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State sovereignty at the heart of mining act

Headed for the Senate Judiciary Committee, the New Mexico Interstate Mining Compact Act would allow New Mexico membership in an interstate mining organization focused on state’s rights.

Giving oil and gas a break
Rep. James Strickler presents HB 107  before the House Ways and Means Committee

We’ve all heard about how low oil and natural gas prices are hurting New Mexico’s state budget. Now, some legislators are looking for ways to give that industry a bigger break.

House committee approves archiving webcasting

The New Mexico Legislature began webcasting legislative activities a few years ago after many states had done it for years. But it has never archived those webcasts, meaning New Mexicans can't see their lawmakers at work unless they're in front of their computer or mobile device as the legislative activities are happening.

A sign of the state’s shaky finances

House Bill 311, sponsored by Republican Jimmie Hall of Albuquerque, would 'sweep' tens of millions of dollars from various state funds into New Mexico's main checking account -- also known as the general fund -- to pay for services and programs. Click to read from where the state is taking money.

A quick look at where money for capital outlay comes from

State agencies and lawmakers identified nearly $4.3 billion in infrastructure project desires, while far less money is available.

Energy bills hit the legislative session

While it’s a short session focused mainly on fiscal matters, New Mexico state legislators are still discussing the state’s energy landscape.