NM Primary candidates field questions: Ethics, Early Ed, Cannabis

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Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.58.38 AMHow can New Mexico achieve a more accountable and transparent government? Is an ethics commission right for New Mexico? Should our process for distributing scarce public infrastructure dollars be reformed? Would newly elected legislators agree to make their capital outlay allocations public?  Do we need to invest more in early childhood education?  And how can we improve our economy?

We have a lot of questions for 2016 candidates seeking seats in New Mexico’s state legislature. So we decided to ask, all of them. Each received a questionnaire using email addresses obtained from the Secretary of State’s official list of candidates.

A little more than half of the primary candidates in contested races replied to our questions, here are their unedited answers. We’ll present answers from other candidates, who aren’t in contested primary races, later this summer.

Oh, and in addition to the above questions, we thought we’d ask about legalizing cannabis, which we think has legs as a hot issue in our state. We’re a little surprised (but not by much), that folks have pretty developed opinions.

Those who didn’t reply, but who win next week, will hear from us again, or are invited to send in replies now.

Click here for responses: New Mexico In Depth Candidate Survey

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