Mapping the election: NM secretary of state and presidential votes

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Democrat Hillary Clinton won New Mexico’s five electoral votes a week ago, but her popularity varied among counties.

And both Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump received fewer total votes than the two candidates in the special New Mexico Secretary of State contest.

Part of that is attributable to the presence of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as the Libertarian presidential candidate. He won 10 percent or more of the vote in 10 counties, including nearly 14 percent in Los Alamos County.

Clinton won 15 of the state’s 33 counties, 10 of them with more than half the vote. Republican Trump won 19 counties, 15 of them with more than half the vote.

But Clinton prevailed in counties with large populations, including Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Sandoval and Santa Fe.

Here’s a map of the presidential vote. Hover or click on a county to get details:

Democrat Maggie Toulouse Oliver won 17 of 33 counties in the Secretary of State’s race, including the four most populous. Republican Nora Espinoza won 16 smaller counties.

Overall, Toulouse Oliver won more than 56 percent of the vote to Espinoza’s almost 44 percent.

Here’s a map of the results in the Secretary of State’s race:

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