Latest campaign cash reports in 5 easy charts

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New Mexico candidates and political action committees filed reports Monday of contributions and spending from April 5 through May 2.

Here’s a quick look at that month’s worth of reporting.

Candidates for secretary of state top the list of fundraisers for the reporting period, with Republican Nora Espinoza leading Democrat Maggie Toulouse Oliver, followed by several legislative candidates.

Here are the top 15 candidates:

Toulouse Oliver leads all candidates in spending for the past month at nearly $31,000. Espinoza spent only about $3,400. Two contenders for the Santa Fe area district attorney are on the list, as are two contenders for Supreme Court justice.

Here are the top 15 candidate spenders:

PACs also reported the month’s transactions Monday.

GOP super PAC Advance New Mexico Now led the way in contributions with $60,000. Half of that came from Texas businessman Stanley Harper, another $25,000 came from Texas businessman Woody Hunt and $5,000 came from Foster Friess, a wealthy national GOP donor.

One new PAC, New Mexicans for New Mexico, took in $25,000, including $5,000 from Phoenix developer Jeffrey Garrett, who is working on the controversial Santolina development in Albuquerque. The group spent money on canvassing and outdoor advertising.

Donna Madrid-Taylor, the group’s treasurer, said in an email that she’s wants to see either Robert Chavez or Steven Michael Quesada win a Bernalillo County Commission seat.

Here’s a look at the top 10 PACs in terms of donations:

The House Democratic Campaign Committee led PACs in spending at $90,000.

Here’s a look at the top 10 PACs in terms of spending during the last month:

More than $80,000 of the House Democratic Campaign Committee’s spending went to ALLS LLC, or Advanced Legislative Leadership Services, for consulting. That group shares an address with consulting Blue Advantage Partners, another group that works with Democratic campaigns, and led the list of groups being paid for campaign services in the past month.

Here’s a look at the top 10 vendors paid by candidates and PACs:

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  1. Thank you for the charts. Is there a way to easily tell which candidates’ campaigns are publicly funded and which are funded by private interests? (or what % of their campaign is publicly funded).
    For me this is a fundamental difference between candidates (if there is any at all) and makes it easy to see through the smoke and mirrors.

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