Green dreams

I’ve recently reported on farmers in Southern New Mexico who are connected to the land and have a certain (higher) respect for food and the soil. Isn’t that something Native Americans are supposed to have? Here’s my vision for my hometown of Crownpoint, N.M.

How about a real, epic Native hero film?

COMMENTARY: The Lone Ranger was stereotypical, the way Hollywood Indians always are. We’re still wishing and waiting for a big, powerful movie that does justice to Native people.

A trip home to butcher a sheep

I’ve never really explored the food that comes from the Navajo reservation, where I’m from. On a recent trip home I got to experience a sheep butchering for the first time. WARNING: Photos in this post are graphic.

I can and I need to

COMMENTARY: In the American Indian Journalism Institute, I learned that my stories are valuable and they are needed because Native Americans are still here and we still have stories to tell.