One thought on ““We are all in the same fight as a people”

  1. I commend all of you on your efforts and whole-heartedly support your efforts especially when nobody at the top seems to be listening. Also, history can attest to the fact that the native american has never been given the respect and recognition that they deserve. I, also, have been writing to our present and past state governors and some of our representatives hoping they will take action that will put restriction on the pecan farmers in the southern part of the state that includes the Mesilla and Hatch valleys. They flood irrigate their properties like there is no tomorrow. As I walk around the area, I am reminded of the native american that looked over his country with tears in his eyes due to the way the land has been raped, littered and poisoned since the europeans first came to this continent. Not one of the them has even had the creourtesy of answering my distress letters. I keep telling them that I could live without having another pecan for the rest of my life, but we will not last more than a few days without water. Also, the way our aquifiers and water tables are continually going down, it will not be long before New Mexico becomes a barren desert. Buena suerte y que Dios los bendige, un amigo de el sur de nuevo mexico, Jesus M. Caro Jr.

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