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Get the skinny on New Mexico money in politics

NMID's Sandra Fish talked money in politics Thursday with Walt Rubel of the Las Cruces Sun-News and Edmundo Resendez of KRWG. Listen to the discussion if you want to hear some smart political analysis.

Latest campaign cash reports in 5 easy charts

Who raised the most, spent the most, earned the most from PACs? Find out here.

Get the facts on climate change

Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency released two-page fact sheets about climate change in each of the 50 states. Drawing on sources like the national climate assessments, the fact sheets don’t have new or breaking information. But they do provide a good overview for citizens and decision-makers who might be thinking about the future. In […]

Ringing in Climate Change Education
At the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center, Fiana Shapiro demonstrates how to produce an increment core from a ponderosa pine.

Watershed ecologist Krista Bonafantine wants to reduce political discussions around climate change and just get to the science of the matter. She think it’s possible to do that with students, teachers – and the public – by focusing on changes in the places people live and care about, learning from the past, and using science to make better management decisions.

As the region warms, expect more ‘dog days of summer’

According to maps published last week by the New York Times, by 2060, temperatures in Albuquerque will exceed 100 degrees on 32 days each year. By 2100, that number more than doubles to 73 days.

Rio Grande 101
In early June, the Middle Rio Grande.

As the region warms – and both our surface and groundwater supplies become increasingly constrained – it’s a good time to try and understand the facts. And one another.