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Poll: Business Leaders Support Campaign Finance Reform

Nearly 90 percent of business leaders think all political spending should be made public, according to a poll of 250 business leaders.

Tabled: Plan to limit double-dipping by lawmakers

A proposal that would have prevented state lawmakers with government jobs from getting paid while serving in the Legislature was put on hold Monday by the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee. Rep. Bill Rehm, R-Bernalillo, said his goal with the bill (HB 39)was to keep the state government from paying people twice. Many of […]

New Study: drier southwest is already here
Weather systems that typically bring moisture to the southwestern United States are forming less often, resulting in a drier climate across the region. This map depicts the portion of overall changes in precipitation across the United States that can be attributed to these changes in weather system frequency. The gray dots represent areas where the results are statistically significant. (Map courtesy of Andreas Prein, NCAR. )

In a new study, “Running dry: The US southwest’s drift into a drier climate state,” the authors look to the past to predict the future.

Snowpack’s looking good, but reservoirs remain low

The federal government has just released its February forecast for New Mexico’s streams and rivers. Most of the mountain snow season still lies ahead of us, but right now, it looks as though New Mexico might receive good spring runoff.

State sovereignty at the heart of mining act

Headed for the Senate Judiciary Committee, the New Mexico Interstate Mining Compact Act would allow New Mexico membership in an interstate mining organization focused on state’s rights.

Giving oil and gas a break
Rep. James Strickler presents HB 107  before the House Ways and Means Committee

We’ve all heard about how low oil and natural gas prices are hurting New Mexico’s state budget. Now, some legislators are looking for ways to give that industry a bigger break.