Detailed individual lobbying expenditures through April 2016


Here is a sortable, searchable table of detailed information about lobbyists expenses from January through April 25.

A downloadable spreadsheet of the data is available here.

Brooks, George1/26/16118 members of House and SenateSki tickets to get legislators familiar with the ski industry.$29,500.00
Bowen, Michael2/1/16NM Mining AssociatioLegislative Reception & Dinner$17,429.84
Christopher, John1/25/16Legislative Dinner$10,247.12
Smart, Scott1/20/16various legislatorsdiscuss pending legislation, reception$9,067.53
Rel, Ricardo1/29/16NMSU Alumni Event$8,659.60
Traynor, Randy1/26/16Reception$8,579.14
Fulginiti, William4/25/16various legislators and guestsdiscuss legislative issues$7,691.77
Leach, Carol1/13/16Senate Finance Committee members, guests and staff; senate leadership and staff; Concho personnelAppreciation for work$6,311.74
Parker, Kevin1/29/16Kevin ParkerLegislative Breakfast$5,386.77
Dye, Jeff2/5/16House Appropriations & Finance Dinner$4,493.54
Duran, Mark2/10/16Reception and Dinner$4,300.00
Trujillo, Ty2/4/16NMACC Legislative Reception$4,156.19
Shoats-DupTO D Weaks, Marlene (Marla)2/18/16Various (Duplicate to Dan Weaks)Aggregate contributions of less than $75.00 per person (Duplicate to Dan Weaks)$3,803.61
Hull II, Arthur1/31/16Various: none over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$3,730.34
Scanland, Scott4/18/16Various Legislators, staff, Executive Dept.Issues education, dialouge and questions.$3,678.25
Ning, Natasha4/25/16various elected officials & staffentertainment$3,645.43
Horan, Lawrence2/9/16City of Las Cruces Legislative Lunch$3,384.77
Mitchell, Rhonda4/25/16Various legislators, spouses, and staffLobbying$3,174.74
Hull II, Arthur3/31/16various: none over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$2,959.56
Miller, Michael4/25/16LegislatorsLobbying$2,902.38
Yamada, Sayuri1/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM Issues$2,838.07
Hull II, Arthur2/29/16Various: none over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$2,580.54
Riley , Zachary1/19/16Republican Party Dinner$2,500.00
Ning, Natasha1/28/16Breakfast$2,398.49
Setter, Drew4/25/16Various IndividualVarious Meetings$2,348.05
Hull II, Arthur4/25/16various: none over $75Inform and discuss concerns with elected officials$2,341.60
Gonzales, Marco1/29/16Various Members of NM LegislatureSolar Breakfast Soonsored by Solar City$2,190.09
Santillanes, Matejka4/25/16Various LegislatorsDiscussing legislation$2,041.32
Thompson, Joseph M.4/25/16Various under $75.00Legislative Luncheons/Meetings$2,037.61
Jaramillo, Matthew2/29/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$2,030.04
Hoffman, Sarah2/4/16All Legislators InvitedBishop's Legislative Luncheon$1,927.00
Roddy, David2/4/16Legislators and Capitol StaffTeddy bears for NM Primary Care Day$1,908.00
Weaks, Jason R.2/17/16Various from 2/01/16 to 2/17/16Food and Beverages - Never exceeded $75 per beneficiary$1,836.43
Scanland, Scott1/15/16Dinner$1,734.60
Shoats-DupTO D Weaks, Marlene (Marla)2/5/16House Appropriations & Finance Dinner$1,688.26
Rel, Ricardo1/29/16nonePurchased basletball jerseys for the house senate basketball game - Hoops 4 Hope fund raiser on 2/11/2016$1,681.25
Najjar, Daniel A.2/18/16New Mexico Beverage AssociationRefreshments (1/19/16-2/18/16)$1,630.00
Loubet, Susan2/1/16Annual Reception Honoring Women$1,500.00
Baca, Ruben1/15/16Legislative Leadership Dinner$1,500.00
Riley , Zachary1/20/16Democrat Party Dinner$1,500.00
Ly, Stephanie1/28/16House & Senate LegislatorsAppreciation$1,411.19
Marquez, Charlie4/25/16Aggregate total for reporting periodRe$1,280.72
Rosen, Joshua 2/12/16100 Bill Party$1,000.00
Duran, Adela2/19/16Various legislators and staffAggregate expenses$979.65
Romero, Richard4/19/16VariousNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary.$959.00
Parker, Kevin1/29/16Kevin Parkergifts for legislators$954.61
Young, Tasia2/8/16LCSLunch for @75+ people$934.93
Thompson, Jr. , John1/27/16Dinner$918.81
Horan, Lawrence2/18/16Various (under $75.00/person and expenditure)Meals and Entertainment$838.18
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)4/25/16Various legislatorsGovernment Relations$837.07
Jaramillo, Matthew1/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$828.70
Park, Alfred4/25/16Legislators and StaffIssue education and discussion$821.89
Lucero, Carlos2/29/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$820.53
Barnett, Mickey2/17/16VariousGeneral Lobbying$780.40
Trujillo, Antonio4/25/16Various legislatorsGovernment Relations$764.40
Lucero, Carlos1/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$763.05
Duran, Mark2/17/16Dinner for Senate Legislators and Staff$745.00
Santillanes, Matejka1/22/16Various Legislators, Staff and others on behlaf of Navajo GamingMeeting to discuss various topics$733.60
Najjar, Daniel A.4/25/16Various LegislaturesDisscussing Legislation$723.53
Moore, Julie4/25/16Various legislatorsAccumulated meal expenses for government affairs$678.89
Horan, Lawrence2/3/16Legislative Council Service Lunch$674.16
Murphy, Victoria3/24/16Maggie Toulouse OliverFund Raiser$633.11
Gould, Leland4/19/16Aggregate AmountMeals and Enterainment$604.15
Trujillo, Ty4/25/16Various legislatorsGovernment Relations$600.09
Alarid, Vanessa2/4/16Rio ChamaBirthday Party for friend - some legislators attended. Their amount was less than necessary to report,but total bill exceeded $500.$583.70
Sellers, Thomas4/25/16Various public officials and state employeesDiscuss various legislative issues$557.06
Ly, Stephanie1/26/16Various LegislatorsWith Appreciation$518.90
Traynor, Randy2/4/16Senate Judiciary Committee Members, Staff and GuestsMeal and Beverage$500.00
Sanchez, Raymond1/21/16Democratic Party of New Mexico2016 Legislative Dinner$500.00
Jones, La Vanda1/20/16Reception / Dinner$500.00
Setter, Drew2/12/16100 Bill Party$500.00
Mallery, Peter2/3/16Lunch$495.00
Harden, Clinton2/8/16100 Bill Party$495.00
Horan, Thomas2/3/16Lunch$495.00
Scanland, Scott2/13/16Dinner$491.75
Vargas , Vincente4/11/16Business meetings$489.71
Roddy, David2/5/16Legislative Finance Committee StaffLuncheon for Employees$488.97
Templeman, William2/2/16Dinner for House Business & Employment Committeelegislative committee dinner$460.12
Barnett, Mickey1/18/16Republican Senators and Wives DinnerGeneral Lobbying$452.21
Scanland, Scott1/18/16Dinner$452.21
Mallery, Peter1/19/16Dinner$452.20
Horan, Lawrence1/18/16Dinner$452.20
Horan, Thomas1/18/16Dinner$452.00
Scanland, Scott2/4/16Dinner$443.34
Cowan, Caren2/16/16House and Senate Members & StaffRoundhouse Feed and Dinner$442.03
Rel, Ricardo4/6/162016 NMSU legislative debriefing$433.10
Griffith, Sue4/18/16VariousNo items exceeding $75 per beneficiary.$416.17
Ferrell, Charles2/2/16B & E CommitteeAppreciation Dinner$406.11
Jones, La Vanda1/19/16Reception / Dinner$400.00
Chase , Claire1/25/16Senator Munoz, Senator Barela, Senator Shendo, +3Government Affairs$398.61
Mahr, Edwin2/10/16Numerous Legislators and staffLegislative Information$389.75
Fletcher, Shelby1/21/16Legislators and executive office employeesFood and Beverage under $75.00$388.94
Yamada, Sayuri2/29/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$384.34
Horan, Thomas2/8/16Lunch$375.00
King, Nancy M.4/25/16N/AAggregate amount of less than $75 each$362.41
Leach, Carol1/19/16Rep. Rhem, Sen. Cotter, guests and Concho personnelrelationship building at start of the session$358.95
Scanland, Scott1/13/16Dinner$348.50
Donaldson, Robert1/13/16Dinner$348.50
Horan, Thomas2/16/16Lunch$347.95
Scanland, Scott2/4/16Dinner$346.73
Mallery, Peter2/8/16Lulnch$345.30
Horan, Lawrence2/8/16Lunch$345.30
Duran, Mark3/8/16Governors Office Dinner$319.51
Lucero, Carlos3/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$312.12
Horan, Thomas2/18/16Various legislators and stafflunches and dinners under reportable amount per individual$310.00
Menapace, Joseph2/5/16Co-Hosted Reception and Dinner$301.66
Marquez, Charlie2/5/16Senate Judiciary Dinner$301.50
Scanland, Scott2/5/16Dinner$301.50
Horan, Lawrence2/5/16Dinner$301.50
Gould, Leland4/24/16Aggregate AmountAggregate Amount$300.09
Lopez, Daniel2/7/16Legislators and their staffLegislative dinner$300.00
Santillanes, Matejka1/25/16Breakfast$300.00
Yamada, Sayuri3/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$295.77
Laca, Gaspar4/25/16VariousVarious$292.63
Vargas , Vincente2/15/16Sen. Sapien, 2 legislative staff, 1 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$291.75
Ray , Sam3/10/16Lunch ,Rep. Debbie Radella's Enchilada Day$290.85
Thompson, John2/18/16VariousDiscussion of Legislation$288.52
Manzano, David2/10/16Sponsored Committee dinner for Senate Education CommitteeDiscuss New Mexico Tech$287.24
Vargas , Vincente2/10/16Senate Education Dinner$287.24
Gonzales, Ricardo2/10/16Sponsorship of Senate Education Committee Dinner$287.24
Santillanes, Matejka2/10/16Dinner$287.24
Leach, Carol1/31/16Reps. Townsend and Scott, guests and Concho personnelrelationship building with SENM reps; discuss pending energy bills$286.55
Mallery, Peter2/16/16Lunch$285.65
Thompson, John2/3/16Committee Dinner$280.37
Lopez, Daniel1/21/16Rep Carl Trujillo, Sen Richard Martinez, Sen George MunozDiscussion on legislative mtg pertaining to Higher Ed$279.72
Jones, La Vanda2/2/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$276.94
Ferrell, Charles2/12/16Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$276.71
Jones, La Vanda2/16/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$274.64
Najjar, Daniel A.2/15/16Dinner$274.64
Scanland, Scott2/15/16Dinner$274.64
Barnett, Mickey2/16/16Republican Senators and Wives DinnerGeneral Lobbying$274.63
Horan, Lawrence2/16/16Dinner$274.63
Horan, Thomas2/16/16Dinner$274.63
Mallery, Peter2/16/16Dinner$274.13
Koob, Julianna2/6/16House legislators and staffdinner on the floor due to Session running late$266.18
Jones, La Vanda1/29/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$263.82
Christopher, John4/18/16(Aggregate) Various LegislatorsDiscussing Legislative Issues$260.40
Fuentes, Jerry2/3/16Senate Corporations CommitteeTo discuss Legislative Issues$260.37
Sanchez, Raymond2/3/16Senate Corp and StaffDinner$260.37
Thompson, Jason2/3/16Committee Dinner$260.37
Najjar, Daniel A.2/3/16Dinner$260.37
Scanland, Scott2/3/16Dinner$260.37
Gonzales, Ricardo2/3/16Sponsorship of AWWC luncheon$260.37
Santillanes, Matejka2/3/16Dinner$260.37
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/3/16Sponsorship of SCC dinner.$260.37
Leach, Carol1/22/16Rep. Townsend, guest, Concho personnelDiscuss impacts of proposed bill$259.92
Gonzales, Ricardo4/25/16Various legislators and public officialsGovernment Relations (Accumulative Expenditures)$257.85
Santillanes, Matejka1/27/16Breakfast$255.00
Menapace, Joseph2/15/16Luncheon$251.24
Cowan, Caren2/12/16House and Senate Members & StaffDinner$250.00
Bullington, James1/28/16House DemocratsAppreciation Dinner for Rep. Ken Martinez$250.00
Bullington, James2/5/16Senate Judiciary CommitteeAppreciation Dinner for SJC$250.00
Murphy, Victoria4/16/16RPAC_NMPAC$250.00
Koob, Julianna2/5/16Senate Judiciary Committee and StaffSenate Judiciary Committee dinner$250.00
Baca, Terri Nikole2/12/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Mallery, Peter2/2/16Dinner$250.00
Mallery, Peter2/4/16Dinner$250.00
Baca, Ruben2/2/16Speaker of the House Celebration$250.00
Thompson, John2/3/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Thompson, John2/4/16Committee Dinner$250.00
Thompson, Jason2/4/16Committee Dinner$250.00
Najjar, Daniel A.2/1/16Dinner$250.00
Moore, Brent2/4/16Dinner$250.00
Duran, Adela2/2/16Dinner honoring Rep. Ken Martinez$250.00
Puelle, Michael2/2/16Ken Martinez Celebration$250.00
Marquez, Charlie2/4/16House Safety & Civil Affairs Committee Dinner$250.00
D'Antonio , Michael2/4/16Dinner$250.00
Horan, Lawrence2/3/16Dinner$250.00
Horan, Lawrence2/8/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Vargas , Vincente2/5/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Ray , Sam2/2/16Dinner$250.00
Ray , Sam2/12/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Gonzales, Ricardo2/8/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/6/16100 Bill Party$250.00
Horan, Lawrence2/16/16Sgt @ Arms Staff House/Senate Lunch$246.00
Mallery, Peter2/15/16Dinner$236.96
Horan, Lawrence2/15/16Dinner$236.96
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda2/15/16Senate Public Affairs CommittteeDinner$236.95
Koob, Julianna2/18/16SPAC legislators and staffSenate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$236.95
Marquez, Charlie2/15/16Senate Public Affairs Committee Dinner$236.95
Horan, Thomas2/16/16Dinner$236.95
Duran, Mark2/13/16LFC Dinner$233.72
Sandin, Tracy1/20/16Rep Yvette HerrellDinner$231.17
Horan, Lawrence2/3/16Breakfast$230.53
Jones, La Vanda2/5/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$229.30
Duran, Mark1/27/16Luncheon for Rep. Steve Irwin$226.51
Seligman, Deborah1/21/16J Powdrell-Culbert, Candy Spence Ezzell + 1 guestsGovernment relations$223.83
D'Antonio , Michael2/8/16Dinner$218.65
Mallery, Peter2/9/16Dinner$218.64
Horan, Lawrence2/8/16Dinner$218.64
Moore, Brent2/8/16Dinner$218.57
Leach, Carol1/26/16Sen. Clemente Sanchez and Concho personnelDiscuss Corporations committee work$213.75
Harden, Clinton1/21/16various Legislators and staffoffice supplies$211.49
Abbey, Clayton2/2/16House Appropriations and Finance Committee and StaffJoint recognition and gratitude dinner$204.31
Jones, La Vanda2/3/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$204.31
Minner, Sam2/2/16Verious LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$204.31
Drake, Tom2/2/16HAFC CommitteeHigher educaiton legislation$204.31
Bullington, James2/4/16House Appropriations and Finance CommitteeAppreciation Dinner for HAFC$204.31
King, Nancy M.2/2/16Dinner$204.31
Minzner, Richard 2/2/16Dinner$204.31
D'Antonio , Michael2/2/16Dinner$204.31
Vargas , Vincente2/3/16CUP & HAFC Comm dinner$204.31
Ray , Sam2/2/16Dinner$204.31
Santillanes, Matejka2/2/16Dinner$204.31
Trujillo, Antonio2/2/16Sponsorship of HAFC dinner.$204.31
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/2/16Sponsorship of HAFC dinner.$204.31
Duran, Mark3/16/16HAFC Members and StaffBottled Water for Meeting$201.46
Baca, Terri Nikole2/1/16Women Legislators Caucus EventEvent to support New Mexico Women Legislators Caucus$200.26
King, Nancy M.2/1/16Reception$200.26
Smith, Allison2/3/16Lady Legislators Party$200.26
Mallery, Peter4/22/16Various LegislatorsEntertainment$200.00
Indall, Jon3/23/16Committee to Elect Terry FletcherIn kind contribution$200.00
Mallery, Peter2/8/16100 Bill Party$200.00
Smith, Allison2/10/16100 Bill Party$200.00
Menapace, Joseph2/12/16100 Bill Party$200.00
Trujillo, Antonio2/4/16Sponsorship of NMACC annual legislative dinner.$200.00
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/4/16Sponsorship of NMACC annual legislative dinner.$200.00
Horan, Thomas2/8/16100 Bill Party$200.00
Rel, Ricardo1/19/16NMSU Legislative breakfast$198.20
Abbey, Clayton2/3/16Senate Finance Committee and StaffCommittee recognition and gratitude dinner$197.31
Jones, La Vanda2/4/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$197.31
Minner, Sam2/3/16Various LegislatorsDiscuss Pending Legislation$197.31
Drake, Tom2/3/16Senate Finance CommitteeDiscuss Higher Ed. Legislation$197.31
Underwood, H. John2/3/16Dinner$197.31
King, Nancy M.2/3/16Dinner$197.31
Minzner, Richard 2/3/16Dinner$197.31
D'Antonio , Michael2/3/16Dinner$197.31
Vargas , Vincente2/4/16CUP and Senate Finance Committee$197.31
Ray , Sam2/3/16Dinner$197.31
Santillanes, Matejka2/3/16Dinner$197.31
Trujillo, Antonio2/3/16Sponsorship of Senate Finance Committee dinner.$197.31
Trujillo, Anthony (T.J.)2/3/16Sponsorship of Senate Finance Committee dinner.$197.31
Tringe, Heidi2/2/16Keith Gardner; Heather McDaniels; James Rossmeal$195.35
Jones, La Vanda2/3/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$195.30
Harden, Clinton2/13/16Various Legislators and staffmisc$194.60
Smith, Allison2/8/16Legislative Mail Room StaffSnacks for staff$191.52
McGonagle, Minda2/9/16House B&E Committee and StaffIn committee room breakfast sponsor$187.44
Gonzales, Ricardo2/17/16Sponsorship of Legislative Council Service Dinner$185.57
Lopez, Daniel2/11/16Sen John Arthur Smith, Ron Forte, Mike Burkhart Senate Staffgeneral discussion of funding issues for state government and higher ed$184.89
Jaramillo, Matthew3/31/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$181.92
Ferrell, Charles2/8/16Senate Finance CommitteeAppreciation Dinner$180.01
McGonagle, Minda2/4/16House Chairs and staffIn meeting delivered breakfast$178.44
Rel, Ricardo4/8/16Meetings$176.43
Jones, La Vanda1/22/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$175.16
Sanchez, Raymond2/11/16Legislators and Staff100 Bill Party$175.00
Rendon, Gloria1/14/16LESC StaffProvide Breakfast$175.00
Harden, Clinton2/13/16various legislators and staffmisc$166.69
Koob, Julianna2/9/16House Dem Caucus members and staffHouse Dem Caucus dinner$165.00
Seligman, Deborah4/12/16John Smith, Carl Trujillo + 3 guestsGovernment relations$164.74
Mallery, Peter2/2/16Dinner$164.14
Scanland, Scott2/2/16Dinner$164.14
Horan, Lawrence2/9/16Dinner$164.13
Vargas , Vincente1/27/16Secretary Padilla, Rep. Fajardo, 1 Corrections Staff, 1 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$163.17
McGonagle, Minda4/25/16Various state policy makers, officials and staff; none over $75Information, issues, education and relationship building$162.40
Leach, Carol4/25/16legislators and state employeesRelationship building$160.71
Scanland, Scott2/18/16Lunch$156.22
Leach, Carol1/24/16Rep. Strickler, Senators Griggs and Cotter; Emily Strickler of State Land Office, Concho personnelDiscuss pending issues$155.98
Jones, La Vanda2/12/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$153.80
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$153.80
Idsinga, Beverly2/12/16Legislative Lunch$153.80
Seligman, Deborah2/12/16Legislative lunch for House Energy & House Agricul$153.80
D'Antonio , Michael2/12/16Luncheon$153.80
Leach, Carol2/12/16House Ag and Energy Committee members, staffAppreciation for work -- shared expense$153.79
King, Nancy M.2/12/16Lunch$153.79
Cowan, Caren2/12/16House Agriculture and House Energy Committee and StaffCommittee Lunch$153.08
Jaramillo, Matthew4/21/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$152.58
Riley , Zachary1/25/16variousbreakfast supplies offices$152.58
Jones, La Vanda2/10/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$152.40
Perry, Stephen1/25/16New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per and beverage$151.94
Baca, Terri Nikole2/17/16Rep. Carl TrujilloTo discuss legislation$151.06
Marquez, Charlie3/12/16Senator Richard MartinezRelationship building, no specific initiatives discussed$150.79
Marquez, Charlie1/27/16Sportsman's Cacus$150.00
Horan, Lawrence2/15/16Lunch$150.00
Ray , Sam2/11/16Basket Ball Hopes for Hope$150.00
Thompson, Jason2/5/16Breakfast$149.47
Drake, Tom1/26/16Rep. Zach CookDiscuss Higher Ed. Legislation$148.21
Duran, Mark2/12/16Various House Legislators and StaffValentine's Day Gifts$145.41
Stratton, Harold4/25/16VariousDiscusion of Pending Legislative Issues$144.44
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$141.82
Vargas , Vincente1/26/16Sen. Sapien, 2 legislative staff, 1 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$139.14
Seligman, Deborah4/14/16Gay Kernan, Bill Burt + 1 guestGovernment relations$134.92
Scanland, Scott4/7/16Breakfast$132.68
McGonagle, Minda2/13/16House Health Committee and StaffIn committee room breakfast co-sponsor$132.22
Lopez, Daniel2/9/16Sen John Arthur Smithdiscussion on next fiscal year budget$131.26
Scanland, Scott2/12/16Breakfast$129.04
Thompson, John2/11/16Lunch$120.95
Najjar, Daniel A.1/29/16Lunch$119.80
Moore, Brent1/29/16Lunch$119.80
Scanland, Scott1/29/16Lunch$119.80
Minzner, Richard 1/29/16Lunch$119.79
Horan, Lawrence1/29/16Lunch$119.74
Marquez, Charlie1/29/16House Ways and Means Committee Luncheon$119.70
Duran, Mark2/17/16Cake to House Floor$117.48
McGonagle, Minda2/12/16Senate Corps Committee and StaffIn committee room dinner co-sponsor$114.29
Fox-Young, Justine C.1/12/16Youngblood, Maestas-Barnes, James, Hall, LarranagaLunch$109.87
Drake, Tom1/26/16Bill Valdez & Mike BurkettDiscuss Higher Ed. legislation$106.31
Idsinga, Beverly2/16/16Legislative Gift Bags$105.90
Donaldson, Robert3/5/16Keith GardnerDinner$103.21
Lopez, Daniel1/29/16Rep Andy NunezDiscussion on higher education$101.68
McGonagle, Minda2/12/162016 New Mexico Legislature Bill 100 Party100 Bill Party$100.00
Puelle, Michael2/11/16Legislative staffShare of joint of event$100.00
Siegle - Res for Chg, Linda2/10/16sameParty for all Legislators and Staff$100.00
Brunder, Carrie Robin2/10/16100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$100.00
Melendres, Arthur2/10/16100 Bill Party100 Bill Party$100.00
Bullington, James2/15/16Senate Public Affairs CommitteeBreakfast for Committee$100.00
Rel, Ricardo2/1/16Sec. Damron and spousepurchased 2 tickets for NMSU- Highlands game$100.00
Murphy, Victoria1/13/16Maggie Toulousse OliverCampaign Contribution$100.00
Murphy, Victoria3/28/16Maggie Toulouse OliverCampaign Contribution$100.00
Murphy, Victoria3/30/16Take Back the HousePAC contribution$100.00
Koob, Julianna2/8/16legislators and staff100 Bill Party$100.00
Zanios, James2/1/16100 Bill Party$100.00
Fleisher, Mark 2/4/16100 Bill Party$100.00
Smith, Allison2/11/16House vs Senate Basketball Game$100.00
Menapace, Joseph1/28/16Lunch Time Pizza Delivery$94.75
Menapace, Joseph2/11/16Lunch Time Pizza Delivery$94.75
Fletcher, Shelby1/21/16LegislatorsFood and Beverage under $75.00$93.52
Jones, La Vanda1/25/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$92.96
Menapace, Joseph2/18/16Co-Hosted Luncheon$90.78
Marquez, Charlie2/18/16Speaker's End of Session Luncheon$90.53
Ray , Sam2/18/16Lunchen$90.53
Santillanes, Matejka2/18/16Lunch$90.53
Trujillo, Antonio2/18/16Sponsorship of Speaker's Luncheon.$90.53
Rel, Ricardo2/26/16LFC -David Abbey, 3 NMSU personnelBusiness meeting$88.95
McGonagle, Minda2/9/16House members and staffFloor session dinner$88.87
Bullington, James2/18/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$88.67
Bullington, James2/12/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$88.58
Bullington, James2/5/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$88.40
Bullington, James1/22/16Bull RingGeneral expense$86.13
Bullington, James2/9/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$84.24
Gonzales, Marco1/22/16Idalia Lechuga TenaGeneral Legislative/ Energy Issues$84.00
Bundy, Carter4/12/16Member meeting w/ enchilada buffet$83.77
Bullington, James2/10/16Cowgirl Hall of FameGeneral expense$81.48
Trujillo, Antonio4/13/16Senator Munoz & 3 guestsGovernment Affairs$81.28
Puelle, Michael4/25/16Various elected and public officials.Discuss public policy issues.$81.21
Bullington, James2/19/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$80.84
Riley , Zachary1/27/16Variousdinner w/various individuals$80.29
Sellers, Thomas2/3/16Rep. Carl TrujilloDinner$79.42
Sellers, Thomas2/3/16Rep. Debbie RodellaDinner$79.42
Sellers, Thomas2/3/16Rep. Pat RuilobaDinner$79.42
Vargas , Vincente1/11/16Sen. John Sapien, 1 NMSU staffBusiness meeting$79.15
Leach, Carol4/14/16Senators Brandt and CotterDiscuss interim committee plans$76.03
Barnett, Mickey2/2/16Cook, Pacheco, SmithGeneral Lobbying$75.55
Rendon, Gloria1/29/16NMSSAProvide Lunch$75.53
Barnett, Mickey2/13/16Barela, Moores, Ritchie, Cotton, WoodGeneral Lobbying$75.20
Fox-Young, Justine C.3/23/16Sarah Maestas-BarnesIn-kind for fundraiser$75.00
Bullington, James2/15/16Senate Public Affairs CommitteeFood for SPAC$75.00
Riley , Zachary2/10/16variousdinner$75.00
Seligman, Deborah2/15/16Luncheon for retiring Rep Dona Irwin$75.00
Smith, Allison2/16/16Dona Irwin Retirement Party$75.00
Bullington, James2/8/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$70.34
McGonagle, Minda2/4/16House B&E Committee and StaffIn committee room breakfast co-sponsor$68.89
Alexander, Lee Ann1/26/16Alan SeeleyDinner$64.63
Bullington, James1/26/16Osteria RestaurantGeneral expense$64.61
D'Antonio , Michael2/10/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$64.32
Rendon, Gloria2/5/16Senate EdProvide Breakfast$64.31
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer1/26/16Lunch - Meet & Greet$63.36
McGonagle, Minda2/9/16Senate Public Affairs Committee and StaffIn committee room dinner co-sponsor$63.01
Jones, La Vanda2/3/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$62.24
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$61.70
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$58.50
Barefoot, Linda1/27/16No expenditures exceeding $75.Meals and beverages$58.00
Lucero, Carlos4/21/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$56.50
Roddy, David2/17/16LegislatorsCandy for Thank You - Aggregate Expense Under 25.00 per person$52.00
Rendon, Gloria2/8/16House EdProvide Breakfast$51.45
Rel, Ricardo1/22/16$50.00
D'Antonio , Michael4/14/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$43.32
Fox-Young, Justine C.1/28/16GardnerLunch$41.00
Bullington, James2/17/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$38.62
D'Antonio , Michael2/10/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$35.86
Chase , Claire1/25/16George Munoz, plus 2Government Affairs$34.16
Bullington, James2/11/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$34.08
Baca, Max1/13/16Senator Howie MoralesDiscuss Legislative$33.05
Bullington, James1/28/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$32.92
Chase , Claire2/10/16Lucy River, plus 2Government Affairs$32.30
Street, Alexis4/14/16New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per and beverage$32.00
Bullington, James1/22/16La FondaGeneral expense$32.00
D'Antonio , Michael1/20/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$31.52
Bullington, James1/26/16Bull RingGeneral expense$30.64
Bullington, James2/4/16Bull RingGeneral expense$30.00
D'Antonio , Michael1/25/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$29.92
Jones, La Vanda1/21/16Various Legislators, None exceeded $75 per BeneficiaryDiscussion of Legislation$29.91
Perry, Stephen2/15/16New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per and beverage$29.28
Bullington, James2/10/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$28.83
Bullington, James2/9/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$28.68
D'Antonio , Michael1/29/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$27.48
Duran, Mark2/12/16Various House Legislators and StaffValentine's Day Gifts$26.52
Perry, Stephen1/26/16New Mexico senators, state representatives, family & staff. No expenditure over $75.00 per and beverage$26.20
Yamada, Sayuri4/21/16Various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiaryInform elected officials on PNM issues$24.05
Anaya, Steven4/25/16N/AAggregate amount of less than $75 each$23.71
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$22.09
Drake, Tom2/3/16Senator SapienDiscuss Higher Ed. legislation$20.00
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer1/27/16Breakfast - Meet & Greet$19.50
Bullington, James2/16/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$16.84
Bullington, James2/11/16Rio ChamaGeneral expense$14.84
Glenn, Joie2/9/16Representative Deborah ArmstrongMeeting for lunch$8.00
Fuller Jessep, Jenifer4/22/16Coffee - Customer Relationship$5.17
D'Antonio , Michael4/14/16various, none exceeded by $75 per beneficiarydiscuss legislation$3.43

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