Watch chat on higher education and Native Americans

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Watch reporter Andi Murphy speak about her recent stories examining New Mexico State University’s efforts to help Native Americans graduate.

Murphy joined NMID’s Trip Jennings and Heath Haussamen for a Google Hangout On Air – a video chat that was webcast live – Monday at noon. Now that it’s over, we’ve archived the video on our YouTube channel.

You can watch an archive of the 30-minute video chat here:

Murphy discussed her recent stories, which concluded that helping Native students find community in college is key to graduation. Murphy, who is Navajo and an NMSU grad, also discussed what she learned in the course of reporting. She spoke about whether the stories of those she profiled mirrored her own experience. And she talked about the broader picture for Native Americans and the nation’s higher education system given her own experience and her reporting.

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  1. Great job Andi! My dissertation many years ago was about Navajo students and how they navigate higher education. Your insights, especially about community, are right on. Keep up the good work.

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