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Heath Haussamen

We could not be more pleased by the great feedback we’ve received about our inaugural six-part, 17,000-word series that examined Gov. Susana Martinez’s tenure to date. We hope you had a chance to read the pieces and now have a better sense of what New Mexico In Depth is about.

We’re trying to build a sustainable model for doing this kind of in-depth journalism in New Mexico, and are grateful for the support we’ve received thus far for a project we’ve envisioned for many years.

But such reporting is time-consuming and expensive. Some lines in our budget remain unfunded or underfunded. If you appreciate the work we’re doing to nurture a culture of ambitious journalism that tackles big questions and complex issues in New Mexico, we hope you’ll help us build a supporter base here in New Mexico. Our goal is to build robust support that’s diverse and wide-ranging.

Will you join with us as we seek to build this innovative project? You can make a donation by clicking here.

Your gift could help fund equipment, like notebooks and audio recorders. We’re planning to do some radio reporting, and the latter could be very useful.

It could pay for members of our board of directors to meet in person – they’re currently scattered around the state – to help us realize our vision.

It could help us hire help with fundraising, accounting, and other administrative duties so Trip Jennings and I can spend more time doing journalism.

These types of expenses aren’t sexy, but they’re necessary if we’re going to build a sustainable organization and realize our long-term vision for journalism in New Mexico.

Join us. Click here to donate.

3 thoughts on “Join the NMID team

  1. This site is pretty much dead, nothing seems to get posted, and nothing about the vast majority of the session was ever reported on, sad.

  2. I occasionally visit this site, hoping to find an article– I see this mention of feedback on a “six part series” on Martinez, but no links to the series itself. So where is it?

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