An update from the Roundhouse

KUNM’s afternoon host Chris Boros and NMID’s Gwyneth Doland took a few minutes Tuesday afternoon to handicap abortion, right-to-work legislation and transparency proposals as lawmakers enter the final days of the 2015 session. Listen to the interview.

Heath Haussamen

An interview about NMID’s first series

Yesterday I went on the Community Corner radio program that airs on KRSY AM-1230 in Alamogordo to talk about New Mexico In Depth’s first series and my profile of Gov. Susana Martinez. My 30-minute interview starts approximately halfway through the podcast. Click here to listen.

Heath Haussamen

Talking about NMID’s first reporting project

Earlier today I was on the statewide radio program News New Mexico to talk about New Mexico In Depth’s first reporting project, a multi-part series examining Gov. Susana Martinez’s time in office halfway through her current term that has not yet been published.

Talking about the election on TV

Later this week Heath Haussamen will appear on KRWG-TV in Southern New Mexico to talk about last week’s election and what it means for New Mexico, but the program is already online. Click on the headline to watch.