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Watch NMID’s Jennings on New Mexico In Focus

Trip Jennings, New Mexico In Depth's executive director, talked about the ongoing effects of last year's behavioral health transition, efforts to deal with the flood of Central American immigrants into the United States and other issues during last week's episode of New Mexico In Focus. Click on the headline to watch.

State and organization clash over significance of renewed inquiry
The Santa Fe nonprofit Easter Seals El Mirador was cleared of Medicaid fraud on Tuesday by the Attorney General's Office.

New Mexico asks AG to determine whether Easter Seals El Mirador can bill for certain services. An official at the organization says New Mexico certified it to bill for the services years ago. Why, suddenly, is the billing an issue, she asks.


An open letter to Sens. O’Neill and Ortiz y Pino
Trip Jennings, NMID's executive director, will author the article examining the health exchange debate.

We at New Mexico In Depth were a bit confused - befuddled might be a better word - at your press release yesterday implying the media hasn't scrutinized the behavioral health situation. We think maybe you’re a little behind on your reading.

Native America Project

NMID helped produce Wednesday’s episode of Native America Calling

New Mexico In Depth helped produce an episode of the national radio program Native America Calling on water that airs Wednesday.

Remembering the largest radioactive spill in U.S. history
The 20 foot breach in the tailings dam formed around 5:30 a.m. on  July 16, 1979. Pasternak, Judy (2010). Yellow Dirt: A Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed. Free Press.

July 16 will mark 35 years to the day in 1979 when a dam on the Navajo Nation near Church Rock, N.M., broke, releasing 94 million gallons of radioactive waste into the Puerco River, which flowed through nearby communities.