Lobbyist spending on lawmakers during session nears $107,000

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Plenty of wining and dining of lawmakers occurred in the past week, as lobbyist spending during the session neared $107,000.

The University of New Mexico threw a reception at the La Fonda at a cost of $11,146. Comcast spent $10,341 feting legislators to dinner at Restaurant Martin.

But not all 112 lawmakers were invited to every event as the Legislature neared the end of the third week of the session.

The Senate Corporations and Transportation Committee lunched at the Inn at Loretto courtesy of New Mexico Gas Co. The House Judiciary Committee dined with Julianna Koob, a lobbyist representing a variety of clients.

And a half dozen lawmakers and their guests dined at the La Fonda with Louisiana Energy Services footing the bill.

Lobbyists and their employers must report any spending of $500 or more within 48 hours during a legislative session. So the total doesn’t include smaller or less-expensive events, including some listed on the Legislature’s busy social calendar.

Here’s a look at all the spending reported through Feb. 6:

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