See contributors to NM’s congressional races by employer and occupation

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Curious about who’s supporting candidates for New Mexico’s hotly contested U.S. House races? New Mexico In Depth has compiled the data for you to sift through, or scroll through the numbers here.


You can also explore the reports on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Here’s how the support for primary candidates in Congressional Districts 2 and 3 breaks down by largest occupational sector. We’ll update these numbers after the next report is filed in advance of the primary election on June 5.

New Mexico Congressional District 2 Primary Candidates:






A few data notes: Charts aren’t included for candidates reporting less than $10,000. Only itemized contributions are included in the occupation analysis, though unitemized individual contributions are included in candidate totals. Loans and candidate donations aren’t included in the analysis. We didn’t look at CD 3 because only one candidate has filed a report with the FEC.

New Mexico Congressional District 1 Primary Candidates:







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