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Creating New Mexico In Depth was an act of resistance. To a smaller local press corps. To politicians deciding what the story is. To the powerful defining the rules. And most importantly, to making sure the voices of people most affected by social issues are heard.

Seven and a half years on, we believe in our mission more than ever. We live in an era of great change, of politicians exploiting people’s fears, of people mistaking social media memes for verified facts.

It is a time when New Mexicans (and Americans) need more journalism, not less. The kind that explores important subjects and points of view, in depth, and that digs up information that would otherwise be hidden in dark places.

New Mexico In Depth is a nonprofit organization and our stories are free to everyone. As a result we see our journalism published in papers across our geographically large and diverse state. Which is a very good thing because our work reaches people in New Mexico who increasingly live in “news deserts”–places across the country where traditional newsrooms have shrunk or disappeared.

It’s why we hope you’ll support us today in an exciting opportunity that will enable you to double–or triple–your impact through Dec. 31.

NewsMatch is a national matching-gift campaign that doubles donations to nonprofit newsrooms (like us!) around the country.

Here’s how it works. Starting now — through December 31 — NewsMatch will match your donation, up to $1,000. So, if you give $100, New Mexico In Depth will actually receive $200.

And, even better, if you’ve NEVER donated to New Mexico in Depth before, we have an additional generous foundation supporter who will add on–so your donation would be TRIPLED.

We can earn up to $20,000 in matching dollars from Newsmatch, which means New Mexico In Depth can raise $40,000 in total. And even more with entirely new donors.

For a nonprofit like us, this is a big deal and will help us deliver the kind of innovative journalism you’ve come to expect, every day.

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