About Us


New Mexico In Depth is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization founded in 2012 as a response to ongoing downsizing among traditional news organizations. Since then, we’ve produced incisive statehouse and political reporting, long-form investigations, and explanatory journalism in service to our communities. 

New Mexico In Depth Mission

Our mission is to produce investigative, data-rich stories with an eye on solutions that can be a catalyst for change.

New Mexico In Depth Values


All people have life experiences, opinions, and voices important in a democratic society. 


We are nonpartisan and wield full editorial control of our work. 

Critical thinking: 

We value reporting that analyzes facts and circumstances of claims. 

On the ground: 

Journalists must seek to understand how policies and systems affect people, in order to produce journalism that empowers people. 


We are better able to serve our communities when we collaborate with other organizations and reporters.