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When people ask why I choose to live in New Mexico, I tell them it’s because the state is honest. It doesn’t proclaim to be the most beautiful, the most diverse, the most educated or any other absolute. It’s the Land of Enchantment, not the most enchanting land. From the highest peak in the Sangre de Cristos to the deepest pit in Carlsbad Caverns, from the charred remains of Zozobra to the bullet holes that remain in the Lincoln County Courthouse, this state has an endless bounty of fascination, culture and stories.

The state does not easily tell its tales, however. Sometimes, you must travel a dirt road or speak a second language to arrive at your desired destination. This same subtlety also applies to its residents, who know the beauty their state holds, and love to talk about its charms, but aren’t likely to put them on a billboard for all to see.

The state’s residents are also honest about their hardships — high rates of poverty, rampant teen pregnancy and corruption in border towns, to name a few — but all too often in a search for the antidote rely on a culture that quietly says, “This is how it’s always been done.” New Mexico In Depth — a news organization dedicated to fostering, promoting and publishing journalism in the public interest — is here to listen to these residents, share their stories and spotlight those that say, “This is how it could be done better.”

With your donation, you can help give New Mexico residents a voice through New Mexico In Depth, which is partnering with some of largest media organizations in the state to publish stories that go beyond the political rhetoric and dog-and-pony shows and instead focus on what truly makes New Mexico a beautiful state — its people. If you’re reading this right now, you likely have the same appreciation for this state as the NMID staff and board of directors. Join us in opening the channels of communication and offering solutions through real, honest, in-depth journalism.

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