One thought on “Albuquerque birth to 3 project chosen for national network

  1. As a public educator, going on 15 years, I can’t stress how important early childhood education is for laying the foundation for a student’s academic career.The parents, grandparents, caretakers are the first teachers and it is evident to me that the children that are the most successful academically,socially and emotionally are the ones who have the most involved parents.Teaching starts in the womb.Putting down the cell phone is one small goal for this program to be successful but it will be just one of many. Having families meet up for interactive play dates or field trips to places like Explora, Bounce n Boogie, story time at the library would help.Even setting a goal of reading for 10 minutes a night would help lay the foundation.People not in education,such our current governor, think that 3rd grade retention was a good idea…wrong!Early intervention, before they come to school, closing the learning gap, is what the intervention should be!!Not when it’s too late.

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