One thought on “AG Sessions’ remarks leave questions about ABQ police reform

  1. We should all be concerned about the DOJ/APD agreement, as it has been obstructed and “slow walked” by APD Chief Gorden Eden since it was signed. The reduced commitment from DOJ won’t kill it outright, but will change the balance of power between the parties. The agreement should be considered dead.

    Then, we need to look for police reforms within our state. The “failure” of the APD agreement is that it had NO effect statewide, because the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board ignored the agreement, in spite of my pleadings. The APD failings which the Agreement addressed are STATEWIDE failures, and the components of the agreement needed to be implemented statewide. They weren’t…

    We sat and watched the DOJ/APD struggle, and didn’t address the statewide problems. The LEAB is NOT doing its job, it is NOT addressing our state wide problems, in fact is it creating more problems. I would see the DOJ agreement abandoned, as it is a distraction. Then, take the “substance” of the Agreement as a statewide issue, and solve the statewide problem.

    For this to happen, the citizens, and their Legislature, need to wake up, and seek adequate citizen input, and oversight, of our police. This is sorely lacking at this time.

    I will not miss the Agreement, as its focus was too narrow, and it distracted us from our state wide police problems.

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