Lobbyists report spending nearly $237,000 during session


Lobbyists and their employers spent $236,828 on gifts, wining and dining for elected officials, their guests and staff during the 2016 legislative session.

And that’s only a portion of what was spent during the 30-day session because it captures only those times lobbyists spent $500 or more on a single event. 

We’ll know more about how entertained lawmakers were during the 30-day session when lobbyists and employers make their full reports on May 1. If Gov. Susana Martinez signs House Bill 105, lobbyists will have to file reports again in October. Right now lobbyists file full reports only in January and May.

PPD LogoLast year, during a session twice as long, lobbyists reported spending nearly $300,000 during the session.

New Mexico In Depth reported lobbyist spending each week of this year’s 30-day session.

The big event of the final week was the 100th Bill Party on Feb. 12 at the Santa Fe Convention Center. IATSE Local 480, the union representing the film industry, spent $19,500 as the primary host of the event.

Also contributing to the party: the Fort Sill Apache Tribe spent $1,000; auto-parts company LKQ Corp. spent $1,000; Joshua Rosen spent $1,000 and Drew Setter spent $500 on behalf of ITC Holdings. Rosen represents Albuquerque Studios and the state charter school association.

Other filings during the final week:

  • Louisiana Energy Services, which operates a private uranium enrichment plant in eastern New Mexico, spent $4,558 Feb. 15 for lunch for lawmakers and their staff.
  • Mark Duran spent $4,300 Feb. 10 for dinner at the Bull Ring for the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, their staff and their guests. He also spent $745 on Feb. 17 for dinner for senators and their staff. Duran represents a variety of clients.
  • Tasia Young, lobbyist for New Mexico Association of Counties, spent $935 Feb. 8 for pizza for Legislative Council Services.
  • The New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association spent $870 on Feb. 17 for dinner for senators and their staff.

Here’s a searchable table of all the spending reported during the session:

Lobbyist NameRepresentingExpendituresSpent onDate
Alarid Vanessavariety of clients$583.70partyFeb. 4
Bowen MichaelNew Mexico Mining Association$17,429.84 dinnerFeb. 1
Brooks GeorgeSki New Mexico$29,500.00 ski passesJan. 26
Christopher JohnComcast Cable Corp.$10,247.12 dinnerJan. 25
Duran Markvariety of clients$4,300.00 dinnerFeb. 10
Duran Markvariety of clients$745.00Senate and staff dinnerFeb. 17
Dye JeffNew Mexico Hospital Association$4,493.54 HAFC dinnerFeb. 5
Gonzales MarcoSolar City$2,190.09 breakfastJan. 29
Hoffman RuthRocky Mountain Synod-Evengelical Lutheran Church$1,927.00 luncheonFeb. 4
Jones La VandaNew Mexico Gas Co.$500.00dinnerJan. 20
Loubet SusanNew Mexico Women's Agenda$1,500.00 receptionFeb. 1
Ly StephanieAmerican Federation of Teachers of New Mexico$518.90appreciationJan. 26
Ly StephanieAmerican Federation of Teachers of New Mexico$1,411.19 appreciationJan. 28
Ning NatashaNew Mexico Military Institute$2,398.49 breakfastJan. 28
Rel RicardoNew Mexico State University$1,681.25 jerseysJan. 29
Rel RicardoNew Mexico State University$8,659.60 receptionJan. 29
Roddy DavidNew Mexico Primary Care Association$1,908.00 teddy bearsFeb. 4
Rosen Joshuavariety of clients$1,000.00 100th Bill PartyFeb. 12
Santillanes MatejkaNavajo Gaming$733.60foodJan. 22
Setter Drewvariety of clients$500.00100th Bill PartyFeb. 12
Shoats Marlene (Marla)variety of clients$1,688.26 HAFC dinnerFeb. 5
Smart ScottEastern New Mexico University$9,067.53 dinnerJan. 20
Thompson, Jr. Johnvariety of clients$918.81dinnerJan. 27
Traynor RandyNew Mexico Auto Dealers$9,579.14 receptionJan. 26
Trujillo TyNew Mexico Association of Community Colleges$4,156.19 ReceptionFeb. 4
Young TasiaNew Mexico Association of Counties$934.93pizza for LCSFeb. 8
New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance$28,000.00 golf promotionFeb. 4
IATSE Local 480$8,425.02 receptionFeb. 8
IATSE Local 480$19,500.00 100th Bill PartyFeb. 12
AFL-CIO NM Federation of Labor$15,000.00 advertisingFeb. 8
University of New Mexico$13,410.04 receptionJan. 25
Presbyterian Health Plan$9,415.20 dinnerJan. 20
LES$4,558.48 lunchFeb. 15
LES$1,863.88 dinnerJan. 27
New Mexico Federation of Labor$4,943.43 receptionJan. 19
Conservation Voters New Mexico$4,896.97 receptionJan. 27
Fort Sill Apache Tribe$1,000.00 100th Bill PartyFeb. 12
Fort Sill Apache Tribe$3,873.42 receptionFeb. 4
New Mexico Press Association$1,500.00 networkingFeb. 4
LKQ Corporation$1,000.00 100th Bill PartyFeb. 12
New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association$870.00Senate and staff dinnerFeb. 17

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