NRA boosts lobbyist spending

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Reported lobbying efforts to influence New Mexico legislators neared $178,000 this week.

A new big spender took over, as the National Rifle Association spent more than $44,000 on an internet campaign aimed at stopping two gun background check bills.

That effort created by Starboard Strategic is aimed at generating public opposition to House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48.

Lobbyists and their employers are required to report any spending of $500 or more within 48 hours during the legislative session. That typically encompasses dinners, breakfasts, receptions and gifts doled out to lawmakers, as well as interest group spending such as the NRA’s.

Lesser amounts are required to be reported to the Secretary of State in May.

New Mexico Oil and Gas Association lobbyist Michael D’Antonio was one of the other recent big spenders. He reported spending more than $15,700 on dinner at La Fonda for lawmakers last Wednesday.

And the New Mexico Primary Care Association delivered their traditional teddy bears to lawmakers and others at the Roundhouse on Thursday.

Here’s a look at all the spending over $500 reported through Monday afternoon:

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