robin1/7/14No detailWinter Board of Education Committee Meeting$330.00
Gutierrez, Paul2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeDinner to Discuss Legislation Affecting Counties$329.30
Horan, Lawrence 2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeHouse Judiciary Commitee Dinner$329.30
Horan, Thomas2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$329.30
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$329.30
Mallery, Peter2/25/11No detailDinner$329.30
Moore, Brent2/25/11No detailDinner$329.30
Sanchez, Raymond2/25/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$329.30
Traynor, Randy2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$329.30
Hull II, Arthur5/30/11No detailInform and discuss business concerns with elected officals$328.80
Scanland, Scott2/14/11No detailBreakfast$328.62
Ocheskey, Fred 9/3/13No detailInterim Comte Dinner$328.44
Laca, Gaspar1/5/15No detailVarious$328.36
Traynor, Randy2/19/11Legislative Council Service StaffLunch$328.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/8/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$327.02
Rogers, Patrick2/15/12No detailgood will$327.00
Mallery, Peter2/15/13No detailLunch$325.67
Horan, Lawrence2/15/13Legislative Finance CommitteeLunch$325.66
Vargas , Vincente8/6/12No detailCapital Outlay Reception/dinner$325.55
Scanland, Scott1/24/13No detailDinner$323.62
Horan, Lawrence 1/24/11Senate Democratic CaucusSenate Democrat Caucus Dinner$323.57
Horan, Thomas1/24/11Senate Democratic CaucusDinner$323.57
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/24/11Senate Democratic caucusSponsorship of Senate Dem Caucus Legislative Dinne$323.57
Scanland, Scott11/7/13No detailLunch$323.51
Scanland, Scott3/1/13No detailDinner$322.33
C'deBaca, Ernest2/28/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$322.20
Yamada, Sayuri9/30/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$321.58
Underwood, H. John4/25/12No detailAggregate amount$321.42
Bowen, Michael12/10/14No detailShare of Committee Dinner$321.10
Thompson, John Lee12/10/14No detailCommittee Dinner$321.10
Trujillo, Antonio12/10/14Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - LFC Dinner$321.10
Walker , Jerry12/10/14Legislative Finance Committee & StaffDinner - Social$321.10
Scanland, Scott3/8/11No detailDinner$320.21
Trujillo, Antonio7/11/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Carlos Cisneros, George Munoz, Phil Griego + 11 GuestsGovernment Relations$320.00
Lopez, Daniel5/14/12Rep. Nate Gentry & 3 guestsRecruiting for Tech's scholarship program$320.00
Perry, Stephen8/11/11No detailfood and beverage$319.59
Buffett, Sandy3/11/11Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$319.35
Edwards, H. Reese9/1/11Health Care Reform director Dr. Daniel DerksenDiscuss Health Care Reform$319.11
Koob, Julianna3/8/13Senate Public Affairs Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$319.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/13/12Sergeant at Arms lunchSergeant at Arms lunch$318.76
Mallery, Peter2/13/12No detailLunch$318.76
Trujillo, Antonio3/19/12Sens. John Arthur Smith, Tim Jennings, Stuart Ingle, Gay Kernan; Rep. Bob Wooley + 5 GuestsMeal$318.05
Santillanes, Matejka2/3/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeSenate Judiciary Committee Dinner$317.13
Reilly-Mica, Tara12/31/14No detailGoodwill, state legislative conference, Strategy for Upcoming Session. This is an aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$316.81
Brandt, Varney12/31/14No detailLobbying and Government Relations$316.32
Brandt, Varney2/11/14No detailCo-sponsor legislative dinner$316.00
Lopez, Daniel1/21/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 6 guestsHAFC proosals for Higher Ed$315.98
Ferrell, Charles2/18/14No detailDiscuss pending Legislation$313.81
Bowen, Michael8/20/14No detailShare of NM State Night Dinner$313.67
Brandt, Varney8/20/14No detailCo-sponsor state night dinner at NCSL$313.67
Duran, Adela8/20/14No detailSponsorship - NCSL NM State Night Dinner$313.67
Trujillo, Antonio8/20/14No detailDinner Sponsorship - NCSL NM State Night$313.67
Thompson, Joseph M.8/26/14Sen. Bill SoulesIn Kind Event$313.49
Stratton, Harold12/31/13No detaildiscussion of pending administrative and legislative matters (H. Stratton)$313.37
Grover, Lisa2/3/11Senate Education CommitteeDinner$313.00
Ray , Sam1/31/13No detailLuncheon$311.97
West, Cynthia3/15/13No detailAggregate$311.87
Marquez, Charlie12/15/11No detailRelationship building$311.47
Horan, Lawrence3/13/13Senate Republican CaucusDinner$310.65
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Senate Republican caucusRepublican Senate Caucus$310.65
Mallery, Peter3/12/13No detailDinner$310.65
Otero, Luke 3/12/13No detailCaucus Dinner$310.65
Park, Alfred3/12/13Senate Republican CaucusSenate Republican Members Caucus Dinner$310.65
Scanland, Scott3/12/13No detailDinner$310.65
Mitchell, Rhonda2/17/11No detailSenate Corps Dinner$310.28
Gillis, John3/17/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeStaff and guests dinner$310.27
Phillips, Sonia 2/17/11No detailDinner and Reception$310.27
Brandt, Varney8/26/13No detailLegislative Dinner$310.24
Horan, Thomas12/12/13Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner$310.00
Montoya, Vincent3/4/11No detailDinner and Drink$310.00
Mallery, Peter12/31/12No detailLunch$309.56
Minzner, Richard2/3/14Senate Rules CommitteeCouincil of University Presidents Dinner$308.48
Santillanes, Matejka 2/3/14No detailDinner$308.48
Mahr, Edwin2/10/11Reps. Antonio Maestas, Ernest Chavez, Rudy MartinezDinner$307.16
Marquez, Charlie2/6/13No detailRules Committee Dinner$307.12
Sanchez, Raymond2/8/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$306.89
Cravens, Kent2/5/14No detailDinner$306.68
King, Nancy M.2/5/14No detailDinner$306.68
Otero, Luke 2/5/14No detailDinner$306.68
Scanland, Scott2/5/14No detailDinner$306.68
Horan, Lawrence2/5/14Enrolling and Engrossing Committee and StaffDinner$306.67
Santillanes, Matejka 2/5/14No detailDinner$306.67
Yamada, Sayuri12/31/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$306.57
Manzano, David6/19/12Sen. Clint Horden, Richard Martinez, Phil Griego, Eric Martinez, Ty TrujilloTo discuss Playas, the Bureau of Geology and the Session Budget.$306.05
Lopez, Daniel1/29/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 6 guestsRequest for scholarship support and higher ed fudning including capital outlay$304.68
D'Antonio , Michael1/27/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$303.95
Hobson, Maurice3/3/13Sen. and Mrs Ron Griggs, Sen. William Burt and Sen. Cliff Pirtle and Mr. and Mrs Hobsonhospitality$303.54
Marquez, Charlie3/6/11House Transportation CommitteeHouse Transportation Committee Dinner$302.94
Smith, Allison3/6/11Senate Republican CaucusCaucus Dinner$302.94
Moore, Brent3/6/11No detailDinner$302.93
Ocheskey, Fred 3/6/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner House Tax & Revenue Committee$302.93
Santillanes, Matejka2/14/13No detailMeetings$302.91
Trujillo, Antonio2/17/14Sens. John Arthur Smith, Joe Cervantes, John Sapien, Clemente Sanchez & George Munoz + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$302.70
Balok, Aron2/14/12Roundhouse FeedMeal for all in the Capitol$302.29
Manzano, David9/6/11Ty Trujillo Exec. Director of NM Community Collegos, Sen. Phil Griego and Sen. Richard MartinezTo discuss Severence Tax Bill and Special Session$302.21
Lopez, Daniel3/16/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 4 guestsReview of legislative status on appropriations$302.13
D'Antonio , Michael12/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$301.97
Mallery, Peter2/19/14No detailLunch$301.74
Otero, Luke 2/6/14No detailDinner$301.55
Leith, Leanne1/24/11No detailCVNM Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies-for Good Luck$301.25
Horan, Thomas2/18/14No detailDinner$300.91
Mallery, Peter2/18/14No detailDinner$300.91
Horan, Lawrence2/17/14Senate Republican CaucusDinner$300.91
Otero, Luke 2/17/14No detailDinner$300.91
Harden, Clinton2/17/14Republican Caucusappreciation dinner for legislators and staff$300.90
Horan, Thomas9/21/11No detailDinner$300.89
Otero, Luke9/20/11Senate Republican Caucusdinner$300.89
Trujillo, Antonio9/20/11Senate Republican caucusSenate Republican Dinner$300.89
Mallery, Peter9/20/11No detailDinner$300.88
Rendon, Gloria1/9/14Legislative Finance CommitteeLunch$300.36
Scanland, Scott2/17/14No detailDinner$300.19
Mallery, Peter1/14/15No detailConversation$300.00
Horan, Thomas1/28/14No detailDinner$300.00
Gillis, John 10/8/13No detaildinner$300.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin4/23/13No detaildiscuss legislation$300.00
Kimble, David2/16/12No detailsession visits$300.00
Horan, Thomas2/10/12100 Bill PartyFood$300.00
Edwards, H. Reese2/3/12Native American DayIndian Day Reception$300.00
Otero, Luke 2/3/12No detailCommittee Dinner$300.00
Rosen, Joshua2/1/12No detail2012 Film & Media Day Legislative Reception$300.00
Marquez, Charlie1/25/12No detailALEC Dinner$300.00
Kimble, David12/31/11No detailaggregate amount$300.00
Baca, Ruben12/14/11No detailContribution$300.00
Baca, Ruben12/13/11No detailContribution$300.00
Cole, Terri2/13/13Sen. Stuart IngleDiscussing Legislation$299.91
Moore, Brent3/7/11No detailDinner$299.47
Trujillo, Antonio6/1/11Sen. Phil Griego and Reps. Andy Nunez, Anna Crook, Candy Spence Ezzell, Harry "Kiki" Saavedra, Dona Irwin, plus 5 guestsMeal$299.04
Duran, Adela2/2/11Freshman LegislatorsDinner for Freshman Legislators$298.51
Yamada, Sayuri5/28/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$297.35
Scanland, Scott12/12/13No detailDinner$296.88
Trujillo, Antonio7/10/13Investments & Pension Leg. CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Investment/Pension Oversight$296.71
Thompson, John Lee4/26/13No detailGifts$296.63
Houston, Les1/1/11No detailAggregate$296.56
Marquez, Charlie12/13/13No detailRecognition Dinner for Kiki Saavedra$296.53
Thompson, John Lee12/12/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeTax & Rev Committee Dinner$296.53
Bullington, James1/4/14Rep. Rick Miera, Sen. Michael Padilla, Rep. Mimi Stewart, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoLobo basketball tickets$296.00
Gutierrez, Paul3/11/13Taxation & Revenue & Energy CommitteesDinner$295.67
D'Antonio , Michael6/25/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$294.85
Thompson, John Lee12/31/12No detailVarious$293.40
Marquez, Charlie12/31/13No detailRelationship building$293.18
Scanland, Scott1/17/13No detailBreakfast$293.00
Cravens, Kent7/8/13No detailDinner$292.50
Alarid, Vanessa12/31/13Democratic CaucusMeeting$292.10
Horan, Lawrence12/14/13House Democratic CaucusMeal$292.10
Fleisher, Mark12/10/13Democratic CaucusDemocratic Party Caucus$292.10
Young, Tasia2/1/14House Health & Gov't CommitteeLunch$292.08
Rel, Ricardo12/15/11No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 thru Dec. 15, 2011)$291.81
Duran, Adela8/3/11No detailDinner in conjunction with CSG-West$291.00
Scanland, Scott1/28/14No detailBreakfast$290.50
Ray , Sam2/1/13Rep. Dona Irwin, Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Sen.Joseph CervantesLegislation$289.93
Ray , Sam2/1/13Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbert& othersLegislation$289.93
Cowan, Caren1/27/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$289.70
Smith, Allison2/8/12Senate Public Affairs CommitteeCommittee Dinner$289.69
Mallery, Peter3/17/11No detailLunch$289.63
Lejuste, Margaret2/10/11Environment Secy Martin, Sen. George Munoz and family Ed ClahDinner after the McKinley/Gallup Day Reception$289.41
Balok, Aron1/27/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeBusiness and Corporate Topics$288.93
Idsinga, Beverly1/27/11No detailDinner$288.93
Smith, William1/27/11No detailCommittee Dinner$288.88
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/16/11House Republican caucusSponsorship of House Republican Caucus Dinner$288.79
Marquez, Charlie6/20/12PERA BoardPERA Board Dinner (1/2 of total expense)$288.62
King, Nancy M.12/31/14No detailAggregate amount$287.61
Laubacher, Cynthia12/12/11Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeIntroduction Meeting$287.44
West, Cynthia12/12/11No detailannual dinner$287.44
Armenta, Loretta12/12/11Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeHoliday Dinner$287.30
Barton, Yvonne12/12/11No detailReception/Dinner$287.30
Cravens, Kent12/12/11No detailRSTP Dinner$287.30
King, Nancy M.12/12/11No detailDinner$287.30
Phillips, Sonia 12/12/11No detailReception and Dinner$287.30
Ray , Sam12/12/11No detailDinner$287.30
Trujillo, Antonio12/12/11Legislative Finance CommitteeLFC Dinner Sponsorship$287.30
Stratton, Harold12/31/11No detailDiscussion of Pending Administrative and Legislative Issues$286.75
Muffoletto, Erin1/16/12Education Secy Hanna Skandera, Rep. Ray Begaye, Sen. Cynthia Nava, Rep. James MadalenaDinner to discuss New Mexico Native American Education issues$283.72
Mascarenaz, Landon2/16/12Rep. Begaye, Sen. Navameeting$283.71
Gould, Leland12/31/13No detailAggregateTotal$283.23
Ocheskey, Fred3/19/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & StaffCelebration at End of Session$282.66
Yamada, Sayuri1/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$282.33
Chavez, Chris3/11/11Staff; Sarah Bennelly family, Sam & Eric BennellySenator Pinto's introduction to staff dinner$282.03
Hobson, Maurice2/14/12Sen. & Mrs. Vernon AsbillPublic Relations$282.01
Foster, Karin2/13/14Rep. Sandra Jeff; Rep. Sharon ClashashillageDinner$281.59
King, Nancy M.12/31/12No detailAggregate amount$281.00
Park, Alfred2/20/13House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeHouse Consumer & Public Affairs Committee Members & Staff Dinner$280.89
Marquez, Charlie2/19/13House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeConsumer and Public Affairs Committee Dinner$280.85
Brandt, Varney4/9/14No detailCo-sponsor luncheon$280.79
D'Antonio , Michael12/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$280.78
Ning, Natasha4/26/14No detailmeals$280.47
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/8/11House Business and Industry CommitteeSponsorship of House B&I; Committee Dinner$280.29
Balok, Aron2/11/14No detailAg. Feed/ water issues$280.11
Trujillo, Antonio2/16/12Sens. John Arthur Smith, Tim Jennings, Stuart Ingle, Phil Griego; Reps. Joe Cervantes, Mary Helen Garcia, Dona Irwin + 23 GuestsMeal$280.00
Scanland, Scott1/26/12No detailDinner$280.00
Propes, Margaret1/26/11No detailALEC Dinner$280.00
Yamada, Sayuri8/30/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$278.87
Lopez, Daniel9/6/11Rep. Bobby Gonzales and five non governmental guests.discuss funding formula$277.22
Jaramillo, Matthew11/29/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$276.04
Manzano, David1/27/11Sen. Phil Lynda Griego, Lynda Lovejoy, George Munoz & David UlibarriTo Go Lunches Senate Floor$275.88
Baca, Leo12/18/14Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeCo-sponsorship of annual dinner event$275.60
Brandt, Varney12/18/14No detailCo-sponsor dinner$275.60
Ocheskey, Fred 12/18/14Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeInterim Tax Comte Dinner$275.60
Seligman, Deborah 12/18/14Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeRSTP Interim Committee Dinner$275.60
Trujillo, Antonio12/18/14No detailDinner Sponsorship - RSTP$275.60
Harden, Clinton12/18/14No detailco sponsorship of RSTP christmas dinner$275.50
Horan, Thomas12/31/14No detaileat lunch or breakfast- total period$275.00
Barrett, John1/26/11No detailALEC Event$275.00
Barton, Yvonne1/26/11No detailALEC Membership Dinner$275.00
Christensen-Boner, Barbara1/26/11No detailALEC Event$275.00
Johnson, Matthew1/26/11No detailALEC Dinner$275.00
Marquez, Charlie1/26/11No detailALEC Sponsorship Dinner$275.00
Minzner, Richard 1/26/11No detailDinner$275.00
Phipps, Candice 1/26/11No detailALEC Reception$275.00
Reilly-Mica, Tara1/26/11No detailNM Alec Membership Drive Dinner$275.00
Thompson, John Lee1/26/11No detailALEC Dinner$275.00
Scanland, Scott3/6/13No detailDinner$274.52
Cravens, Kent12/2/11No detailALEC Conference$274.05
Thompson, Joseph M.2/9/14Rep. Jimmie HallIn Kind Event$272.28
D'Antonio , Michael5/27/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$272.01
Mallery, Peter12/31/13No detaillunch and dinner$270.73
Baca, Leo1/16/11No detailTotal for Period$269.81
Santillanes, Matejka1/10/13No detailMeetings$269.75
C'deBaca, Ernest4/26/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$269.69
Traynor, Randy2/6/12House Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$269.35
Cravens, Kent2/4/14No detailDinner$269.32
Horan, Thomas2/4/14No detailDinner$269.32
Marquez, Charlie2/4/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Committee Dinner$269.32
Scanland, Scott2/4/14No detailDinner$269.32
McGonagle, Minda12/28/12No detailGeneral Information and issues discussions$268.47
D'Antonio , Michael11/30/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$268.15
Scanland, Scott8/26/14No detailLunch$267.33
Menapace, Joseph2/9/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeAppreciation and Good Will$267.07
Mallery, Peter2/17/12No detailLunch$267.04
Fleisher, Mark9/15/11House Democratic CaucusMeal during caucus meeting$266.68
Smith, Allison3/2/11Senate Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$265.45
Gutierrez, Paul8/27/12Water & Natural Resource Committee, Courts Corrections & Justice CommitteeDiscuss legislative issues$265.00
Yamada, Sayuri1/31/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$264.92
Lopez, Daniel3/9/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsReview of HB 2 on the Senate Side$264.60
Cravens, Kent12/17/13No detailDinner$264.28
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/2/14Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater and Natural Resources Committee Lunch$264.21
Bullington, James2/11/14House Energy Committe and Senate Conservation CommitteeAnnual legislative committee dinners$264.00
Cravens, Kent2/11/14No detailDinner$264.00
Drangmeister, Walter2/11/14No detailDinner$264.00
Foster, Demis2/11/14No detaildiscuss pending legislation$264.00
Leach, Carol2/11/14House Energy Committe and Senate Conservation Committeecommittee work discussion$264.00
Loper, Shea2/11/14No detailNMOGA Reception/Dinner$264.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/11/14House Energy Committe and Senate Conservation CommitteeDinner$264.00
Trujillo, Antonio5/19/14Sens. Lee Cotter, Ron Griggs; Reps. Joe Cervantes, Mary Helen Garcia, Dona Irwin + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$263.80
Marquez, Charlie12/31/13No detailRelationship building$263.75
Santillanes, Matejka2/7/13No detailMeetings$263.60
Marshall, Glenn 'Randy"2/15/11Rep. Joseph CervantesPrescription$263.59
Thompson, John Lee3/4/11House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeHouse Appropriations & Finance Committee Lunch$262.75
Brandt, Varney11/18/13No detailLegislative Dinner$262.53
Ferrell, Charles11/18/13Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeDinner Meeting$262.46
Horan, Thomas12/31/12No detailLunches and Dinners during reporting period less than & 75$$262.00
Alarid, Vanessa3/4/13No detailBreakfast sponsorish for burritos$261.73
Ray , Sam12/19/13Rep. Sandra JeffReception$261.32
Mallery, Peter3/13/13No detailLunch$261.26
Horan, Lawrence3/13/13Sergeant at ArmsLunch$261.25
Vargas , Vincente10/29/14Rep. Carl Trujillo, Sen. Michael Padilla, 3 NMSU personnelbusiness meeting$261.11
Hobson, Mary1/30/14Rep. Zachary Cook/ familypublic relations$260.65
Barboa, Adriann3/27/13No detailstickers and posters for petition signature gathering effort$260.00
Foster, Karin2/13/14House RepublicansLunch for pages$258.69
Minzner, Richard4/24/14House Appropriation and Finance Committeehonoring Kiki Saavedra$258.64
Ferrell, Charles2/10/14Rep. Kiki SavedraAppreciation Dinner$258.27
Lopez, Daniel1/16/13Rep. Bobby Gonzales & 3 guestsTech Capital Requests$257.73
Lopez, Daniel2/18/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 4 guestsBudget discussions$257.23
Armenta, Loretta12/10/12No detailAnnual Holiday Dinner$257.12
Brandt, Varney12/10/12Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeCo-sponsor dinner$257.12
Gillis, John 12/10/12No detaildinner$257.12
Laubacher, Cynthia 12/10/12No detailDinner$257.12
Moore, Brent12/10/12No detailDinner$257.12
Seligman, Deborah 12/10/12No detailDinner$257.12
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/10/12No detailSponsorship of RSTP Committee X-mas Dinner (G&K;)$257.12
Cravens, Kent12/10/12Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeRevenue Stablization & Tax Dinner$257.00
Gould, Leland6/9/11No detailDiscuss potential legislation in the 2012 Session$257.00
Lopez, Daniel2/20/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 6 guestsLegislative review and funding concerns$256.97
Moore, Brent4/25/12No detailAggregate amount$256.58
Arnold, Michelle12/18/14Sen. John SapienMeeting to discuss college readiness, specifically AP and PSAT$256.13
Bullington, James11/20/14NM Finance Authority Legislative Oversight Interim CommitteeBreakfast burritos$256.00
Cravens, Kent2/18/13Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Dinner$255.41
Marquez, Charlie2/18/13Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$255.41
Minzner, Richard 2/18/13No detailDining$255.41
Moore, Brent2/18/13No detailDinner$255.41
Otero, Luke 2/18/13No detailCommittee Dinner$255.41
Horan, Lawrence2/18/13Senate Public Affairs CommitteeCommittee Dinner$255.35
Horan, Thomas4/9/14No detailentertainment$255.00
Trujillo, Antonio7/1/14Reps. Joe Cervantes; Mary Helen Garcia, Dona Irwin + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$254.31
Brandt, Varney2/12/13No detailLegislative Dinner$254.05
Bullington, James2/12/13House Energy CommitteeGroup dinner$254.05
Cravens, Kent2/12/13House Energy CommitteeHouse Energy Committee Dinner$254.05
Leith, Leanne2/12/13No detailHouse Energy & Natural Resources Committee dinner$254.05
Otero, Luke 2/12/13No detailCommittee Dinner$254.05
Menapace, Joseph11/9/12Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeLuncheon for Committe and staff$253.80
Leach, Carol5/14/13Rep. Bill Gray and three othersdiscuss pending issues$253.70
Laca, Gaspar12/12/11No detailReception/Dinner$253.50
Manzano, David10/12/11Sen. Richard Martinez, Sen. Phil Griego, Rep. Thomas Garcia, Mike Brown Exec. Director for Mining AssociationTo discuss NM Tech and Playas and economic impact down south and in Socorro County$253.16
Gutierrez, Paul2/8/12House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner$253.07
Marquez, Charlie2/5/14Sen. George Munoz & StaffSole Community Provider initiatives$253.03
Gonzales, Ricardo 9/18/14Legislative Health & Human Services CommitteeLegislative Health & Human Services Reception$252.50
Gould, Leland4/9/14No detailAggregate Amount$251.55
Gutierrez, Paul2/4/12House Health & Gov't CommitteeBreakfast$251.50
C'deBaca, Ernest1/30/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$251.07
Vargas , Vincente11/14/11Vicente Vargas, Ricardo Rel, Scott Scanland, Rep. Jim White, Rep. Larry Larranaga, Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Rep. Conrad James, Rep. Rick Miera,Discussed higher education funding formula$250.19
Brandt, Varney12/10/14No detailCo-sponsor Dinner$250.00
Lopez, Daniel12/10/14No detailThank you dinner to retiring legislators$250.00
Trujillo, Antonio7/17/14No detailDinner Sponsorship - NM Finance Authority Oversigh$250.00
Marquez, Charlie7/16/14No detailNMFA Oversight Committee Dinner$250.00
Traynor, Randy7/15/14Water & Natural Resources Interim Committee and staffMeal and Beverage$250.00
Koob, Julianna 2/12/14No detailcommittee dinner - tax and rev$250.00
Duran, Adela2/10/14100 Bill PartySponsorship HB 100 Party$250.00
Brandt, Varney2/6/14100 Bill PartyCo-sponsor reception, 100 bill party$250.00
Gillis, John 2/6/14100 Bill PartyHouse Bill 100 party$250.00
McGonagle, Minda2/6/14100 Bill PartyBill 100 Party$250.00
Rutherford, Jeremy2/6/14No detailparty$250.00
Traynor, Randy2/6/14No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Mallery, Peter2/5/14100 Bill PartyHouse Bill 100 Party$250.00
Barboa, Adriann1/30/14No detailassistance with lobbying efforts during NM legislative session$250.00
Alarid, Vanessa12/31/13NM Finance Authority Legislative Oversight Interim CommitteeLunch$250.00
Weaks, Jason R.9/26/13Sen. Lisa Torraco fundraiserFundraiser - Sen. Lisa Torraco$250.00
Ray , Sam9/7/13No detailGolf Tourament$250.00
Baca, Leo8/15/13No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$250.00
Brandt, Varney8/13/13No detailNM State Night dinner at NCSL$250.00
Duran, Adela8/13/13No detailNCSL New Mexico State Night Reception$250.00
Trujillo, Antonio8/13/13No detailDinner Sponsorship - NM Night - NCSL$250.00
Laca, Gaspar8/12/13No detailNCSL New Mexico State Night$250.00
Smith, Allison3/16/13Pro Tempore StaffEnd of Session Lunch$250.00
Alarid, Vanessa3/7/13100 Bill Partyevent sponsorship$250.00
Lopez, Daniel3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
McGonagle, Minda3/7/13No detailSponsorship$250.00
Menapace, Joseph3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Reilly-Mica, Tara 3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party Sponsorship$250.00
Seligman, Deborah 3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Gonzales, Marco3/1/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Puelle, Michael 2/26/13100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$250.00
Minzner, Richard 2/22/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Traynor, Randy2/22/13No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Fleisher, Mark2/21/13No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Groenewold, Keven 2/21/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Harden, Clinton2/21/13100 Bill Partyappreciation celebration for legislators and staff$250.00
Marquez, Charlie2/21/13100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$250.00
Gutierrez, Paul2/19/13100 Bill PartyDinner$250.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/19/13No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Ray , Sam2/11/13No detailLegislators Breakfast$250.00
Santillanes, Matejka 2/7/13No detailGallup McKinley County Day at the Legislature$250.00
Paisano, Stuart2/1/13No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$250.00
Ray , Sam1/31/13No detailLuncheon$250.00
Menapace, Joseph11/7/12Nat'l Hispanic Caucus of State LegislatorsReception$250.00
Melendres, Arthur4/25/12No detailDiscuss legislation$250.00
Scanland, Scott3/21/12No detailLunch$250.00
Horan, Thomas2/22/12100 Bill PartyEntertainment$250.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/22/12No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Setter, Drew 2/14/12No detailParty$250.00
Mallery, Peter2/11/12No detailParty$250.00
Propes, Margaret2/10/12No detailHoops 4 Hope"" Charity Basketball Game$250.00
Rosen, Joshua2/10/12No detail100th Bill Party$250.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/10/12No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Horan, Thomas2/9/12100 Bill PartyEntertainment$250.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/9/12100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Puelle, Michael 1/8/12House Democratic caucusHouse Democratic Caucus$250.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin12/31/11No detaildiscuss legislative session$250.00
Otero, Luke9/13/11No detailreception$250.00
Puelle, Michael 7/9/11House Democratic caucusHouse Democratic Caucus Meeting$250.00
Minzner, Richard 3/9/11No detailLunch$250.00
Siegle , Linda3/1/11No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Ocheskey, Fred 2/28/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Gutierrez, Paul 2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/25/11100 Bill Party100 BIll Party$250.00
Idsinga, Beverly2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Ning, Natasha2/25/11100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$250.00
Paisano, Stuart2/25/11House Judiciary CommitteeAssisted in providing dinner for the House Judiciary Committee's annual dinner$250.00
Thompson, John Lee2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/24/11No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Rivera-Wiest, Roxanne 2/24/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Baca, Ruben2/22/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeLas Fuentes$250.00
Mahr, Edwin2/22/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$250.00
Menapace, Joseph2/22/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Ocheskey, Fred 2/22/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner Senate Corporations Committee$250.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/21/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations Committe Dinner$250.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/21/11No detailMeeting with legislative Members$250.00
Smith, Allison2/16/11No detail100th Bill Party$250.00
Groenewold, Keven 2/10/11100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$250.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/10/11No detailColonias Day Event$250.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/10/11No detailGallup Day Event$250.00
Ray , Sam2/10/11McKinley County Gallup DayReception$250.00
Santillanes, Matejka 2/9/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Reilly-Mica, Tara2/8/11Sen. George MunozMcKinley County Gallup Day Event$250.00
Duran, Adela2/5/11Native American DayNative American Day Luncheon$250.00
Foster, Karin2/5/11Native American DayAll legislators and Staff$250.00
Paisano, Stuart2/5/11Native American DayProvide lunch for legislators & guests during Native American Day at the Legislature$250.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/5/11No detail100 Bill Party$250.00
Koob, Julianna 2/4/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$250.00
Oneill, James2/4/11100 Bill PartyHouse 100 Bill Party$250.00
Scanland, Scott2/4/11No detailLunch$250.00
Horan, Thomas2/2/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner$250.00
Scanland, Scott1/30/12No detailDinner$249.29
Gutierrez, Paul1/31/12House Voters and Elections CommitteeLegislative dinner$249.28
Marquez, Charlie1/31/12House Voters and Elections CommitteeHouse Voters & Elections Dinner$249.28
Otero, Luke 1/31/12No detailCommittee Dinner$249.28
Thompson, John Lee11/15/13Rep. Patricia LundstromRecognition Plaque$249.00
Thompson, John Lee7/17/13Sen. John Arthur SmithRecognition Plaque$249.00
Thompson, John Lee7/17/13Sen. Mary Kay PapenRecognition Plaque$249.00
Thompson, John Lee6/10/13Rep. Ken MartinezRecognition Plaque$249.00
Thompson, John Lee6/10/13Sen. Phil GriegoRecognition Plaque$249.00
Thompson, John Lee5/8/13Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoRecognition Plaque$249.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/13/13Sens. John Arthur Smith, George Munoz, Mary Kay Papen, Clemente Sanchez & Joe Cervantes + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$248.60
Setter, Drew 2/7/12No detailDinner$248.54
Puelle, Michael 2/7/12No detailLegislative Committee Dinner$248.45
Bullington, James11/5/11Rep. Ray BegayeLodging$248.16
Trujillo, Antonio2/26/13Sens. Richard Martinez, George Munoz, Phil Griego & Clemente Sanchez + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$248.12
Bullington, James1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeGroup dinner$247.64
Smith, Allison3/8/13Senate Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$247.56
Scanland, Scott11/19/14No detailLunch$247.50
Trujillo, Antonio2/10/12Sens. John Arthur Smith, Phil Griego & Wife; Rep. Andy Nunez + 6 GuestsMeal$246.44
Young, Tasia3/12/13No detailBreakfast Burrito$246.00
Lopez, Daniel3/16/13Reps. Rick Miera and Antonio Maestas & their staffEnd of session acknowledgements$244.67
Apodaca, Robert3/18/13Rep. Rick Miera and Antonio Maestas and StaffEnd of Legislative Session Appreciation Luncheon$244.66
Smith, Allison3/2/11SCORC Committee and StaffCommittee Dinner$244.63
Duran, Adela3/1/11Rep. Sandra Jeff and family (lobbyist and guest)Dinner$244.63
Minzner, Richard 3/1/11No detailDinner$244.63
Phillips, Sonia 3/1/11No detailDinner and Reception$244.63
Santillanes, Matejka2/14/13No detailMeetings$244.32
Baca, Leo12/17/13Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeLobbying legislation or other issues$244.28
Brandt, Varney12/17/13No detailLegislative Dinner$244.28
Gillis, John 12/17/13No detaildinner$244.28
King, Nancy M.12/17/13No detailDinner$244.28
Laubacher, Cynthia 12/17/13No detailDinner$244.28
Seligman, Deborah 12/17/13No detailRSTP Annual Dinner$244.28
Park, Alfred3/8/13House Democratic LeadershipHouse Democrat Leadership, Chairs & Vice Chairs Breakfast$243.78
Scanland, Scott3/8/13No detailBreakfast$243.78
Ocheskey, Fred 2/15/12No detailLunch$243.70
Phillips, Sonia 9/13/11No detailDinner and Reception$243.67
Brandt, Varney8/13/14No detailCo-sponsor legislative dinner$243.34
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Mr. & Mrs. David Abbey, Leg. Finance Cmte.Dinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$243.16
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gardner, Office of the GovernorDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$243.16
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Rep. & Mrs. Dennis KintighDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$243.16
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Rep. and Mrs. Bill GrayDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$243.16
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Rep. and Mrs. Don BrattonDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$243.16
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Environment Secy and Mrs. David MartinDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$243.16
Lopez, Daniel8/2/11Bill Valdez, David Abbey & non governmental individualsreview approrpriations opportunities for next session & discussed higher ed funding formula$243.01
Brandt, Varney4/23/14No detailSponsor luncheon$242.97
D'Antonio , Michael8/30/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$242.51
Bowen, Michael1/28/14House Voters and Elections CommitteeShare of Dinner$242.50
Gonzales, Ricardo1/28/14House Voters and Elections CommitteeCommittee Dinner$242.45
Marquez, Charlie1/28/14House Voters and Elections CommitteeHouse Voters and Elections Committee Dinner$242.45
Otero, Luke 1/28/14No detailDinner$242.45
Koob, Julianna 2/25/13No detailLegislative Committee$242.00
Puelle, Michael 2/21/13Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Committee members$241.99
Lopez, Daniel1/27/11Sen. John Arthur Smith & GuestsExplain need for large cash balances at Tech.$241.69
King, Nancy M.12/31/13No detailAggregate amount$241.18
Otero, Luke10/4/11Sen. Michael Sanchez, Sen. David Ulibarri, Sen Phil Griego, Sen. Richard Martinezlunch$240.85
Griffith, Sue4/26/13No detailNo items exeeding $75 per beneficiary$240.00
Minzner, Richard9/1/12No detailDinner$240.00
Horan, Lawrence1/31/12House Voters and Elections CommitteeDinner$240.00
Brandt, Varney10/8/13No detailLegislative Luncheon$239.59
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Greg and Kimmie FulferDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Rep. & Mrs. James StricklerDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Rep. & Mrs. Paul BandyDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Rep. and Mrs. Don BrattonDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Environment Secy and Mrs. David MartinDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Energy Secy John Bemis and guest, Patricia LillisDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Sen. & Dr. Gay KernanDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$239.50
Vargas , Vincente7/30/12No detailCommittee hearings$238.96
Vargas , Vincente1/22/14Sen.Benny Shendo, Rep. James Madalena, Rep. Sandra Jeff, 3 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss Legislative issues re: Indian Resources Development$238.55
Laubacher, Cynthia1/18/11No detailFood/Beverage during breaks for senate$238.29
Trujillo, Antonio2/2/14Sens. Craig Brandt & Ron Griggs; Reps. Bob Wooley & Candy Spence Ezzell + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$238.20
Gould, Leland4/25/12No detailMeals and Beverages$238.16
Perry, Stephen2/12/12No detailfood and beverage$237.50
Romero, Mercedes1/16/11SFC/HAFC/HTRCpaper products, candy, nuts, pretzels$235.99
Rel, Ricardo9/17/12No detailLunch$235.36
Young, Tasia8/1/12Rep. Zachary Cook, Dan Bryant, Tito Chavez, Bea Chavez, Julie Bryant, Steve KopelmanDiscuss legislative issues$235.27
Manzano, David3/1/11Sen. Phil Griego & Staff, Rep. Sandra Jeff & Thomas Garcia & StaffDinner to Discuss NMT Issues$233.38
Vargas , Vincente3/6/13No detailLuncheon$233.16
Vargas , Vincente12/2/13No detailLegislative Meeting$232.99
Fulginiti, William9/7/11Senate Finance CommitteeFood for Committee & staff$232.92
Horan, Thomas3/19/11No detailSpeaker, staff and guests$232.03
Scanland, Scott2/7/11No detailBreakfast, Lunch$231.78
Sanchez, Raymond2/14/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$231.38
Mahr, Edwin2/21/11Reps. Edward Sandoval and Antonio MaestasDinner$231.11
Trujillo, Timothy 'Ty'4/25/14No detailMeal expenses.$230.42
Trujillo, Antonio1/25/12Sens. John Arthur Smith, Phil Griego & Wife; Rep. Andy Nunez + 11 GuestsMeal$230.20
Gutierrez, Paul3/6/13Sens. William Payne, Ron Griggs, Cliff Pirtle, John Ryan, George Munoz ,Daniel Ivey-Soto, William Sharer and Reps. Monica Youngblood, James Smith, Larry Larranaga, T. Taylor, PNM, UNM, +15 staffersDinner$230.17
Traynor, Randy12/31/11No detailLegislative Issues$229.37
Santillanes, Matejka 2/12/14No detailDinner$228.46
Harden, Clinton2/14/13Senate Conservation CommitteeAppreciation Dinner for legislators and staff$228.17
Stratton, Harold12/31/11No detailDiscussion of Pending Administrative and Legislative Issues$226.86
Yamada, Sayuri7/31/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$226.19
Marquez, Charlie1/23/13Reps. May Helen Garcia, Earnest Chaves, Rudy Martinez Sens. Richard Martinez and John SapienDiscussed Taxation Legislative initiatives$225.42
Ferrell, Charles7/16/13No detailDinner Meeting$225.00
Paisano, Stuart3/9/13Sen. Cliff PirtleDiscuss Pending Legisaltion$225.00
Yamada, Sayuri9/30/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$224.61
C'deBaca, Ernest9/30/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$224.43
Pacheco, Jerry12/21/11Rep. Mary Helen Garcia fundraiserFundraiser for Mary Helen Garcia$224.35
Scanland, Scott11/22/14No detailBreakfast$224.11
Lopez, Daniel2/15/14Sen. Clemente Sanchez and Rep Kiki Saavedra and 3 other guestsHB2 status and related legislative matters$223.54
Thompson, John Lee2/28/13No detailDinner (Shared Cost)$223.39
Horan, Thomas12/31/13No detailmeals and beverages$223.00
Yamada, Sayuri5/31/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$222.80
McGonagle, Minda12/31/11No detailGeneral Information$222.42
Sanchez, Raymond1/17/12Democratic PartyDinner$222.00
Lopez, Daniel3/3/13LCF Director David Abbey, Ron Forte, Mike BurkhartEnd of session review with legislative staff$221.32
Leach, Carol2/7/14Reps. Jim Smith, Sanrda Jeff, Sens. Gay Kernan, Stuart Ingle, Keith Gardner, Jeremiah Ritchie, five otherspending issues discussion$221.31
Kimble, David 9/3/13No detailLunch$221.00
Rel, Ricardo12/8/14Rep. Don Tripp, 2 NMSU personnelBusiness meeting$220.68
Vargas , Vincente3/3/11Sen. Linda Lopez & GuestsDiscussed: Regent Appts & NMSU$220.55
Baker, Russell2/19/13No detailpedometer for each legislator$220.21
Traynor, Randy3/17/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeLunch for Senate Education and Senate Corporations Staff$220.00
Bullington, James1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeAnnual HAFC legislative dinner$219.97
Cravens, Kent1/27/14No detailDinner$219.97
Earp, Danny1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance Committeehigher education appreciation event$219.97
Ferrell, Charles1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeDinner Meeting$219.97
Harden, Clinton1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance Committeeappreciation dinner for legislators and staff$219.97
King, Nancy M.1/27/14No detailDinner$219.97
Minzner, Richard1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeCouncil of University Presidents Dinner$219.97
Puelle, Michael 1/27/14No detailLegislative dinner$219.97
Rel, Ricardo1/27/14No detailMeeting$219.97
Santillanes, Matejka 1/27/14No detailDinner$219.97
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/27/14House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeSponsorship of HAFC dinner;$219.97
Trujillo, Antonio1/27/14House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - House Appropriation & Finance$219.97
Underwood, H. John1/27/14No detailDinner$219.97
Vargas , Vincente1/21/14House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeHAFC dinner$219.97
Rel, Ricardo12/12/11Includes meals/beverages for 12 people:Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Rep. Antonio LujanLegislative briefings$219.74
Trujillo, Antonio2/20/14Sens. Clemente Sanchez, George Munoz & Phil Griego; Reps. Nate Gentry, Carl Trujillo & Chris Trujillo + 32 GuestsGovernment Relations$219.00
Santillanes, Matejka3/11/11House & Senate Education CommitteeBreakfast$218.62
Horan, Lawrence2/12/14Senate Public Affairs Committee and staffdinner$217.71
Barboa, Adriann3/8/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$217.70
Bullington, James2/12/14Senate Public Affairs Committee and staffAnnual SPAC legislative dinner$217.42
Marquez, Charlie2/12/14Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$217.13
Otero, Luke 2/12/14No detailDinner$217.13
Ocheskey, Fred2/22/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & StaffDinner to Discuss Legislation$217.13
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/12/14Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSponsorship of SPAC dinner;$217.12
Walker , Jerry2/6/14Reps. Dona Irwin & Mary Helen Garcia, Linda Walker, Jerry WalkerDinner$217.00
Lopez, Daniel2/25/13Rep. Sandra Jeff, Sen Phil Griego and 5 guestsSB 98 passage from committee$216.94
Chavez, Chris3/10/11Danielle Pinto, Yolando Pinto, NMFL; Chris & KathySenator Pinto's introduction to staff dinner$216.92
Duran, Adela2/25/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesDinner$216.75
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)10/10/12Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater & Natural Resources Committee (G&K;)$216.70
Lopez, Daniel5/19/12Rep. Nate Gentry and 4 guestsLegislative issues related to higher education$216.53
Lopez, Daniel2/1/11LCF Director David Abbey, Kathy Fernandez & StaffAppreciation Dinner$216.30
Lopez, Daniel3/5/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsLegislative Issues re: higher education$215.95
D'Antonio , Michael7/29/13No detailInform elected officions on PNM issues$215.94
Smith, Allison2/6/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$215.79
Minzner, Richard 2/2/12No detailDinner$215.79
Barcelo, Nancy2/6/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeCUP dinner for committee members$215.78
Cravens, Kent2/2/12No detailMeal$215.78
Earp, Danny2/2/12Senate Finance CommitteeAppreciation for hard work on HB-2$215.78
King, Nancy M.2/2/12No detailDinner$215.78
Lopez, Daniel2/2/12Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sue Wilson Beffort and LFC StaffAcknowledgement of SFC staff$215.78
Mcclure, Beverlee2/2/12No detailDinner Co-Host$215.78
Puelle, Michael 2/2/12No detailLegislative Committee Dinner$215.78
Ray , Sam2/2/12No detailDinner$215.78
Santillanes, Matejka2/2/12Senate Finance CommitteeSenate Finance Committee Dinner$215.78
Setter, Drew 2/2/12No detailDinner$215.78
Smart, Scott2/2/12Senate Finance Committeemeal and beverage expense$215.78
Trujillo, Antonio2/2/12Senate Finance CommitteeSenate Finance Committee Dinner$215.78
Vargas , Vincente2/2/12No detailDinner$215.78
Fries, James2/1/12No detailCUP dinner for Senate Finance Committee$215.78
Horan, Thomas2/12/14No detailDinner$215.57
Koob, Julianna 2/12/14House Judiciary Committeecommittee dinner- H. Judiciary$215.57
Minzner, Richard2/12/14House Judiciary CommitteeAppreciation$215.57
Puelle, Michael 2/12/14No detailLegislative dinner$215.57
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/12/14House Judiciary CommitteeSponsorship of House Judiciary Committee dinner;$215.57
Trujillo, Antonio2/12/14House Judiciary CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - House Judiciary Committee$215.57
Duran, Adela9/2/14Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeSponsorship, Econ. & Rural Dev. Committee Dinner,$215.00
Marquez, Charlie9/2/14Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeEconomic and Rural Development Committee Dinner$215.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)9/2/14Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeEconomic and Rural Development Committee Dinner$215.00
Horan, Thomas2/1/14No detailDinner$215.00
Otero, Luke2/1/12Sen. William Payne, Sen. John Ryan, Sen. William Sharer, Luke Otero, Scott ScanlandDinner$214.68
Sellers, Thomas12/31/12No detailDiscuss various legislative issues.$214.62
Idsinga, Beverly3/9/13No detailDairy gift bags$214.56
Balok, Aron7/24/13No detailDinner$214.41
Bradley, Walter7/24/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee dinner$214.41
Cowan, Caren7/24/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Dinner$214.41
Idsinga, Beverly7/24/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater and Natural Resources Dinner$214.41
Smith, William7/24/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Dinner$214.41
Anaya, Steven12/31/14No detailAggregate amount$213.96
Rel, Ricardo1/20/14Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Sen. John Arthur Smith and 1 guest, 2 NMSU personnelDiscussed NMSU related items$213.45
Mallery, Peter4/11/14No detailDiscuss legislation$211.74
Gould, Leland6/11/11No detailDiscuss potential Legislation for 2012$211.59
King, Nancy M.1/30/13No detailDinner$210.97
Trujillo, Antonio11/30/11Sens. Clinton Harden, William Payne, William Burt, plus 6 guestsMeal$210.87
Yamada, Sayuri10/31/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$210.84
Traynor, Randy 1/23/14House Democratic LeadershipHouse Leadership Breakfast$210.16
Traynor, Randy1/24/14House Democratic LeadershipLeadership Breakfast$210.15
Otero, Luke 1/23/14No detailBreakfast Buffet$210.15
Cravens, Kent1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeSenate Finance Committee Dinner$210.07
Fries, James1/30/13No detailCouncil of Univ Pres dinner for SFC$210.07
Manzano, David1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeTo support higher education funding in New Mexico$210.07
Puelle, Michael 1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeSenate Finance Committee Dinner$210.07
Ray , Sam1/30/13No detailDinner$210.07
Rel, Ricardo1/30/13No detailDinner$210.07
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeSponsorship of Senate Finance Committee Dinner$210.07
Trujillo, Antonio1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Senate Finance Committee$210.07
Vargas , Vincente1/30/13No detailDinner$210.07
Minzner, Richard 1/20/13No detailDining$210.07
Marquez, Charlie2/12/14House Chief Clerk & Sargent-at-Arms LuncheonHouse Chief Clerk & Sargent-at-Arms Luncheon$210.00
Lopez, Daniel1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeGeneral support appreciation for Higher Ed$210.00
Gonzales, Ricardo1/19/12Sen. Cynthia Nava, Steve Sanchez, Carmen GonzalesDiscuss Sb 241$210.00
Foster, Karin1/17/12House Republicansmeeting and dinner$210.00
Foster, Karin1/17/12House RepublicansMeeting and dinner$210.00
Arnold, Michelle8/26/11Rep. Rick MieraParticipation in the creation of the College Completion Agenda Hispanic Edition$210.00
Brandt, Varney3/15/13No detailDiscuss legislation and session$209.38
Gutierrez, Paul2/11/13House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeDinner$209.27
Ray , Sam2/12/13No detailDinner$209.10
Bullington, James2/11/13House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeGroup dinner$209.10
Cravens, Kent2/11/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax Committee Dinner$209.10
Fries, James2/11/13No detailCouncil of Universit Pres dinner for HAC$209.10
King, Nancy M.2/11/13No detailDinner$209.10
Lopez, Daniel2/11/13Rep. Ken Martinez & staffThank you for hard work.$209.10
Minzner, Richard 2/11/13No detailDining$209.10
Puelle, Michael 2/11/13House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeHouse Appropriations & Finance Committee Dinner$209.10
Ray , Sam2/11/13No detailDinner$209.10
Rel, Ricardo2/11/13No detailDinner$209.10
Trujillo, Antonio2/11/13House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - House Appropriation & Finance$209.10
Vargas , Vincente2/11/13No detailDinner$209.10
Ray , Sam1/16/13Rep. Sandra JeffLagisation$208.50
Trujillo, Martin2/10/11Reps. William Rehm, Jimmie Hall, Thomas Garcia, Zachary Cook2011 Legislative Session$208.00
Sullivan, Thomas3/3/11House Education StaffThank you lunch$207.66
Vargas , Vincente8/14/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Rep. Jimmy Hall, Rep. Larry Larranaga, Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Bill Payne,and 2 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss Higher Education Funding$207.49
Lopez, Daniel1/31/12Reps.Andy Nunez and Nate Gentry & Sen. Richard MartinezLegislative Update$207.10
Brix, Matt12/15/11No detailIssue Education$206.55
Yamada, Sayuri6/30/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$206.54
Trujillo, Antonio8/11/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Craig Brandt, Carlos Cisneros, Mary Kay Papen; Rep. Jason Harper + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$206.45
Marquez, Charlie1/24/13Sen. Richard Martinez, guest, and selfRelationship building, discussed PERA and ag inititives$206.30
Hobson, Maurice6/20/12PERA Board and StaffHospitality$206.20
Horan, Lawrence2/26/13Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$205.27
Otero, Luke 2/26/13No detailCommittee Dinner$205.27
Scanland, Scott2/26/13No detailDinner$205.27
Trujillo, Antonio2/26/13Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Senate Corp. & Transp.$205.27
Walker , Jerry2/8/12Sens. Stuart Ingle, Bill Payne, Bill BurtDiscussion of Bank Related Legislation$205.00
Cravens, Kent2/9/12No detailMeal$204.13
Horan, Lawrence2/9/12Senate Republican CaucusDinner$204.13
Moore, Brent2/9/12No detailDinner$204.13
Otero, Luke2/9/12Senate Republican CaucusDinner$204.13
Phillips, Sonia 2/9/12Senate Republican caucusSenate Republican Caucus Dinner$204.13
Scanland, Scott2/9/12No detailDinner$204.13
Horan, Thomas2/7/12House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$204.13
Traynor, Randy2/9/12Senate Republican CaucusSinate Minority Dinner$204.12
Walker , Jerry2/9/12Senate Republican CaucusCo-Sponsorship of Caucus Dinner$204.12
Cravens, Kent12/1/11No detailALEC Conference$204.05
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/1/13Freshman Legislatorssame as above$203.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/1/13Freshman LegislatorsSponsorship of dinner for Freshman Legislators$202.95
Traynor, Randy1/31/13Freshman LegislatorsFreshman Dinner$202.95
Trujillo, Antonio1/31/13No detailDinner Sponsorship - New Kids in the Old House$202.95
Baca, Ray1/30/13Freshman LegislatorsIntroduction of new members$202.95
Johnson, Matthew1/30/13Freshman LegislatorsBi-Partisan Freshmen Legislator Dinner$202.95
Puelle, Michael 1/30/13Freshman LegislatorsFreshman Dinner$202.95
Cravens, Kent2/1/13No detailNew Kids in the Old House Dinner$202.94
Cravens, Kent11/29/11No detailALEC Conference$202.68
Harden, Clinton3/1/13House and Senate Basketball fundraisersupport for the participants of the fund raiser$201.70
Yamada, Sayuri6/30/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$201.04
Bullington, James4/1/12Rep. Ray BegayeDinner and lodging$201.00
D'Antonio , Michael9/30/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$200.50
D'Antonio , Michael11/11/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$200.38
Baca, Leo2/15/14Sen. Richard Martinez and guestDiscuss legislation$200.38
Baca, Ruben2/11/11Rep. Sheryl Williams STapletonLunch w/Committee$200.29
Menapace, Carrie Robin1/14/15No detailDiscuss legislative priorities$200.00
Thompson, John Lee6/7/14Republican Party dinnerRepublican Party NM$200.00
Thompson, John Lee5/8/14No detailFundraiser$200.00
Young, Tasia3/26/14Reps. Nick Salazar, Jim Trujillo, Carl Trujillo, Sens. Richard Martinez, Carlos Cisneros, Daniel Ivey-Soto, Benny Shendo, Nancy RodriguezCounty District Meetings$200.00
Thompson, John Lee2/21/14100 Bill PartyReception, 100 bill party$200.00
Apodaca, Robert2/20/14Rep. Rick Miera and Antonio Maestas and StaffEnd of Legislative Session Luncheon for Representatives and Staff$200.00
Sanchez, Raymond2/17/14No detail100 Bill Party$200.00
Smith, Allison2/9/14No detailLady Legislators Brunch$200.00
Lopez, Daniel1/29/14No detailHigh Ed Review$200.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin12/31/13No detaildiscuss legislation$200.00
Weaks, Jason R.9/26/13Sen. Lisa Torraco fundraiserFundraiser - Sen. Lisa Torraco$200.00
Horan, Lawrence9/16/13Senate Democratic CaucusMeal$200.00
Bullington, James4/12/13Rep. Mary Helen GarciaHall of Fame banquet tickets$200.00
McGonagle, Minda4/6/13No detailSponsorship$200.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/19/13No detailSponsorship of Powdrell's BBQ$200.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)3/8/13Sponsorship of Senator Martinez's Birthday PartySponsorship of Senator Martinez's Birthday Party$200.00
Brandt, Varney3/7/13No detailLegislative Luncheon$200.00
Idsinga, Beverly3/7/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$200.00
Gonzales, Ricardo3/6/13No detailLegislation/Dinner$200.00
Horan, Lawrence 3/6/13No detailPowdrells Legislative Lunch$200.00
Laca, Gaspar3/6/13No detailFood & Beverage$200.00
Marquez, Charlie3/6/13No detailLegislative Luncheon$200.00
Minzner, Richard 3/6/13No detailDining$200.00
Moore, Brent3/6/13No detailLunch$200.00
Ocheskey, Fred 3/6/13No detailLunch for House of Representatives by Powdrell's$200.00
Thompson, John Lee3/6/13No detailLunch (shared cost)$200.00
Trujillo, Antonio3/6/13No detailLunch Sponsorship - Powdrell's BBQ$200.00
Vargas , Vincente3/6/13No detailDinner$200.00
Kimble, David 3/5/13No detailPowdrell's$200.00
Otero, Luke 3/5/13House membersHouse of Representatives Lunch$200.00
Horan, Lawrence 3/1/13No detailHouse and Senate Basketball Game$200.00
Mallery, Peter3/1/13No detailDinner$200.00
Kimble, David 2/20/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$200.00
Santillanes, Matejka2/14/13No detailMeetings$200.00
Santillanes, Matejka2/14/13No detailMeetings$200.00
Menapace, Joseph2/13/13No detailChapparal Day$200.00
Smith, Allison2/12/13House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$200.00
Horan, Lawrence1/30/13Freshman LegislatorsDinner$200.00
Horan, Lawrence 1/15/13No detailColonias Day$200.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin12/31/12No detaildiscuss legislation$200.00
Montoya, Vincent10/22/12Rep. Dona IrwinRe Election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent10/22/12Rep. Patricia LundstromRe Election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent10/22/12Sen. Richard MartinezReElection Contribution$200.00
Gonzales, Ricardo 2/10/12100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$200.00
Cravens, Kent2/9/12No detailMeal$200.00
Marquez, Charlie2/9/12Legislative CouncilLegislative Council Luncheon$200.00
Duran, Adela2/8/12100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$200.00
Gutierrez, Paul2/7/12100 Bill PartySponsorship of Dinner$200.00
Horan, Thomas2/2/12House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$200.00
Horan, Lawrence1/27/12No detailHouse and Senate Basketball Game$200.00
Thompson, John Lee1/26/12No detailFood & Drink$200.00
Mallery, Peter12/31/11No detailLunch$200.00
Paisano, Stuart12/31/11No detailLunches & Dinners$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/6/11Rep. Ben LujanRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/6/11Rep. Jim TrujilloRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/6/11Sen. David UlibarriRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/6/11Sen. Phil GriegoRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Antonio MaestasRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Ben LujanRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Debbie RodellaRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Ernest ChavezRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Jane Powdrell-CulbertRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Rep. Jim TrujilloRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Sen. Carlos CisnerosRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Sen. David UlibarriRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Sen. Howie C. MoralesRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/5/11Sen. Phil GriegoRe-election contribution$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/2/11Rep. Debbie RodellaRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/2/11Rep. Ernest ChavezRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/2/11Rep. Patricia LundstromRe-election$200.00
Montoya, Vincent12/2/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesRe-election$200.00
Doyle, Robert6/23/11Dona Ana Republican Party Lincoln-Reagan DinnerAttend Annual Dinner$200.00
Bullington, James3/4/11Rep. Eliseo Alcon & GuestTwo Complimentary Tickets to Holly Holmes Fight$200.00
Duran, Adela2/25/11100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$200.00
Mallery, Peter2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$200.00
Minzner, Richard 2/25/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$200.00
Griffith, Sue2/22/11Senate Education CommitteeDinner$200.00
Romero, Richard2/22/11Senate Education CommitteeDinner$200.00
Minzner, Richard 2/21/11No detailDinner$200.00
Grover, Lisa2/18/11Sen. Cynthia NavaDinenr$200.00
Rivera-Wiest, Roxanne 1/16/11Gubernatorial InaugurationGubernatorial Inauguration$200.00
Vargas , Vincente2/25/13No detailLuncheon$199.54
Mahr, Edwin1/24/11Rep. B. Gonzales, Rep M. MaestasDinner$199.19
Baca, Ruben1/24/11Rep. Antonio Maestas & Roberto Gonzales, Sen. Phil GriegoDinner/Vanessie of Santa Fe$199.18
Lopez, Daniel2/5/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 3 guestsClean up for HB2 regarding NM Tech funding$199.15
Horan, Lawrence2/9/12Rep. Don Tripp and guestsDinner$199.00
Gutierrez, Paul1/17/13Reps. Jimmie Hall, Don Tripp, Dennis Roch, Jim Trujillo, George Dodge; Sens. Benny Shendo, Clemente Sanchez, Pat Woods, John Ryan; Gov. Susana MartinezNMAC Legislative Conference Breakfast$198.80
Leach, Carol7/13/13Sen. Lee Cotter and two othersdiscuss pending issues$198.75
Marquez, Charlie2/28/13Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Interim CommitteeTaxation and Rev Stabilization Committee Dinner$198.64
Rel, Ricardo1/21/14Rep. Jim White and 1 guest, 2 NMSU personnelDiscussed NMSU related items$198.36
Gutierrez, Paul2/28/13Taxation & Revenue & Energy CommitteesDinner$198.34
Horan, Lawrence2/28/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeCommittee Dinner$198.34
King, Nancy M.2/28/13No detailDinner$198.34
Ocheskey, Fred 2/28/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner for House Tax Comte and Staff$198.34
Otero, Luke 2/28/13No detailCommittee Dinner$198.34
Park, Alfred2/28/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax Committee Members & Staff Dinner$198.34
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/28/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeSponsorship of House Taxation and Revenue Dinner$198.34
Cravens, Kent2/2/13House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax Committee Dinner$198.34
Duran, Adela9/20/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesMeals/Beverages$197.66
D'Antonio , Michael9/26/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$197.28
Otero, Luke9/20/11House Republicansdinner$197.17
Baca, Leo4/25/12No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$197.09
Mahr, Edwin2/14/11Reps. Roberto Gonzales and Antonio MaestasDinner$196.88
Sanchez, Raymond3/3/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$196.68
West, Cynthia4/23/12No detailsupport legislatue$196.61
Laubacher, Cynthia1/23/12Senate Pro tem; House Speaker; Minority Leaders in each houseSnacks/plates/utensils$196.61
Ferrell, Charles2/2/11Lt. Governor and Staff MemberDinner$196.50
D'Antonio , Michael2/3/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$196.29
Lopez, Daniel1/4/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 3 guestsPreparedness for legislative session$196.10
Rel, Ricardo10/2/14No detailCommittee hearing$195.00
Marshall, Glenn 'Randy"2/24/11Rep. Jane Powdrell-CulbertPrescription$195.00
Minzner, Richard 2/24/11No detailDinner$194.88
Horan, Thomas2/25/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner$194.68
Horan, Lawrence 2/24/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax Committee$194.68
Mahr, Edwin2/24/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner$194.68
Marquez, Charlie2/24/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax & Rev Commitee Dinner$194.68
Ocheskey, Fred 2/24/11No detailDinner$194.68
Gutierrez, Paul2/27/13Sens. Cisco McSorley, Joseph Cervantes, Phil Griego, Rep. Jimmie Hall + 22 othersDinner$193.80
Reilly-Mica, Tara4/26/14No detailDiscuss Legislation/Goodwill/Strategy - this is an aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$193.43
Leach, Carol10/6/14Sen. Lee Cotter and three othersNMOGA event$192.55
Sanchez, Raymond3/1/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$192.55
Puelle, Michael 2/13/12No detailLegislative Committee Dinner$191.96
Brandt, Varney1/14/13No detailLegislative Dinner$191.43
Sellers, Thomas2/1/13Rep. and Mrs. Bill GrayDinner$191.42
Sellers, Thomas2/1/13Rep. and Mrs. Don BrattonDinner$191.42
Brandt, Varney4/23/14No detailSponsor Breakfast$191.00
Leach, Carol9/4/14Water & Natural Resources Interim Committeerecrption for interim committee - shared cost$190.80
Cravens, Kent8/23/13No detailLunch$190.77
Menapace, Joseph3/18/11Rep. Eliseo Alcon and his son and guestDiscussion of HB 187 for the Dental Assoc.$190.03
Winn, Lisa10/3/11Environment Secy F. David MartinDinner during New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Annual Conference$190.00
Winn, Lisa10/3/11Energy Secy John H. BemisDinner during New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Annual Conference$190.00
Winn, Lisa10/3/11Rep. Candy Spence EzzellDinner during New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Annual Conference$190.00
Winn, Lisa10/3/11Rep. James StricklerDinner during New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Annual Conference$190.00
Winn, Lisa10/3/11Sen. Steven NevilleDinner during New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Annual Conference$190.00
Richmond , Zoe 3/6/11House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Tax & Rev Commitee Dinner$190.00
Lopez, Daniel6/10/12Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 4 guestsSeverance Tax Bond issues for higher education$189.96
Lopez, Daniel1/12/12Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 5 guestsReview of Legislative Session$189.79
Setter, Drew 9/25/12Indian Affairs CommitteeIndian Affairs Committee$189.76
Minzner, Richard2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeCouncil of University Presidents Dinner$189.71
Thompson, John Lee3/4/13No detailLunch delivered to Roundhouse$189.06
Gillis, John 2/8/12House Appropriations and Finance Committeedinner for HAFC$189.00
Foster, Karin2/7/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeAnnual Committee dinner$189.00
Bullington, James2/6/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeDinner$189.00
Earp, Danny2/6/12House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeAppreciation for hard work on HB-2$189.00
Fries, James2/6/12No detailCUP dinner for House Approp Fin Com$189.00
King, Nancy M.2/6/12No detailDinner$189.00
Mcclure, Beverlee2/6/12No detailDinner Co-Host$189.00
Minzner, Richard 2/6/12No detailDinner$189.00
Puelle, Michael 2/6/12No detailLegislative Committee Dinner$189.00
Ray , Sam2/6/12No detailDinner$189.00
Smart, Scott2/6/12House Appropriation and Finance Committeemeal and beverage expense$189.00
Smith, Allison2/6/12Senate Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$189.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/6/12No detailReception during 2012 Session (on behalf of G&K;)$189.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/6/12House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeHouse Appropriation & Finance Committee Dinner$189.00
Vargas , Vincente2/6/12No detailDinner$189.00
Barcelo, Nancy2/2/12Senate Finance CommitteeCUP dinner for Fin Committee members$189.00
Cravens, Kent2/3/14No detailDinner$188.75
Bullington, James2/4/14Senate Finance CommitteeAnnual SFC legislative dinner$188.71
Foster, Karin2/4/14Senate Finance CommitteeMeeting$188.71
Earp, Danny2/3/14Senate Finance Committeehigher education appreciation event$188.71
King, Nancy M.2/3/14No detailDinner$188.71
Puelle, Michael 2/3/14No detailLegislative dinner$188.71
Rel, Ricardo2/3/14No detailMeeting$188.71
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeSponsorship of Senate Finance Committee dinner;$188.71
Trujillo, Antonio2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeDinner Sponsorship - Senate Finance Committee$188.71
Vargas , Vincente2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeSFC dinner$188.71
Ferrell, Charles1/27/14Senate Finance CommitteeSFC Committee Members$188.71
Lopez, Daniel2/11/11Rep. Edward Sandoval, Lujan & GuestsOverall Review of Session & Funding for Higher Education$188.50
Marquez, Charlie2/22/13Senate Public Affairs Committee and staffDiscussed nurse scope of practice legislation$187.75
Vargas , Vincente2/22/13No detailLunch$187.74
Bullington, James4/2/12Rep. Ray BegayeFly fishing guide$187.50
Bullington, James4/22/11Rep. Ray BegayeFishing Trip$187.50
Marquez, Charlie9/26/13Indian Affairs CommitteeIndian Affairs Committee Dinner$187.22
Cravens, Kent9/26/13No detailLunch$187.21
King, Nancy M.9/26/13No detailDinner$187.21
Lopez, Daniel1/23/14Rep. Mike Perea, Rep Jake Candelaria, Rep Bobby GonzalesHigher Education Funding$186.22
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14James Ross, Gov's office and guest, Tailinh AgoyoDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Mr. & Mrs. David Abbey, Leg. Finance Cmte.Dinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Rep. & Mrs. James StricklerDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Rep. and Mrs. Don BrattonDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Rep. Paul Bandy and Amanda BandyDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Environment Secy and Mrs. David MartinDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Energy Secy Ryan Flynn and guest, Julia BroggiDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Sen. & Mrs. John Arthur SmithDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Sen. Gay and Dr. John KernanDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$185.94
Trujillo, Antonio9/22/11Rep. Andy Nunez and Nate Gentry & Sen. Phil Griego, plus 8 guestsMeal$185.46
McGonagle, Minda12/27/13No detailGeneral information and discussion$185.45
Rel, Ricardo12/20/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2013)$185.17
Leach, Carol6/16/14Sen. Gay Kernan and two othersPlan hearing presentation$185.10
Vargas , Vincente2/13/12No detailLuncheon$185.03
Marquez, Charlie2/1/12No detailLuncheon$185.00
Duran, Adela2/20/13No detailAggregate expenses for various New Mexico legislatures$184.63
Balok, Aron2/13/14House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeWater Issues$184.51
Bradley, Walter2/13/14House Agriculture & Water Resources Committeecommittee$184.51
Cowan, Caren2/13/14House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeCommittee Dinner$184.51
Idsinga, Beverly2/13/14House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeHouse Agriculture Committee Dinner$184.51
Smith, William2/13/14House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeDinner$184.51
Christopher, John10/10/12Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. Martinez and Comcast MembersDiscussing Internet Essentials$184.08
Bullington, James3/5/14Rep. Georgene Louis2 tickets to Hall and Oates$184.00
Houston, Les12/31/11No detailMiscellaneous (aggregate)$183.97
Duran, Adela2/8/11No detailAppetizers$183.76
D'Antonio , Michael2/8/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$183.69
Trujillo, Antonio2/13/12Reps. Andy Nunez, Mary Helen Garcia, Dona Irwin + 6 GuestsMeal$183.42
Mahr, Edwin2/3/11Reps.George Dodge and Edward SandovalDinner$183.14
Bullington, James5/1/12Rep. Ray BegayeLodging$183.06
Trujillo, Antonio10/5/13Sens. Carroll Leavell, Gay Kernan, Ron Griggs + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$182.58
Vargas , Vincente2/14/12Sen. John Sapien, Alyssa Specht, Sisto Abeyta,Discussed Capitol Outlay- includes 1 NMSU staff member$182.58
D'Antonio , Michael6/29/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$182.40
Rivera-Wiest, Roxanne2/4/11House RepublicansCupcakes$182.39
Lopez, Daniel2/3/14Senate Finance CommitteeRecognition dinner for higher ed budget work$182.17
Santillanes, Joseph (Jay)12/13/11Rep. Debbie RodellaFund Raiser$182.00
Traynor, Randy2/10/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeDinner for Senate Corporations Committee and Staff$181.76
Trujillo, Antonio2/13/12Reps. Joe Cervantes, Nate Gentry, David Doyle + 1 GuestMeal$181.71
Scanland, Scott9/4/14No detailDinner$181.62
Bullington, James2/11/14Senate Education CommitteeAnnual SEC legislative dinner$181.55
King, Nancy M.12/31/11No detailAggregate amount$181.48
Horan, Thomas11/16/12Legislative Interim committee - Finance Authority oversight Committee ?Committee Lunch$180.54
Scanland, Scott11/13/12No detailLunch$180.53
Trujillo, Antonio10/23/12Sen. Stuart Ingle, Sen. John Arthur Smith + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$180.48
Walker , Jerry1/30/13Senate Finance CommitteeSocial$180.10
Bullington, James6/1/13Rep. Debbie Rodella4 tickets to Dwight Yoakum$180.00
Rel, Ricardo1/6/12Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Rep. Joseph Cervantes, Rep. M.H. GarciaMeet and Greet Meeting- includes 2 NMSU personnel and 3 other guests$180.00
Vargas , Vincente3/19/11No detailMeals/Beverages$179.40
Walker , Jerry2/11/13House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeSocial$179.27
Leach, Carol10/12/14Sen. Gay Kernan, Sen. Lee Cotter and one otherissues anticipated for the session$179.16
Young, Tasia2/22/11Rep. Mimi Stewart & GuestDiscuss Legislation Affecting Counties$178.98
Bullington, James2/18/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & GuestsSocial Dinner$178.96
Snyder , H. Diane12/5/12No detailformal introductions and getting to know each other$178.89
Vargas , Vincente1/23/13Freshman LegislatorsFreshman Legislature Orientation$178.37
Marquez, Charlie6/11/14Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeEconomic and Rural Development Committee Dinner$177.36
McGonagle, Minda2/13/12No detailSenate Dinner$177.21
Earp, Danny2/23/11House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeDinner$177.00
Horan, Thomas2/11/11House Majority LeaderDinner$176.73
Trujillo, Antonio8/5/14Sens. John Arthur Smith, William Burt, Lee Cotter, Ron Griggs + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$176.52
C'deBaca, Ernest10/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$176.18
Horan, Thomas2/10/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$176.17
Horan, Lawrence 2/9/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSenate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$176.17
Mallery, Peter2/9/11No detailDinner$176.17
Marquez, Charlie2/9/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeSenate Judiciary Committee Dinner$176.17
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/9/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeSponsorship of Senate Judiciary Committee Dinner$176.16
Bullington, James2/23/11House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeGroup Dinner$176.00
Lopez, Daniel2/24/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 3 guestsCapital Requests$175.95
Leith, Leanne12/28/11Rep. Mimi Stewartdiscussion of legislation$175.52
Otero, Luke9/10/11House Republicansdinner$175.36
Rel, Ricardo5/12/12Chuck Franco, Gov. Martinez' husbandflight expense$175.00
Gonzales, Marco5/1/12No detailGeneral$175.00
Foster, Karin1/26/12No detailALEC dinner$175.00
Foster, Karin1/26/12No detailALEC dinner$175.00
Reilly-Mica, Tara4/25/12No detailDiscuss Legislation/Goodwill - this is an aggregate total of non-itemized expenses$174.89
Vargas , Vincente12/10/14Sen. Bill Burt, Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. George Munoz, 1 NMSU Staffbusiness meeting$174.81
Rel, Ricardo12/11/12Sen.-elect Joseph Cervantes, Rep.-elect Gallegos, Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Rep-elect Jeff Steinborn, Rep-elect Bill McCamley, Rep-elect Nathan Cote, Sen.-elect Lee Cotter, Sen-elect William SoulesLegislative briefing for NMSU$174.80
Trujillo, Antonio4/29/13Reps. Patricia Lundstrom, Mary Helen Garcia + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$174.76
Sanchez, Raymond2/20/14House and Senate staffLunch$174.70
Lopez, Daniel2/12/14Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen Clemente Sanchez and 3 guestsstatus of legislative bills and other funding questions$174.54
Puelle, Michael12/31/11No detailAward recognition, aggregate.$174.27
Harden, Clinton2/11/14Senate Education Committeeappreciation dinner for legislators and staff$174.00
Otero, Luke 2/7/12No detailCommittee Dinner$173.94
Romero, Regina12/31/12No detailDiscuss legislative issues$173.82
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Greg and Kimmie FulferDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Mr. & Mrs. David Abbey, Leg. Finance Cmte.Dinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gardner, Office of the GovernorDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Rep. and Mrs. Bill GrayDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Rep. and Mrs. Don BrattonDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Environment Secy and Mrs. David MartinDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Environment Secy and Mrs. Ryan FlynnDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Sen. & Mrs. Carroll LeavellDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Sen. and Dr. Gay KernanDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$173.64
Trujillo, Antonio12/6/11Sens. Jennings, Stuart Ingle, John Arthur Smith, plus 2 guestsMeal$173.64
Sanchez, Raymond3/19/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$173.02
Marquez, Charlie3/3/11House Sgt. at Arms & StaffRelationship Building$173.00
Duran, Adela7/13/11Sen. Phil GriegoSenator Griego's Golf Tournament$172.97
Barboa, Adriann3/31/13No detailcommunications consulting on legislation$172.80
Rogers, Patrick8/26/14Martinez for Governor campaignin kind for fundraiser$172.64
Trujillo, Antonio9/20/11Reps. Andy Nunez, Paul Bandy, Anna Crook, Candy Spence Ezzell, Jimmie Hall, Bob Wooley, Rick Little, plus 1 guestMeal$172.55
Fries, James2/23/11No detailMeeting$172.00
Minzner, Richard 2/23/11No detailDinner$172.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/23/11No detailHouse Appropriations & Finance Dinner$172.00
Smith, Allison2/23/11House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeCommittee Dinner$172.00
Trujillo, Lawrence2/23/11House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeHAFC$172.00
Vargas , Vincente2/23/11No detailCouncil of University Presidents Meeting$172.00
King, Nancy M.4/25/14No detailAggregate amount$171.90
Baca, Ruben2/14/11Sen. Stuart Ingle, Sen. William Payne, Sen. Clinton Harden, Sen. Sander RueVanessie of Santa Fe$171.88
Menapace, Joseph2/17/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeAppreciation: NM Dental Assoc.$171.77
Minzner, Richard 2/17/11No detailDinner$171.77
Baca, Ruben2/17/11Reps. Ernest Chavez, Miguel Garcia, Antonio Maestas & Roberto GonzalesVanessies$171.76
Ferrell, Charles2/17/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$171.76
Mahr, Edwin2/17/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$171.76
Marquez, Charlie2/17/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeHouse Consumer & Public Affairs Committee Dinner$171.76
Moore, Brent2/17/11No detailDinner$171.76
Newby, Cathleen1/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$171.55
Roy, Pamela3/15/13No detailSmall thank you gifts$171.00
Mallery, Peter2/14/13No detailDinner$170.87
Horan, Lawrence2/13/13House Business and Industry CommitteeDinner$170.87
Marquez, Charlie3/1/11House Voters and Elections CommitteeHouse Voters & Elections Comm. Dinner$170.07
Mitchell, Rhonda3/1/11No detailHouse Business & Industry Dinner$170.07
Walker , Jerry10/30/13Lt. Gov. John SanchezReception Co-Sponsor$170.00
Trujillo, Antonio11/29/12No detailNM Finance Authority Oversight Committee Meeting$169.86
Lopez, Daniel12/9/13Sen. John Arthur Smith, Rep Kiki Saavedra, Sen Clemente SanchezPreparation for monring LFC hearing on Higher Education$169.40
Koob, Julianna3/3/13House Judiciary Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$168.65
Lopez, Daniel7/20/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 3 guestsFY'14 HAFC requests$168.60
Baca, Leo2/9/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesDiscuss HB 17 & Taos County Politics$168.52
Bullington, James2/2/12Senate Finance CommitteeDinner$168.43
Alarid, Vanessa4/24/12Various Bernalillo County CommissionersImpact fee discussions$168.00
Barboa, Adriann2/1/13No detaildrive lobbyist and volunteers$167.39
Edwards, H. Reese4/26/12Governor's Staff, LegislatorHealth Care Reform/Medicaid (Aggregate - less than $75 each expenditure throughout the 1/1/12 - 4/26/12 reporting period)$167.16
Rel, Ricardo4/8/13No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (Jan.1 - April 25,$167.13
Cravens, Kent8/22/12Legislative Finance CommitteeLegislative Finance Committee Dinner$167.06
Buffett, Sandy1/26/11No detailGroup Dinner$166.81
Koob, Julianna3/12/13House Consumer and Public Affairs Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$166.55
Scanland, Scott11/14/13No detailBreakfast$166.45
Marquez, Charlie1/24/13Leadership DinnerLeadership Dinner$165.36
Trujillo, Antonio8/22/14Sen. John Arthur Smith; Rep. Bobby Gonzales + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$165.25
Vargas , Vincente7/15/14Sen. Abeyta, Sen. John Sapien, 2 guest, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss teacher evaluations and ostepathic medicine$164.94
Koob, Julianna2/12/13Senate Judiciary Committeedelivery dinner - portion of cost$164.90
Bullington, James1/27/12Sen. Cynthia Nava plus seven guestsDinner$164.86
Horan, Lawrence1/27/12Sen. Cynthia Nava & GuestsDinner$164.86
Sellers, Thomas4/15/11Rep. & Mrs. James StricklerDinner$164.54
Sellers, Thomas4/15/11Rep. & Mrs. Paul BandyDinner$164.54
Sellers, Thomas4/15/11Sen. & Mrs. Bill SharerDinner$164.54
Sellers, Thomas4/15/11Sen. & Mrs. Steven NevilleDinner$164.54
Lopez, Daniel2/9/12Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Kathryn Miller & 2 guestsRequest for amendment to HB 2$164.48
Baca, Ruben2/15/11Reps. Kiki Saavedra, Roberto Gonzales, Mimi Stewart and Edward SandovalVanessie of Santa Fe$164.43
Ocheskey, Fred 2/15/11No detailDinner$164.43
Thompson, John Lee2/15/11House Business and Industry CommitteeHouse Business & Industry Committee Dinner$164.43
Menapace, Joseph2/17/11House Business and Industry CommitteeAppreciation: NM Dental Association Co-host$164.42
Underwood, H. John2/15/11No detailDinner$164.42
Marquez, Charlie2/17/14Sen. Richard Martinez plus guestRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$164.25
Bullington, James8/12/11Rep. Alonzo BaldonadaConcert tickets for Aaron Lewis show$164.00
Gutierrez, Paul4/25/11Reps. Edward Sandoval, William O'Neill, Miguel Garcia & Rick MieraAppreciation Dinner$164.00
Ferrell, Charles3/10/13Senate Republican LeadershipDinner Meeting$163.59
Lopez, Daniel1/28/14Hanna Skandar, Education secretarydiscussion on appropriation for Higher Ed to improve teacher preparation$163.43
Romero, Regina4/25/12No detailDiscuss legislative issues$163.39
Leith, Leanne10/1/11No detaillegislative discussions (aggregate)$163.17
Trujillo, Antonio2/9/12Sen. Richard Martinez; Reps. Andy Nunez, Dennis Kintigh, David Doyle + 1 GuestMeal$162.40
Shoats , Marla8/17/11Rep. Antonio MaestasFundriaser-duplicate to Dan Weaks$161.78
Weaks, Dan8/17/11Rep. Antonio MaestasFundraiser-duplicate to Marla Shoats$161.78
Park, Alfred2/22/13House Business and Industry CommitteeHouse Business & Industry Committee Members & Staff Lunch$161.37
Horan, Lawrence2/23/13House Business and Industry CommitteeDinner$161.36
Trujillo, Antonio8/11/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Mary Kay Papen, Craig Brandt, Carlos Cisneros; Reps. Jason Harper, Jane Powdrell-Culbert + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$161.34
Trujillo, Antonio8/1/13Sen. Richard Martinez; Rep. George Dodge + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$161.08
Baca, Leo3/10/11Sens. Cisco Cisneros, David Ulibarri, Clemente Sanchez & Richard MartinezDiscuss SB 4$160.92
Hobson, Maurice8/31/12Sen. Bill Burtreception$160.88
Gonzales, Ricardo 10/2/14Spnsrshp-ERD Committee DinnerSpnsrshp-ERD Committee Dinner$160.81
Marquez, Charlie10/2/14Joint Transportation and ERDC DinnerJoint Transportation and ERDC Dinner$160.80
Brandt, Varney11/8/12No detailCo-sponsor luncheon for Science, Technology & Telecommunications Interim Committee$160.34
Gillis, John4/26/13No detailmeals, etc.$160.13
Rel, Ricardo4/10/12Rep. Andy Nunez and Rep. Joseph CervantesLegislative debriefing- includes 8 NMSU personnel$160.00
Trujillo, Antonio5/18/11Sens. John Arthur Smith, Stuart Ingle, Phil Griego, plus 7 guestsMeal$159.96
Trujillo, Antonio7/27/12Sen. William Payne, Reps. Paul Bandy & James Strickler + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$159.93
Vargas , Vincente8/19/13Sen. John Sapien, 2 guests, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss Higher Education Funding$159.29
D'Antonio , Michael10/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$159.27
Scanland, Scott11/19/14No detailBreakfast$159.04
Scanland, Scott9/24/13No detailBreakfast$159.04
Scanland, Scott5/15/13No detailBreakfast$159.04
Balok, Aron2/27/13House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeWater Issues$158.70
Cowan, Caren2/27/13House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeCommittee Dinner$158.70
Idsinga, Beverly2/27/13House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeHouse Ag and Water Committee Dinner$158.70
Smith, William2/27/13House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeCommittee Dinner$158.70
Gillis, John1/25/11No detailMeals-none over $75 individually$157.70
Bowen, Michael8/17/11Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner for LFC$157.55
Brandt, Varney9/13/12Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeCo-sponsor dinner for interim committee meeting in Deming, NM$157.32
Horan, Lawrence3/6/13Senate Conservation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$157.25
Brandt, Varney3/5/13No detailLegislative Dinner$157.25
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Senate Conservation CommitteeSenate Conservation Dinner$157.25
Leith, Leanne3/5/13No detailSenate Conservation Committee dinner$157.25
Marquez, Charlie3/5/13House Business and Industry CommitteeBusiness and Industry Committee Dinner$157.25
Otero, Luke 3/5/13No detailCommittee Dinner$157.25
Park, Alfred3/5/13Senate Conservation CommitteeSenate Conservation Committee Members & Staff Dinner$157.25
Sanchez, Raymond3/5/13Senate Conservation CommitteeDinner$157.25
Yamada, Sayuri12/31/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$157.09
Trujillo, Antonio6/30/14Sens. Phil Griego, John Arthur Smith + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$157.04
Trujillo, Antonio2/27/13Sens. Stuart Ingle, John Arthur Smith, Gay Kernan, Phil Griego, William Sharer, Bill Burt, Clemente Sanchez, Ron Griggs & James Strickler + 16 GuestsGovernment Relations$156.78
Gutierrez, Paul2/5/11House Health & Gov't CommitteeCommittee Breakfast$156.45
Baca, Leo1/27/11Rep. Bobby Gonzels & GuestDiscuss HB 17$156.07
Lopez, Daniel2/11/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Sen Stuart Ingle, Rep Patty LundstromStatus of HB2$156.01
Paisano, Stuart2/2/11Rep. Sandra Jeff & Sen. John PintoMeeting to discuss possibility of Navajo Nation obtaining a new gaming compact wiht NM$155.91
Mallery, Peter4/26/13No detailLunch$155.85
Bradley, Walter6/14/12Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner$155.40
Cowan, Caren6/14/12Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner$155.40
Smith, William6/14/12Legislative Finance CommitteeDinner$155.40
Marquez, Charlie2/7/12Senate Conservation CommitteeSenate Conservation Committee Dinner$155.14
Smith, Allison2/7/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$155.14
Vargas , Vincente2/7/12No detailLuncheon$155.14
Walker , Jerry2/7/12Senate Conservation CommitteeCo-Sponsorship of Committee Dinner$155.14
Trujillo, Antonio2/11/13Sen. Clemente Sanchez; Reps. William Rehm & Nate Gentry + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$155.07
McGonagle, Minda2/7/12No detailCommittee Dinner$155.04
Marquez, Charlie11/21/12Reps. Anna Crook, Don Bratton, Bob Wooley, Don Tripp, and Sens. Mark Boitano, Pat Woods, William Sharer, Gay KernanRelationship building, discussed tax initiatives$154.91
Trujillo, Antonio1/11/12Sen. John Arthur Smith; Reps. Andy Nunez, Mary Helen Garcia, Patricia Lundstrom + 4 GuestsMeal$154.68
Gutierrez, Paul3/4/11Legislative Council Service StaffAppreciation Dinner$154.44
Marquez, Charlie2/14/12Departing House members luncheonDeparting House members luncheon$154.20
Puelle, Michael 2/14/12House Republican caucusHouse Republican Caucus$154.20
Vargas , Vincente3/5/13Sen. John Sapien, Sisto Abeyta, Angie Stephiely, Vicente VargasMeeting/lunch to discuss budget$154.15
Pearce , Amber11/29/11No detailAggregate amount for legislators$154.08
Sullivan, Thomas3/23/11Legislative Education Study Committee StaffThank you lunch$153.96
Trujillo, Antonio7/25/12Sen. William Payne, Reps Yvette Herrell, Paul Bandy, James Strickler + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$153.84
Hatanaka, Anna2/21/11Sen. Cynthia Nava; Legislative StaffAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$153.74
Vargas , Vincente2/24/11Sen. George Munoz, John Sapien, D. Shelegal, A. Man, R. GudgelDiscussion: NMSU$153.01
Trujillo, Antonio7/16/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Mary Kay Papen + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$152.32
Sanchez, Raymond2/14/13Senate StaffDinner$151.92
Sanchez, Raymond2/14/13House StaffDinner$151.55
Trujillo, Antonio8/27/14Sens. Stuart Ingle, John Arthur Smith + 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$151.32
Trujillo, Antonio2/2/13Reps. Nate Gentry & Bob Wooley + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$150.68
Yamada, Sayuri8/31/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$150.48
Moore, Brent4/25/13No detailAggregate amount$150.43
Gutierrez, Paul2/18/13House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeMicrowave$150.38
Trujillo, Antonio2/14/13Reps. Nora Espinoza, Candy Ezzell, William Rehm & Ernest Chavez + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$150.32
Melendres, Arthur1/14/15No detailDiscuss legislative priorities$150.00
Bullington, James11/16/14Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoLobo basketball tickets for LDC sky box$150.00
Bullington, James11/16/14Rep. James SmithLobo basketball tickets for LDC skybox$150.00
Vargas , Vincente9/20/14Sen. John Sapienfootball game$150.00
Puelle, Michael 6/12/14Rep. Ken Martinez Annual Leadership Fund DinnerSpeaker Ken Martinez Annual Leadership Fund Dinner$150.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin4/26/14No detailDiscuss legislative priorities$150.00
Walker , Jerry4/24/14Sen. Phil Griego and Mrs. Griego, Rep. Carl Trujillo, Rep. Jim TrujilloCo-sponsorship of Lunch$150.00
Foster, Karin2/10/14No detail100 Bill party$150.00
Horan, Lawrence1/17/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeLunch$150.00
Bullington, James10/30/13Sen. John Sapien2 Lobo basketball tickets$150.00
Cravens, Kent10/6/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss interim committee work$150.00
Cravens, Kent10/6/13Sen. William Paynediscuss interim committee work$150.00
Barboa, Adriann5/1/13No detailpetition signature gathering effort$150.00
Gonzales, Marco5/1/13No detailGeneral$150.00
Paisano, Stuart3/14/13No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$150.00
Paisano, Stuart3/8/13No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$150.00
Leith, Leanne2/17/13Rep. Roberto Gonzales and advocatessocial dinner$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Rep. Antonio Maestastwo tickets to Lobos basketball game - LDC booth$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Rep. James E. Smithtwo tickets to Lobos basketball game - LDC booth$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culberttwo tickets to Lobos basketball game - LDC booth$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Sen. Clemente Sancheztwo tickets to Lobos basketball game - LDC booth$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Sen. John Sapien2 tickets to Lobos basketball game-LDC booth$150.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Sen. Tim Kellertwo tickets to Lobos basketball game - LDC booth$150.00
Paisano, Stuart1/31/13Rep. Zachary CookDiscuss Pending Legisaltion$150.00
Melendres, Arthur12/31/12No detaildiscuss legislative issues$150.00
Montoya, Vincent6/14/12Frank OteroElect$150.00
Menapace, Carrie Robin4/25/12No detaildiscuss legislation$150.00
Bullington, James2/18/12Rep. Jim Smith, Rep. Larry LarrangaCOllege basketball tickets: UNM vs. UNLV$150.00
Santillanes, Matejka 2/13/12100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$150.00
Romero, Richard2/8/12100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$150.00
Horan, Lawrence1/16/12Colonias Day EventEvent Sponsorship$150.00
Scanland, Scott1/14/12No detailBreakfast$150.00
Melendres, Arthur12/31/11No detailDiscuss legislative session$150.00
Gonzales, Marco9/16/11No detailGeneral$150.00
Trujillo, Antonio9/13/11No detailALEC Reception$150.00
Kimble, David4/15/11New Mexico Republican PartyLincoln Day Dinner$150.00
Minzner, Richard 3/11/11No detailBull Ring$150.00
Kimble, David2/28/11Rep.Jane Powdrell-CulbertPowdrell Lunch$150.00
Baca, Ruben2/7/11Freshman LegislatorsDinner/Vanessie's$150.00
Mahr, Edwin2/7/11Freshman LegislatorsDinner$150.00
Menapace, Joseph2/7/11Freshman LegislatorsWelcoming: NM Dental Assoc.$150.00
Ocheskey, Fred 2/7/11No detailDinner$150.00
Thompson, John Lee2/7/11Freshman LegislatorsHouse Freshman Dinner$150.00
Smith, Allison2/3/11Freshman LegislatorsIntroduction to freshman legislator$150.00
Horan, Lawrence2/2/11No detailLunch$150.00
Manzano, David1/26/11Sen. Richard Martinez, George Munoz, John Sapien, Rep Antonio Maestas, Andy NunezBirthday Party$150.00
Vargas , Vincente1/29/14Rep. Sandra Jeff, 2 NMSU personnel, 1 guestMeeting to discuss legislative issues$149.98
Trujillo, Antonio8/7/12Sen. Phil Griego, Sen. Richard Martinez, Rep. Andy Nunez, Rep. Kiki Saavedra + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$149.48
Baca, Ruben2/28/11Judiciary CommitteePranzo$149.42
Mahr, Edwin2/28/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$149.42
Sanchez, Raymond2/1/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$149.42
Sanchez, Raymond2/1/11No detailMeeting$149.42
Manzano, David8/23/12Legislative Finance CommitteeTo discuss NMT$148.83
Rel, Ricardo8/23/12No detailLunch$148.83
D'Antonio , Michael2/13/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$148.81
Sanchez, Raymond2/7/12Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$148.61
Lopez, Daniel3/13/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 4 guestsLegislative wrap-up$148.51
Phair, Joshua8/22/13No detailReception$148.50
Sechovec , Linda12/8/12Gov. Susana Martinezwine for fund raising event$148.29
Trujillo, Antonio3/11/13Sens. Stuart Ingle, John Arthur Smith, Phil Griego & Clemente Sanchez + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$148.24
Menapace, Joseph3/5/11Reps. Anna Crook & Jane Powdrell-CulbertDiscussion of HB 187$148.06
Leith, Leanne4/26/12various legislators (Rep. Roberto Gonzales, Sen. Cisco McSorley, Sen. DedeFeldman, Rep. Mimi Stewart, etc.)meals/coffees for legislators (various dates)$148.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/14/12House membersLunch for House of Representatives$148.00
Bundy, Carter1/24/13No detailDemocratic legislative dinner$147.92
Puelle, Michael 1/24/13No detailSpeaker's Dinner Sponsorship$147.92
Horan, Lawrence1/24/13House Committee ChairsDinner$147.91
Park, Alfred1/24/13House Democratic LeadershipHouse Democrat Leadership, Chairs & Vice Chairs Dinner$147.91
Traynor, Randy1/24/13House Democratic LeadershipSupport Leadship Dinner$147.91
Manzano, David3/3/11Sen. George Munoz & StaffDinner to Discuss NMT Issues$147.58
Rogers, Patrick2/12/14No detailGood will$147.52
D'Antonio , Michael12/18/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$147.50
Trujillo, Antonio7/23/12Sens. Bernadette Sanchez & David Ulibarri, Rep. Andy Nunez, Represenative William Rehm, Rep. Rudy Martinez, Rep. Eleanor Chavez + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$147.36
Trujillo, Antonio1/28/12Sens. John Arthur Smith, Tim Jennings; Reps. Andy Nunez, Nate Gentry, David Doyle + 8 GuestsMeal$147.30
Newby, Cathleen2/28/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$146.69
Thompson, Joseph M.6/17/14Rep. Paul PachecoIn Kind Event$146.48
Vargas , Vincente9/17/12No detailCommittee hearings$146.33
Vargas , Vincente10/29/13No detailMeeting- Capital Outlay Tour$146.27
Jaramillo, Matthew2/28/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$145.81
Yamada, Sayuri5/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$144.94
Trujillo, Antonio12/1/11Rep. Bandy, Hernell, Sens. Harden, Burt, plus 5 guestsMeal$144.84
Santillanes, Matejka2/4/13No detailMeetings$144.00
Barboa, Adriann3/14/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$143.99
Minzner, Richard 1/26/12No detailDinner$143.98
Rel, Ricardo12/20/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2012)$143.75
Gould, Leland6/7/11No detailDiscuss Potential legislation$143.70
Thompson, Joseph M.9/2/14Rep. Rick LittleIn Kind Event$143.63
Santillanes, Matejka3/15/13No detailMeetings$143.30
Trujillo, Antonio2/8/12Reps. Thomas Garcia, Nate Gentry, David Doyle + 6 GuestsMeal$143.28
Marshall, Glenn 'Randy"3/16/11Rep. William O'NeillPrescription$143.21
Marshall, Glenn 'Randy"3/1/11Rep. William O'NeillPrescription$143.21
Bowen, Michael3/5/13Sen. Cliff Pirtle & WifeIntroduction$142.98
Horan, Lawrence3/11/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$142.93
Mallery, Peter3/4/11No detailDinner$142.93
Mallery, Peter3/1/11No detailDinner$142.93
Rutherford, Jeremy1/18/11Hse/Sen Ldrship Staff, Sen Chief Clerk, SpeakerGoodwill/flowers weekly$142.75
Horan, Lawrence2/16/14Senate Rules CommitteeBreakfasts$142.50
Trujillo, Antonio1/16/13Sens. Richard Martinez & Jacob Candelaria + 11 GuestsGovernment Relations$142.48
Horan, Lawrence1/30/13Senate Democratic CaucusDinner$142.45
Horan, Lawrence3/19/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & StaffLunch$142.21
Ocheskey, Fred3/19/11Rep. Mary Helen Garcia & StaffCelebration at End of Session$142.21
Barboa, Adriann5/2/13No detailcar rental for travel to Las Vegas, NM for meeting with legislator$142.03
Lopez, Daniel3/9/13Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 2 guestsLast session review legislative appropriations$142.01
Gutierrez, Paul2/25/11Senate Finance CommitteeRefreshments for Staff, Committee Members & Public$141.73
Bullington, James2/19/11Rep. Jimmie Smith & WifeLobo Basketball Game Seting in Laguna Dev. Corp. Suite & Food$141.72
Bullington, James2/19/11Rep. Debbie Rodella & HusbandLobo Basketball Game Seting in Laguna Dev. Corp. Suite & Food$141.72
Bullington, James2/19/11Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino & WifeLobo Basketball Game Seting in Laguna Dev. Corp. Suite & Food$141.72
Rel, Ricardo4/27/11Includes meals/beverages for 10 people: Rep.Joni Gutierrez, Rep. Mary Jane Garcia, Sen.John Arthur Smith, Sen. Steve FischmannPost Legislative session briefing$141.60
Rel, Ricardo4/25/11Rep. Rick Little, Joseph Cervantes & Joni Gutierrez & GuestsLegislative Briefings$141.60
Rel, Ricardo4/20/11Includes meals/beverages for 10 people: Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Rep. Lujan, Rep. Andy Nunez, Rep. Joseph Cervantes,Post Legislative session briefing$141.60
Rel, Ricardo4/20/11Sen. Mary Kay Papen, William Burt, Rep. Lujan, Andy Nunez & GuestsLegislative Briefings$141.60
Vargas , Vincente2/28/13No detailLuncheon$141.52
Perry, Stephen8/25/14No detailfood and beverage$141.36
Balok, Aron2/10/11Senate Conservation CommitteeWater and Conservation Topics$140.93
Cowan, Caren2/10/11Senate Conservation CommitteeDinner$140.93
Idsinga, Beverly2/10/11No detailDinner$140.93
Trujillo, Antonio2/15/13Sens. Phil Griego & John Arthur Smith + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$140.90
Otero, Luke9/19/11Sen. George Munoz & Sen Richard Martinezlunch$140.84
D'Antonio , Michael4/12/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$140.00
Smith, William2/10/11No detailCommittee Dinner$140.00
Trujillo, Antonio12/11/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Clemente Sanchez, George Munoz + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$139.95
Trujillo, Antonio11/18/11Sens. Phil Griego, John Arthur Smith, Rep. Kiki Saavedra, plus 6 guestsMeal$139.89
Griffith, Sue2/23/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$139.55
Romero, Richard2/23/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$139.55
Scanland, Scott6/9/14No detailLunch$139.53
Yamada, Sayuri11/19/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$138.93
Trujillo, Antonio8/6/12Sen. Phil Griego, Reps. A. Nunez, K. Saavedra, J. Powdrell-Culbert + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$138.80
Vargas , Vincente1/28/12No detailLuncheon$138.75
Minzner, Richard3/11/11Sen. Phil Griego & Sen. Bernadette SanchezDrinks & hors d'oeuvres$138.71
Manzano, David12/12/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Ty Trujillo, Bob Barbarouse.To discuss Higher Education Funding Formula and Leadership in Senate & House.$138.65
Trujillo, Antonio8/8/14Sens. Pat Woods, Ron Griggs; Rep. Bob Wooley + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$138.63
Trujillo, Antonio2/6/14Reps. Dona Irwin & Mary Helen Garcia + 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$138.50
Buffett, Sandy2/14/12Rep. Gail Chaseymeal$138.48
C'deBaca, Ernest9/24/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$138.39
Anaya, Steven12/31/12No detailaggregate amount$138.37
Trujillo, Antonio8/11/14Sens. Pat Woods, Craig Brandt, Lee Cotter, Ron Griggs; Reps. Bob Wooley, James Smith, Tim Lewis + 13 GuestsGovernment Relations$138.11
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)6/13/13Legislative Finance CommitteeSponsorship of LFC Dinner$138.00
Bullington, James3/27/13Rep. Georgene Louisconcert tickets$138.00
Marquez, Charlie3/14/13House Chief Clerk and StaffRelationship building$138.00
Marquez, Charlie3/14/13House Chief Clerk and StaffRelatinship building$138.00
Arnold, Michelle1/30/12Senate Education CommitteeProvided food for Committee/Staff$138.00
Baca, Leo12/18/12Rep. Roberto GonzalesDiscuss upcoming legislation$137.84
Jaramillo, Matthew10/28/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$137.62
Vargas , Vincente1/21/12No detailLuncheon$137.53
Marquez, Charlie1/21/12House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeHAFC Committee Luncheon$137.51
Gonzales, Marco12/23/14No detailLobbying$137.47
Brandt, Varney3/12/13No detailDinner$136.86
Horan, Lawrence3/19/11Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeLunch$136.67
Thompson, John Lee3/19/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeSenate Judiciary Committee Lunch$136.67
Menapace, Joseph2/19/11House Speaker Ben Lujan & StaffAppreciation NM Dental Assoc. Co-host$136.67
D'Antonio , Michael7/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$136.20
Young, Tasia2/7/12Rep. Mimi StewartDiscuss pending legislation$135.49
Leach, Carol4/25/14No detaildiscuss pending issues$135.30
Vargas , Vincente10/19/11Reps. Jim White, Rep. Larry Larranaga, Rep. Don Tripp, Rep. Bill Gray, Vicente Vargas, Jon Boren, Dave ThompsonDiscussed NMSU RPSP expansion funding requests$135.03
King, Nancy M.6/4/13No detailLunch$134.27
Marquez, Charlie6/4/13Investments & Pension Leg. CommitteeDiscussed PERA pension initiatives$134.27
Marquez, Charlie6/4/13IPOC LunchIPOC Lunch$134.27
Lopez, Daniel3/11/13Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen Phil Griego & 2 guestsHB2 and other related Higher Ed matters$134.25
Rel, Ricardo12/15/11Includes meals/beverags for 10 people: Rep. Terry McMillan, Rep. Joseph Cervantes, Rep. Andy Nunez,Legislative briefings$134.25
Marquez, Charlie3/9/11Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell, Taylor, 3 guests, Ruben Baca & selfRelationship Building discussed Chile Assoc.$133.91
Scanland, Scott9/17/12No detailReception$133.63
McGonagle, Minda3/16/13No detailLegislation & general information discussions$133.50
Marquez, Charlie1/24/13Sen. Phil Griego plus guestRelationship building, discussed chile industry inititives$133.40
Manzano, David7/22/11Sen. Phil Griego, Ty Trujillo, Exec. Director of NM Community Colleges, Mo Chavez Attorney for NMOGATo discuss NM HIgher Ed Formula Funding$132.89
Thompson, John Lee2/7/14No detailLunch$132.56
Marquez, Charlie2/9/13Sen. Richard Martinez and SelfDiscussed Auto Carrier Initiatives$132.39
Trujillo, Antonio1/18/12Sens. Phil Griego & Wife, Richard Martinez + 21 GuestsMeal$132.15
Lopez, Daniel1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeRecognition for staff work$131.99
Trujillo, Antonio9/13/12Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeScience/Technology/Communications Legislative Mtg.$131.96
Thompson, John Lee2/13/12No detailLunch$131.80
Reilly-Mica, Tara 9/13/11No detailALEC Reception$131.61
Trujillo, Antonio6/4/14Sens. Ron Griggs, John Arthur Smith + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$130.90
Vargas , Vincente2/5/14Sen. John Sapien, 4 legislative staff, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss legislative issues$130.81
Trujillo, Antonio7/8/14Sens. John Arthur Smith, Carroll Leavell + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$130.74
Sanchez, Raymond3/13/13Senate StaffSnacks for Senate Staff$130.56
Bullington, James7/1/13Rep. Georgene Louis2 tickets to Matchbox 20$130.00
Roy, Pamela1/25/13No detailProvide locally produced salads to legislators on NM Food and Farms Day at the Capital.$130.00
Scanland, Scott3/2/13No detailDinner$129.99
Vargas , Vincente10/16/12Rep. Ernest Chavez and 2 peopleMeeting- Capitol Outlay$129.98
C'deBaca, Ernest8/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$129.98
Horan, Lawrence3/13/13No detailDinner$129.58
Mallery, Peter2/17/14No detailBreakfast$129.39
Trujillo, Antonio7/20/12Sen. David Ulibarri & Rep. Andy Nunez + 1 GuestGovernment Relations$129.10
Manzano, David1/26/12Rep. Andy Nunez and Sen. John Sapiren, Ricardo Gonzales, Director of Govermental Affairs for El Paso ElectricTo discuss Renewable Energy and what NM Tech can do to help with Jobs and getting individuals and students trained to work$129.03
Bullington, James12/2/11Rep. Antonio MaestasLodging$129.00
King, Nancy M.2/16/12Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss legislative issues$128.97
Sanchez, Raymond2/3/12House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$128.95
Menapace, Joseph3/18/11Sens. Tim Keller and Cisco McSorleyDiscussion of SB 465 for the Dental Assoc.$128.69
Leach, Carol3/10/14Sen. Lee Cotter and two othersdiscuss pending issues$128.25
Gonzales, Ricardo2/12/12Reps. David Doyle, Nate Gentry, Andy NunezDiscuss manufacturer pyramid taxing$128.00
Thompson, John Lee6/19/14No detailInterim Committee Lunch$127.56
Menapace, Joseph2/16/12House Speaker Ben Lujan & StaffAppreciation and Best Wishes$127.56
Gonzales, Ricardo3/4/13Senate Corporations Committee/Various Legislators & StaffLegislation$127.50
Maez, Stephanie9/12/12Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$127.40
Perry, Stephen8/8/12No detailfood and beverage$127.26
King, Nancy M.8/5/14No detailLunch$127.23
Vargas , Vincente5/1/12No detailCommittee hearings$127.19
Scanland, Scott7/16/12No detailLunch$127.12
Minzner, Richard 2/7/11No detailDinner$127.12
Muffoletto, Erin9/26/11Rep. Ray BegayeMeeting regarding clients$127.00
Anaya, Steven12/31/13No detailAggregate amount$126.55
Thompson, Joseph M.4/11/14Rep. Patricia Lundstrom EventIn Kind Event-Mark Fleisher Home$126.33
Lopez, Daniel6/6/12Sen. Clint Harden & 3 guestspreview and discuss new adjustments to funding formula for higher education$126.29
Thompson, John Lee3/11/11No detailNavajo School Children Lunch$125.75
Horan, Lawrence2/16/12Senate Education CommitteeLunch$125.59
Ocheskey, Fred 2/15/12No detailLunch$125.59
Gonzales, Ricardo 2/16/12Senate Education CommitteeSenate Education Committee Luncheon$125.58
Bullington, James9/8/11Rep. Ray BegayeLodging$125.55
Trujillo, Antonio1/25/12Sens. Richard Martinez, George Munoz, David Ulibarri + 1 GuestMeal$125.19
Young, Tasia3/19/14Reps. Yvette Herrell, Zachary Cook, Sens. Daniel Ivey-Soto, William Burt, Ron GriggsCounty District Meetings$125.00
Paisano, Stuart2/21/13No detailDiscuss Pending Legisaltion$125.00
Marquez, Charlie2/19/13Dona Ana County LegislatorsDiscuss Dona Ana Capital Outlay$125.00
Scanland, Scott10/26/12No detailBreakfast$125.00
Trujillo, Antonio4/19/12Sen. Phil Griego & Wife + 10 GuestsMeal$125.00
Koob, Julianna 2/2/12Senate Public Affairs CommitteeSPAC committee meeting$125.00
Hall, J.Scott10/2/11Energy Secy John BemisEntry fee for annual golf tournament$125.00
Horan, Lawrence3/14/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & StaffDinner$125.00
Paisano, Stuart2/13/11Sen. Lynda LovejoyProvided dinner for Senator Lynda Lovejoy's Birthday$125.00
Ray , Sam2/8/11No detailLunch School Kids$125.00
Trujillo, Antonio9/17/14No detailLunch Sponsorship - Behavioral Health Legis. Subco$124.75
Vargas , Vincente7/30/12No detailCommittee hearings$124.64
Trujillo, Antonio12/31/14Sen. Phil Griego + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$124.58
Trujillo, Antonio10/22/12Sen. John Arthur Smith + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$124.26
Puelle, Michael12/31/12No detailPolicy meetings & discussions$124.25
Leach, Carol11/5/14Sen. Lee Cotter and one otherelection results$124.24
Herrera, Susan1/1/12Rep. RIck Mieradiscuss educational legislation$124.04
Bullington, James12/17/13Sen. Linda Lopez4 Lobo basketball tickets$124.00
Trujillo, Martin12/28/11Gov. Susana MartinezMeet and Greet$124.00
Rel, Ricardo12/15/14No detailnone$123.83
Brandt, Varney1/20/14No detailCo-sponsor legislative dinner$123.70
Cravens, Kent12/8/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$123.69
Lopez, Daniel2/26/13Sen. Phil Griego & 3 guestsSB98, request to pass committee$123.54
Vargas , Vincente2/12/12Sen. John SapienDiscussed Funding Formula- Includes 1 NMSU staff member$123.39
Trujillo, Antonio8/14/14Sen. Richard Martinez; Reps. William Rehm, James Smith + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$123.30
C'deBaca, Ernest2/8/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$122.96
Johnson, Matthew9/11/13Sen. Richard MartinezDinner$122.29
Marquez, Charlie3/13/13Reps. Mary Helen Garcia, Eliseo Alcon, Gail ChaseyRelatinship building, discussed agricultural initiatives$122.18
Sanchez, Raymond3/15/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$121.92
Moore, Brent12/31/14No detailAggregate amount$121.77
Trujillo, Antonio12/17/14Sen. John Arthur SmithGovernment Relations$121.62
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Rep. James StricklerDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$121.58
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Sen. Stuart IngleDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$121.58
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Sen. Tim JenningsDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$121.58
Sellers, Thomas10/2/11Finance & Admin Secy Tom CliffordDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. meeting$121.58
Vargas , Vincente7/10/13Sen. John Sapien, Sen. Daniel-Ivey-Soto, 1 NMSU personnel, 1 guestMeeting to discuss NMSU initiatives$121.07
Lopez, Daniel2/11/14Sen. John Sapien, Senate Education staffAcknowledgement of support$121.03
Ferrell, Charles11/18/13No detailLunch$121.00
Lopez, Daniel11/16/11Sen. John Arthur Smith, Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, Bill Marametti, Deborah SeligmanBriefing regarding presentation to LFC on Higher Ed funding formula$120.97
Trujillo, Antonio6/19/12Sen. Richard Martinez & Sen. Phil Griego + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$120.84
Duran, Adela2/1/11Sen. John Pinto, Dine Collete guest and lobbyistsAppetizers$120.62
Rutherford , Thomas3/7/11No detailGoodwill/chocolate raisins$120.57
Rutherford , Thomas2/7/11No detailGoodwill/chocolate raisins$120.57
Rutherford , Thomas1/17/11No detailGoodwill/chocolate raisins$120.57
Yamada, Sayuri6/14/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$120.45
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/10/12Rep. Andy Nunez + 6Meal$120.11
Williams, Julie3/1/13No detailfood and beverage$120.08
Marquez, Charlie1/30/13Reps. Jane Powdrell-Culbert, Terry McMillan , Zachary Cook and Anna CrookDiscussed nurse scope of practice legislation$120.03
Puelle, Michael 9/3/13No detailNMOTA Annual Conference$120.00
Bullington, James6/22/13Tax & Revenue Secy Demesia Padilla2 comp tickets to Cheech and Chong$120.00
Bullington, James6/22/13Sen. Benny Shendo2 tickets to Cheech and Chong$120.00
Alarid, Vanessa4/24/12Various Bernalillo County CommissionersFirecracker code language$120.00
Bullington, James10/21/11Tommy RodellaMerle Haggard concert tickets$120.00
Marquez, Charlie2/18/11No detailBoxed Lunch Event$120.00
Balok, Aron2/15/11House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeWater & Natural Resources Topics$120.00
Cowan, Caren2/15/11House Agriculture & Water Resources CommitteeDinner$120.00
Idsinga, Beverly2/15/11No detailDinner$120.00
Smith, William2/15/11No detailCommitte Dinner$120.00
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Gerges ScottDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Asst. Land Commissioner Greg BloomDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Cultural properties review board Matthew BandyDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Rep. Steven NevilleDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Rep. Tom TaylorDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Robert Espinosa, Fish & WildlifeDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Land Commissioner Ray PowellDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Finance & Adminisration Secy Tom CliffordDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Sellers, Thomas10/7/12Sen. Tim JenningsDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$119.75
Young, Tasia2/14/11Sens. Dede Feldman & Steve FischmannDiscuss Legislation Affecting Counties$119.37
Drangmeister, Walter10/11/11No detaildiscuss interim committee presentation$119.21
Hobson, Maurice6/21/12PERA Board and StaffHospitality$119.04
C'deBaca, Ernest7/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$119.02
Trujillo, Antonio2/8/13Reps. James Smith & Yvette Herrell + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$118.84
Trujillo, Antonio8/7/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Rep. Andy Nunez, Rep. Kiki Saavedra + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$118.80
Fore, Delbert3/10/12Sen. & Mrs. Steven NevilleDinner$118.80
Sanchez, Raymond3/15/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$118.72
Roy, Pamela2/14/12No detailsmall thank you gifts$118.28
Vargas , Vincente1/20/14No detailLegislative Meeting$118.25
Vargas , Vincente3/12/13No detailLuncheon$118.10
Manzano, David2/17/14Sen. George Munoz, Sen. John Sapien and Staff.Discussed Funding Formula and New Mexico Tech's Budget$118.00
Vargas , Vincente2/12/142 Legislative Staff, 1 NMSU personnel, 1 guestMeeting to discuss nmsu issues$118.00
Bullington, James2/23/13Sen. Richard MartinezShow ticket and dinner$117.87
Marquez, Charlie3/9/11House Democratic LeadershipHouse Democratic Leadership Breakfast$117.69
Trujillo, Antonio10/6/12Sen. Tim Jennings, Sen. George Munoz + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$117.66
Scanland, Scott2/22/13No detailDinner$117.64
Ray , Sam2/16/12No detailLunch$117.55
Idsinga, Beverly2/20/14No detailDairy Gift Bags for Legislators$117.22
Vargas , Vincente9/16/13No detailCommittee hearings$116.69
Lopez, Daniel10/11/13Ron Forte and David Abbey and Dr. Jose Garciafollow-up meeting on funding formula for higher education.$116.21
Johnson, Matthew11/15/13Sen. Richard MartinezDinner$116.16
Cravens, Kent11/15/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$116.08
Trujillo, Antonio1/28/13Sen. Phil Griego + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$116.07
Cravens, Kent2/10/14No detailWorking Lunch$115.88
Trujillo, Antonio8/13/13Sens.: Lee Cotter, Clemente Sanchez; Reps.: Jim Trujillo, Kelly Fajardo, David Gallegos + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$115.70
Smith, William2/7/12House Republicans2012 Regular Session$115.49
Arnold, Michelle10/15/14Sen. John SapienMeeting to discuss college readiness, specifically AP and PSAT$115.40
Trujillo, Antonio1/17/12Sens. Richard Martinez, Phil Griego & Wife; Reps. Dianne Hamilton & husband, Mo Maestas + 36 GuestsMeal$115.32
Setter, Drew 2/3/12No detailDinner$115.05
Lopez, Daniel2/2/12Rep. Don Tripp & four guestsRequest for $66.0 appropriation for Science Fair Science Olympiad$115.05
Trujillo, Antonio12/10/13Sens.: John Arthur Smith, Clemente Sanchez, George Munoz; Rep. Kiki Saavedra + 5 GuestsGovernment Relations$114.48
Lopez, Daniel1/30/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra and 2 guestsUpdate on proposed HAFC funding for Higher Ed$114.30
Trujillo, Antonio2/4/13Sens. John Sapien, George Munoz & Joe Cervantes + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$114.21
Sanchez, Raymond3/15/13House StaffSnacks for House staff$114.12
Christensen-Boner, Barbara1/28/14No detailPhRMA TaskForce Dinner$114.09
Christensen-Boner, Barbara1/28/14No detailPhRMA TaskForce Dinner$114.09
Fletcher, Shelby1/28/14No detailDinner$114.09
Johnson, Matthew1/28/14No detailDinner$114.08
Lopez, Daniel2/25/11Rep. Kiki Saavedra & GuestsReview of HB 2 Funding for Higher Ed$113.64
Trujillo, Antonio1/16/12Reps. Andy Nunez, William Rehm + 8 GuestsMeal$113.60
Duran, Adela2/22/11No detailAppetizers$113.57
Paisano, Stuart2/1/12No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$113.45
Idsinga, Beverly2/18/14Roundhouse FeedRoundhouse Feed$113.44
Barnes, Sarah3/14/11No detailDinner$113.00
Menapace, Joseph2/10/12Senate Republican StaffAppreciation and Good Will$112.75
Johnson, Matthew11/14/13Sen. Richard MartinezDinner$112.61
Sullivan, Thomas3/10/11Senate Education StaffThank you lunch$112.29
Scanland, Scott11/14/13No detailBreakfast$112.25
Padilla, Mark12/31/11No detailLegislator visits$111.92
Lopez, Daniel2/15/11Info Tech Secy Darrell Ackley & GuestsRole of State computing & higher education senate confirmation support$111.58
Thompson, John Lee3/11/13No detailLunch$111.25
Vargas , Vincente2/20/13Sen. John Sapin, 1 NMSU personnel, 1 guestMeeting/Lunch$111.22
Baca, Leo2/3/11Rep. Dennis Roch & Rep. Tim LewisDiscuss HB 17$110.82
Baca, Leo10/28/14Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteeDiscuss telecommunications issues$110.75
Menapace, Joseph2/8/14Sen. and Mrs. Ron GriggsDinner$110.41
Brandt, Varney2/10/14No detailCo-sponsor legislative dinner$110.15
Gutierrez, Paul2/9/11House Appropriation and Finance CommitteeRefreshments for Staff, Committee Members & Public$109.86
Lopez, Daniel1/11/14Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 3 guestsHAFC budget testimony for HED appropraition$109.50
Baca, Ruben2/16/11Sen. John Arthur Smith and Sen. Richard MartinezRio Chama Steakhouse$109.29
West, Cynthia7/10/12No detailDiscussing Legislation$109.03
Houston, Les3/11/11House Appropriation and Finance Committee StaffHouse Appropriations Committee Staff$108.78
McGonagle, Minda2/14/12No detailCommittee Dinner$108.00
Vargas , Vincente7/16/13Sen. Clemente Sanchez, 1 guest, 4 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU activities$107.87
Baca, Leo1/28/13Rep. Roberto GonzalesSponsor lunch for Taos 5th grade students$107.75
Lopez, Daniel3/6/13Sen. Jacob Candelaria & two guestsCapital Outlay discussion$107.42
Perry, Stephen9/19/14No detailfood and beverage$107.15
Walker , Jerry1/17/13Reps. Sharon Clauschilliage, Paul Pacheco, Jason Harper, Jerry Walker, Domonic SilvaSocial$107.07
Leith, Leanne3/9/13Rep. Mimi Stewart, guest & advocatessocial dinner$106.98
Phillips, Sonia 2/16/11No detailDinner and Reception$106.92
Mitchell, Rhonda2/16/11No detailSenate Rules Dinner$106.91
Park, Alfred3/7/13House Judiciary CommitteeHouse Judiciary Committee Members & Staff Dinner$106.88
Horan, Lawrence3/6/13House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$106.88
Cole, Terri1/27/11Chamber Transportation Council/Rep. Bobby GonzalesPresentation of Transportation initiatives$106.80
Winn, Lisa11/7/11Rep. Joseph CervantesDinner$106.74
Winn, Lisa11/7/11Sen. Stuart IngleDinner$106.74
Winn, Lisa11/7/11Sen. Vernon David AsbillDinner$106.74
Duran, Adela11/17/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesMeals/Beverages$106.67
Cravens, Kent3/7/13Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$106.40
Cravens, Kent3/7/13Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$106.40
Cravens, Kent3/7/13Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliagediscuss pending legislation$106.40
Otero, Luke 3/7/13No detailCommittee Dinner$106.02
Henson, Charles3/8/12No detailDISCUSS 2012 LEGISLATIVE SESSION$106.00
Vargas , Vincente11/11/13Rep. Miguel Garcia, Rep. Doreen Gallegos, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU RPSP funding$105.53
Vargas , Vincente9/17/12No detailCommittee hearings$105.44
Trujillo, Antonio8/8/11Sen. George Munoz & wife, plus 8 guestsMeal$105.34
Cravens, Kent12/2/11No detailALEC Conference$105.30
Marquez, Charlie2/6/14House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeHouse Taxation and Revenue Committee Dinner$105.16
Trujillo, Antonio1/17/12Rep. Andy Nunez & Wife + 18 GuestsMeal$105.06
Horan, Lawrence2/16/12Senate Rules CommitteeBreakfast$105.00
Rosen, Joshua2/25/11Sen. Clinton HardenInformation briefing on film industry issues for MPANM$105.00
Baca, Leo11/25/14Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbert and guestDiscuss legislation$104.20
Baca, Leo12/31/12No detailVarious in aggregate$104.17
Moore, Brent3/13/13No detailDinner$104.12
Lopez, Daniel2/13/14Sen. Clemente Sanchez and Sen. Phil Griegolegislation and funding issues$104.06
Cravens, Kent6/26/12Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater & Natural Resources Dinner$104.06
Vargas , Vincente6/26/12Sen. Clinton Harden, Sen. Mary Jane Garcia, Rep. James Strickler, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Rep. Larry Larranaga, Sen. Phil Griego, Sen.Carol Cisneros, Rep. Anna Crook, Sen. McSorley,Discussed Water & Natural Resources Committee hearings$104.06
Vargas , Vincente11/18/14Rep. Sandra Jeff, 1 guest, 1 NMSU personnelbusiness meeting$104.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie3/13/13Rep.Jane Powdrell-CulbertDinner meeting to discuss dental therapist legislation$104.00
Thompson, John Lee3/13/13No detailDinner (Shared Cost)$104.00
Vargas , Vincente10/19/11Scott Scanland, Reps. Bill Gray, Dave Thompson, Jon Boren, Vicente VargasDiscussed NMSU RPSP expansion funding requests$103.83
Bullington, James1/28/11Rep. Ray BegayeFor Family & Friends of Rep. Begaye$103.66
Ferrell, Charles3/19/11Speakers LuncheonLunch$103.49
Santillanes, Matejka3/19/11Rep. Ben LujanLunch$103.49
Ray , Sam2/19/11Speaker's Staff LuncheonThank you$103.49
C'deBaca, Ernest7/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$103.40
Barboa, Adriann1/28/14No detailrental car for travel to Santa Fe, NM for legislative session$103.36
Thompson, John Lee9/30/12No detailGallup Dinner$103.19
Baca, Leo9/20/12Econ. and Rural Dev. Legislative Interim CommitteeAttend committee meeting$103.19
Ray , Sam9/20/12No detailCommittee Dinner$103.19
C'deBaca, Ernest4/2/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$103.13
Ferrell, Charles9/20/12No detailEconomic Rural Development Committee$103.09
Trujillo, Antonio8/15/11Sens. Phil Griego and John Arthur Smith, plus 5 guestsMeal$102.28
Sanchez, Raymond2/9/12House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeDinner$102.20
Trujillo, Antonio2/20/13Sens. John Arthur Smith & Clemente Sanchez + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$102.13
Rosen, Joshua2/15/12Sen. Joseph Cervantes, Doyle, Rep. Andy Nunez, Sen. John Sapienupdate on legislative matters$102.00
Trujillo, Antonio7/20/12Sen. David Ulibarri, Rep. Andy Nunez, Rep. William Rehm, Rep. Paul Bandy + 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$101.88
Marquez, Charlie2/19/11Rep. Mary Helen GarciaRelationship building, discussed no specific initiatives$101.74
Sanchez, Raymond3/19/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$100.87
Vargas , Vincente2/6/13Sen. John Sapien, 2 guests, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting/lunch to discuss NMSU testimony before SEC$100.39
Sellers, Thomas3/9/12Sen. & Mrs. Steven NevilleEntertainment$100.08
Marquez, Charlie1/24/13Sen. Phil Griego & guestRelationship building$100.05
Vargas , Vincente11/1/14Rep. Rudy Martinezfootball game$100.00
Santillanes, Matejka 10/28/14No detailReceptiion$100.00
Young, Tasia3/20/14Reps. Kelly Fajardo, Alonzo Baldonado, Don Tripp, Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoCounty District Meetings$100.00
Young, Tasia3/20/14Reps. Kelly Fajardo, Alonzo Baldonado, Don Tripp, Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoCounty District Meetings$100.00
Young, Tasia3/18/14Reps. Bill McCamley, Rudy Martinez, Sens. Daniel Ivey-Soto, Mary Kay PapenCounty District Meetings$100.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/20/14House Democratic LeadershipSponsorship of House Majority luncheon;$100.00
Ray , Sam2/15/14100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$100.00
Thompson, John Lee2/12/14No detailLunch, portion$100.00
Smith, Allison2/10/14100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$100.00
Thompson, John Lee1/29/14No detailLunch, portion$100.00
Idsinga, Beverly3/2/13No detailHouse vs. Senate Basketball Game$100.00
Gillis, John 2/27/13100 Bill PartyHouse Bill 100 party$100.00
Griffith, Sue2/23/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$100.00
Romero, Richard2/23/13100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$100.00
McGonagle, Minda2/15/13Legislative Whips SocialSponsorship$100.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/8/13No detailSponsorship of Legislative Luncheon$100.00
Puelle, Michael 1/21/13No detailInternational Day (District 17)$100.00
Marquez, Charlie2/13/12Rep. Ben LujanGift Portrait$100.00
Idsinga, Beverly2/11/12No detailHouse v. Senate Basketball Game$100.00
Koob, Julianna 2/11/12100 Bill Party100 bill party$100.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/10/12Rep. Ben LujanGoing away gift contribution$100.00
Puelle, Michael2/10/12Rep. Ben LujanPresentation of portrait for retirement$100.00
Puelle, Michael 2/10/12100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$100.00
Marquez, Charlie2/9/12House membersHouse Luncheon$100.00
Walker , Jerry2/9/12No detailCo-Sponsorhip of Lunches$100.00
Smith, Allison2/8/12100 Bill Party100th Bill Party$100.00
Santillanes, Matejka 2/3/12No detailReception$100.00
Smith, Allison2/1/12No detailHouse Senate Basketball Game$100.00
King, Nancy M.11/17/11No detailLunch$100.00
Idsinga, Beverly3/3/11No detailHouse v. Senate Basketball Game$100.00
Foster, Karin2/23/11Sen. Tim KellerDonation$100.00
Foster, Karin2/23/11Sen. Tim KellerSenator Tim Keller$100.00
Menapace, Joseph2/18/11Rep. Roger MadalenaPersonal:Annually-observed birthday gift certificate for new running shoes$100.00
Horan, Lawrence 2/17/11No detailInternational Day$100.00
Kimble, David2/14/11100 Bill Party100 BIll Party$100.00
Menapace, Joseph2/11/11No detailAfrican American Day (at legislature)$100.00
Kimble, David2/10/11Republican Party of Santa FeRepublican Party Event$100.00
McBride, Robert2/7/11100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$100.00
Koob, Julianna2/6/11Senate Judiciary CommitteeDinner$100.00
Koob, Julianna2/5/11SMC Committee DinnerDinner$100.00
Baca, Ruben2/3/11Sen. Richard MartinezGift Card$100.00
Waldrop, Rebecca2/12/13Sen. Richard MartinezDinner$99.61
Marquez, Charlie2/6/12Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Rep. Lucky Varela and staffRelationship building, discussed budget initiatives$99.54
Santillanes, Matejka3/11/11Gov. Susana Martinezflowers$99.53
Lopez, Daniel2/17/14Sens. Carroll Leavell, Donald Bratton, Bill Gray, Gay KernanRequest for contact information on oil and gas industry$99.30
Trujillo, Antonio8/9/11Sen. John Arthur Smith & wife and Reps. Kiki Saavedra and Sandoval, plus 1 guestMeal$99.08
Bullington, James3/7/14Sen. Benny ShendoOne n ight lodging for himself$99.00
Bullington, James11/11/13Rep. Sandra JeffHotel room for birthday$99.00
Bradley, Walter11/14/12No detailDinner$99.00
Cowan, Caren11/14/12No detailDinner$99.00
Smith, William11/14/12No detailDinner$99.00
Smith, William2/12/13House Republicans2013 Legislative Session$98.80
Winn, Lisa9/2/11Sen. Kent L. CravensDinner$98.39
Winn, Lisa9/2/11Sen. Stuart IngleDinner$98.39
Young, Tasia12/10/12Rep. Jim TrujilloDiscuss legislative issues$98.34
Vargas , Vincente10/24/13Sen. George Munoz, Sen. Howie Morales, 1 guest, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU Athletics$98.22
Menapace, Joseph3/9/11Reps. Mary Helen Garcia & Dnna IrwinDiscussion of HB 187 for the NM Dental Assoc.$98.11
Trujillo, Antonio8/9/13Sens.: Lee Cotter, Bill Payne, Bill Burt; Rep. Yvette Herrell + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$97.84
Baca, Leo2/1/13Rep. Roberto GonzalesSponsor lunch for Taos school students$97.75
Gillis, John 2/21/13No detaildinner$97.50
Brandt, Varney2/20/13No detailLegislative Dinner$97.50
Marquez, Charlie2/15/11Sen. John Sapien, 2 guests & selfPERA initiatives$97.44
Rel, Ricardo1/25/13Dona Ana County delegationbriefing$97.32
Horan, Lawrence3/3/11Senate Rules CommitteeBreakfast$97.24
Leach, Carol1/26/14Sen. Lee Cotter, Sen. Pat Woods and two otherspending issues discussion$97.20
Vargas , Vincente5/4/12Sen. Tim Jennings Sen. Stuart Ingle, Sen. John Smith, Rep. Larry Larranaga, 4 guestsDiscussed legislative issues$97.00
Trujillo, Antonio3/4/13Sens. Clemente Sanchez & Joe Cervantes + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$96.86
Trujillo, Antonio8/26/13Sen.: Phil Griego, Mary Kay Papen + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$96.24
Leith, Leanne8/27/12Rep. Mimi Stewartmeeting$96.21
Marquez, Charlie1/17/11Rep. Thomas Garcia & Rep. Richard VigilRelationship building, discussed healthcare initiatives$96.17
Trujillo, Antonio7/21/12Sen. Bernadette Sanchez, Rep. Rudy Martinez, Rep. Tom Anderson, Rep. William Rehm + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$96.16
C'deBaca, Ernest8/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$96.08
Baca, Max2/3/14No detailgift$96.00
Horan, Lawrence3/14/13Senate Democratic CaucusDinner$95.80
Trujillo, Antonio4/3/12Sen. Phil Griego + 5 GuestsMeal$95.62
Vargas , Vincente12/6/12Rep. Jim White, Rep. Don Tripp, Rep. Larry Larranaga, Rep. Jim Hall, Rep. Bill Gray, 2 NMSU officialsDiscussed NMSU legislative priorities$95.57
Horan, Lawrence3/11/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeDinner$95.32
Mallery, Peter3/4/11No detailDinner$95.31
Vargas , Vincente2/20/13Sen. Benny Shendo, Sen. George Munoz, Sen. Michael Padilla, Sen. Clemento Sanchez, Sen. Joseph CervantesMeeting/Lunch$95.30
Buffett, Sandy2/3/11Sen. Eric GriegoDinner$95.21
Marquez, Charlie2/5/11Rep. Dona Irwin & Rep. J. CervantesRelationship building, discussed no specific initiatives$95.16
Cravens, Kent10/5/13Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss interim committee work$95.00
Cravens, Kent10/5/13Sen. Carroll Leavelldiscuss interim committee work$95.00
Cravens, Kent10/5/13Rep. James Smithdiscuss interim committee work$95.00
Phair, Joshua8/23/13Gov. Susana MartinezDinner$95.00
Manjarrez, Amanda2/16/12No detailDiscuss pending legislation$94.72
Leach, Carol11/18/14Sen. Ron Griggs, Rep. Bob Wooley, Sen. Lee Cotter and one otherUpcoming interim hearings$94.67
Rel, Ricardo9/16/12Rep.Donald Bratton & guest, Sen. Larry Larranaga, and 2 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU$94.36
Cravens, Kent1/28/14PRC Commissioner Patrick Lyonsdiscuss pending legislation$94.31
Marquez, Charlie8/14/12Sens.: Cisco McSorley, Dede Felman, Reps.: William O'NeillRelation building, discussed Medicaid initiatives$93.62
Baca, Leo12/31/13No detailLobbying legislation or other issues$93.55
Doggett, Elizabeth4/10/13No detailStates Champs Reception$93.41
Manzano, David2/10/11Sen. John Arthur SmithGroceries for Office & Staff$93.32
Trujillo, Antonio7/11/13Sens. Phil Griego, Stuart Ingle + 10 GuestsGovernment Relations$93.14
Fletcher, Shelby5/13/14Rep. Antonio MaestasMeal$93.13
Fletcher, Shelby5/13/14Sen. Jacob CandelariaMeal$93.13
Fletcher, Shelby5/13/14Sen. Michael PadillaMeal$93.13
Bullington, James12/17/13Sen. Jacob Candelaria3 Lobo basketball tickets$93.00
Marquez, Charlie3/3/11House Democratic LeadershipHouse Majority Office Dinner$93.00
Sanchez, Raymond3/14/13Sen. Richard MartinezDinner$92.98
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Land Commissioner Ray PowellDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$92.97
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Asst. Land Commissioner Greg BloomDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$92.97
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Rep. Tom TaylorDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$92.97
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Finance & Adminisration Secy Tom CliffordDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$92.97
Sellers, Thomas10/5/14Sen. Pat WoodsDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$92.97
Baca, Leo1/20/13Sen. Richard MartinezDiscuss Senate Bills$92.91
Minzner, Richard8/21/12No detailDinner$92.83
Leith, Leanne2/4/13Reps. Roberto Gonzales, Jeff Steinborn, Emily Kane & Sen. Cisco McSorleygroceries/supplies$92.56
Duran, Adela3/25/11No detailLunch$92.50
Vargas , Vincente1/21/14No detailLegislative Meeting$92.45
Yamada, Sayuri11/30/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$92.34
Cravens, Kent10/6/13Rep. Bob Wooleydiscuss interim committee work$92.29
Cravens, Kent10/6/13Rep. Larry Larranagadiscuss interim committee work$92.29
Smith, William10/16/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Reception$92.00
Bowen, Michael10/15/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeDinner for Interim Water Committee$92.00
Thompson, John Lee9/17/12House Taxation and Revenue CommitteeReception (NMSU) Tax & Rev Committee$91.43
C'deBaca, Ernest5/31/11No detailInform Elected Officials on PNM issues$91.42
Horan, Lawrence2/8/14House Business and Industry CommitteeDinner$91.00
Barboa, Adriann3/7/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$91.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/16/11No detailDinner$91.00
Vargas , Vincente10/3/12Brandon Trujillo, 2 NMSU personnel, 2 guestsMeeting: re: military and vet issues on higher education$90.97
King, Nancy M.4/25/13No detailAggregate amount$90.43
Trujillo, Antonio9/22/11Sen. John Sapien, Phil Griego, Rep. Andy Nunez, plus 2 guestsMeal$90.24
King, Nancy M.2/8/14No detailDinner$90.21
Marquez, Charlie2/8/14House Business and Industry CommitteeHouse Business and Industry Committee Dinner$90.20
Otero, Luke 2/8/14No detailDinner$90.20
Trujillo, Antonio10/10/11Sens. Clinton Harden, Phil Griego, Rep. Andy Nunez, plus 4 guestsMeal$90.18
Trujillo, Antonio1/24/12Sen. David Ulibarri & Wife + 4 GuestsMeal$90.04
Sanchez, Raymond3/12/13Reps. William Rehm & Nate GentryDinner$90.00
Horan, Lawrence3/9/11House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$90.00
Marquez, Charlie2/4/13Sen. Phil Griego plus 3 guests and selfRelationship building, discussed car dealer legislation$89.96
Barboa, Adriann2/19/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots org$89.80
Paisano, Stuart3/4/11Sen. George Munoz & Sen. John SapienProvided food and beverages while discussing SB 19$89.75
Perry, Stephen12/5/13No detailfood and beverage$89.55
Williams, Julie12/5/13No detailfood and beverage$89.55
Barboa, Adriann3/15/13Sen. Cisco McSorley's office teammeet with legislator's office$89.52
Ocheskey, Fred3/10/11Sen. Cynthia Nava & GuestsRefreshments for Legislation Discussion$89.27
Marquez, Charlie1/13/13Rep. Earnest Chavey, Bill McCamley and Rudy MartinesDiscussed Agricultural initiatives$89.18
Bullington, James3/7/14Sen. Jacob CandelariaLodging for himself for one night$89.00
Trujillo, Antonio1/31/12Sen. Michael Sanchez + 9 GuestsMeal$88.60
Minzner, Richard4/25/12No detailDinners$88.49
Trujillo, Antonio7/19/12Sen. David Ulibarri, Rep. Paul Bandy, Rep. William Rehm + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$88.23
Santillanes, Matejka2/3/13No detailMeetings$87.82
Pearce , Amber3/26/12No detailAggregate amount for legislators$87.67
Lopez, Daniel1/27/14House Appropriation and Finance Committee Staffrecongition for work done$87.30
Marquez, Charlie2/4/12Sen. George Munoz & Sen. John SapienRelationship building, discussed budget initiatives$87.16
Chavez, Chris3/11/11Staff; Dannielle Pinto, Yolando Pinto NMFLDiscussion on the overall legislative session$86.90
Balok, Aron1/24/14House RepublicansSnacks and water for office/ water issues$86.82
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Asst. Land Commissioner Greg BloomDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$86.82
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Finance & Adminisration Secy Tom CliffordDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$86.82
Sellers, Thomas10/6/13Sen. Stuart IngleDinner held during NM Oil & Gas Assn. Meeting$86.82
Gillis, John4/25/12No detailmeals$86.79
Gillis, John4/25/12No detailfood$86.79
D'Antonio , Michael2/2/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$86.56
Brandt, Varney11/28/12Sen. Carroll Leavell and wifeDiscuss proposed legilsation$86.49
Cravens, Kent10/4/11No detaildiscuss interim committee presentation$86.48
Marquez, Charlie1/23/13Sen. George Munoz & StaffDiscussed PERA initiatives$86.31
Jaramillo, Matthew1/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$86.30
D'Antonio , Michael11/30/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$86.20
Paisano, Stuart1/26/11Rep. Nate Gentry & David DoyleIntroduction of the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise$86.11
Omey, Samantha11/19/13No detailLunch$86.10
Groenewold, Keven10/31/12No detaillobbying$86.00
Cravens, Kent12/5/11Legislative Finance CommitteeLFC Luncheon$86.00
Vargas , Vincente12/5/11 Sen. John Arthur Smith, Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Rep. King, Rep. William K. Gray, Rep. Don Tripp, Rep.Larry Larranaga, Sen. Carlos Cisneros, Rep. Edward Sandoval, Sen. Steven Neville, Rep. NaLFC committee luncheon$86.00
Vargas , Vincente7/3/14Sen. Abeyta, Sen. John Sapien, 1 NMSU personnel, 1 guestMeeting to discuss NMSU' capital outlay and public television$85.96
Vargas , Vincente10/29/141 LFC staff and 1 NMSU Personnelmeeting$85.86
Trujillo, Antonio8/6/11Sen. George Munoz & wife, plus 5 guestsMeal$85.82
Rel, Ricardo2/18/14No detailMeeting/luncheon$85.50
Earp, Danny2/17/14Legislative Finance Committee Stafflunch in appreciation of staff work during legislative session$85.50
Baca, Ruben2/14/11Sen. John Ryan, Sen. Tim Keller and Sen. Sander RueDinner/ Rio Chama Steakhouse$85.32
Rel, Ricardo12/6/12Sen.John Arthur Smith, 3 NMSU personnel, and 2 other guestsDiscussed NMSU legislative priorities$85.30
Newby, Cathleen9/24/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$85.12
Trujillo, Antonio8/11/14Sen. Richard Martinez; Rep. Bobbie Gonzales + 2 GuestsGovernment Relations$85.00
Otero, Luke10/18/11Sen.Phil Griego, Rep. Martinezlunch$84.64
Vargas , Vincente11/13/12Rep. Ed. Sandoval, Sen. John Sapien, Rep. Rhonda King, Sen. Peter Wirth, 1 NMSU officialMeeting- discussed higher education formula$84.59
Marquez, Charlie2/19/13Sens.: William O'Neill, Tim Keller, Jacob CandelariaRelationship building, discussed food labeling initatives$84.54
Buffett, Sandy2/18/11Rep. Mimi StewartDinner$84.52
Horan, Lawrence2/26/13House Business and Industry CommitteeCommittee Dinner$84.49
King, Nancy M.2/26/13No detailDinner$84.49
Marquez, Charlie2/26/13House Business and Industry CommitteeBusiness and Industry Committee Dinner$84.49
Otero, Luke 2/26/13No detailCommittee Dinner$84.49
Trujillo, Antonio10/3/11Rep. Miguel Garcia, Andy Nunez, plus 5 guestsMeal$84.38
Vargas , Vincente10/12/13Rep. Ken Martinez, Rep. Moe Masestas, Sen. Cisco McGorley, 1 guest, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU$84.32
Buffett, Sandy2/18/11Rep. Mimi StewartDinner$84.32
Trujillo, Antonio2/10/14Sen. Joe Cervantes; Reps. Dona Irwin & Mary Helen Garcia + 6 GuestsGovernment Relations$84.03
Rosen, Joshua2/24/11Sen. John Sapien & Rep. Nate GentryInformation briefing on film industry issues for MPANM$84.00
Trujillo, Antonio9/19/12Rep. Andy Nunez + 9 GuestsGovernment Relations$83.99
Marquez, Charlie3/6/13Reps. Mary Helen Garcia, Eliseo Alcon, Gail ChaseyDiscussed Agricultural Initiatives$83.95
Cravens, Kent10/5/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss interim committee work$83.81
Cravens, Kent2/6/14Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$83.68
Cravens, Kent2/6/14Rep. Jason Harperdiscuss pending legislation$83.68
Cravens, Kent2/6/14Rep. Paul Pachecodiscuss pending legislation$83.68
Rel, Ricardo12/20/12No detailTotal expenditures under $75.00 (April 25 - Dec. 31, 2012)$83.66
Trujillo, Antonio9/12/12Sen. Mary Kay Papen + 12 GuestsGovernment Relations$83.35
Cravens, Kent1/31/12No detailMeal$83.12
Trujillo, Antonio5/19/11Sens. John Arthur Smith and Stuart Ingle, plus 4 guestsMeal$83.08
Baca, Leo10/10/14Sen. Richard Martinez and guestDiscuss legislation$83.06
Manzano, David9/7/11John Anderson Lobbyist for Western NM and Sen. Howie MoralesTo discuss special session and unemployement insurance bill$83.00
Vargas , Vincente2/9/11Rep. Andy Nunez/Sen. Phil Griego & GuestsDiscussion: Legislative Issues$83.00
Deede, Raymond3/10/11Sen. Lynda Lovejoy, Staff, PRC Comm. P. LyonsHigh-level Regulation & Tribe Matters$82.70
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$82.52
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$82.52
Paisano, Stuart2/2/12Sen. Tim Jennings & Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation for Constituent$82.50
Thompson, John Lee12/31/11No detailPending Legislation (Aggregate)$82.42
Sellers, Thomas4/15/11Rep. Tom TaylorDinner$82.27
Stratton, Harold12/31/12No detailDiscussion of Pending Administrative and Legislative Issues$82.23
Marquez, Charlie3/7/11Sen. Bernadette Sanchez, David Ulibarri, R. Sanchez & selfRelationship Building discussed Chile Assoc.$82.15
Gould, Leland10/2/11No detailDiscuss 2011 and the 2012 Session$81.99
Donaldson, Robert10/29/13Sen. John RyanDinner$81.86
Trujillo, Antonio6/11/12Sen. John Arthur Smith + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$81.49
Trujillo, Antonio5/23/12Sen. Tim Jennings & Sen. Stuart Ingle + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$81.20
Reilly-Mica, Tara2/8/12Senate minority office staff - Kathy Rivera, Tamela Lewis and Cynthia RomeroThank You gift$81.14
Trujillo, Antonio3/8/13Reps. Kiki Saavedra & Bobby Gonzales + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$81.08
Trujillo, Antonio9/10/12Sen. Phil Griego + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$81.08
Trujillo, Antonio2/4/12Reps. Andy Nunez, Mary Helen Garcia + 5 GuestsMeal$81.00
Rosen, Joshua2/27/11Sen. George MunozInformation briefing on film industry issues for MPANM$81.00
Oakeley, David12/30/13Rep. Debbie RodellaDiscuss Legislation$80.86
Fries, James1/18/12No detailBrkfast mtg w/ Rep's Garcia & Vigil$80.65
Trujillo, Antonio8/28/12Sen. Phil Griego, Rep. Andy Nunez + 4 GuestsGovernment Relations$80.62
Trujillo, Antonio3/10/13Sens. John Arthur Smith & Phil Griego + 3 GuestsGovernment Relations$80.60
Lopez, Daniel2/6/13Sen. Jacob Candelaria & two guestsHigher Education Funding$80.50
Sanchez, Raymond3/8/11No detailMeeting with legislative members$80.19
Trujillo, Antonio12/1/12Sen. Bernadette Sanchez, Sen. Phil Griego + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$80.16
Gonzales, Ricardo2/2/14Rep. Kiki SaavedraDiscuss Las Crucess Issues for Las Cruces Day$80.13
Hatanaka, Anna12/26/11No detailDevelopmental Disabilities$80.07
Gould, Leland3/17/12Rep. Antonio MaestasNCAA Regional Basketball Games$80.00
Gould, Leland3/15/12Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoNCAA Regional Basketball Games$80.00
Gould, Leland3/15/12Rep. James SmithNCAA Regional Basketball Games$80.00
Gould, Leland3/15/12Rep. Larry LarranagaNCAA Regional Basketball Games$80.00
Gould, Leland3/15/12Rep. Antonio MaestasNCAA Regional Basketball Games$80.00
Hatanaka, Anna3/13/11Rep. Ed Sandoval & 5 GuestsAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$80.00
Bullington, James3/7/11Rep. Debbie RodellaH.S. Basketball Tournament Tickets at UNM Pit$80.00
Brandt, Varney1/21/13No detailLegislative Dinner$79.96
Romero, Mercedes1/21/11HAFC, SFC, Senate Chamberssnacks, candy$79.96
Barboa, Adriann1/31/14No detailmileage reimbursement for lobbyist travel to NM legislative session & Roundhouse w/ Senators & Representatives$79.90
Vargas , Vincente12/12/13Sen. Michael Padilla, 2 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss investment legislation$79.86
Barboa, Adriann3/17/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$79.48
Leith, Leanne3/5/13Sen. Michael Sanchez & stafflunch delivery$79.26
Trujillo, Martin2/14/12Rep. Dave Doyle, Rep Nate Gentry, Rep Antonio Maestas, Rep William Rehm2012 Legislative issues$79.21
Torza, Deborah2/5/13No detaillunch meeting$79.08
Moore, Brent12/31/13No detailAggregate amount$79.05
Vargas , Vincente6/6/12Rep. Andy Nunez, Rep. Nate Gentry, Rep.Yvette Herrell, Rep. Cork, 1 NMSU officialDiscussed Alamogordo Capitol Outlay FY 13 budget$78.99
Daniel, John2/16/12No detailDiscuss pending legislation$78.48
Vargas , Vincente1/13/14Rep. Ken Martinez, Martha Minogue, 1 NMSU personnelMeeting to discuss NMSU legislative issues$78.45
Trujillo, Antonio9/18/12Sen. Phil Griego + 10 GuestsGovernment Relations$77.97
Vargas , Vincente9/13/11Sens. John Sapien, Hector De La Torre, Francisco Abeyta,discussed: NMSU intellectual property rights$77.74
Paisano, Stuart1/30/12No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$77.62
Trujillo, Antonio1/30/12Sen. John Arthur Smith; Rep. Thomas Garcia + 5 GuestsMeal$77.46
Walker , Jerry10/18/11Sen. Stuart IngleDiscussion of Banking Issues$77.33
Trujillo, Antonio1/29/13Sen. Phil Griego + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$77.22
Lopez, Daniel12/5/12Rep. Kiki Saavedra & 2 guestsHigher Education review$76.91
Nation, Brenda11/18/11No detailto discuss proposed legislation$76.90
Trujillo, Antonio6/11/13Sen. John Arthur Smith; Rep. Kiki Saavedra + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$76.50
Rel, Ricardo9/25/12Sen. John Arthur Smith and 1 NMSU personnelMeeting/lunch to discuss NMSU legislative issues$76.43
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)1/3/12Rep. Andy Nunez + 3Meal$76.33
Trujillo, Antonio7/21/14Sen. Phil Griego + 8 GuestsGovernment Relations$76.25
Trujillo, Antonio1/27/13Sen. Joe Cervantes & Rep. Mary Helen Garcia + 7 GuestsGovernment Relations$76.22
Yamada, Sayuri11/30/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$76.00
Vargas , Vincente10/25/11Science Technology and Telecommunications CommitteePurchased food products for committee and staff$75.92
Romero, Regina4/25/14No detaildiscuss legislative issues$75.90
Edwards, H. Reese11/15/12Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. MartinezMeeting regarding Medicaid expansion, 2014 HIT, exchange$75.87
Vargas , Vincente9/8/11Reps. Jim Trujillo, Sharon Jones, Garrey Carruthers, Vicente Vargas,Discussed Institute for Public Policy$75.75
Marquez, Charlie3/14/13Sen. George MunozDiscussed PERA initiatives$75.71
Young, Tasia3/17/14Sen. Mary Kay PapenDiscuss legislative issues$75.61
Vargas , Vincente1/17/13Rachel Gudgel, Leg Finance Comm analystMeeting re: higher education$75.56
Vargas , Vincente11/12/14Rep. Don Tripp, Rep. Don Bratton, Sen. John Ryan, 1 NMSU personnelbusiness meeting$75.29
Fuentes, Jerry1/23/12Barbara Brazil, NM Economic DevelopmentMeal$75.10
D'Antonio , Michael6/30/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$75.10
Cravens, Kent1/29/14Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$75.08
Cravens, Kent1/29/14Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$75.08
Manzano, David1/5/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Bob Bobarouse, CUP Lobbyist and Sen. Phil GriegoTo Discuss New Funding Formula for HED and how it affects NM Tech.$75.02
Walker , Jerry3/3/13Sen. Bill Sharer & Sen. Lee CotterSocial$75.01
Henke, Steven1/23/14Sen. George MunozNM Amigos Legislative Breakfast$75.00
Henke, Steven1/23/14Sen. John Arthur SmithNM Amigos Legislative Breakfast$75.00
Henke, Steven1/23/14Sen. Lisa TorracoNM Amigos Legislative Breakfast$75.00
Henke, Steven1/23/14Sen. Michael PadillaNM Amigos Legislative Breakfast$75.00
Bullington, James2/3/13Rep. Ken Martinezone ticket to Lobos basketball game -- LDC booth$75.00
Bullington, James2/10/12Staff of Sen. Cynthia NavaDinner$75.00
Casey , Stan2/14/13Rep. Candy Spence EzzellLobbying$74.97
Casey , Stan2/14/13Rep. James StricklerLobbying$74.96
Casey , Stan2/14/13Rep. Tim LewisLobbying$74.96
Hatanaka, Anna8/22/11Sen. Dede Feldman/Rep. Danice PicrauxState Use Act for Persons with Disabilities$74.93
Waldrop, Rebecca1/16/11No detailMeals/Beverages$74.48
Reilly-Mica, Tara2/8/11No detailLump Sum$74.44
Young, Tasia4/11/12Rep. Roberto GonzalesDiscuss legislative issues$74.21
Romero, Richard2/15/12No detailDinner$74.00
Bullington, James2/14/11Rep. Ray Begaye & StaffFruit, Water, Snacks & Coffee$73.89
Vargas , Vincente2/7/14No detailStaff Lunch$73.78
Horan, Lawrence1/28/13Freshman LegislatorsOrientation Breakfast$73.55
Barboa, Adriann1/30/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to NM legislature$73.34
Barboa, Adriann1/30/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to committee hearing$73.34
Mitchell, Rhonda2/11/11No detailDinner$73.00
Barboa, Adriann3/15/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots orgs$72.97
Fletcher, Shelby8/8/14No detailMeals$72.45
Thompson, John Lee2/18/14No detailDinner$72.16
Gould, Leland5/19/11No detailDiscuss 2011 Session$72.04
Ocheskey, Fred 2/19/14No detailHouse Dinner In Committee Room$72.00
King, Nancy M.2/18/14No detailDinner$72.00
Bullington, James2/25/11Rep. Ray BegayeRoom for Family Member of Rep. Begaye$71.51
Rogers, Patrick11/22/14Sen. John Ryandinner play$71.35
Henke, Steven9/20/11No detaildiscuss interim committee presentation$70.95
Bullington, James2/19/11Rep. Ray BegayeLobo Basketball Game Seting in Laguna Dev. Corp. Suite & Food$70.86
Bradley, Walter1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$70.80
Cowan, Caren1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeCommittee Dinner$70.80
Idsinga, Beverly1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeSenate Corporations and Transportation Dinner$70.80
Smith, William1/31/12Senate Corporation & Transportation Committee2012 Regular Session$70.80
Griffith, Sue10/13/11No detailMeal for LESC Committee Members$70.00
Manjarrez, Amanda2/14/13Sen. Mimi StewartGift$69.95
Lopez, Daniel1/20/14Sen. Richard Martinez and 2 guestsFunding needs for Higher Ed.$69.75
Pearce , Amber2/28/13Rep. Antonio MaestasTo discuss legislative session$69.69
Romero, Regina4/25/11No detailAggregated Expenses$69.35
Bullington, James1/16/12Rep. Ray BegayeLodging$69.11
Bullington, James1/13/12Rep. Ray BegayeLodging$69.11
Yamada, Sayuri4/26/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$69.00
Yamada, Sayuri10/25/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$68.85
Jones, La Vanda1/26/14No detailDiscussion of Legislation$68.72
Buffett, Sandy1/27/11No detailGroup Dinner$68.04
Gonzales, Ricardo2/8/12Sen. Cynthia NavaSunland Park TIDD$68.00
Badal, John2/27/12Rep. Ray BegayeDinner after mtg with Atty General$67.97
C'deBaca, Ernest8/26/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$67.43
Gutierrez, Paul1/11/13Sen. Peter WirthDiscuss pending legislation$67.40
Smith, William3/1/13House Republicans2013 Legislative Session$67.25
Brandt, Varney10/3/13No detailDiscuss session and legislation$66.33
Trujillo, Martin1/26/12Rep. William Rehm, Rep Andy Nunez, Sen. Richard Martinez2012 Legislative issues$66.25
Young, Tasia11/19/11Rep. Rick MieraDiscuss legislative issues$65.84
Gutierrez, Paul2/11/13Sens. John Sapien, George Munoz, Joseph CervantesDiscuss legislative issues$65.63
Barnes, Sarah1/19/11No detailLunch/Dinner$65.36
Horan, Lawrence2/19/13Las Cruces Legislative DelegationBreakfast$65.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/9/11No detailDinner$65.00
Gilroy, Julia2/9/12Brent Eastwood, Barbara Brazil, NM Economic Development Lunch$64.99
Gilroy, Julia2/9/12Brent Eastwood, Barbara Brazil, NM Economic Development Lunch$64.99
Leith, Leanne1/31/13Sen. Cisco McSorleysocial/work dinner: various topics$64.76
Cravens, Kent12/1/11No detailALEC Conference$64.25
Horan, Lawrence2/5/14Senate Corporation & Transportation CommitteeLunch$64.20
Rogers, Patrick2/24/11Sen. John RyanGoodwill$64.00
D'Antonio , Michael1/27/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$63.37
Bradley, Walter2/17/14House Judiciary Committeecommittee$63.17
Cowan, Caren2/17/14House Judiciary CommitteeCommittee Dinner$63.17
Smith, William2/17/14House Judiciary CommitteeDinner$63.17
Fletcher, Shelby5/13/14No detailMeals$63.09
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie2/15/12Sen. Jennings, Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Dede Feldman, and Vernon AsbillDiscuss Continuing Ed bill for NMIADA$63.00
Morrison, Nate8/12/14Lt. Gov. candidate Debra HaalandLunch conversation$62.34
Hatanaka, Anna2/15/11Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$62.31
C'deBaca, Ernest4/26/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$62.01
Bullington, James12/17/13Rep. Georgene Louis2 Lobo basketball tickets$62.00
Bullington, James12/17/13Rep. Larry Larranaga2 Lobo basketball tickets$62.00
D'Antonio , Michael10/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$61.77
Smith, Allison2/12/12Senate Finance CommitteeFed Committee members and staff$61.73
Cravens, Kent11/13/14Gov. David Pino Zia PuebloDiscuss Interim Committee Work$60.99
Cravens, Kent11/13/14Lt. Governor Eric Ruiz, Zia PuebloDiscuss Interim Committee Work$60.99
Cravens, Kent11/13/14Rep. Sandra JeffDiscuss Interim Committee Work$60.99
Cravens, Kent11/13/14Robert Medina, Atty. Zia PuebloDiscuss Interim Committee Work$60.99
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$60.87
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$60.87
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$60.87
Baca, Leo11/3/11Sen. Clint Harden, Rep. William RehmDiscuss metal theft legislation$60.62
Kopelman, Steve6/19/14Sens. John Arthur Smith,Howie Morales; Rep. Dona Irwin,Yvette Herrellto participate in NMAC Annual Conference meetings$60.00
Leith, Leanne7/31/12Sen. Cisco McSorleymeeting$60.00
Thompson, John Lee11/27/14No detailInterim Committee Lunch$59.89
Yamada, Sayuri7/31/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$59.83
Vargas , Vincente3/5/13No detailBreakfast$59.29
Mitchell, Rhonda2/10/11No detailLunch$59.00
Horan, Lawrence2/16/14No detailDinner$58.63
Horan, Thomas2/16/14No detailLunch$58.63
Maez, Stephanie3/15/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$58.49
Trujillo, Martin1/26/11Matt Kennicott, Office of the Governor2011 Legisliative Session$58.00
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Rep. Liz Thompsongroceries/supplies$57.42
Rosen, Joshua7/13/11Sen. Phil Griegoupdate on legislative matters$57.00
D'Antonio , Michael2/8/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$56.94
Johnson, Matthew8/9/11Sen. David UlibarriDinner in conjunction with the NCSL meeting$56.62
Johnson, Matthew8/9/11Rep. Ben LujanDinner in conjunction with the NCSL meeting$56.62
Rutherford, Jeremy12/19/11Legislative Education Study Committeegoodwill$56.36
Mayberry, Warren3/20/13No detailEntertainment$55.73
Ford, Jennifer12/30/11No detailElection Reform$55.58
Lewis , Jesse2/6/14No detailDinner Meeting$55.48
Kaltenbach, Emily3/12/13Rep. Emily KaneThank you flowers$55.00
Cravens, Kent1/29/13Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$54.95
Cravens, Kent1/29/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$54.95
Gonzales, Ricardo3/7/13Rep. Kiki SaavedraDiscuss budget issues/Dinner$54.85
Gonzales, Ricardo3/7/13Rep. Nate GentryDiscuss Budget Issues/Dinner$54.85
Gonzales, Ricardo3/7/13Sen. John Arthur SmithDiscuss Budget Issues/Dinner$54.85
Romero, Regina10/24/11Sen. John Arthur Smith & Rep. Rudy Martinezlunch$54.77
Paisano, Stuart3/12/11Rep. Nate Gentry & Nora EspinozaProvided food and beverages while discussing the legislative day.$54.63
D'Antonio , Michael11/7/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$54.42
Manjarrez, Amanda2/26/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$54.08
Maez, Stephanie2/14/12Sen. Mimi StewartDiscuss pending legislation$54.08
Paisano, Stuart1/19/12No detailDiscuss Pending Legislation$53.98
Traynor, Randy1/25/12Senate Corporation & Transportation Committee StaffStaff Lunch$53.05
D'Antonio , Michael6/10/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$52.84
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$52.64
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. Bill Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$52.64
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$52.64
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$52.64
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss pending legislation$52.64
Gonzales, Ricardo1/26/13Sen. Mary Kay PapenDiscuss Legislative Issues - Economic Dev. in Southern NM$52.54
Cravens, Kent1/6/12Sen. Sander Ruediscuss pending legislation$52.50
Mitchell, Rhonda2/23/11No detailWeekly Birthday Cake for House Members$52.00
C'deBaca, Ernest4/30/12No detailInform elected officials of PNM issues$51.51
Paisano, Stuart3/10/11Michelle Yazzie, Staff Asst. to Sen. Lynda LovejoyDinner meeting to disucuss SB 397 & SB 417$51.28
C'deBaca, Ernest12/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$51.20
Moore, Brent12/31/13No detailAggregate amount$51.10
Leith, Leanne2/4/13Reps. Roberto Gonzales, Emily Kane & Sen. Cisco McSorleygroceries/supplies$50.58
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$50.29
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$50.29
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss pending legislation$50.29
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. Clemente Sanchezdiscuss pending legislation$50.29
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$50.29
Barboa, Adriann5/13/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislator's office$50.28
Moore, Brent12/31/12No detailAggregate amount$50.10
Young, Tasia3/27/14Rep. Vickie Perea, Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoCounty District Meetings$50.00
Hobson, Mary2/8/14100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$50.00
C'deBaca, Ernest5/23/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$50.00
Paisano, Stuart2/20/13Sen. Benny ShendoDiscuss Pending Legisaltion$50.00
Young, Tasia12/14/12Legislative Council Service StaffDonation to 2 retiring employees for food$50.00
Paisano, Stuart3/12/11Catherine and EstellaProvided gift cards for lunch to Rep. Doyle and Sen. Jennings assistants$50.00
Koob, Julianna2/3/11Rep. Zachary CookSocial Dinner$50.00
Koob, Julianna2/2/11Rep. Antonio MaestasSocial Dinner$50.00
Griffith, Sue1/19/11Sen. Cynthia Nava's OfficeSupplies for office (water, coffee)$50.00
Romero, Richard1/19/11Sen.Cynthia Nava's OfficeSupplies for Office$50.00
Williams, Julie1/23/13No detailfood and beverage$49.82
Otero, Luke11/14/11Sen. Mary Jane Garcialunch$49.65
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. Cliff Pirtlediscuss pending legislation$49.57
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$49.57
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Rep. Nate Gentrydiscuss pending legislation$49.57
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. John Sapiendiscuss pending legislation$49.57
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$49.57
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$49.57
Balok, Aron3/5/13House RepublicansSnacks for office/ water issues$49.40
Barboa, Adriann3/5/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots org$49.34
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Rep. Emily Kanegroceries/supplies$49.31
Barefoot, Linda4/9/14No detailLunch$49.11
Gutierrez, Paul1/30/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, Rep. Jim SmithTo discuss pending legislation$49.11
Armenta, Loretta5/16/12Sen. Diane SynderNM Senate Candidate$49.09
Gonzales, Ricardo3/6/13Sen. George MunozDiscuss Legislation/Dinner$48.93
Cravens, Kent9/15/12Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$48.58
Yamada, Sayuri5/31/11No detailinform elected officials on issues$48.33
Leith, Leanne3/1/13Sen. Cisco McSorleysocial dinner$48.04
D'Antonio , Michael2/17/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$47.78
Carter, Hilary1/28/14No detailLegislative dinner$47.55
Bucholtz, David12/26/11Gov. Susana MartinezHoliday Gift Basket$47.45
Bucholtz, David12/23/11New Mexico Finance AuthorityHoliday Gift Basket$47.45
Bucholtz, David12/23/11State Board of FinanceHoliday Gift Basket$47.45
Paisano, Stuart3/19/11Rep. Nate Gentry & David DoyleProvide food and beverages after the end of the 2011 legislature$47.38
C'deBaca, Ernest6/30/11No detailInform Elected Officials on PNM issues$47.20
Horan, Lawrence1/31/13Senate Democratic FreshmenDinner$47.10
Nation, Brenda10/20/11No detailto discuss proposed legislation$47.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie6/21/11No detailDiscuss Dental Hyg legislation$47.00
Barrett, John6/25/13Lt. Gov. John SanchezSpeaking engagement$46.97
Ocheskey, Fred2/8/13Rep. Mary Helen GarciaRefreshments for office use$46.80
Griffith, Sue3/4/11House Education CommitteeBreakfast$46.25
Griffith, Sue3/4/11Senate Education CommitteeBreakfast$46.25
Romero, Richard3/4/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast$46.25
Romero, Richard3/4/11Senate Education CommitteeBreakfast$46.25
Vargas , Vincente2/17/14Senate Rules CommitteeSenate Rules Comm. Luncheon$46.24
Paisano, Stuart2/22/11Sen. Lynda LovejoyLunch meeting to discuss SB 397 & SB 417$45.95
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Sen. George MunozDiscuss policy changes for 2014 Legislative Session$45.75
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Sen. John Arthur SmithDiscuss policy changes for 2014 Legislative Session$45.75
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Sen. Richard MartinezDiscuss policy changes for 2014 Legislative Session$45.75
Griffith, Sue1/19/11Sen. Mark Boitano's OfficeSupplies for office (coffee, cups etc.)$45.67
Romero, Richard1/19/11Sen. Mark Boitano's OfficeSupplies for Office$45.67
Walker , Jerry2/7/13Sen. Clemente SanchezSocial$45.62
C'deBaca, Ernest5/7/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$45.23
Leith, Leanne7/30/12Sen. Carlos Cisnerosmeeting$45.00
Faulkner, Pilar1/4/12RNSBLunch meeting$45.00
Balok, Aron11/14/13No detailluncheon$44.87
Idsinga, Beverly11/14/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeWater and Natural Resources Lunch$44.87
Bradley, Walter10/16/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Dinner$44.87
Cowan, Caren10/16/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Dinner$44.87
Smith, William10/16/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeCommittee Lunch$44.87
Leith, Leanne2/26/13Sens. Tim Keller and Daniel Ivey-Sotosocial$44.69
Brix, Matt11/14/11No detailIssue Education$44.54
Daniel, John11/14/11No detailIssue Education$44.54
Maez, Stephanie11/14/11No detailIssue Education$44.54
Manjarrez, Amanda11/14/11No detailDiscuss Legislation$44.54
Barboa, Adriann2/22/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots org$44.41
Loper, Shea9/24/14No detailLobbying activities$44.38
Bullington, James2/2/11Rep. Antonio MaestasDiscuss Legislation with Clients$44.36
Walker , Jerry3/5/13Sen. Clemente SanchezSocial$44.35
Waldrop, Rebecca3/31/12No detailmeals$44.11
Minzner, Richard 1/31/13No detailDining$44.10
C'deBaca, Ernest2/8/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$43.83
Barboa, Adriann4/28/13No detaillobbyist meal during petition signature gathering$43.82
Leith, Leanne2/6/13Rep. Nate Gentry & advocatessocial$43.82
Buffett, Sandy1/17/12Rep. Mimi Steward, Sen. Cisco McSorley, Sen. Peter Wirth, Rep. Brian Egolfbreakfast meeting$43.76
Underwood, H. John12/31/11No detailaggregate amount$43.62
Barboa, Adriann2/13/14No detaillobbyist lodging during NM legislative session$43.20
Holmes, Elizabeth3/2/11Ami Jeager, House Judiciary Committee AnalystTo discuss the proposed NM Chile Advertising Act$43.20
Barboa, Adriann3/13/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots orgs$43.00
Hatanaka, Anna2/17/11Rep. Ed SandovalAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$42.98
Robinson, Quela12/22/11Rep. Nick SalazarLunch$42.78
C'deBaca, Ernest1/31/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$42.68
C'deBaca, Ernest7/24/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$42.65
Christensen-Boner, Barbara12/9/14No detailNCSL$42.50
Moore, Julie3/21/14Rep. Nate GentryMeal$42.37
Pearce , Amber9/5/13Rep. Antonio MaestasMeeting$42.27
Rogers, Patrick2/27/11Sen. Rod AdairGoodwill$42.24
Romero, Regina7/26/11Investments & Pension Leg. Committeelunch$42.12
Young, Tasia5/31/13Rep. Pat Roybal CaballeroTo discuss pending legislation$42.02
Cravens, Kent11/14/14Rep. William RehmDiscuss Interim Committee Work$41.77
Gonzales, Ricardo2/12/13Sisto AbeytaDiscuss Single Sales Tax Issues/Dinner$41.51
Foster, Demis7/31/14Sen. Mimi Stewartdiscussing legislation$41.50
Dodson, Jeffrey9/27/11Economic Development Secy Jon BarelaBusiness dinner to discuss Boeing Energy Systems$41.34
C'deBaca, Ernest2/10/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$41.33
C'deBaca, Ernest6/24/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$41.09
Winn, Lisa12/12/11No detailDinner$41.06
Menapace, Joseph3/8/11Rep. Ed SandovalHB 187 on behalf of the NM Dental Assoc.$40.57
Cravens, Kent2/12/12Rep. James Stricklerdiscuss pending legislation$40.53
Cravens, Kent2/12/12Rep. Nate Gentrydiscuss pending legislation$40.53
Cravens, Kent2/12/12Sen. Phil Griegodiscuss pending legislation$40.53
Cravens, Kent2/12/12Thomas Taylordiscuss pending legislation$40.53
Cravens, Kent2/12/12Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$40.53
Pearce , Amber7/28/12No detailAggregate amount for legislators$40.14
Romero, Richard2/8/12No detailBreakfast$40.00
Santillanes, Matejka 2/4/12No detailLunch$40.00
Bullington, James1/3/14Rep. Eliseo AlconBuffet dinner for two$39.90
Barboa, Adriann2/11/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots org$39.84
Romero, Mercedes1/25/11Senate Staff & SFCfruits, vegetables & creamer$39.69
Idsinga, Beverly2/18/14Judiciary Committee DinnerJudiciary Committee Dinner$39.37
Balok, Aron2/17/14House Judiciary CommitteeWater Issues$39.37
Gonzales, Ricardo1/21/14Sen. Richard MartinezDiscuss Utility Issues for 2014 Legislative Session$39.12
Minzner, Richard7/18/12No detailDinners$39.00
Walker , Jerry5/25/11Brian Moore, Office of the GovernorDiscussion of Banking Issues$39.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/23/11No detailLunch$39.00
Winn, Lisa7/6/11No detailTo discuss redistricting, oil and gas issues, and other legislative issues$38.82
Paisano, Stuart2/1/11Michelle Yazzie, Staff Asst. to Sen. Lynda LovejoySet-up meetings for Navajo Nation President and Speaker$38.46
Rel, Ricardo2/24/11No detailMeals/Beverages$38.35
Brandt, Varney3/20/14No detaildiscuss legislation$38.20
Benavidez, Javier2/16/12No detailDiscuss pending legislation$38.17
Bucholtz, David8/26/11Economic Development Secy Jon BarelaSpaceport Authority Business$38.10
Young, Tasia3/17/14Sen. Mary Kay PapenDiscuss legislative issues$37.80
C'deBaca, Ernest2/8/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$37.68
Barboa, Adriann5/1/13No detailgas for travel to Las Vegas, NM for meeting with legislator$37.50
Romero, Richard2/10/12No detailBreakfast$37.50
Jordan, William11/2/11Sen. Dede FeldmanLobbying$37.37
Gonzales, Ricardo1/31/12Sen. Mary Jane Garcia, one staffTo discuss SB 241$37.32
Rosen, Joshua2/22/11Sen. Bill PayneInformation briefing on film industry issues for MPANM$37.32
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie8/23/12Rep. Antonio MaestasMeeting$37.00
Brandt, Varney10/22/12Rep. Cathrynn BrownDiscuss legislative proposal$36.76
Brook, Molly Jo4/29/13Sen. Carlos CisnerosLunch to discuss interim committees$36.29
Barboa, Adriann2/5/14No detailmileage reimbursement for lobbyist travel to NM legislative session$36.20
Edwards, H. Reese2/20/13No detailLobbying$36.17
Trujillo, Martin2/6/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Sen Bill Payne, Sen. Jennings2012 Legislative issues$35.81
Newby, Cathleen2/7/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$35.78
Romero, Richard2/12/12No detailBreakfast$35.75
Young, Tasia2/20/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoEnd of Legislative Session Lunch (total paid on Grace Philips cc; Tasia attended)$35.64
Gutierrez, Paul1/16/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoNMAC Legislative Conference Reception$35.60
Walker , Jerry10/2/14Sen. Steven NevilleLunch$35.48
Marquez, Charlie3/12/11House Democratic LeadershipHouse Democratic Leadership Lunch$35.14
Stratton, Harold4/26/12No detailDiscussion of Pending Administrative and Legislative Issues$35.11
Faulkner, Pilar11/10/12Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. MartinezUpdating on Project$35.00
Faulkner, Pilar4/3/12Rodeo De Santa FePR$35.00
Gonzales, Ricardo3/6/11Rep. Joseph CervantesDiscuss the effects of GMO legislation on the pecan industry$35.00
Minzner, Richard8/23/12No detailDinner$34.87
Barefoot, Linda3/31/12No detailmeal$34.75
Griffith, Sue3/1/11Senate Rules CommitteeBreakfast$34.64
Romero, Richard3/1/11Senate Rules CommitteeBreakfast$34.64
D'Antonio , Michael1/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$34.50
Cravens, Kent12/15/13Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss interim committee work$34.34
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss interim committee work$34.25
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Sen. William Paynediscuss interim committee work$34.25
Gonzales, Ricardo2/7/14Rep. Kiki SaavedraDiscussion of Economic Dev. and Rate & Budget Issues affecting Dona Ana County$34.23
Gonzales, Ricardo2/7/14Sen. John Arthur SmithDiscussion of Economic Dev. and Rate & Budget Issues affecting Dona Ana County$34.23
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie6/14/11No detailDiscuss Healthcare legislation$34.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/2/11No detailLunch$34.00
Hatanaka, Anna2/10/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$33.48
Yamada, Sayuri6/18/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$33.43
Rutherford, Jeremy2/3/14Rep. Liz Thomsongoodwill$33.00
Gaspers, Mark6/11/13Economic Development Secy Jon BarelaDiscuss New Mexico business environment.$32.81
Young, Tasia5/14/12Rep. Rick MieraDiscuss legislative issues$32.79
Cravens, Kent12/8/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$32.52
Pearce , Amber4/18/13Angela Marcucci, Office of the GovernorTo discuss NGA Policy Academy$32.47
Pearce , Amber4/18/13Greg Blair, Press Secretary for Governor Susana MartinezTo discuss NGA Policy Academy$32.47
Pearce , Amber4/18/13Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. MartinezTo discuss NGA Policy Academy$32.47
Hatanaka, Anna3/10/11Rep. Roger MadalenaAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$32.42
Hatanaka, Anna3/10/11Sen. Cynthia NavaAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$32.41
Hatanaka, Anna3/10/11Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$32.41
Hatanaka, Anna9/12/11No detailDevelopmental Disabilities$32.10
Gonzales, Ricardo2/5/13John TesselingLegislative Issues/Dinner$32.05
Menapace, Joseph3/6/11Sen. & Mrs. Kent CravensDiscussion of SB260 for NM Dental Assoc.$32.05
Menapace, Joseph2/14/11Sens. William Payne and Steven NevilleDiscussion of SB 12 for NM Dental Assoc.$32.05
Koob, Julianna2/9/12Rep. Zachary Cookdinner$32.00
Griffith, Sue3/4/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast$32.00
Romero, Richard3/4/11House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast$32.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/15/11No detaillunch$32.00
Phipps, Candice2/13/12Andy BajellosDinner$31.83
Phipps, Candice2/13/12Sarah AtencioDinner$31.83
Trujillo, Martin2/6/12Sen. Richard Martinez, Sen Bernadette Sanchez2012 Legislative issues$31.83
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Sen. Peter Wirthgroceries/supplies$31.68
Young, Tasia5/21/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$31.50
Waldrop, Rebecca2/11/13No detail$31.48
Bundy, Carter12/22/14Sen. Joseph CervantesDiscuss 2015 Legislative Session$31.35
Young, Tasia10/25/12Rep. Rick MieraJail & Mental Health Issues$31.22
Bullington, James12/17/13Sen. John Ryan1 Lobo basketball ticket$31.00
Barboa, Adriann2/25/13No detailgas for travel to Santa Fe for legislative session$31.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/16/11No detailLunch$31.00
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$30.83
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$30.83
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-Sotogroceries/supplies$30.74
Fanning , Jerry2/9/11Sen. Tim JenningsDinner to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$30.53
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie5/7/13Rep. Kelly FajardoDiscuss client concerns$30.00
Kaltenbach, Emily3/1/13Rep. Emily KaneEducational Forum - Breakfast Meeting$30.00
Barboa, Adriann2/11/13No detailgas for travel to Santa Fe for legislative session$30.00
Phillips, Sonia 2/4/12House Democratic caucusDinner House Democrats$30.00
Ray , Sam2/4/12No detailDinner$30.00
Thompson, John Lee2/4/12No detailDinner$30.00
Wood, Marsha4/25/11No detailMeals/Beverages$30.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/11/11No detailDinner$30.00
Baca, Max3/9/11No detailMeals for Print Shop$30.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/1/11No detailLunch$30.00
Jordan, William8/4/11Sen. Tim KellerLobbying$29.61
D'Antonio , Michael9/28/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$29.39
Eads, James2/17/14Tax & Rev Secy Demesia PadillaBreakfast$29.34
Young, Tasia9/18/14Rep. Jim TrujilloTo discuss pending legislation$29.28
Young, Tasia10/8/13Rep. Rick Miera, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoTo discuss pending legislation$29.13
Young, Tasia5/20/11Sen. Linda LopezMeeting w/Senator Linda Lopez$29.08
Ocheskey, Fred2/15/11Rep. Mary Helen Garcia & StaffRefreshments for Office$28.88
Morrison, Nate9/4/13Sen. Clemente Sanchez, Drew Setter, Pam MahootyLunch to discuss Teach For America$28.87
Barboa, Adriann2/26/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$28.87
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Gay Kernandiscuss pending legislation$28.73
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$28.73
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliagediscuss pending legislation$28.73
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$28.73
Cravens, Kent7/27/13Sen. William Paynediscuss interim committee work$28.53
Morrison, Nate9/4/13Rep. Baldonado, Drew Setter, Pam MahootyBreakfast to discuss Teach For America$28.24
Cravens, Kent2/8/12Rep. Candy Spence Ezzelldiscuss pending legislation$28.24
Cravens, Kent2/8/12Rep. Dona Irwindiscuss pending legislation$28.24
Cravens, Kent2/8/12Rep. Mary Helen Garciadiscuss pending legislation$28.24
Cravens, Kent11/8/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$28.18
Bundy, Carter12/10/14Rep. Elect Bill GomezDiscuss 2015 Legislative Session$28.10
Arnold, Michelle1/19/12Sen. John SapienBreakfast Meeting to Discuss Research & Policy$28.00
Arnold, Michelle1/19/12Sen. John SapienBreakfast Meeting to Discuss Research & Policy$28.00
Spencer, Erin12/13/11No detailAggregate - discussion of potential legislation for 2012$28.00
Mitchell, Rhonda2/19/11No detailLunch$28.00
Hoffman, Sarah12/5/13Rep. Liz Thomsonissue education$27.97
Jones, La Vanda2/6/14No detailDiscussion of Legislation$27.96
Cravens, Kent4/1/14Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbertdiscuss interim committee work$27.86
Cravens, Kent4/1/14Sen. Clemente Sanchezdiscuss interim committee work$27.86
Baca, Max2/3/14No detailmeals$27.80
Hatanaka, Anna3/17/11Rep. Danice PicrauxAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$27.72
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Gay Kernandiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. Martinezdiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Rep. Kelly Fajardodiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14L. Ritcheydiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Rep. Monica Youngblooddiscuss pending legislation$27.67
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$27.67
Fanning , Jerry1/31/11Rep. Candy Spence EzzellDinner to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$27.45
Young, Tasia5/29/12Sen. Dede FeldmanDiscuss legislative issues$27.43
Rosen, Joshua6/15/11Sen. John Arthur Smithupdate on legislative matters$27.26
D'Antonio , Michael2/9/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$27.20
C'deBaca, Ernest1/19/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$27.00
Alarid, Vanessa8/18/11No detailfriendly conversation$27.00
Vargas , Vincente3/12/13No detailLuncheon$26.99
Gillis, John7/25/12No detaillobbying$26.93
Barboa, Adriann2/1/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots org$26.76
Perry, Stephen7/25/12No detailfood and beverage$26.76
Gutierrez, Paul1/28/11Rep. Andy Nunez & Rep. Miguel GarciaLunch$26.72
Cravens, Kent2/23/12Rep. Paul Bandydiscuss pending legislation$26.69
Gillis, John8/9/11No detaildinner$26.41
Moore, Brent12/31/11No detail$26.34
Gould, Leland6/5/11No detailDiscuss potential legislation in 2012$26.07
Cravens, Kent1/29/14Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$25.93
Cravens, Kent1/29/14Sen. John Sapiendiscuss pending legislation$25.93
Cravens, Kent1/29/14Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$25.93
Baca, Leo8/25/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesDiscuss CTL investments in Taos area$25.93
C'deBaca, Ernest6/29/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$25.65
Brook, Molly Jo3/13/13Sen. Cisco McSorleyDinner$25.58
King, Nancy M.4/25/12No detailAggregate amount$25.51
Williams, Julie7/28/14No detailfood and beverage$25.25
Moore, Brian12/17/14Rep. Dennis Roch, Sen. Pat WoodsTo discuss pending legislation$25.00
Young, Tasia3/25/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoCounty District Meetings$25.00
Mahooty, Pamela8/15/12No detailDiscussing Legislation$25.00
Johnson, Matthew6/23/11Sen. Bernadette SanchezDinner at Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs meeting at NALEO Conference$25.00
Johnson, Matthew6/23/11Sen. John SapienDinner at Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs meeting at NALEO Conference$25.00
Griffith, Sue3/17/11Rep.Richard Vigil & Rep. Roberto GonzalesLunch$25.00
Romero, Richard3/17/11Rep. Richard Vigil's & Rep. Roberto Gonzales' OfficeLunch/Tamales$25.00
Griffith, Sue2/28/11Republican office on 4th floorBreakfast$25.00
Romero, Richard2/28/11No detailBreakfast Tamales$25.00
Griffith, Sue2/7/11Sen. Rick Miera's officeSupplies for office (water, coffee)$25.00
Romero, Richard2/7/11Rep. Rick Miera's OfficeSupplies for Office$25.00
Trujillo, Martin12/15/11Rep. Andy NunezMeet and Greet$24.94
Trujillo, Martin12/15/11Rep. Terry McMillanMeet and Greet$24.94
Gould, Leland8/3/11Sen. John Ryan and Rep. Nate GentryDiscuss 2012 Legislative session$24.67
Kopelman, Steve9/12/14Rep. Brian EgolfTo discuss pending legislation$24.56
C'deBaca, Ernest3/19/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$24.45
Fletcher, Shelby5/12/14No detailMeal$24.38
Gillis, John6/7/13No detailmeals$24.31
Cravens, Kent8/9/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss interim committee work$24.00
Gonzales, Ricardo1/26/12Dolores Connor, Sen. Bernadette SanchezDiscussed a technicality of a bill moving from house to senate$24.00
Leith, Leanne2/2/11Rep. Gail ChaseyDinner$24.00
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Carl TrujilloHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Debbie RodellaHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Jason HarperHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Kelly FajardoHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Monica YoungbloodHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Roberto GonzalesHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Sen. Michael PadillaHost Dinner$23.86
Fuentes, Jerry12/18/13Rep. Ken MartinezHost Dinner$23.86
Cravens, Kent4/19/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$23.85
Cravens, Kent2/18/13Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$23.71
Cravens, Kent2/18/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$23.71
Gonzales, Ricardo2/12/13Dennis HazlettDiscuss Tax Policy/Lunch$23.59
Gonzales, Ricardo2/12/13Paul MignoDiscuss Tax Policy$23.59
Yamada, Sayuri10/30/12No detailinform elected officials on issues$23.58
Griffith, Sue3/8/11Rep. Rick Miera's Office StaffBreakfast$23.50
Romero, Richard3/8/11Rep. Rick Miera's OfficeBreakfast$23.50
Gonzales, Ricardo1/8/14Miguel SilvaDiscussion of Legislative Issues$23.16
Kopelman, Steve5/27/14Rep.Luciano VarelaTo discuss pending legislation$23.14
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Sen. Cisco McSorleygroceries/supplies$22.98
Griffith, Sue2/24/11Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino's OfficeSupplies for office$22.98
Romero, Richard2/24/11Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino's OfficeSupplies for Office$22.98
Barboa, Adriann5/13/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislator's office$22.95
Cravens, Kent11/21/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$22.90
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Rep. Don Trippdiscuss pending legislation$22.86
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Rep. Larry Larranagadiscuss pending legislation$22.86
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$22.68
Hoffman, Sarah8/5/13Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richardissue education$22.63
Cravens, Kent11/21/14Rep. Sandra JeffDiscuss Interim Committee Work$22.61
Cravens, Kent11/21/14Sen. Cliff PirtleDiscuss Interim Committee Work$22.61
Cravens, Kent9/21/12Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$22.61
Bundy, Carter8/3/12Rep. Luciano Varela, Rep. Jim Trujillo, Rep.-Elect Carl TrujilloLunch at Bataan Cafeteria during interim committee meetings$22.50
C'deBaca, Ernest11/30/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$22.40
Edwards, H. Reese6/28/13No detailLobbying$21.99
Sechovec , Linda1/12/12Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortLong Term Care issues$21.99
Sechovec , Linda1/12/12Sen. Carroll LeavellLong Term Care issues$21.99
Sechovec , Linda1/12/12Sen. Steven NevilleLong Term Care issues$21.99
Cravens, Kent2/10/14Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$21.97
Cravens, Kent2/10/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$21.97
Phipps, Candice2/14/12Sen. David UlibarriLunch$21.91
Cravens, Kent11/21/14Sen. Stuart IngleDiscuss Interim Committee Work$21.90
Cravens, Kent11/21/14Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortDiscuss Interim Committee Work$21.90
Pearce , Amber9/3/13Sen. Mary Kay PapenMeeting$21.85
Gonzales, Ricardo1/7/13Sen. Lee CotterLegislative Tour/Lunch$21.75
D'Antonio , Michael2/6/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$21.62
Cravens, Kent2/8/12Rep. Andy Nunezdiscuss pending legislation$21.52
Cravens, Kent11/5/14Sen. Mark MooresDiscuss Interim Committee Work$21.49
Fanning , Jerry1/19/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$21.45
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Sen. Bill O'NeilMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Rep. Jeff SteinbornMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Rep. Antonio MaestasMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Rep. Nate CoteMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Sen. Cisco McSorleyMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Sen. Peter WirthMeal$21.44
Benavidez, Javier3/3/13Sen. Tim KellerMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Sen. Bill O'NeilMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Rep. Jeff SteinbornMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Rep. Antonio MaestasMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Rep. Nate CoteMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Sen. Cisco McSorleyMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Sen. Peter WirthMeal$21.44
Daniel, John3/3/13Sen. Tim KellerMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Sen. Bill O'NeilMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Rep. Jeff SteinbornMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Rep. Antonio MaestasMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Rep. Nate CoteMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Sen. Cisco McSorleyMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Sen. Peter WirthMeal$21.44
Manjarrez, Amanda3/3/13Sen. Tim KellerMeal$21.44
Romero, Mercedes1/24/11Sen. Mary Kay Papensoft drinks$21.44
Sechovec , Linda7/28/11Greg Geisler, LFC AnalystNursing facility Medicaid issues$21.41
Gonzales, Ricardo1/8/13Rep. Doreen GallegosLegislative Tour/Lunch$21.37
Gonzales, Ricardo1/8/13Rep. Mary Helen GarciaLegislative Tour/Lunch$21.37
Barboa, Adriann3/7/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$21.36
Gould, Leland6/11/11No detailDiscuss 2011 and 2012 Sessions$21.25
Cravens, Kent11/8/11No detaildiscuss pending legislation$21.18
Jones, La Vanda4/16/14No detailDiscussion of Legislation$21.13
Walker , Jerry2/3/13House RepublicansCoffee$21.12
Barboa, Adriann2/13/14No detaillobbyist meal during NM legislative session$21.08
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie9/4/12Rep. Ed SandovalMeeting$21.00
Barboa, Adriann8/31/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to meeting with legislator$20.97
Walker , Jerry2/3/13House RepublicansCoffee$20.97
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Rep. Anna Crookdiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Rep. Bob Wooleydiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Eugene Mosherdiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Sen. Lisa Torracodiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Cravens, Kent9/23/13Transportation Secy Tom Churchdiscuss interim committee work$20.90
Hatanaka, Anna2/17/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$20.89
Brandt, Varney8/9/12Sen. John PintoMeal while attending NCSL in Chicago$20.72
Cravens, Kent4/5/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$20.67
Young, Tasia9/24/14Rep.Luciano VarelaTo discuss pending legislation$20.64
Leith, Leanne8/30/12Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pinomeeting$20.46
Jordan, William12/30/11Rep. Ed SandovalLobbying$20.46
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$20.42
Fuentes, Jerry9/29/14Rep. William RehmMeal expense to discuss legislation$20.40
Young, Tasia11/1/13Sen. Lisa TorracoTo discuss pending legislation$20.39
Cravens, Kent5/22/12PRC Commissioner Patrick Lyonsdiscuss pending legislation$20.39
Young, Tasia6/4/14Rep. Mimi StewartTo discuss pending legislation$20.25
C'deBaca, Ernest1/11/12No detailInform Elected Officials on PNM issues$20.25
Cravens, Kent11/30/11No detailALEC Conference$20.25
Ocheskey, Fred3/8/11Rep. Mary Helen Garcia & StaffRefreshments for Office$20.09
Gutierrez, Paul1/17/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoNMAC Legislative Conference Lunch$20.01
Gonzales, Ricardo1/10/12Rep. Rick Little and Sen. Mary Kay PapenTour EPE$20.00
Winn, Lisa11/17/11No detailLunch$20.00
Cravens, Kent10/4/11Rep. Roberto Gonzalesdiscuss interim committee presentation$20.00
Baca, Max2/14/14No detailsnack$19.88
Alexander, Lee Ann10/23/14Dep. Insurance Supt. Alan SeeleyLunch$19.83
Cravens, Kent4/22/14PRC Commissioner Patrick Lyonsdiscuss interim committee work$19.82
Cravens, Kent2/12/13Rep. Anna Crookdiscuss pending legislation$19.80
Cravens, Kent2/12/13Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$19.80
Cravens, Kent2/12/13Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. Martinezdiscuss pending legislation$19.80
D'Antonio , Michael4/26/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$19.76
Yamada, Sayuri9/2/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$19.73
Vargas , Vincente1/22/14No detailLegislative Briefing$19.58
D'Antonio , Michael3/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$19.53
Gonzales, Ricardo3/4/13Sisto AbeytaDiscuss tax legislation/Dinner$19.47
Kopelman, Steve10/20/14Sen. Peter WirthTo discuss pending legislation$19.42
Sechovec , Linda9/13/11Sen. Bernadette SanchezLong Tem Care issues$19.36
Sechovec , Linda9/13/11Sen. Richard MartinezLong Tem Care issues$19.36
Baker, Russell12/31/13No detailagregate amount$19.32
Barboa, Adriann3/12/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$19.32
Cravens, Kent12/17/13Energy Secy David Martindiscuss interim committee work$19.29
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Alonzo Baldonado & Spouselunch$19.24
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Monica Youngblood & Spouselunch$19.24
D'Antonio , Michael7/29/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$19.23
Kopelman, Steve5/30/14Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoTo discuss pending legislation$19.23
Cravens, Kent2/25/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$19.15
Johnson, Matthew8/16/11Biana Catarina Gutierrez, Office of the GovernorLunch$19.10
Johnson, Matthew8/16/11Jack SmilesLunch$19.10
Johnson, Matthew8/16/11Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. MartinezLunch$19.10
Johnson, Matthew8/16/11Rep. Thomas TaylorLunch$19.10
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Rep. Don BrattonLong Tem Care issues$19.08
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Sen. Mary Kay PapenLong Tem Care issues$19.08
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Sen. Sander RueLong Tem Care issues$19.08
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Sen. Tim KellerLong Tem Care issues$19.08
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Sen. William BurtLong Tem Care issues$19.08
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie8/17/12Rep. Rick MieraMeetng$19.00
Evans, Andrea4/23/14Rep. Antonio MaestasDinner$18.95
Evans, Andrea4/23/14Sen. Clemente SanchezDinner$18.95
Yamada, Sayuri4/15/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$18.86
Cravens, Kent1/28/13Sen. Craig Brandtdiscuss pending legislation$18.86
Cravens, Kent1/28/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$18.86
Perry, Stephen6/2/14No detailfood and beverage$18.77
Gonzales, Ricardo2/5/13Mike Burkhar, Senate Finance Committee staffDiscuss Tax Issues/Dinner$18.71
Gonzales, Ricardo2/5/13Ron ForteDiscuss Tax Issues/Dinner$18.71
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Cliff Pirtlediscuss pending legislation$18.70
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$18.70
Cravens, Kent2/7/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$18.70
Young, Tasia8/7/13Rep. Mimi StewartTo discuss pending legislation$18.65
Johnson, Matthew9/4/12Sen. John RyanLunch$18.53
Underwood, H. John12/31/14No detailAggregate amount$18.50
Marquez, Charlie12/15/11Rep. Mary Helen GarciaRelationship building discussed the 2012 Legislative session$18.50
Fuentes, Jerry11/15/12Sen. Pat WoodsTo Discuss Legislation$18.45
Fuentes, Jerry11/15/12Sen. Steven NevilleTo Discuss Legislation$18.45
Cravens, Kent5/14/12Sen. Richard Martinezdiscuss pending legislation$18.39
Young, Tasia9/8/14Sen. Michael PadillaTo discuss pending legislation$18.35
Cravens, Kent4/22/13Environment Secretary David Martindiscuss oil and gas$18.30
Philips, Grace11/6/14Rep. Rick MieraTo discuss pending legislation$18.29
Rogers, Patrick2/16/11Rep. Nora EspinosaGoodwill$18.24
Rogers, Patrick2/16/11Sen. Rod AdairGoodwill$18.24
Young, Tasia10/1/12Rep. Gail ChaseyDiscuss legislative issues$18.19
Fanning , Jerry1/27/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$18.18
C'deBaca, Ernest5/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$18.10
Gould, Leland7/26/11Sen. Bill PayneDiscuss potential legislation$18.01
Young, Tasia7/2/13Sen. Jerry Ortiz y PinoTo discuss pending legislation$18.00
Cravens, Kent2/8/13Sen. Sander Ruediscuss pending legislation$18.00
Young, Tasia10/8/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$17.50
Benavidez, Javier1/27/12Sen. Mimi StewartGift$17.50
Daniel, John1/27/12Sen. Mimi StewartGift$17.50
Maez, Stephanie1/27/12Sen. Mimi StewartGift$17.50
Manjarrez, Amanda1/27/12Sen. Mimi StewartGift$17.50
Gonzales, Ricardo2/5/14Rep. Sandra JeffDicuss Economic Development Rate Bill$17.36
Gonzales, Ricardo2/5/14Sen. John SapienDicuss Economic Development Rate Bill$17.36
Trujillo, Martin1/31/12Sen. Tim Keller2012 Legislative issues$17.36
Gonzales, Ricardo3/25/14Sen. Clemente SanchezDiscuss EDR Bill$17.32
Gaspers, Mark1/10/13Sen. Tim KellerMeal / tax discussion$17.32
Alexander, Lee Ann10/22/14Insurance Supt John FranchiniLunch$17.31
Benavidez, Javier1/20/12Sen. Mimi StewartOffice Supplies$17.31
Manjarrez, Amanda1/20/12Sen. Mimi StewartOffice Supplies$17.31
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$17.25
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Craig Burtdiscuss pending legislation$17.25
Cravens, Kent2/19/13Sen. Clemente Sanchezdiscuss pending legislation$17.25
Brandt, Varney10/19/12Rep. Jane Powdrell-CulbertDiscuss legislative proposal$17.25
C'deBaca, Ernest2/9/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$17.11
Cravens, Kent1/19/12Sen. Mark Boitanodiscuss pending legislation$17.11
Cravens, Kent2/9/12Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$17.08
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie8/28/12Rep. Conrad JamesMeeting$17.00
Koob, Julianna3/9/12Sen. Cisco McSorleylunch$17.00
Trujillo, Martin1/17/12Rep. Andy Nunez & Rep. Sandra Jeff2012 Legislative issues$17.00
Gonzales, Ricardo1/15/12Rep. Andy Nunez, Sen. John Sapian,Discuss Electric Utilities Issues$17.00
Mitchell, Rhonda3/18/11No detailBreakfast$17.00
Allen, Steven11/27/12Rep. Philip Archuletadiscuss 2013 ACLU legislative priorities$16.98
Fanning , Jerry2/18/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$16.95
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. Lisa Torracodiscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent2/12/14Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Cliff Pirtlediscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Ron Griggsdiscuss pending legislation$16.89
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$16.89
Foster, Demis11/20/14Sen. Cisco McSorleydiscussing legislation$16.85
Barboa, Adriann2/14/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$16.82
Cravens, Kent2/1/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$16.80
C'deBaca, Ernest1/30/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$16.80
Barboa, Adriann2/5/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$16.77
Cravens, Kent1/12/12Rep. Andy Nunezdiscuss pending legislation$16.66
Jaramillo, Matthew10/4/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM expenses$16.64
Cravens, Kent5/8/12Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$16.59
Cravens, Kent5/8/12Sen. Tim Jenningsdiscuss pending legislation$16.59
C'deBaca, Ernest11/30/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$16.50
Jaramillo, Matthew5/13/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$16.48
Cravens, Kent1/7/15Gov. David Pino Zia PuebloMeal$16.46
Cravens, Kent1/7/15Lt. Gov Eric RuizMeal$16.46
Cravens, Kent2/19/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$16.43
Cravens, Kent9/26/12Sen. Carroll Leavelldiscuss pending legislation$16.35
Cravens, Kent9/26/12PRC Commissioner Patrick Lyonsdiscuss pending legislation$16.35
Cravens, Kent9/26/12Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$16.35
Cravens, Kent9/26/12Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$16.35
Baca, Leo7/22/11Rep. David ChavezDiscuss metal theft legislation$16.27
Cravens, Kent9/15/12Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$16.26
Cravens, Kent9/15/12Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$16.26
Cravens, Kent1/26/12Rep. William J. Graydiscuss pending legislation$16.13
Cravens, Kent1/26/12Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$16.13
Cravens, Kent1/26/12Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$16.13
Gould, Leland10/5/11Sen. George MunozDiscuss potential Legislation$16.12
Perry, Stephen4/30/14No detailfood and beverage$16.08
Gould, Leland8/24/11Sen. George MunozDiscuss Potential Legislation$16.01
Gonzales, Ricardo1/28/12Reps. Candy Spence Ezzell and Andy NunezLas Cruces Day in Santa Fe$16.00
Koob, Julianna10/5/11Rep. Al Parklunch$16.00
Houston, Les12/19/11Sen. Stuart Inglebook$15.96
Houston, Les12/19/11Sen. Tim Jenningsbook$15.96
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Rep. Don Trippdiscuss interim committee work$15.61
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Rep. James Whitediscuss interim committee work$15.61
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Rep. Jimmie Halldiscuss interim committee work$15.61
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Rep. Bill Graydiscuss interim committee work$15.61
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss interim committee work$15.61
Cravens, Kent2/20/14Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$15.53
Jones, La Vanda2/7/14No detailDiscussion of Legislation$15.51
Alexander, Lee Ann4/2/14Dep. Insurance Supt. Alan SeeleyLunch$15.49
Alexander, Lee Ann4/2/14John GahertyLunch$15.49
Gonzales, Ricardo2/13/14Sen. Richard MartinezDiscussion of Economic Dev. Rate Bill$15.48
Gonzales, Ricardo2/11/14Sisto AbeytaDiscussion of Budget Issues & Affect on Dona Ana County$15.36
C'deBaca, Ernest1/30/12No detailInform elected officials of PNM issues$15.32
Kopelman, Steve9/12/14Rep. Jim TrujilloTo discuss pending legislation$15.21
Fanning , Jerry3/1/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$15.16
Young, Tasia9/18/13Rep. Ed SandovalTo discuss pending legislation$15.12
Armenta, Loretta8/1/11Rep. Sheryl Williams-StapletonDiscuss Metal Theft Legislation$15.11
Barboa, Adriann2/20/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$15.09
Cravens, Kent1/16/13Sen. Gay Kernandiscuss pending legislation$15.08
Cravens, Kent1/16/13Sen. Lisa Torracodiscuss pending legislation$15.08
Cravens, Kent1/16/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$15.08
Cravens, Kent1/16/13Sen. Sue Wilson Beffortdiscuss pending legislation$15.08
Jordan, William12/26/11Rep. Rick MieraLobbying$15.05
Cravens, Kent10/23/12Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$15.01
Gonzales, Ricardo2/13/12Sen. Tim JenningsDiscuss NMSU funding$15.00
Koob, Julianna12/15/11Rep. Tom Taylorlunch$15.00
Koob, Julianna6/29/11Rep. Tom Taylorlunch$15.00
Griffith, Sue3/1/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast$15.00
Romero, Richard3/1/11Senate Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast$15.00
Koob, Julianna2/1/11Sen. Cisco McSorleyDiscuss Legislation$15.00
Fanning , Jerry9/6/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast-discuss oil & gas related issues$14.98
Vargas , Vincente7/24/13Water & Natural Resources Interim CommitteeMeeting- Water Committee$14.97
Meiklejohn, Douglas10/23/13Hector Balderas, candidate for NM Attorney GeneralLunch$14.96
Newby, Cathleen3/20/13No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$14.94
Fanning , Jerry2/4/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$14.94
Barboa, Adriann1/28/14No detailgas for travel to Santa Fe, NM for legislative session$14.92
Cravens, Kent1/21/13Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$14.90
C'deBaca, Ernest3/31/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$14.84
D'Antonio , Michael8/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$14.70
Fanning , Jerry2/21/11Rep. Don BrattonBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$14.62
Fanning , Jerry2/21/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$14.62
C'deBaca, Ernest1/23/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$14.58
Cravens, Kent1/27/14Rep. Georgene Louisdiscuss pending legislation$14.57
Cravens, Kent1/27/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$14.57
Cravens, Kent1/27/14Sen. Jacob Candelariadiscuss pending legislation$14.57
Gonzales, Ricardo3/26/14Leil LeventinoDiscuss Franchise Agreement$14.55
Cravens, Kent10/24/12Sen. John Ryandiscuss pending legislation$14.54
Cravens, Kent10/24/12Sen. John Sapiendiscuss pending legislation$14.54
Ocheskey, Fred2/22/13Rep. Mary Helen GarciaRefreshments for office use$14.49
Cravens, Kent12/22/11Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$14.47
Alexander, Lee Ann9/30/14Dep. Insurance Supt. Alan SeeleyLunch$14.42
Barboa, Adriann1/29/13No detailcopies of letters to legislators$14.38
Cravens, Kent2/14/14Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$14.32
Cravens, Kent2/14/14Rep. James Stricklerdiscuss pending legislation$14.32
Cravens, Kent2/14/14Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$14.32
Cravens, Kent7/18/13Sen. Carroll Leavelldiscuss interim committee work$14.31
Cravens, Kent7/18/13Rep. James Smithdiscuss interim committee work$14.31
Cravens, Kent7/18/13Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss interim committee work$14.31
Cravens, Kent7/18/13Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss interim committee work$14.31
Cravens, Kent7/18/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss interim committee work$14.31
C'deBaca, Ernest1/19/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$14.26
Fanning , Jerry2/17/11Rep. Don BrattonBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$14.26
Fanning , Jerry2/17/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss Oil & Gas Industry$14.26
Young, Tasia5/1/14Sen. Carlos CisnerosTo discuss pending legislation$14.25
Young, Tasia9/22/14Rep. Rick MieraTo discuss pending legislation$14.24
Cravens, Kent5/16/12Sen. Pete Camposdiscuss pending legislation$14.21
Young, Tasia12/17/14Sen. Cisco McSorleyTo discuss pending legislation$14.17
Cravens, Kent12/11/12Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$14.15
Cravens, Kent12/11/12Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss pending legislation$14.15
Cravens, Kent1/4/12Sen. Phil Griegodiscuss pending legislation$14.07
Gonzales, Ricardo3/19/14Stan RoundsWorkforce Dev. Program$14.05
Gonzales, Ricardo3/19/14Steve SanchezWorkforce Dev. Program$14.05
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$14.02
Cravens, Kent3/12/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$14.02
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Sen. John Sapiendiscuss pending legislation$14.00
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$14.00
Cravens, Kent2/13/14Rep. James Stricklerdiscuss pending legislation$13.99
Cravens, Kent2/13/14Rep. Thomas Andersondiscuss pending legislation$13.99
Cravens, Kent10/29/12Sen. Bill Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$13.97
Cravens, Kent10/29/12Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$13.97
Kopelman, Steve5/20/14Rep. Jim TrujilloTo discuss pending legislation$13.75
Cravens, Kent2/4/13Sen. Lisa Torracodiscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent2/4/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent2/4/13Sen. Stuart Inglediscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Rep. William J. Graydiscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Rep. Don Trippdiscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Rep. James Whitediscuss pending legislation$13.73
Cravens, Kent11/13/12Rep. Larry Larranagadiscuss pending legislation$13.73
Trujillo, Martin8/25/11Sen. Carroll LeavellMeet and Greet$13.66
Cravens, Kent2/22/14Rep. Antonio Maestasdiscuss interim committee work$13.42
Cravens, Kent1/22/14Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$13.40
Cravens, Kent2/7/12Sen. David Ulibarridiscuss pending legislation$13.36
Cravens, Kent2/7/12Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$13.36
Cravens, Kent2/7/12Sen. Vernon Asbilldiscuss pending legislation$13.36
Cravens, Kent2/7/12Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$13.36
Cravens, Kent1/17/13Sen. Sander Ruediscuss pending legislation$13.32
Cravens, Kent1/16/12Rep. Andy Nunezdiscuss pending legislation$13.32
Cravens, Kent1/17/12Rep. Andy Nunezdiscuss pending legislation$13.29
C'deBaca, Ernest4/2/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$13.25
Moore, Brian8/25/14Sen. Steven Neville, Rep. Don TrippTo discuss pending legislation$13.20
Sechovec , Linda9/12/11Rep.Luciano VarelaLong Tem Care issues$13.18
Doyle, Robert1/10/11Rep. Joni GuiterrezLegislative breakfast$13.18
Doyle, Robert1/10/11Rep. Rick LittleLegislative Breakfast$13.18
Doyle, Robert1/10/11Rep. Andy NunezLegislative breakfast$13.18
Doyle, Robert1/10/11Sens.teve FishmannLegislative Breakfast$13.18
Doyle, Robert1/10/11Sen. Mary Kay PapenLegilative breakfast$13.18
Johnson, Matthew9/5/12Sen. Stuart IngleLunch$13.15
Gonzales, Ricardo3/12/14Miguel SilvaDiscuss Minimum Wage Policy$13.08
Fletcher, Shelby8/7/14No detailMeal$13.04
Fletcher, Shelby10/25/14No detailMeal$12.99
Maez, Stephanie4/18/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$12.92
Cravens, Kent10/31/12Sen. Tim Jenningsdiscuss pending legislation$12.92
Cravens, Kent1/31/12Sen. Carroll Leavelldiscuss pending legislation$12.91
Cravens, Kent1/31/12Sen. Clinton Hardendiscuss pending legislation$12.91
Cravens, Kent1/31/12Sen. Vernon Asbilldiscuss pending legislation$12.91
Cravens, Kent1/31/12Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$12.91
Gaspers, Mark12/13/12Rep. Larry LarranagaBreakfast meeting$12.63
Cravens, Kent8/22/13Rep. Don Trippdiscuss interim committee work$12.55
Cravens, Kent8/22/13Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss interim committee work$12.55
Cravens, Kent8/22/13Rep. Lucky Vareladiscuss interim committee work$12.55
Sechovec , Linda1/16/11Rep. Danice PicrauxLong Term Care Issues$12.54
Sechovec , Linda1/16/11Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortLong Term Care Issues$12.54
D'Antonio , Michael9/6/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$12.50
Barboa, Adriann2/25/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$12.50
Romero, Richard2/12/12No detailBreakfast$12.50
Sellers, Thomas1/12/12Rep. James StricklerGift$12.50
Sellers, Thomas1/12/12Rep. Tom TaylorGift$12.50
Sellers, Thomas1/12/12Sen. Bill SharerGift$12.50
Romero, Mercedes1/19/11Sen. Dede Feldmanfruit$12.48
Gonzales, Ricardo2/16/14Brent MichaelsDiscussion of Judiciary Committee Vote$12.41
Cravens, Kent2/11/14Sen. George Munozdiscuss pending legislation$12.38
Young, Tasia9/10/14Rep. Roberya GonzalesTo discuss pending legislation$12.33
Armenta, Loretta3/28/11No detailAggregate$12.33
Young, Tasia8/24/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$12.25
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Eddie HolguinDiscuss new rules and they affect legislation$12.18
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Ralph GonzalesDiscuss new rules and they affect legislation$12.18
Gonzales, Ricardo1/18/14Tommy SiezDiscuss new rules and they affect legislation$12.18
Pearce , Amber1/21/13Keith Gardner, Chief of Staff for Gov. MartinezTo discuss legislative session$12.13
Barboa, Adriann3/6/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$12.09
Cravens, Kent4/25/12Sen. Mark Boitanodiscuss pending legislation$12.01
Bundy, Carter12/23/14Sen. Mary Kay PapenDiscuss 2015 Legislative Session$12.00
Henson, Charles3/21/12Rep. Lee AlconDISCUSS POSSIBLE LEGISLATIO$12.00
Cravens, Kent1/30/12Rep. Yvette Herrelldiscuss pending legislation$12.00
Cravens, Kent1/30/12Thomas Taylordiscuss pending legislation$12.00
Cravens, Kent1/30/12Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$12.00
Cravens, Kent1/30/12Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$12.00
Laubacher, Cynthia10/19/11Rep. Andy NunezIntroduction Meeting$12.00
Koob, Julianna8/5/11Sen. Cisco McSorleylunch$12.00
Young, Tasia2/14/12Sen. Bernadette SanchezDiscuss pending legislation$11.74
Manjarrez, Amanda9/21/11Sen. Mimi StewartDiscuss Legislation$11.74
Barboa, Adriann3/4/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$11.68
Cravens, Kent8/19/13Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss interim committee work$11.66
Cravens, Kent8/19/13Sen. William Burtdiscuss interim committee work$11.66
Cravens, Kent8/19/13Sen. William Sharerdiscuss interim committee work$11.66
Pearce , Amber1/7/13Angela Marcucci, Office of the GovernorTo discuss NGA Policy Academy$11.66
Barboa, Adriann2/26/13No detaillobbyist meeting with partner NPOs/grassroots orgs$11.52
Cravens, Kent2/11/13Sen. Bill Paynediscuss pending legislation$11.50
Cravens, Kent2/11/13Sen. Clemente Sanchezdiscuss pending legislation$11.50
Cravens, Kent2/11/13Sen. Joseph Cervantesdiscuss pending legislation$11.50
Philips, Grace11/14/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$11.38
Johnson, Matthew10/28/13Sen. George MunozDinner$11.38
Johnson, Matthew10/28/13Sen. John SapienDinner$11.38
Gaspers, Mark10/30/12Lt. Gov. John SanchezSpeaker at lunch and learn at Boeing site.$11.24
Gaspers, Mark10/30/12Vincent A. TorresLieutenant Governor speaker at lunch and learn on site.$11.24
Pearce , Amber9/3/13Rep. Sandra JeffMeeting$11.17
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Education Secy Hanna Skanderadiscuss pending legislation$11.17
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Rep. Sandra Jeffdiscuss pending legislation$11.17
Cravens, Kent3/5/13Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss pending legislation$11.17
Cravens, Kent5/16/13Sec. of State Dianna Durandiscuss interim committee work$11.16
Barboa, Adriann1/30/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to school board forum$11.08
Young, Tasia9/28/14Sen. Mary Kay PapenTo discuss pending legislation$11.05
Baca, Leo10/22/11Sen. David UlibarriDiscuss metal theft legislation$11.00
Young, Tasia12/13/13Rep. Rudy MartinezTo discuss pending legislation$10.90
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11Rep. Jim TrujilloAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$10.88
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11Sen. Cynthia NavaAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$10.88
Hoffman, Sarah7/24/13Rep. Gail Chaseyissue education$10.86
Baca, Leo12/1/11Rep. Jimmie HallDiscuss metal theft legislation$10.84
Barboa, Adriann1/31/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$10.76
Gonzales, Ricardo3/31/14Miguel SilvaDiscuss Minimum Wage Debate$10.59
Daniel, John1/9/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$10.51
Fanning , Jerry9/7/11Rep. Bill GrayBreakfast to discuss oil & gas related issues$10.50
Cravens, Kent1/26/12Rep. William J. Graydiscuss pending legislation$10.48
Cravens, Kent1/26/12Rep. Don Trippdiscuss pending legislation$10.48
Cravens, Kent11/12/14Sen. Mark MooresDiscuss Interim Committee Work$10.33
Baca, Leo11/11/11Rep. William RehmDiscuss metal theft legislation$10.32
Gaspers, Mark6/22/11Angela Heisel, NM Economic DevelopmentBoeing Albuquerque Site Visit$10.16
Gaspers, Mark6/22/11Economic Development Secy Jon BarelaBoeing Albuquerque Site Visit$10.16
Cravens, Kent8/22/12Sen. John Sapiendiscuss interim committee presentation$10.14
Cravens, Kent8/22/12Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss interim committee presentation$10.14
Gonzales, Ricardo3/5/14Gill SorgDiscuss Franchise Agreemrnt$10.09
Cravens, Kent7/8/13Sen. John Arthur Smithdiscuss interim committee work$10.08
Cravens, Kent7/8/13Rep. Monica Youngblooddiscuss interim committee work$10.08
Cravens, Kent7/8/13Rep. Yvette Herrelldiscuss interim committee work$10.08
Cravens, Kent7/8/13Rep. Tim Lewisdiscuss interim committee work$10.08
Ryan , Dina2/19/13No detailAggregate amount$10.06
Cravens, Kent1/21/14Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$10.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie6/18/13Sen. Jacob CadelariaDiscuss client concerns$10.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie8/28/12Rep. David DoyleMeeting$10.00
D'Antonio , Michael4/12/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$10.00
Koob, Julianna2/4/11Rep. Mimi StewartSocial Reception$10.00
Cravens, Kent1/28/14Sen. Cliff Pirtlediscuss pending legislation$9.97
Cravens, Kent1/28/14Sen. Mark Mooresdiscuss pending legislation$9.97
Cravens, Kent2/6/14Rep. William Rehmdiscuss pending legislation$9.89
Cravens, Kent2/6/14Rep. Thomas Andersondiscuss pending legislation$9.89
Brandt, Varney11/28/12Sen. Mary Kay PapenDiscuss legislative proposal$9.87
C'deBaca, Ernest10/17/14No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$9.72
Cravens, Kent2/5/14Rep. Carl Trujillodiscuss pending legislation$9.70
Young, Tasia6/20/13Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$9.67
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Conrad Jameslunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Craig Brandtlunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. John Ryanlunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Lisa Torracolunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Sheryl Stapleton-Williamslunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Gail Chaseylunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Jason Harperlunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Jimmie Halllunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Larry Larranagalunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Miguel Garcialunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Mimi Stewartlunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Nate Gentrylunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Thomas Andersonlunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Rep. Tim Lewislunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Sen. Jacob Candelarialunch$9.61
Fore, Delbert8/9/12Sen. Michael Padillalunch$9.61
Barboa, Adriann2/20/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$9.54
Cravens, Kent8/22/12Sen. John Sapiendiscuss interim committee presentation$9.50
Cravens, Kent1/24/12Sen. William Sharerdiscuss pending legislation$9.08
Young, Tasia2/15/12Rep. Yvette HerrellDiscuss pending legislation$9.02
Barboa, Adriann3/12/13No detailtrain ticket to Santa Fe for legislative session$9.00
Barboa, Adriann2/14/13No detailtrain ticket to Santa Fe for legislative session$9.00
Brix, Matt9/30/11Sen. Mimi StewartIssue Education$8.95
C'deBaca, Ernest12/31/11No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$8.89
Manjarrez, Amanda1/17/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$8.71
Cravens, Kent12/22/11Rep. Larry Larranagadiscuss pending legislation$8.64
Gonzales, Ricardo1/8/13Rep. Doreen GallegosLegislative Tour/Breakfast$8.47
Gonzales, Ricardo1/8/13Rep. Mary Helen GarciaLegislative Tour/Breakfast$8.47
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$8.47
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. Carroll Leavelldiscuss pending legislation$8.41
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. Ron Griggsdiscuss pending legislation$8.41
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. Pat Woodsdiscuss pending legislation$8.41
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. Steven Nevillediscuss pending legislation$8.41
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. William Burtdiscuss pending legislation$8.41
Cravens, Kent2/18/14Sen. William Paynediscuss pending legislation$8.41
Manjarrez, Amanda11/23/11Sen. Tim KellerDiscuss Legislation$8.17
Manjarrez, Amanda8/23/11Sen. Tim KellerDiscuss Legislation$8.15
D'Antonio , Michael4/12/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$8.11
Barboa, Adriann3/15/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$8.10
Johnson, Matthew9/6/12Sen. Tim JenningsLunch$8.10
Barboa, Adriann3/12/13No detailparking at train station for trip to Santa Fe for legislative session$8.00
Barboa, Adriann2/19/13No detailparking at train station for trip to Santa Fe for legislative session$8.00
Barboa, Adriann2/13/13No detailparking at train station for trip to Santa Fe for legislative session$8.00
Gonzales, Ricardo1/31/12Rep. Nate GentrySB 241$8.00
Baca, Leo7/14/11Rep. Jim TrujilloAttend legislative fundraiser$8.00
Young, Tasia7/8/13Rep. Rick MieraTo discuss pending legislation$7.95
Koob, Julianna3/15/12Sen. Dede Feldmanlunch$7.90
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11Rep. Danice PicrauxAppreciation Dinner$7.88
Hatanaka, Anna1/18/11Rep. Miguel GarciaAppreciation Dinner$7.88
Gonzales, Ricardo2/1/12Rep. Antonio MaestasDiscuss NM Tax Policy$7.50
Gonzales, Ricardo1/25/12Rep. Nate Gentrydiscuss HB 241$7.50
Cravens, Kent8/23/12Sen. Sue Wilson Beffortdiscuss interim committee presentation$7.48
Gonzales, Ricardo1/7/13Sen. Lee CotterLegislative Tour$7.35
Barboa, Adriann2/7/14No detaillobbyist meal during NM legislative session$7.01
Gonzales, Ricardo3/22/12Rep. Antonio LujanEnergy Effiecency$7.00
Hatanaka, Anna1/31/11Rep. Gail ChaseyAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$7.00
Barboa, Adriann3/4/13No detailtrain ticket to Santa Fe for legislative session$6.75
Pearce , Amber9/5/13Sen. Tim KellerMeeting$6.58
Hatanaka, Anna2/19/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$6.56
Cravens, Kent2/1/12PRC Commissioner Patrick Lyonsdiscuss pending legislation$6.33
Kopelman, Steve11/12/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$6.00
Baca, Max3/9/11Hobby Lobby2 way tape$5.99
Hatanaka, Anna2/8/11No detailAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$5.97
Trujillo, Martin8/26/11Rep. Cathrynn BrownMeet and Greet$5.37
C'deBaca, Ernest1/19/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$5.35
D'Antonio , Michael10/31/12No detailInform elected officials on PNM issues$5.33
Barboa, Adriann2/13/14No detaillobbyist rail transportation to NM legislative session$5.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie6/6/13Rep. Stephen EasleyDiscuss client concerns$5.00
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Rep. Nate Cotegroceries/supplies$4.99
Brook, Molly Jo1/30/13Rep. Roger Madalenagroceries/supplies$4.99
Badal, John2/27/12Rep. Ray BegayeMeeting with Atty General$4.98
Young, Tasia9/14/13Rep. Alonzo BaldonadaTo discuss pending legislation$4.95
Gaspers, Mark6/22/11Gov. Susana MartinezBoeing Albuquerque Site Visit$4.93
Barboa, Adriann3/8/13No detaillobbyist travel to NM legislative session$4.71
Cravens, Kent11/16/14Rep. Sandra JeffDiscuss Interim Committee Work$4.70
Barboa, Adriann2/5/14No detailmeal reimbursement for lobbyist during NM legislative session$3.75
Young, Tasia8/22/14Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoTo discuss pending legislation$3.64
D'Antonio , Michael5/23/13No detailInform elected officions on PNM issues$3.61
Cravens, Kent5/14/12Rep. Nick Salazardiscuss pending legislation$3.61
Cravens, Kent5/14/12Rep. Jimmie Halldiscuss pending legislation$3.54
Barboa, Adriann2/18/14No detailparking for UNM MOCI summit event on campus for lobbying efforts$3.50
Baca, Leo9/2/11Sen. Sander RueDiscuss metal theft legislation$3.50
Hatanaka, Anna1/31/11Rep. Roberto GonzalesAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$3.50
Hatanaka, Anna1/31/11Rep. Roger MadalenaAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$3.50
Foster, Demis1/13/15Sen. Mike Padilladiscussing legislation$3.29
Barboa, Adriann2/14/14No detaillobbyist meal during NM legislative session$3.21
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Christine TruijilloMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Elizabeth ThompsonMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Emily KaneMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Georgene LouisMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Jeff SteinbornMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Sen. Mimi StewartMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Nate CoteMeal$3.07
Daniel, John8/7/13Rep. Patricia Caballero RoybalMeal$3.07
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie5/31/13Rep. Georgene LouisDiscuss client concerns$3.00
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie4/30/13Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoDiscuss client concerns$3.00
Gonzales, Ricardo3/20/12Sen. Mary Kay PapenTo discuss the primary races - statewide$3.00
Sechovec , Linda1/16/11Rep. Danice PicrauxLong Term Care Issues$2.72
Sechovec , Linda1/16/11Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortLong Term Care Issues$2.72
Hatanaka, Anna2/18/11Sen. Cynthia NavaAppreciation; Developmental Delay & Disability Issues$2.50
Barboa, Adriann2/19/13No detaillobbyist meal during travel to NM legislative session$2.27
Barboa, Adriann3/4/13No detailtrain ticket to Santa Fe for legislative session$2.25
Barboa, Adriann7/31/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to meetings with organizers$2.15
Barboa, Adriann1/28/14No detailparking to pick up rental car for travel to Santa Fe, NM for legislative session$2.00
Ford, Jennifer3/18/11No detailElections & Bills$1.50
Ford, Jennifer3/18/11No detailElections Legislation$1.50
Ford, Jennifer3/18/11No detailElections Legislation$1.50
Ford, Jennifer3/18/11No detailElecitons Legisation$1.50
Ford, Jennifer3/18/11No detailElecitons Legislation$1.50
Barboa, Adriann8/31/13No detailmileage reimbursement for travel to meetings with organizers$1.07
Romero, Regina12/31/14No detailN/A$0.01
Romero, Regina12/31/13No detailN/A$0.01
Romero, Regina4/25/13No detailN/A$0.01
Rangel, Steven12/31/11No detail$0.01

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