Lobbyist spending nears $176,000 at week three in session

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Lobbyists and their employers have spent nearly $176,000 on receptions, gifts and more for lawmakers and elected officials through the third week of the 2016 legislative session.

This week’s big spender is the New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance, which reported gifts of a golf promotion totaling $28,000. So lawmakers may hit the links after the slopes, having received ski passes the week before.

PPD LogoHere’s a look at the most recent reports:

  • LES, a consortium that operates a private uranium enrichment plant in eastern New Mexico, spent $1,864 on dinner Jan. 27 for a group of lawmakers and others at La Fonda.
  • Michael Bowen spent $17,430 on Monday for a dinner at the Hilton sponsored by the New Mexico Mining Association.
  • Marco Gonzales spent $2,190 on Jan. 29 for a breakfast sponsored by Solar City.
  • Susan Loubet spent $1,500 on a Monday reception honoring women at the Rio Chama. She represents the New Mexico Women’s Agenda.
  • Stephanie Ly spent $1,419 on Jan. 28 at Smith’s Food and Drugstore for “appreciation” for lawmakers. She represents the American Federation of Teachers of New Mexico.
  • Natasha Ning spent $2,398 for breakfast Jan. 28 at the La Fonda sponsored by the New Mexico Military Institute.
  • Ricardo Rel spent $1,681 on Jan. 29 for jerseys for the House-Senate basketball game and $8,660 for a New Mexico State University alumni event at the El Dorado Hotel and Spa on Jan. 29.
  • Scott Smart spent $9,068 for a Jan. 20 dinner at the Inn and Spa at Loretta. He represents Eastern New Mexico University.
  • Randy Traynor amended a previous report upward $1,000 to bring the New Mexico Automotive Dealers to $8,579.
  • Conservation Voters New Mexico spent $4,897 for an event at the Rio Chama Jan. 27.
  • The New Mexico Press Association spent $1,500 on “networking” with lawmakers on Thursday.
  • Vanessa Alarid spent $584 Thursday for a birthday party at the Rio Chama. She represents a variety of clients.
  • David Roddy spent $1,980 Thursday for teddy bears for lawmakers and staff. He represents the New Mexico Primary Care Association.

In 2015, lobbyists and their employers spent more than $818,000 for gifts and entertainment for lawmakers.

They must report such expenses twice a year. But if an expense exceeds $500 during the legislative session, they must file a report within 48 hours.

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