Read HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier’s resignation letter

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In her letter Secretary Sidonie Squier takes a parting shot at Attorney General Gary King.

“And even though the Behavioral Health audits have been ignored by the Attorney General, if there is any justice in the world, I believe this administration did the right thing and that it will be proven as such.”

The Attorney General’s office issued a statement Tuesday afternoon in response:

The letter is grossly factually inaccurate in regards to her statements about the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.


3 thoughts on “Read HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier’s resignation letter

  1. Amazing how blind she is to her total incompetence. She totally and unequivocally destroyed the Behavioral Health system in this State. Denying Due Process to the BH Providers was just the first step in the debacle. When a corporation is Accused, Convicted, and Executed without being given a chance to even view the allegations is unconscionable, unethical, and un-American! To speak of the Attorney General’s Office in this way just affirms that Gary King’s office wouldn’t play along in her office’s deception.

  2. How about some fact-checking about the rest of the letter. It would be wonderful if Centennial care actually works as she says it does. Or is it just puffery?

  3. The partisan nature of this appointee is so apparent, including her highly offensive comments that children are not hungry in this state. Unfortunately, all we can expect now is another right wing nut who’s get this nomination. Let’s see where the audit end up and whether you’ll have to come back to NM under indictment.

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