Datatable: 2015 lobbyist and employers detailed campaign contributions


New Mexico In Depth downloaded data on campaign contributions from individual lobbyists, and extracted employer contributions from PDFs of their filings to analyze 2015 donations.

In this detailed table, candidate or committee names were standardized. Note that some names could not be discerned.

You may download a Google spreadsheet of the data, with original names supplied by lobbyists or employers, here.

Company or lobbyistContribution DateBeneficiaryOffice or committeeAffiliationOn behalf ofAmount
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/18/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy11/11/15Share the Vision PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy11/11/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseR$5,000
Devon Energy12/3/15PAC WestPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15The Panyard PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15Progress New Mexico PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15Heritage New Mexico PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15New Mexico ForwardPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15Republican Leadership PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy8/3/15New Mexico Family First PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy9/16/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$10,800
Devon Energy12/4/15PAC 22PACR$10,800
Devon Energy12/14/15Christina HallHouseR$5,000
New Mexico Oil & Gas Association7/2/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDNMOGA$250
New Mexico Oil & Gas Association9/9/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRNMOGA$127
New Mexico Oil & Gas Association6/19/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDNMOGA$300
Planned Parenthood Rocky Moutains12/31/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDPersonal$150
Planned Parenthood Rocky Moutains12/30/15Maggie Toulouse OliverSecretary of StateDPersonal$500
Planned Parenthood Rocky Moutains11/26/15Liz StefanicsSenateDPersonal$100
Planned Parenthood Rocky Moutains7/27/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyDPersonal$100
Pueblo of San Felipe9/16/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,000
Southern Wine & Spirits of New Mexico5/1/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Southern Wine & Spirits of New Mexico11/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Premier Distributing Company5/26/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyR$1,500
ITC Holdings Corp.12/21/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRITC Holdings Corp.$1,500
Security Finance of New Mexico, LLC6/23/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Security Finance of New Mexico, LLC6/23/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,500
Pueblo of Santa Clara8/26/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Pueblo of Santa Clara9/16/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,500
Admiral Beverage Corporation5/1/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Admiral Beverage Corporation11/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,500
Eli Lilly Company, Inc.9/18/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Eli Lilly Company, Inc.8/12/15John SanchezLt. GovernorR$2,000
Pueblo of Zuni9/16/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,500
Pueblo of Zuni9/15/15Rep. Eliseo AlconHouseR$1,000
Pueblo of Zuni9/15/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$1,000
Pueblo of Zuni9/15/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$1,000
Pueblo of Zuni9/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$250
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$250
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Aubrey DunnLand CommissionerRLand Commissioner$1,500
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRSpeaker$1,000
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Sen. Carroll LeavellSenateRSE Delegation$500
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDChair, Finance $1,000
Holly Frontier Companies11/17/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRMinority Leader$1,000
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Conrad JamesHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$300
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$300
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateD$1,000
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. David GallegosHouseR$200
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association7/1/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$500
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association9/1/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association10/15/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 2/19/15Democratic PartyPolitical PartyD$2,500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 7/15/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 7/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 7/15/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 9/1/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 9/1/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$500
QC Holdings, Inc. c/o Multistate Associates Inc. 9/1/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$300
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseD$500
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$300
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$300
Lovelace Health Systems9/3/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$300
L & F Distributors, LLC.9/23/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$5,000
L & F Distributors, LLC.6/24/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$1,000
L & F Distributors, LLC.11/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.5/20/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$2,000
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.6/5/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$1,000
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.6/5/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.6/24/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$1,000
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.7/23/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.7/23/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.7/29/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.7/29/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.8/4/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDConsumer Lending Alliance, Inc.$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.6/4/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.6/16/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.6/16/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$500
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$300
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.8/27/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$300
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.2/18/15Susana Martinez Inaugural Committee 2014GovernorR$10,000
Level 38/27/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Level 39/15/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$5,400
Level 39/15/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Level 39/15/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
Level 39/15/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Cisco McSorleySenateD$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateD$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Linda LopezSenateD$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$250
Level 39/15/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$250
Level 39/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Level 39/18/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$500
Level 39/15/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseD$1,000
Level 39/19/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$250
Level 39/19/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$250
Level 39/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$250
Level 39/27/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$1,000
Level 311/2/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$250
RAI Services Company9/14/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$2,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$1,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Eliseo AlconHouseR$1,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$1,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$1,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$2,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$1,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$1,500
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$2,000
RAI Services Company12/23/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino5/13/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino5/13/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino5/13/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino8/17/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$2,500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$300
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$300
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino9/14/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseR$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/11/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/11/15Rep. Idalia Lechuga-TenaHouseD$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateR$1,000
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino11/25/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$500
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$250
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$300
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Jeff VarelaHouseD$300
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/1/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$400
Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino12/16/15Christina HallHouseR$250
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$300
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$300
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company9/9/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$1,500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company9/9/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$1,000
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$1,000
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyR$1,000
BNSF Railway Company9/16/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyR$2,500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$300
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$500
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$1,000
BNSF Railway Company7/17/15John SanchezLt. GovernorR$2,500
BNSF Railway Company10/9/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$500
BNSF Railway Company11/9/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
BNSF Railway Company9/9/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$1,000
BNSF Railway Company8/17/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRConocoPhillips$1,500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRConocoPhillips$2,500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRConocoPhillips$2,500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateRConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. William PayneSenateRConocoPhillips$500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. William SharerSenateRConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips9/4/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRConocoPhillips$1,000
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRConocoPhillips$2,400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRConocoPhillips$2,400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Cathrynn BrownHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. David GallegosHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRConocoPhillips$2,500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseRConocoPhillips$300
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseRConocoPhillips$300
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. James StricklerHouseRConocoPhillips$599
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. James TownsendHouseRConocoPhillips$500
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseDConocoPhillips$400
ConocoPhillips12/10/15Rep. Bob WooleyHouseRConocoPhillips$300
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRConocoPhillips$1,900
ConocoPhillips12/9/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDConocoPhillips$1,000
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15John SanchezLt. GovernorR$1,500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,500
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15PAC 22PACR$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15Senate President Pro Tem FundPACD$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Linda LopezSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$350
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$750
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15House Majority Leader FundPACR$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan10/12/15House Minority Leader FundPACD$1,750
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$500
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$250
Presbyterian Health Plan9/17/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$250
Yates Petroleum Corporation8/1/15THE JOHN BOLTON SUPER
Yates Petroleum Corporation10/1/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyR$5,000
Ohkay Owingeh7/17/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$1,000
Ohkay Owingeh9/16/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$5,400
Ohkay Owingeh11/10/15New Mexico Defense FundPACD$1,000
Ohkay Owingeh12/9/15Rep. Nick SalazarHouseD$2,500
LKQ Corporation7/16/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation7/16/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation7/16/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation7/22/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseD$1,000
LKQ Corporation8/17/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$500
LKQ Corporation9/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,500
LKQ Corporation9/15/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$750
LKQ Corporation7/16/15Sen. Howie MoralesSenateD$1,000
LKQ Corporation9/15/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$250
LKQ Corporation9/15/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
LKQ Corporation8/12/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$750
LKQ Corporation9/21/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
LKQ Corporation9/15/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$250
LKQ Corporation9/10/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation11/2/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$500
LKQ Corporation10/19/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$250
LKQ Corporation10/19/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$250
LKQ Corporation11/2/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$250
LKQ Corporation9/18/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation10/19/15Rep. George DodgeHouseD$250
LKQ Corporation10/19/15Rep. Bob WooleyHouseR$250
LKQ Corporation12/18/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Javier MartinezHouseD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/16/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$1,500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.12/30/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/14/15Rep. Gail ChaseyHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Georgene LouisHouseD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateD$500
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$250
Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.9/15/15Rep. Christine TrujilloHouseD$250
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Linda LopezSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$2,700
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Doreen Wonda JohnsonHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/16/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$5,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Georgene LouisHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta12/10/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Ken Martinez Leadership FundPACD$1,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$1,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/10/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Doreen Wonda JohnsonHouseD$2,500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$1,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$1,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Sander RueSenateR$500
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$2,000
Pueblo of Isleta9/23/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$1,000
Baca, Terri Nikole6/4/15Sen. John RyanSenateRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole10/15/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole10/12/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole10/5/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRAT&T$350
Baca, Terri Nikole10/6/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole7/22/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole7/22/15Rep. James StricklerHouseRAT&T$450
Baca, Terri Nikole7/15/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole7/15/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole7/1/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDAT&T$350
Baca, Terri Nikole7/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDAT&T$1,000
Baca, Terri Nikole7/1/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/25/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/22/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/17/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/15/15Sen. John SapienSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/9/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRAT&T$1,000
Baca, Terri Nikole6/9/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/3/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/3/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole6/3/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole5/21/15Rep. James SmithHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole5/21/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole5/21/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole5/21/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRAT&T$500
Baca, Terri Nikole5/20/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRAT&T$1,000
Baca, Terri Nikole5/13/15Sen. William PayneSenateRAT&T$1,000
Martinez, Katherine12/17/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDCenturyTel, Inc.$400
Alarid, Vanessa10/31/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRPfizer$500
Saavedra, Marc7/29/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$150
Saavedra, Marc12/18/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$150
Saavedra, Marc8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$150
Saavedra, Marc6/26/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$150
Saavedra, Marc6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$100
Saavedra, Marc12/3/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$100
Rosen, Joshua 11/9/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRABQ Studios$500
Rosen, Joshua 6/9/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDABQ Studios$1,500
Rosen, Joshua 6/8/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRABQ Studios$500
Jackson, James 10/31/15Liz ThomsomHouseDSelf$75
Jackson, James 10/12/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDSelf$100
Jackson, James 9/17/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDSelf$100
Koob, Julianna 12/20/15Emerge New MexicoPACD$1,500
Koob, Julianna 8/12/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseD$250
Martinez, Katherine10/21/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRCenturyLink NM Political Action Committee$300
Martinez, Katherine10/8/15Sen. John SapienSenateDCenturyLink NM Political Action Committee$300
Duran, Mark11/1/15Senate Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDUnited Health Group$1,000
Duran, Mark11/1/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDUnited Health Group$1,000
Puelle, Michael 10/16/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDPersonal$100
Puelle, Michael 9/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPersonal$250
Puelle, Michael 9/16/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDPersonal$250
Puelle, Michael 6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRPersonal$150
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Nancy RodriguezSenateDUnited Health Group$250
Puelle, Michael 5/27/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDPersonal$100
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDUnited Health Group$1,000
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. William PayneSenateRUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseDUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRUnited Health Group$500
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDUnited Health Group$1,000
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Javier MartinezHouseDUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRUnited Health Group$1,000
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Cathrynn BrownHouseRUnited Health Group$250
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDUnited Health Group$500
Jordan, Susan7/14/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$500
Jordan, Susan6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$500
Mahooty, Pamela 10/27/15SUN PACPACD$100
Oakeley, David 1/30/15RPAC-NMPAC$1,000
Bullington, James12/22/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDLaguna Dev. Corporation$1,000
Bullington, James12/22/15Steven Michael QuezadaBernalillo County CommissionerDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Lonnie TalbertCounty CommissionerRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Maggie Hart StebbinsBernalillo County CommissionerDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Carroll LeavellSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Javier MartinezHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James11/13/15Susana PACPACRLaguna Dev. Corporation$500
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$400
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDLaguna Dev. Corporation$500
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$400
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$400
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Traynor, Randy 12/16/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateRCAR of New Mexico$250
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. James SmithHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Doreen Wonda JohnsonHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$500
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. John SapienSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$500
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRLaguna Dev. Corporation$600
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Eliseo AlconHouseRLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. john PintoSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$200
Bullington, James10/22/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$400
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Bullington, James9/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACDLaguna Dev. Corporation$800
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats10/2/14Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Bullington, James9/14/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDLaguna Dev. Corporation$750
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRFast Bucks$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats3/26/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRFast Bucks$200
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRFast Bucks$200
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRFast Bucks$2,000
Bullington, James1/15/16Rep. Andy NunezHouseRFast Bucks$200
Bullington, James11/10/15The Panyard PACPACRFast Bucks$1,000
Bullington, James11/10/15People for Economic Development PACPACFast Bucks$1,000
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRFast Bucks$200
Bullington, James11/10/15Heritage New Mexico PACPACRFast Bucks$2,000
Bullington, James11/10/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDFast Bucks$500
Bullington, James11/10/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRFast Bucks$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$2,000
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Larry ScottHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Paul BandyHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. James StricklerHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Sen. William SharerSenateRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James10/20/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRWilliams Four Corners, LLC$200
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. David GallegosHouseRJD Bullington Gov't Relations$100
Bullington, James12/22/15Rep. Larry ScottHouseRJD Bullington Gov't Relations$100
Bullington, James12/17/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDJD Bullington Gov't Relations$200
Bullington, James11/15/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDJD Bullington Gov't Relations$200
Bullington, James9/19/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRJD Bullington Gov't Relations$200
Bullington, James9/19/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRJD Bullington Gov't Relations$200
Bullington, James9/15/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDJD Bullington Gov't Relations$200
Bullington, James6/15/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDJD Bullington Gov't Relations$125
Bullington, James6/1/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRJD Bullington Gov't Relations$100
Bullington, James5/27/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDJD Bullington Gov't Relations$250
Sechovec , Linda 12/21/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$150
Bullington, James9/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRK12, Inc.$2,000
Sechovec , Linda 12/16/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$150
Sechovec , Linda 12/16/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$100
Bullington, James9/8/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRK12, Inc.$2,000
Bullington, James12/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDPersonal$200
Sechovec , Linda 11/19/15Rep. Paul BandyHouseR$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats5/18/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$100
Bullington, James10/18/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDPersonal$200
Sechovec , Linda 11/18/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$150
Bullington, James7/10/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDPersonal$500
Sechovec , Linda 11/18/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$150
Sechovec , Linda 10/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$250
Anaya, Steven1/21/15RPAC-NMPAC$1,000
Alarid, Chevonne 11/19/15Karen MontoyaPublic Regulation CommissionerD$100
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateROccidental$2,000
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/15Sen. William SharerSenateROccidental$2,000
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseROccidental$1,000
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/15Aubrey DunnLand CommissionerROccidental$5,000
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)12/29/15John SanchezLt. GovernorROccidental$5,000
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)11/18/15Rep. Don TrippHouseROccidental$1,000
Bowen, Michael10/21/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRMike Bowen$100
Bowen, Michael9/30/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRMike Bowen$100
Thompson, Joseph M.12/16/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDJoseph Thompson$200
Thompson, Joseph M.12/16/15Rep. James SmithHouseRJoseph Thompson$150
Bowen, Michael8/25/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateRMike Bowen$100
Thompson, Joseph M.12/2/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRJoseph Thompson$250
Bowen, Michael8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDMike Bowen$100
Thompson, Joseph M.12/2/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRJoseph Thompson$500
Thompson, Joseph M.11/17/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRJoseph Thompson$150
Thompson, Joseph M.11/19/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRJoseph Thompson$150
Thompson, Joseph M.11/19/15Rep. Paul BandyHouseRJoseph Thompson$150
Thompson, Joseph M.11/20/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRJoseph Thompson$250
Thompson, Joseph M.11/9/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseDJoseph Thompson$200
Thompson, Joseph M.10/21/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRJoseph Thompson$200
Thompson, Joseph M.10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDJoseph Thompson$200
Thompson, Joseph M.10/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRJoseph Thompson$250
Thompson, Joseph M.11/13/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRJoseph Thompson$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateR$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateR$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateD$300
Thompson, Joseph M.10/5/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDJoseph Thompson$150
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateD$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats5/20/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$500
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$300
Thompson, Joseph M.9/23/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRJoseph Thompson$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$250
Thompson, Joseph M.9/21/15U.S. Rep. Ben LujanCongressDJoseph Thompson$250
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. James TownsendHouseR$200
Thompson, Joseph M.9/17/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDJoseph Thompson$100
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. James StricklerHouseR$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$300
Thompson, Joseph M.12/16/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDJoseph Thompson$100
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Larry ScottHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. David GallegosHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$200
Thompson, Joseph M.9/2/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRJoseph Thompson$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseD$200
Thompson, Joseph M.9/2/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRJoseph Thompson$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/21/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseD$200
Hull II, Arthur 12/10/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$300
Hull II, Arthur 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateD$250
Hull II, Arthur 11/18/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$300
Hull II, Arthur 11/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$250
Hull II, Arthur 10/28/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$300
Meiklejohn, Douglas10/12/15Liz StefanicsSenateDDouglas Meiklejohn$100
Hull II, Arthur 10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$200
Thompson, Joseph M.8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRJoseph Thompson$100
Hull II, Arthur 10/21/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateD$250
Meiklejohn, Douglas9/16/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDDouglas Meiklejohn$100
Hull II, Arthur 10/17/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$250
Meiklejohn, Douglas8/21/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDDouglas Meiklejohn$250
Hull II, Arthur 10/10/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$300
Hull II, Arthur 10/5/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$100
Hull II, Arthur 10/1/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 9/25/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 9/25/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$200
Hull II, Arthur 9/2/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 9/2/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$200
Hull II, Arthur 9/1/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Hull II, Arthur 9/1/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$500
Thompson, Joseph M.7/30/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRJoseph Thompson$250
Leith, Leanne 8/24/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$250
Thompson, Joseph M.7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRJoseph Thompson$500
Leith, Leanne 6/4/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$100
Thompson, Joseph M.7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRJoseph Thompson$200
Thompson, Joseph M.7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRJoseph Thompson$200
Anderson, Josh5/22/15Maestas for NM$125
Thompson, Joseph M.6/24/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDJoseph Thompson$100
Thompson, Joseph M.7/31/15Sen. George MunozSenateDJoseph Thompson$100
Anderson, Josh6/8/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$100
Alarid, Vanessa12/31/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDVanessa Alarid$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/30/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/29/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPfizer$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDIGT$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDTed Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRJeff Garrett$1,000
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseRJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/15/15Sen. John SapienSenateDVanessa Alarid$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Sen. John SapienSenateDJeff Garrett$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRGarrett Development$500
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDGarrett Development$500
Setter, Drew 5/22/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$200
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Sen. John RyanSenateRGarrett Development$500
Setter, Drew 5/22/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$200
Alarid, Vanessa12/21/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRGarrett Development$1,000
Feldblum, Mary10/24/15Sen. John SapienSenateDMary Feldblum$100
Feldblum, Mary11/3/15Liz ThomsomHouseDMary Feldblum$75
Najjar, Daniel A.10/1/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDSanta Ana$750
Najjar, Daniel A.10/8/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDSanta Ana$500
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDSanta Ana$750
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDSanta Ana$1,000
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDSanta Ana$1,500
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDSanta Ana$1,000
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDSanta Ana$500
Najjar, Daniel A.9/3/15Sen. Nancy RodriguezSenateDSanta Ana$750
Mu´è_oz, Matthew 9/21/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$25
Mu´è_oz, Matthew 9/30/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$25
Miller, Michael7/27/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRMichael Miller$250
Hull II, Arthur 9/1/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$300
Hull II, Arthur 11/20/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$500
Baca, Terri Nikole10/6/15Susana PACPACRAT&T$2,800
Alarid, Vanessa10/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPfizer$2,000
Bullington, James9/14/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRLaguna Dev. Corporation$800
Bullington, James10/22/15Rep. Georgene LouisHouseDLaguna Dev. Corporation$300
Sechovec , Linda 11/18/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDIn Kind Expenses for Fundraiser at the Rio Chama$129
Sechovec , Linda 10/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRIn Kind Expenses for Fundraiser$45
Sechovec , Linda 11/19/15Rep. Paul BandyHouseRIn Kind Expenses for Fundraiser at the Rio Chama$75
Sechovec , Linda 11/18/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRIn Kind Expenses for Fundraiser at The Bullring$452
Sechovec , Linda 11/19/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRIn Kind Expenses for Fundraiser at the Rio Chama$75
Sechovec , Linda 11/19/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$150
Puelle, Michael 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDPersonal$100
Puelle, Michael 12/19/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDPersonal$100
Duran, Mark11/1/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRUnited Health Group$500
Thompson, Joseph M.12/22/15Rep. James SmithHouseRJoseph Thompson$150
Gonzales, Marco6/18/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Gonzales, Marco10/14/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Gonzales, Marco11/10/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$500
Gonzales, Marco8/21/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseROn behalf of Apolllo Education Group$2,000
Gonzales, Marco8/18/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDOn behalf of Apollo Education Group$250
Gonzales, Marco8/18/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDOn behalf of Apollo Education Group$250
Gonzales, Marco8/15/15Rep. Don TrippHouseROn behalf of Apollo Education Group$1,500
Gonzales, Marco8/21/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateROn behalf of Verizon$1,000
Gonzales, Marco8/18/15Sen. William SharerSenateROn behalf of Verizon$1,000
Gonzales, Marco8/18/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseROn behalf of Verizon$2,000
Gonzales, Marco9/22/15Susana PACPACROn behalf of General Motors Company PAC$1,000
Gonzales, Marco9/22/15Rep. Don TrippHouseROn behalf of General Motors Company PAC$2,000
Gonzales, Marco9/22/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseROn behalf of General Motors Company PAC$2,000
Gonzales, Marco10/1/15Susana PACPACROn behalf of Molina Healthcare$1,500
Gonzales, Marco11/4/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACROn behalf of Molina Healthcare$1,000
Gonzales, Marco10/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseROn behalf of Molina Healthcare$1,000
Zamora , Rudy10/2/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDLos Cuates Consulting$300
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRChevron U.S.A. Inc.$2,500
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats6/19/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats6/19/15Sen. George MunozSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats7/20/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats7/20/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats7/31/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$350
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/13/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/13/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/15/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/24/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/24/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$300
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/24/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/28/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/28/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats8/28/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$150
Schmidt, David 12/29/15Liz ThomsomHouseDself$50
Schmidt, David 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDself$100
Schmidt, David 11/23/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRself$100
Schmidt, David 9/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACDSelf$200
Schmidt, David 10/19/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDself$150
Fisher, Kristina5/14/15Ed PereaDistrict AttorneyD$50
Fisher, Kristina1/14/16Maggie Toulouse OliverSecretary of StateD$50
Duran, Mark10/20/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$150
Duran, Mark10/7/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$500
Duran, Mark12/9/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseD$200
Duran, Mark12/9/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$300
Duran, Mark11/12/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$500
Duran, Mark11/12/15Sen. Nancy RodriguezSenateD$250
Duran, Mark12/9/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseD$200
Duran, Mark12/9/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$200
Duran, Mark10/15/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$200
Duran, Mark9/21/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$500
Duran, Mark9/21/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Duran, Mark10/15/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$200
Duran, Mark9/10/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$350
Duran, Mark9/10/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$250
Duran, Mark9/8/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateR$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$200
Duran, Mark9/8/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$250
Duran, Mark9/8/15Rep. Conrad JamesHouseR$200
Duran, Mark8/21/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$300
Duran, Mark8/21/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$300
Nathan, Frederic6/4/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$250
Nathan, Frederic10/27/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$250
Menapace, Joseph12/17/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDPersonal$200
Menapace, Joseph12/18/15Rep. James SmithHouseRPersonal$200
Menapace, Joseph12/18/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDPersonal$200
Menapace, Joseph12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRPersonal$500
Menapace, Joseph11/19/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRPersonal$200
Menapace, Joseph11/4/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRPersonal$150
Menapace, Joseph8/27/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRPersonal$500
Menapace, Joseph7/27/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDPersonal$500
Menapace, Joseph6/23/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDPersonal$500
Allen, Steven11/10/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$100
Hernandez, Michelle9/23/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDMichelle and Jon Hernandez$100
Woodhouse, Jeff9/2/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$1,500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$2,000
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$1,000
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Maestas 2012Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$1,000
Woodhouse, Jeff8/28/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America$500
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats9/28/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats10/3/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats10/14/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Gorenz, Deborah11/16/15NMHA Health PACPACN$10,000
Gonzales, Marco1/11/16Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyR$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats10/21/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats10/24/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats11/6/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$1,000
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats11/22/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/4/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Tim KellerAuditorDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. George MunozSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Sen. John SapienSenateDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$300
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$250
Weaks, Dan & Marla Shoats12/17/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDShoats & Weaks, Inc. Duplicate to Marla Shoats$200
Horan, Lawrence 6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$235
Otero, Luke 9/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRIn kind$100
Otero, Luke 6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDIn kind$235
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$1,000
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Sen. George MunozSenateDon$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Sen. William PayneSenateRon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$1,000
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$1,500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$1,000
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDo$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$500
Torres, Joseph 9/24/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDJoseph J Torres$500
Otero, Luke 9/30/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDon behalf of Fed Ex Corporation$1,500
Torres, Joseph 7/9/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDJoseph J Torres$500
Torres, Joseph 6/25/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDJoseph J Torres$500
Melendres, Arthur12/22/15Sen. Cisco McSorleySenateD$200
Melendres, Arthur11/12/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$150
Melendres, Arthur12/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$500
Melendres, Arthur12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$200
Melendres, Arthur12/8/15Liz ThomsomHouseD$100
Melendres, Arthur11/10/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$200
Melendres, Arthur10/30/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$250
Melendres, Arthur7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$100
Melendres, Arthur7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$100
Melendres, Arthur6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$200
Gray, William 5/1/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$2,000
Carson, Joel8/9/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$300
Strauss-Martin , Ashley 11/3/15REALTORS Political Action CommitteePACNMyself$1,000
Barnett, Mickey9/22/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRMDB Consulting$1,000
Horan, Thomas11/10/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRby Thomas Horan in kind paymtent for food and beverages at the Albuquerque Country Club for food and$1,099
Johnson, Matthew12/15/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew12/15/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$2,000
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Sen. William PayneSenateRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Horan, Thomas12/1/15Sen. Michael Sanchez Leadership FundPACDby Thomas J Horan, in kind payment for food and beverages at Albuquerque Country Club for political $1,874
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Horan, Thomas11/20/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRby Thomas Horan in kind payment to Albuquerque Country Club for food and beverage for political fun$2,109
Johnson, Matthew12/17/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew12/16/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Johnson, Matthew12/16/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew12/16/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Marquez, Charlie6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDCharlie Marquez$235
Johnson, Matthew12/15/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Johnson, Matthew12/15/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$250
Johnson, Matthew12/14/15Sen. John RyanSenateRTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$500
Johnson, Matthew7/27/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDTakeda Pharmaceuticals America$1,000
Horan, Thomas10/1/15Brian Egolf Majority Leader FundPACDby Thomas Horan in kind payment to La Fonda Hotel for food and beverage for event$1,000
Thompson, John Lee6/17/15Senate Sgt of ArmsGolf Tournament Fundraiser$100
Thompson, John Lee6/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$100
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob11/10/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDCVS Health$500
Barberousse, Bob12/14/15Rep. James SmithHouseRBob Barberousse$300
Barberousse, Bob12/7/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDBob Barberousse$250
Hull II, Arthur 8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$300
Barberousse, Bob8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDBob Barberousse$500
Barberousse, Bob8/11/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRBob Barberousse$300
Hull II, Arthur 7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$500
Hull II, Arthur 7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$200
Barberousse, Bob8/10/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDBob Barberousse$300
Hull II, Arthur 7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$200
Ocheskey, Fred 9/19/15Sen. John SapienSenateDFred Ocheskey$250
Barberousse, Bob7/27/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDBob Barberousse$300
Barberousse, Bob7/24/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRBob Barberousse$500
Ocheskey, Fred 9/19/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRFred Ocheskey$250
Hull II, Arthur 6/19/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$500
Hull II, Arthur 6/19/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
Barberousse, Bob6/24/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDBob Barberousse$500
Ocheskey, Fred 12/16/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateRFred Ocheskey$300
Barberousse, Bob6/16/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDBob Barberousse$300
Barberousse, Bob6/16/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDBob Barberousse$250
Barberousse, Bob6/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRBob Barberousse$500
Groenewold, Keven 12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNMRECA$500
Groenewold, Keven 11/12/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRNMRECA$500
Groenewold, Keven 11/3/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRNMRECA$400
Groenewold, Keven 11/3/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseDNMRECA$300
Groenewold, Keven 10/26/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDNMRECA$400
Groenewold, Keven 10/13/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRNMRECA$300
Groenewold, Keven 10/13/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateRNMRECA$400
Groenewold, Keven 10/13/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDNMRECA$400
Groenewold, Keven 10/8/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRNMRECA$250
Groenewold, Keven 9/24/15Rep. Larry ScottHouseRNMRECA$250
Groenewold, Keven 9/14/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACDNMRECA$500
Groenewold, Keven 9/14/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRNMRECA$500
Groenewold, Keven 8/11/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRNMRECA$250
Groenewold, Keven 6/2/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNMRECA$500
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNoble Finance #219$250
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRYour Credit #427$250
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15New Mexico ForwardPACRNoble Finance #243$250
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15New Mexico ForwardPACRNoble Finance #244$250
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15Republican Leadership PACPACRGentry Finance #525$250
Barnett, Mickey7/7/15Republican Leadership PACPACRYour Credit #433$250
Hull II, Arthur 6/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$200
Hull II, Arthur 8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$300
Hull II, Arthur 6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Hull II, Arthur 6/16/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$250
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. James StricklerHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. James TownsendHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$1,000
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Bob WooleyHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. David GallegosHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$1,000
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$1,000
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Conrad JamesHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$1,000
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. John RyanSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRExxon Mobil Corporation$1,000
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. John SapienSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Larry ScottHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. William SharerSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Cathrynn BrownHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$300
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRExxon Mobil Corporation$400
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Aubrey DunnLand CommissionerRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Winn, Lisa11/10/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRExxon Mobil Corporation$500
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDIn-Kind for Gallagher & Kennedy$600
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)9/30/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRIn-Kind for Gallagher & Kennedy$764
Ray , Sam12/4/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRSam Ray$200
Ray , Sam12/4/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDSam Ray$200
Ray , Sam12/4/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam12/4/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam12/4/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam12/4/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Rep. David GallegosHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRSam Ray$200
Ray , Sam10/19/15Brian Egolf Majority Leader FundPACDSam Ray$250
Ray , Sam10/19/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Sen. Michael Sanchez Leadership FundPACDSam Ray$200
Ray , Sam10/19/15Sen. John SapienSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/19/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/17/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/14/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam10/10/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam9/19/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRSam Ray$250
Ray , Sam8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam7/30/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRSam Ray$250
Ray , Sam7/30/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam7/30/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam7/30/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam6/15/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDSam Ray$100
Ray , Sam6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDSam Ray$250
Ray , Sam6/16/15Sen. George MunozSenateDSam Ray$250
Ray , Sam5/27/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDSam Ray$250
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 10/31/15NM Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 12/7/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 12/7/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 12/10/15Rep. James SmithHouseRLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 12/26/15Debbie SarinanHouseD$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/28/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/28/15Jeff VarelaHouseDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/28/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/28/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/24/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/15/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/10/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$250
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/10/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/10/15Sen. John SapienSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 11/10/15Liz ThomsomHouseD$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 10/15/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 10/3/15Liz StefanicsSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$100
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 10/3/156 County PACPACDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 10/3/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 9/23/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$250
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 6/20/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda 6/19/15Sen. George MunozSenateDLinda Siegle - Resources for Change$150
Rutherford, Jeremy10/31/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$50
Rutherford, Jeremy9/17/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$250
Rutherford, Jeremy9/3/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$50
Rutherford, Jeremy9/3/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$50
Rutherford, Jeremy8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$100
Setter, Drew 11/5/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/9/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDDrew Setter$392
Setter, Drew 12/20/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 12/7/15Liz ThomsomHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 12/7/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 12/1/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/18/15Tim KellerAuditorDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15SUN PACPACDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDDrew Setter$150
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 11/17/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 10/30/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 10/21/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 10/21/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 10/7/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 9/17/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 9/17/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralDDrew Setter$500
Setter, Drew 9/17/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 9/15/15New Mexico Majority FundPACDrew Setter$750
Setter, Drew 8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 8/12/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 8/11/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 8/10/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/15/15Rep. Bill McCamleyHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/15/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/15/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/15/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 7/9/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 6/27/15Sen. Howie MoralesSenateDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 6/22/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDDrew Setter$200
Setter, Drew 6/11/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDDrew Setter$200
Montoya, Johnny8/29/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseD$100
Montoya, Johnny6/12/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$300
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,000
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Republican Leadership PACPACRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15PAC 22PACRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,000
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,000
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Nancy RodriguezSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Cathrynn BrownHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,000
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Javier MartinezHouseDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$1,000
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$250
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer10/15/15Sen. William PayneSenateRUnited HealthCare Services, Inc.$500
Najjar, Daniel A.9/29/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/9/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/22/15Liz StefanicsSenateDVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/22/15Tim KellerAuditorDVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/30/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/30/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/30/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.10/30/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.11/4/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.5/13/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.9/28/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.9/28/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.12/1/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.12/7/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.11/12/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.11/12/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.11/12/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.11/12/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Sen. George MunozSenateDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRVirtue & Najjar$200
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.11/18/15Rep. James SmithHouseRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.5/18/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.6/9/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.6/9/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.6/9/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDVirtue & Najjar$235
Najjar, Daniel A.6/22/15Rep. Bill McCamleyHouseDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.6/23/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.7/15/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.7/20/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.7/20/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.8/7/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.8/10/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Najjar, Daniel A.8/10/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDVirtue & Najjar$200
Najjar, Daniel A.8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.8/18/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDVirtue & Najjar$500
Najjar, Daniel A.8/25/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRVirtue & Najjar$400
Najjar, Daniel A.8/28/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRVirtue & Najjar$250
Najjar, Daniel A.9/28/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRVirtue & Najjar$300
Marquez, Charlie10/21/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDCharlie Marquez$238
Barefoot, Linda10/29/15Gov. Susana MartinezGovernorRPurdue Pharma LP$1,500
Barefoot, Linda12/18/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPurdue Pharma LP$500
Conway, Ann9/30/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseR$200
Santillanes, Matejka 12/29/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$150
Santillanes, Matejka 11/10/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$200
Santillanes, Matejka 10/20/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 10/19/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$200
Santillanes, Matejka 10/17/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 10/14/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 9/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$250
Santillanes, Matejka 9/11/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$200
Santillanes, Matejka 8/20/15Sen. George MunozSenateDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$250
Santillanes, Matejka 6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$250
Santillanes, Matejka 8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$200
Sanchez, Raymond 10/2/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$2,500
Sanchez, Raymond 9/28/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$200
Sanchez, Raymond 9/6/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$250
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/28/15Susana PACPACRBuilders Trust of NM$10,800
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/10/15PAC WestPACRBuilders Trust of NM$10,800
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/14/15PAC 22PACRBuilders Trust of NM$10,800
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/28/15New Mexico ForwardPACRBuilders Trust of NM$10,800
Milarch, Jr., Jack7/29/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRBuilders Trust of NM$10,800
Sanchez, Raymond 8/7/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$250
Christopher, John3/25/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRComcast$700
Christopher, John2/18/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRComcast$700
Christopher, John2/18/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDComcast$350
Roth, Thomas10/20/15Susana PACPACR$2,000
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Bob WooleyHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. James TownsendHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. James StricklerHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Randal S. CrowderHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Howie MoralesSenateD$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/28/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Roth, Thomas8/10/15John SanchezLt. GovernorR$1,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDBuilders Trust of NM$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/28/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/28/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Marquez, Charlie8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRCharlie Marquez$250
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack11/17/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Marquez, Charlie12/28/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDCharlie Marquez$150
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Marquez, Charlie12/16/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDCharlie Marquez$200
Marquez, Charlie12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRCharlie Marquez$100
Marquez, Charlie12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDCharlie Marquez$100
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Marquez, Charlie11/23/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie11/19/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie11/19/15Rep. Paul BandyHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie11/18/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDCharlie Marquez$150
Milarch, Jr., Jack7/29/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Marquez, Charlie11/18/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie11/18/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRCharlie Marquez$250
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Marquez, Charlie11/18/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie10/21/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDCharlie Marquez$100
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDBuilders Trust of NM$500
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$500
Jordan, William J.9/21/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyD$150
Jordan, William J.11/25/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$25
Jordan, William J.11/25/15Liz ThomsomHouseD$25
Christopher, John12/8/15Tim KellerAuditorDComcast$500
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Georgene LouisHouseDComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/18/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDComcast$500
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/11/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRComcast$1,000
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. William PayneSenateRComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/11/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. William SharerSenateRComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John12/18/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateRComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRComcast$250
Christopher, John10/3/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRComcast$1,000
Christopher, John11/15/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateDC$300
Christopher, John8/14/15Sen. John SapienSenateDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$500
Christopher, John8/14/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDComcast$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Sen. William PayneSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$500
Christopher, John8/14/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRComcast$300
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateD$500
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRComcast$300
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$1,000
Christopher, John11/30/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRComcast$300
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$1,500
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas6/24/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$350
Christopher, John11/30/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseRComcast$300
Roth, Thomas6/23/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$350
Christopher, John10/26/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseRComcast$300
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. James SmithHouseRComcast$300
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRComcast$500
Christopher, John8/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRComcast$1,000
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$350
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$350
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$500
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDComcast$300
Roth, Thomas10/29/15Rep. Conrad JamesHouseR$400
Christopher, John8/14/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseRComcast$300
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$500
Christopher, John9/29/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRComcast$500
Weaks, Jason R.1/5/16Liz ThomsomHouseDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Christopher, John8/31/15Gov. Susana MartinezGovernorRComcast$1,500
Weaks, Jason R.12/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$150
Weaks, Jason R.11/18/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.11/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.11/4/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.10/15/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.10/21/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$350
Weaks, Jason R.9/23/15John SuggDistrict AttorneyRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$150
Weaks, Jason R.8/10/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.9/17/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$200
Weaks, Jason R.8/28/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyDJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$500
Weaks, Jason R.7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Weaks, Jason R.7/15/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRJason Weaks, Weaks Law, P.C.$100
Allocco , Scott1/7/16Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRScott Allocco$200
Allocco , Scott11/17/15Maggie Hart StebbinsBernalillo County CommissionerDScott Allocco$250
Allocco , Scott11/10/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDScott Allocco$200
Allocco , Scott10/20/15Liz ThomsomHouseDScott Allocco$100
Allocco , Scott5/28/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDScott Allocco$100
Allocco , Scott8/10/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDScott Allocco$250
O'neill, James8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRself$150
O'neill, James7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRself$250
Christopher, John8/19/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateRComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. George MunozSenateDComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateRComcast$500
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDComcast$250
Christopher, John11/30/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseRComcast$250
Christopher, John12/1/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseDComcast$250
Roth, Thomas6/23/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$500
Roth, Thomas6/22/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$500
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas8/27/15Rep. George DodgeHouseD$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. David GallegosHouseR$350
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateR$500
Roth, Thomas9/28/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$500
Santillanes, Matejka 12/29/15Liz ThomsomHouseDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$100
Santillanes, Matejka 7/7/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDMatejka Santillanes, Jay Santillanes, MJS Consulting$250
Milarch, Jr., Jack9/10/15Sen. William SharerSenateRBuilders Trust of NM$5,000
Milarch, Jr., Jack12/11/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRBuilders Trust of NM$1,000
Marquez, Charlie9/17/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie9/17/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie9/26/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie9/21/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie10/19/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRCharlie Marquez$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan GrishamCongressD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Liz ThomsomHouseD$150
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Liz StefanicsSenateD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$250
Koob, Julianna 11/30/15A Strong New MexicoPACD$100
Koob, Julianna 11/30/15Forward New MexicoPACD$100
Koob, Julianna 9/25/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$50
Koob, Julianna 6/5/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$350
Koob, Julianna 10/28/15Maggie Hart StebbinsBernalillo County CommissionerD$50
Koob, Julianna 8/26/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyD$250
Koob, Julianna 12/16/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$250
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$200
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$400
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. John SapienSenateDMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Sen. William SharerSenateRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$300
Bellino, Sandra8/3/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRMerck Sharp & Dohme Corporation$500
Teague, Arthur11/16/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseRself$150
Teague, Arthur10/2/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRself$150
Teague, Arthur8/8/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRself$200
Rogers, Patrick12/27/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRself$150
Rogers, Patrick12/27/15Sen. John RyanSenateRself$100
Rogers, Patrick12/27/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRself$200
Rogers, Patrick12/27/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRself$150
Rogers, Patrick12/27/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRself$150
Rogers, Patrick9/15/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRself$100
Rogers, Patrick9/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRself$100
Aranda, Melanie 10/20/15Raul GrijalvaU.S. House, AZD$50
Daniel, John 5/31/15U.S. Sen. Martin HeinrichCongressD$150
Daniel, John 9/15/15Roman Martinez$75
Daniel, John 9/15/15Adrian PedrozaBernalillo County CommissionerD$150
Daniel, John 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateD$100
Sandoval, Oriana R.5/19/15Adrian PedrozaBernalillo County CommissionerD$50
Henrie, Michelle11/7/15U.S. Sen. Martin HeinrichCongressDPersonal$25
Henrie, Michelle10/5/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyDPersonal$50
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie 11/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRMaestas Consulting LLC$250
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie 10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDMaestas Consulting LLC$150
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie 7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRMaestas Consulting LLC$300
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie 7/23/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDMaestas Consulting LLC$150
Maestas-Traynor, Debbie 7/7/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDMaestas Consulting LLC$150
Minzner, Richard 12/2/15Tim KellerAuditorD$200
Minzner, Richard 12/1/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 11/10/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACR$200
Minzner, Richard 10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 10/28/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 10/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$200
Minzner, Richard 10/14/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$200
Minzner, Richard 9/17/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$150
Minzner, Richard 9/25/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$150
Minzner, Richard 9/25/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 9/25/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 9/25/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseD$150
Minzner, Richard 9/23/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 9/15/15New Mexico Senate Majority Leadership FundPACD$200
Minzner, Richard 9/2/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 9/2/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 8/26/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACD$250
Minzner, Richard 8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$150
Minzner, Richard 8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 8/11/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyD$200
Minzner, Richard 8/11/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$250
Minzner, Richard 7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$150
Minzner, Richard 6/18/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 6/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$200
Minzner, Richard 6/16/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$200
Minzner, Richard 6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$200
Romero, Richard12/18/15Miguel Garcia$100
Romero, Richard12/17/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$100
Romero, Richard12/11/15Jeff VarelaHouseD$100
Romero, Richard12/13/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$100
Romero, Richard12/13/15Liz StefanicsSenateD$100
Romero, Richard12/10/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$150
Romero, Richard12/6/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$100
Romero, Richard11/19/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$100
Romero, Richard11/18/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$100
Romero, Richard11/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$100
Romero, Richard11/9/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$100
Romero, Richard11/5/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$100
Romero, Richard11/4/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$100
Romero, Richard10/30/15Tim KellerAuditorD$100
Romero, Richard10/19/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$100
Romero, Richard10/28/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$100
Romero, Richard10/8/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$100
Romero, Richard10/5/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$100
Romero, Richard10/4/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$100
Romero, Richard10/4/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseR$100
Romero, Richard10/1/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$100
Romero, Richard9/11/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$100
Romero, Richard9/3/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$100
Romero, Richard9/1/15Sen. Linda LopezSenateD$100
Romero, Richard8/25/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$100
Romero, Richard8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$100
Romero, Richard8/24/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseD$125
Romero, Richard8/19/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$100
Romero, Richard8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$100
Romero, Richard7/20/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$100
Romero, Richard7/23/15Rep. Bill GomezHouseD$100
Romero, Richard7/20/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$100
Romero, Richard7/15/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$100
Romero, Richard6/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$100
Romero, Richard6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$100
Romero, Richard6/4/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$100
Romero, Richard5/14/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$100
Griffith, Sue12/14/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue12/14/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue12/14/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$100
Griffith, Sue12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateD$150
Griffith, Sue11/20/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateR$100
Griffith, Sue11/20/15Jeff VarelaHouseD$100
Griffith, Sue11/16/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue11/11/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue11/9/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue11/4/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$100
Griffith, Sue10/28/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue10/24/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue10/7/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue10/6/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue9/30/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue9/8/15Sen. Linda LopezSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue9/8/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue9/8/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue8/26/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$100
Griffith, Sue8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue8/24/15Rep. Sheryl Williams StapletonHouseD$125
Griffith, Sue8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue7/6/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$100
Griffith, Sue6/14/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseD$100
Griffith, Sue5/27/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$150
Torza, Deborah9/23/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRCampaign$100
Torza, Deborah9/1/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDCampaign$300
Torza, Deborah9/1/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRCampaign$100
Torza, Deborah7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRCampaign$100
Torza, Deborah7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRCampaign$100
Torza, Deborah8/12/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDCampaign$500
Torza, Deborah7/6/15Sen. George MunozSenateDCampaign$100
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$2,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$1,750
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Sen. John RyanSenateR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$500
Donaldson, Robert 11/12/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$1,500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Candy Spence EzzellHouseR$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. John ZimmermanHouseR$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Rod MontoyaHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Jim TrujilloHouseD$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Debbie RodellaHouseD$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Jimmie HallHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Doreen Wonda JohnsonHouseD$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. James StricklerHouseR$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Rick LittleHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseD$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. James TownsendHouseR$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseR$300
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Rep. Tim LewisHouseR$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateR$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateD$350
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateD$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateD$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateD$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. George MunozSenateD$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$400
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. William SharerSenateR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$250
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. John SapienSenateD$500
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateR$350
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateR$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 10/14/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateD$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 12/23/15Republican Leadership PACPACR$5,400
Thompson, R.E.9/16/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$500
Thompson, R.E.10/1/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyD$250
Romero, Richard7/1/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$100
Griffith, Sue10/28/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$100
Griffith, Sue12/9/15Rep. James SmithHouseR$150
Marquez, Charlie5/15/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDCharlie Marquez$100
Marquez, Charlie5/23/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie5/23/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRCharlie Marquez$200
Marquez, Charlie6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDCharlie Marquez$200
Marquez, Charlie6/17/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDCharlie Marquez$200
Marquez, Charlie6/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie6/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie6/21/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseRCharlie Marquez$150
Marquez, Charlie6/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie7/29/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDCharlie Marquez$500
Marquez, Charlie8/11/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRCharlie Marquez$250
Marquez, Charlie9/9/15Sen. Benny ShendoSenateDCharlie Marquez$250
Henrie, Michelle10/17/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRCyrq Enegy, Inc.$100
Seligman, Deborah 12/15/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$250
Seligman, Deborah 12/15/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$1,000
Seligman, Deborah 12/15/15Aubrey DunnLand CommissionerRHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$1,500
Seligman, Deborah 12/14/15Rep. Andy NunezHouseRHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$250
Seligman, Deborah 12/14/15Sen. Carroll LeavellSenateRHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$500
Seligman, Deborah 12/14/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$1,000
Seligman, Deborah 12/14/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRHollyFrontier Corp/Navajo Refining$1,000
Seligman, Deborah 12/7/15Rep. George DodgeHouseDEnergyAdvocate LLC$100
Seligman, Deborah 9/23/15Rep. Don TrippHouseREnergyAdvocate LLC$100
Seligman, Deborah 8/25/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDEnergyAdvocate LLC$250
Seligman, Deborah 6/17/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDEnergyAdvocate LLC$100
Ning, Natasha12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha12/1/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha11/11/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha11/5/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha10/20/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha9/15/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateD$750
Ning, Natasha8/11/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateR$200
Ning, Natasha8/10/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha7/15/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha7/15/15Sen. Joseph CervantesSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha7/7/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha6/24/15Sen. Howie MoralesSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha5/27/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateD$200
Ning, Natasha11/5/15Rep. Patricia Roybal-CaballeroHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha11/18/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha11/12/15Rep. Javier MartinezHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha10/20/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha10/12/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha10/1/15Rep. David AdkinsHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha9/14/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha9/16/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha8/12/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha8/12/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha8/11/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha7/16/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha7/15/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseR$200
Ning, Natasha7/15/15Rep. Bill McCamleyHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha6/30/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha6/23/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha6/5/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha5/15/15Rep. Andres RomeroHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha5/15/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseD$200
Ning, Natasha9/16/15Hector BalderasAttorney GeneralD$500
Traynor, Randy 12/16/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateD$250
Traynor, Randy 12/16/15Liz ThomsomHouseD$250
Traynor, Randy 12/16/15Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoHouseR$250
Traynor, Randy 12/16/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateR$250
Traynor, Randy 10/21/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateD$250
Traynor, Randy 7/30/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Traynor, Randy 7/21/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseR$100
Traynor, Randy 7/21/15Rep. Kelly FajardoHouseR$100
Traynor, Randy 6/2/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseR$500
Traynor, Randy 6/2/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseD$500
Lingley, Kristen12/17/15Advance New Mexico NowPACREncana$10,000
Lingley, Kristen12/17/15Republican Leadership PACPACREncana$5,000
Lingley, Kristen12/17/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseREncana$5,000
Coppler, Frank 12/7/15Sen. William SoulesSenateD$1,000
Coppler, Frank 11/16/15Michelle FrechetteMunicipla Judge$150
Coppler, Frank 7/7/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateD$1,000
Coppler, Frank 6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseD$250
Scanland, Scott6/1/15Rep. Don TrippHouseR$1,000
Thompson, Jr. , John6/16/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDJohn L Thompson Consulting Inc$100
Thompson, Jr. , John5/13/15Maestas for NMJohn L Thompson Consulting Inc$150
Thompson, Jr. , John9/9/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRJohn L Thompson Consulting Inc$100
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Bill BurtSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Ron GriggsSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Mark MooresSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. William PayneSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Steve NevilleSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. William SharerSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Cliff PirtleSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Perry, Stephen10/29/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRChevron USA Inc.$2,500
Moore, Brian12/8/15Sen. Pat WoodsSenateRNULL$1,000
Moore, Brian12/8/15Rep. Dennis RochHouseRNULL$1,000
Moore, Brian6/13/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/9/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRNULL$500
Horan, Lawrence 12/28/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 12/21/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDNULL$200
Horan, Lawrence 12/21/15Sen. William SoulesSenateDNULL$200
Horan, Lawrence 12/3/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 10/28/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 10/21/15Sen. Pete CamposSenateDNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/29/15Sen. Bill O'NeillSenateDNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/29/15Rep. Paul PachecoHouseRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/21/15Sen. William SharerSenateRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/18/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 9/17/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 8/13/15Sen. Lee CotterSenateRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 8/11/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 6/15/15Rep. Roberto "Bobby" GonzalesHouseDNULL$250
Horan, Lawrence 6/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$500
Horan, Lawrence 6/4/15John SanchezLt. GovernorRNULL$1,000
Mahr, Edwin 10/29/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 10/14/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 9/11/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 8/18/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 7/2/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDNULL$250
Mahr, Edwin 6/18/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDNULL$250
Mahr, Edwin 5/28/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 5/12/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDNULL$200
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 12/8/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 12/4/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 11/11/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Sen. Carlos CisnerosSenateDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 12/10/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Sen. William PayneSenateRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 11/19/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 12/9/15Sen. John SapienSenateDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 10/15/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 10/15/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 11/18/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 11/18/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 10/15/15Rep. Eliseo AlconHouseRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 10/15/15Rep. Gail ChaseyHouseDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 10/28/15Sen. Sue Wilson BeffortSenateRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 10/28/15Rep. Bill RehmHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 7/21/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 7/21/15Rep. Ken MartinezHouseDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Rep. Eliseo AlconHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 10/15/15Rep. Antonio "Moe" MaestasHouseDNULL$300
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$500
Mahr, Edwin 9/15/15Rep. Patty LundstromHouseDNULL$300
Laca, Gaspar7/6/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDNULL$500
Kimble, David 11/11/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRNULL$200
Kimble, David 7/3/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDNULL$200
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSenateDNULL$300
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Lisa TorracoSenateRNULL$200
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Rep. Zachary CookHouseRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Clemente SanchezSenateDNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Rep. Jane Powdrell CulbertHouseRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Richard MartinezSenateDNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. John Arthur SmithSenateDNULL$300
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. George MunozSenateDNULL$200
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDNULL$300
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. Michael SanchezSenateDNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice12/15/15Sen. John SapienSenateDNULL$200
Bonal, Maurice12/10/15Rep. Brian EgolfHouseDNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice11/19/15Don Tripp Speaker PACPACRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice11/19/15Gov. Susana MartinezGovernorRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice11/19/15Sen. Stuart IngleSenateRNULL$500
Bonal, Maurice11/11/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRNULL$200
Hughes, Henry (Hank)10/13/15Bernie SandersPresidentDNULL$50
Hughes, Henry (Hank)6/11/15Hillary ClintonPresidentDNULL$25
Hughes, Henry (Hank)9/26/15Liz StefanicsSenateDNULL$200
Hughes, Henry (Hank)12/1/15House Democratic Campaign CommitteePACDNULL$100
Hughes, Henry (Hank)12/1/15Sen. Peter WirthSenateDNULL$25
Loubet, Susan11/10/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDNULL$100
Loubet, Susan11/10/15Rep. Christine TrujilloHouseDNULL$100
Loubet, Susan11/10/15Liz StefanicsSenateDNULL$100
Loubet, Susan11/10/15Liz ThomsomHouseDNULL$100
Loubet, Susan11/10/15Sen. Mimi StewartSenateDNULL$100
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Terry McMillanHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Carl TrujilloHouseDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Stephanie Garcia RichardHouseDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Yvette HerrellHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Nora EspinozaHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Patricio RuilobaHouseDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Sen. William PayneSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Sen. John RyanSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Sen. Gay KernanSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Gail ChaseyHouseDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Roger MadalenaHouseDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/8/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRPfizer$500
Alarid, Vanessa10/8/15Sen. Mary Kay PapenSenateDPfizer$500
Alarid, Vanessa10/7/15Sen. Jacob CandelariaSenateDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/14/15Rep. Nate GentryHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa8/7/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa8/26/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/2/15U.S. Rep. Ben LujanCongressDNULL$1,000
Alarid, Vanessa10/5/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/5/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/5/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/5/15Sen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSenateDPfizer$250
Alarid, Vanessa10/5/15Rep. Conrad JamesHouseRPfizer$250
Scanland, Scott9/11/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDNULL$733
Alarid, Vanessa7/3/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDNULL$250
Alarid, Vanessa9/11/15Rep. Doreen GallegosHouseDNULL$300
Alarid, Vanessa8/20/15Rep. Larry LarranagaHouseRNULL$250
Alarid, Vanessa8/26/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyDNULL$500
Alarid, Vanessa9/1/15U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan GrishamCongressDNULL$1,000
Alarid, Vanessa8/26/15Rep. Debbie ArmstrongHouseDNULL$250
Alarid, Vanessa9/9/15Sen. Craig BrandtSenateRNULL$400
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Sen. Ted BarelaSenateRNULL$400
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Rep. Sharon ClachischilliageHouseRNULL$500
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Rep. Sarah Maestas BarnesHouseRNULL$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Sen. John RyanSenateRNULL$1,000
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Rep. Jason HarperHouseRNULL$750
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Rep. Don TrippHouseRNULL$2,300
Donaldson, Robert 5/28/15Rep. Monica YoungbloodHouseRNULL$1,000
Alarid, Vanessa4/23/15Sen. Michael PadillaSenateDNULL$250
Fleisher, Mark 4/10/15Ready for HillaryPACDNULL$40
Fleisher, Mark 4/5/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$25
Fleisher, Mark 1/13/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$25
Fleisher, Mark 3/12/15IAFF Local 244 PACPACDNULL$250
Fleisher, Mark 4/5/15Democratic National CommitteePolitical PartyDNULL$25
Thompson, Joseph M.4/16/15Lonnie TalbertCounty CommissionerRNULL$300
Ning, Natasha1/30/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$650
Hanna, John R.4/2/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$250
Hanna, John R.1/30/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$1,750
Najjar, Daniel A.1/12/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRNULL$500
Hanna, John R.1/20/15Barbara PetersenAlbuquerque School BoardNNULL$1,000
Gould, Leland1/24/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRNULL$5,200
Thompson, R.E.4/2/15Raul TorrezDistrict AttorneyDNULL$250
Donaldson, Robert 2/3/15Susana Martinez Inaugural Committee 2014GovernorRNULL$2,500
Conway, Ann1/19/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRNULL$250
Allocco , Scott4/2/15U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan GrishamCongressDNULL$100
Allocco , Scott3/23/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$250
Allocco , Scott2/2/15Susana PACPACRNULL$150
Allocco , Scott1/19/15Republican Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyRNULL$250
Allocco , Scott1/6/15Democratic Party of New MexicoPolitical PartyDNULL$200

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