Show us the money

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Show us the money.

Specifically, show us who donated to that campaign or Super PAC and how that money was spent.

As New Mexico In Depth’s data journalist examining money in politics, I’ve tracked 2014 political ads on TV, looked at the top New Mexico campaign contributors, mapped election results, examined spending by New Mexico lobbyists on state officials, delved into how state lawmakers allocate money for capital outlay projects and detailed campaign contributions by union interests.

Going forward, I’ll offer behind-the-scenes look at how I do some of this reporting and interesting bits and pieces about campaign finance, lobbying and more.

But we also want help in showing us the money — and the messages that money buys.

Get a campaign flier in the email? Take photos of the front and back and email us.

Get a robo call? Record it with your phone and email us the audio.

See a political ad on Facebook, Twitter or another web app? Take a screenshot and send it to us.

Or maybe you just want a piece of political data checked out.

Most of my days are spent with databases, spreadsheets and a bit of programming thrown in there for good measure.

So if you have questions about political numbers, shoot me an email: fish (at)

Because we know you want to be shown the money in New Mexico politics too.

Editors note: contact Fish at [email protected] 

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