About us


Photo by ShironekoEuro/flickr.com

New Mexico In Depth aspires to infuse our state’s journalistic culture with a belief that our work is missional, that we are agents of change in a society that desperately needs us, and to help equip journalists to carry out their mission.

We do our own reporting and commentary, but our work involves so much more. Mentoring and collaborating with other journalists and partnering with other news organizations are key to our efforts to help deliver more in-depth journalism to New Mexicans.

We want to see more stories that ask deep, probing questions about substantive issues. For example, stories that examine the interconnections among poverty, public health, education and politics and how their dynamic interplay often can limit the quality of life for many New Mexicans. Stories that ask why things are, not merely report what they are. Stories that reveal wrongdoing or misconduct. Stories that capture the complexities of issues when appropriate, and that, when necessary, take a stand.

Stories that inform and equip all people and communities to participate in their democracy.


Our official mission is to invigorate New Mexico journalism through our reporting, through working with other journalists as collaborators or mentors, and through media partnerships that leverage collective resources, with the goal of telling in-depth stories of people who represent our diversity and challenging power in a way that informs and empowers people and communities.


Were our mission accomplished, the state’s journalistic culture would more effectively fulfill its role as an empowering force that both informs and educates. Such a culture would give people the tools and information they need to better understand and participate in making important decisions affecting their communities and society overall. Such journalism would also:

  • Seek to understand and communicate the complexities of issues, cultures and situations.
  • Not be afraid to confront the powerful and influential when necessary.
  • Resist societal and financial pressures to do superficial reporting on issues such as poverty, education, politics and health care. It would explore questions about how problems in these areas constrain options for many New Mexicans, thereby limiting their quality of life.

Journalistic values

Based on the principle that journalism should be an agent of change, here are our values:

  • A belief that all people are worthy of respect and have life experiences, opinions and voices that are important in a democratic society. We aspire to journalism that represents a diversity of experience, ideology, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and other factors, both in the people who work in journalism and the reporting they produce.
  • Critical thinking. We value reporting that analyzes the claims being made, the facts, and the circumstances to present a more realistic and complete picture of what’s happening. Journalists must be wiling to dig deep to understand people, systems and issues.
  • The courage to challenge power. Our role as the Fourth Estate requires us to be bold.
  • An understanding of the importance of being on the ground in our communities. Journalists need to know how policies and systems affect people. Their reporting must reflect that understanding, or it won’t be relevant to and empower people.
  • Willingness to make investments. Our ambition requires us to invest time, energy and effort with individuals. Doing in-depth journalism is best accomplished as a collaboration in which regular conversations, thinking through issues and a shared experience empower and excite journalists.