2 thoughts on “NYT’s 1619 Project prompts discussions of US history

  1. That date 1682 and the Spanish return is the overarching date for the north south axis of history in New Mexico. That was truly the first revolution designed and carried through for religious freedom that native leaning historians brought to the forefront of our history here in the 1980 reenactment to keep the generations informed . Pueblo people and, indeed, a significantly high number of tribal peoples across the continent keep the memories of cultural relationships and organization at the tables and and campfires across the land.
    I do wholeheartedly agree that the black peoples have carried on the struggle and battle to make the 1619 constitution a living promise and way of life. I am fascinated, deeply respectful and look forward to the completion of the bridge between the eastern and western struggle.
    Meanwhile, the Native Americans kept their sovereign forms of government while it was stripped from the slaves in their deadly forced migration to this continent. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo still is a never to be forgotten foundational document. Much has been written better than I can. Another article by your hand would be appreciated.

  2. A main point of the Times series is that history of the Civil War and its origins, including a Constitution that facilitated slavery and a reconstruction era that converted slavery into apartheid is that whitewashed history was written in large measure by the losers.
    Did you read about the slaughter of freed slaves at Fort Pillow, in Memphis, New Orleans, and the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina? Did you read how the beloved Gen’l Marse Lee broke up families in order to sell his most valuable slaves to the deep South states after the international slave trade wa banished? Did you read that the main cause, the only cause really of the Civil War was slavery as Alexander Stephen’s VP of the Confederacy readily acknowledged or did you read, as I did, that states rights was the overriding issue? As the Times pointed out, the history taught throughout much of the north and south for the past century was deeply influenced by followers of the pro southern Dutton school.Civil War history should have been written by the Victor’s and maybe would have if northern scholars had been more interested in the facts and less interested in furthering the sort of myth making of the sort Shelby Foote and Ken Burns engaged in.

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