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Children at the border: A ‘crisis’ decades in the making

Latino USA, an NPR program, dedicated its most recent episode to the issue of unaccompanied children making their way to U.S. borders. It's a worthwhile listen, especially if you're looking for important context.

Meet NMID’s new data journalist
Sandra Fish

Readers, say hello to Sandra Fish, a veteran Colorado-based reporter and editor who is joining our team as a data journalist working on NMID’s Money In Politics project.


Please, no more elected officials on sunshine group’s board
Heath Haussamen

COMMENTARY: Martin Esquivel was a member of a governmental board refusing to disclose an important report to the public while also on the board of an organization advocating for the report’s release to the public. The two are irreconcilable.

Native America Project

Listen to Native America Calling episode on water

Click on the headline to listen to the Native America Calling episode on water that New Mexico In Depth helped produce.

NMID helped produce Wednesday’s episode of Native America Calling

New Mexico In Depth helped produce an episode of the national radio program Native America Calling on water that airs Wednesday.