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Disrespect led to Trump slam against Martinez, analyst says

Donald Trump's criticism at his Tuesday night rally of Gov. Susana Martinez's performance is all over the news this week, with Republican leaders around the country coming to her defense. But little has been said by those leaders about the snub she delivered by not attending Trump's rally because she was "very busy."

Are we tipping back to La Niña?
Dr. David Gutzler presented about dry conditions in New Mexico at a water conference at UNM last week.

At a water conference at UNM last Friday, Dr. David Gutzler brought some bad news: Not only did El Niño bring less moisture than anticipated, La Niña may be on its way back. It’s still early to say that those warmer, dryer conditions are heading to the Southwest, but it’s clear that there’s no end to the state’s water management challenges.

Snapshot: New Mexico 2016 Regional Water Plans

The following list provides key data related to 16 regional water districts in New Mexico, and a link to a draft water plan for each region. The draft plans are part of a years-long process to develop both regional and a comprehensive state water plan for New Mexico. More information can be found on the website of the […]

LANL scientists study impact of ‘climate-driven disturbances’ on water supplies

Los Alamos scientists are looking at how climate-driven impacts such as drought, wildfire, and insect outbreaks will affect ecosystems and regional water supplies. Halfway through a three-year, $3 million project, the team’s research already shows that climate-driven disturbances could reduce annual flows in parts of the Colorado River Basin by 20 percent.

Union of Concerned Scientists tackle climate change impacts to New Mexico

New report from the Union of Concerned Scientists lays out impacts of climate change in New Mexico and offers policy suggestions on how to deal with the changes. Many of those policy changes, however, would require buy-in on climate from the Martinez administration and the New Mexico State Legislature.

State Climatologist Looks to the Past—and the Future
Dr. David DuBois demonstrates how to use a snow swatter to measure snow to the CoCoRaHS Network.

State climatologist Dave DuBois collects and shares scientific information related to the state’s climate. He also feels the tug of a moral responsibility.