12 NM lawmakers make capital outlay money public

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Twelve New Mexico state lawmakers have agreed to make public the money they’ve allocated for capital outlay projects.

Democratic House members Carl Trujillo of Santa Fe, Stephanie Garcia Richard of Los Alamos and Jeff Steinborn of Las Cruces; and Democratic senators Howie Morales of Silver City and Gerry Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque; join a list of lawmakers who have previously shared their allocations.

Those already on our list are Republican House members Yvette Herrell of Alamogordo, Zach Cook of Ruidoso, Larry Scott of Hobbs; Republican Sen. Sander Rue of Albuquerque (Republican House members Jim Dines and Dennis Roch were the first to agree to share the information); and Sen. Bill Soules, Democrat of Las Cruces.

The five names we added this week represent slow but sure progress in NMID’s effort to force the New Mexico Legislature to make public how it spends money on projects around the state.

We asked individual lawmakers via e-mail to share their allocations three weeks ago. We’ll keep updating readers as more lawmakers’ names come in.

Only 99 more to go. (One lawmaker is newly appointed to fill a vacancy in House District 21.)


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